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March 10, 1938 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1938-03-10

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c .I

This Otte Counts


NORTHWETERN'S veteran swi-
picks Ohio State to win the team
championship in the Big Ten meet
Saturday night, with Michigan pro-
viding stiff competition ... Records
are bound to crack in the big Win-:
netka splash with such 1940 Olympic
candidates present as Northwestern's
Danny Zehr, Oio State's. Al Patnik,1
Jim Patterson, Bill Neun'g and Billy
Quayle and Michigan's Capt. Ed Kir-
ar and Tomn Haynie,..
Sharp-eyed Joe IDiaggio dos
not need glasses but both of his
ball-playing brothers, Dominic
of San Francisco and Vince of
the Boston Bees, use cheaters on
the diamond . . . Vince started
wearing them only last season,
and an appreciable upturn in his
batting average followed.
Bennie Oosterbaan, Michiga's new
cage coach, might like to know that
both Iowa and Illinois are holding
spring basketball practice . .The
real monicker of Nino Bongy, Cn-
cinanti rookie outfielder, is Anthon-
Inio Bongiovanni. . . Ray Fisher's
baseball teain has 31 games scheduled
this spring. Ohio State's track.
baseball and tcnnis squads, lacking~
a field house, arc practicing in a cow
barn on the state fair grounds on
the outskirts of Columbus..
Wrestling Coach Cliff Keen be-
lieves one good boost deserves
another... Conseuently, he
picks Indiana to win the Confer-
ence wrestling meet Saturday ..
Hoosier Coach "Billy" Thomn
picks the Wolverine grapplers..
sounds like Alphonise -Caston
psychology to us .. A co-ed i-
lustrating the "pipe" quality of a.
course she is 'taking, said the
other day : "Hlalf- the class is
composed of athletes, and the
rest are football players"
Are youi gridders going to stand
for the Intimation?..
Norm LIefty) Pumcker Varsity
sprinter (so hie says), will take 3 to 1
odds that hie shows inl the' Conference
indoor track meet this week-end..
The crowd forms at th e right--as
long as Puruckr's dollars hold outs
:.The Union sponsors its first iv
carnival Friday night in the Co-
iscum, with a card of figure skating,
a hockey game and free skating for
the spectators (advt)
Michigan's football coaching
staff will consist of a veritable
bra in trust this season ... Head-
man Crisler and each of his as-
sistants, Munin, MVartineau and
Dickson, won the Conference
medal for proficiency 1in solar-
ship, as well as athletics, while
undergraduates . .. The Big Ten
coffers mrust bulge with a sr-
plus in view of the gate receipts
they're willing to lose by slatin~
three Conference mneets In Chi-
cago and vicinity on the sae
The Cleveland Indians have learned
,that it isn't the environment, it's the
heredity* that counts. . . Rolickin
Rollie Hemslcy, Tribe catcher, in-
veteratc imbiber and playboy, wh
promised Mgr. Vitt he'd stay on th
wagon, fell off and was sent home
full of contrition-and brew, prob-
ably . . .,jimmy Foxx wants to b
loose as goose grease when he faces
Bob Feller this season . .. Foxx an-
gered Feller when he asserted that i
the youth gained control he'd los
the effctiveness of a speedall hurle
with a bit of wildness .
At the Illinois Relays last
week, some wag phoned Ralph
Schwarzkopf fromt the lobby of
the hotel and, in. disguised voice,
said he was from the Daily Illini
and wanted a picture of the Wol-
verine distance mhan ... To fur-
thier accommoate Ralph, the
voice said, the photog would coe

to the lctel and snap the pic-
ture, if the runner would kindly
(1011 his track suit.. . Ralph
41cmplied with the request, and
was pacing thce corridor inc. his
robe when his track mates, aware
of the ruse, stormed down on him
and besieged himc with, howls of
derision . . . while the poor boy
stood among thenm, pink to the
gills. .
'T'hirteen. freshmni basketball play-
ers will be awarded num rals for their
wort: during the season ijux;tcoo)pWet-
Coach Rey Fisher ysedy
Several of the outstanding pros-
pects were not included in the list
because of scholastic ineligibility.
The following earned numerals:
Robert H. Bragg, White Plains, N

