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November 15, 1936 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1936-11-15

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SUNDAY, NOV. 15, 19;


Life Of An Editc
Peaceful, P

r9s WN ot .. _._..
ress Cub Finds [ BULLETIN a
and her husband both feel that SUNDAY, NOV. 15, 1936
women have a definite place in the VOL. XLVII No. 43
field of journalism, but that their
first responsibility, if they have it,Noces7
is to their homes. Faculty, College of Literature, Sci-
Mrs. Averill believes a person has ence and the Arts: Midsemester re-
to be the right temperament to go ports are due not later than Satur-
into newspaper work. She herself day, Nov. 21. More cards if needed
worked under pressure at one time can be had at my office.a
on a paper but, although liking the These reports are understood as
work, she felt she was not fitted for naming those students, freshman and
it. At present she lends moral rather naming those stn, an and
than mechanical support to the edit