Three Big Feti I Hi~dThwScoiockey I e an)l (-ffeic :' ly Ben11( l ' ppoii Bound
Craotwns Sou ght - r, eels Iliiiois T ole!N: l 111clor Princeton
W ol"/erirnesNEW ORLEANS, Marchl 9.-A)~
x st aoe vrIln Detoit fleied a few (,onder itl)hThe W es ev
1_y_______a . ' Tonight1. ALChampaign hi,kidnapers' the Cleveland In For Spring Practice
Trackmle u, G rap plet'r,Alld ______di instoday a the squabbe over his} ______
Tankers Chicago / *'I.'*.*I Michian's high scoring hocky- contract athered newv adjectives z' Franklin C. (CappY) Cappon leaves
XVs- d on ' ~~/team will cross sticks with the newly other material for th Sho -do i. today for Princeton, N.J., to begin
! For Mek-n 'lets r - r" oraized Unive sity of Illinois puk C. C. Slapnicka, general manager of his duties as assistant football coach
All roads lead to Civ,,ago this norrikd on/h on the ltter's huge he Infdi~lasyteed in~a.t tefed a, under E. E. "Tad" Wieman.
edas the Windy City plays hst to''oa oih elf era ecFa.b h l Princeton begins spring practice
title-seeking Big Ten teams in threes . 'Ihe Wolverines will take teie C as dans camp here. l1e suggested Bill( Monday and Cappon is anxious to get
spotsswimin, tackandwrst-I...............................o~.erwelmogfavorites -to defeat theTPerry, ianager of Ithe New York started as the Tigers' ne bakel
ling.................................Illihni and finish their Big Ten sea- Giants, call on the GMn' to i - coach, a position which lie accepted
Michigan athletes are leaving en .j* .- .. o iharcr o he isadv esti ate his charge that Nowak was Monday,
masse for the Conference sports : itoteesesn atefo h Cn kidnaped" by the Idians. Cappon was given a three week
Mecca either- to defend or acquir e /~fc necaposi ihMne leave of absence in order that he
team titles. Matt Manin's Wolver- ? a '. 2'''v. I. sota. To Styg 51()peii 1 might be at Princeton for the opening
x !Thi is he irs seaon or cmpe~iof practice. He will return after his
fine tankers hit the road yesteiday! '........ITisi hefrt"esnfo opeirI l I f j lavowidu usns hr/n
jwhile tile track and grappling squads,-r. -16~ t]vClhockey at tie Urbana institution .ii) I t,1 $C mve hisofily to huisnew loeatin.
get under way today. Pielimina ies 4>:.,~;. .' n several years. although they have
i n l tre pot aeFrdy IL'" ettorcoda i, heso- as~ Cappon resigned his head basket-
ilan altresotarFrdywt... ':Yttorcrawitesothsare aready well unide wly ball and assistantslip in -football
finals Saturday. **'*- (tken hold and plans for a more con- Plai
Swim Throne Totters plete schedule ~for te13.3 e-fi the 10th annual Intramural ~peil, here to accept similar pstosa
The 16-man tank team, twice son are being made. Hos;tteIt-mrlBidn nIPrinceton. For CappY it ends 1
trimmd bythe Oio Sate pwer-Illinois has lost all three of teir bWednesday, March 16.ch
trme yteOi tt oe-32 Each ,year, between 4,000 and 5,000 (Michigan,boha ayrndca.
house, mustered every ounce of starts: Chicago beating them3,haecnctwthteHi sueso as edbsebl
strength available to defend theirNor Dame cakn up a 31 Vi-e- ttr aecm owthteii ucso sha akta
toterig tnk hroe aaist ileon-. -tor, ad iniesoa tkin th grennumerous events given by the Intra-; coach, named Tuesday, is Bennie
slaughts of the favored Buckeyes. a~Mciansaepl sextet by a 7?-2 margin mural Department and from all ex-I Oosterbaan,
Obviously uneasy concerning his vaulter, is expected to drag down Coach Eddie Lowrey's outfit will be petioshsnubrwlbeu-
inability to tack together a fresh,, at least second place points fori materially weakened by tie loss -of1 Te pogrmwl.nld xii
fast 400-yard relay quartet to match, Coach Charley Iloyt this week-end their star center, Smack Allen, whoI
MiePpesotiMt anhsat the Conference Track meet, will not make the trip. Infection hastinin2spr, Fellows!
brought Baker Bryant, free-style le- iglyvutd1 etsxice e ni h aho i oeed Among the feature attractions will
terman and member of last ,year's to place second at the Illinois Re- which had required 24 stitches, and'bewLo wil eirSumaritytens oacth, O S G
record shatterinig outfit, from his vol- ays last Saturday it is necessary to reopen the cut. wh1ilme unrMeso h O S G
untary retirement. Bryant withdr-ew - - - - mthmaic--epFORen i aHehi
fro te qua ate anapeniciisT ition squash match. Wer is Mch- FORHaE
fal fprto u mothesuaf nap citish . e a l A e te' ansquah11champion ard runner-p!fo
fall. hiau fls ~ sleb 1 ~ ~ ~ j in the nationals wil Mers played; fo
op rai TeamFavoredtil e Harvad tea. peennal Assembly Ball
Of the three Michigan teamls vii- A c " n e tc S a o
gaging in title battles this week, !A CsqusE i H c ic S aso icamsh ir c onedeensatrn.a
. Charlie Hoyt's track team, perenial il U EJMNt i.Ldb eel onwo TCESSIl VIAL
holder of tile Big Ten indoor title, is byBDBN Atted a ot. Leup20, 19 wndl29on, w ho-C Acoring ToLLAVwIAE:ie
the only one definitely favored to The prognosticators bte bu a p2,1 n 9pit ntre Acrigt iercie
bring h~ome the bacon. .500 in the Big Ten basketball leagues games, they were unstoppable and late last night, it is still possibleCH LE
ILed by Big Bill Watson and Elmer' this sason--but it was a topsy-turvy,' captured the crown with only two to obtain tikets for the 134, Ten FLO~WER! SHOP
Gedeon, tile 25man team was furl.- I uess-and-guess-again affair all the losss. Swinming Meet, in C icago, co- "+t
thrstrengthlened by the addition ofl wa. Illinois nevr reached the momen- rary to rumors to the opposite 203 ast Libetyi
basketball captain, Jake Townsend, ill But for every good choice the do- 'tun that had been predicted and, effect. Tlpoe227
the shot put. The meet will bie heldC esters. had to acept i equal blackI despite tie ok of Dener. never
.it the University of Chicago feicdi tmurk. Take a glance at these faux- had a51w hels fLouelou
hos.pas. dlreau hurt the Ilini imlmeasurably. -____ ________________
jWith every indication pointing: to L Illinois and Michiani would bel Michigan--but that's a well knownj
a "low score" meet, the Wolverines,I the two teams to eat. story. The failure of the backline to1
whlo are favored to retain tihe indoor'- 2. Minnesota= (after two weeks of1 hit, the refusal of officials to call
crown which thley have worn .since ;Play) 'was through. Ifagant foul violations on Captain'
11934 by virtue of their balanced pow-r 3. Northwestern would not be up !Townsend, backourt congestion. etc.!
er and frtesreto psil Cncitloin, look them-. -Th eam n eWaconindits topfomi
fo th t-ngs posto ro i- 4. Iowa' would Inot suripisie.te codWscni game but failedl
cosnand Indiana.5. The center-jm abolition would to maintain their offensive power.
d --6posor i ?"re n de u- TesIew tbamioh lau
Tile wrestlers w110 lave by auto duc-"60thepointrs.o ut" n Iowa. In three sue ssive games they(
at nooiiwhille the smallest in un- tl beatMihgn lost to Chicao, and
Ibens. carrying only eight men, are! NorthIwestern, leaders of the Con- whipped Northwestern 1
nevertheless accorded a 50-50 chance jfrecne most of the way, faded in a l_. ---........-
of knocking off the ttle inr their sport. foturgallc slump which began with a - -- ,
> At tile head of tile Michigan dle-! defeat at the, hands of Iowa's erratic DiANCING
gtioll will be Co-captains Johni quitet sand terminated Monday ]rigt Cas vinivdulil- Spig:ih tm o pr
Speicher, wloa will see action in the whgMch nwipped them, 30-22.. rIani 'ill iyp
118 pound class, and Earl Thomas, Purdue, startinlg sloly, hid sv- a r.eelrepP.M. l 1 C at !T a e R IdvNnt ge o
,who is the- defeniding conferen(' e ' c(lose shaves and dropped de- h~iw 3f,84 'ld !Ina"Ic"R~
chamlpion at 135 poun~ds. Paul Cam- cisons to Illinois aild Ohio State be- i wu 1rre n iidcacSALE to
eron at 126 pounds will also be fight- fore the famed Boileimakers began,~---------------- purchase one of these practical
mng his last Big' Ten match as a! ---
menmber of Coach Kieen's Wolverineo coatis for school wear.
The following mena will compete at
Chic ago.
Swiing: Hal Benham, Jack Wol- SPRI G-SYLE
in, Adolph Ferstenfeld, Ed Kirar, Tr ane o met at Tom~
Baker Bryant, Ed Hutchens, John
flaigh, Ed Mack, Wally Creighton,
Harry Rieke, Bob Sauer and Hanley;
Track: Bill ,Ailler, oss aune-sr, I
I Harvey Clarke,BllBuc'hanan Wu -
i do Abbot Ton Jeste r, Dye HoaganO LRE
Harold IDav idsum, John TIownsnd. i
Ihalphl Schwartzkop f, Norman Pu jSrpe n
ro ncker, John Kinsey, Elmer Gedeon. I s.: ripes Eand
.Hayes, Fred and Carl Culver, John shrslD tc
) Ktche, Shrman Olmsted, Jim ? hrs eah
Kingsley, Dave Cushing, Bill Watson, I lrs -tb cl
Wes Allen and Brad Heyl. tab co
Wrestling-: Paul Cameron, John ' styles. One lare
Speicheir, Harlan Danner, Ddn andj
sHarold Nichols, Earl. Thomas, Dick
Tasch and Joe Savilla. :<A ' f r

1' Week-End Specials: -.


coopers hose ..5 pr,'$1.00
Reversiblc '1opc oaits
(custoni Tailom'ed Suits
Young Melt? Shop
205 E. Liberty St. Phione 8020





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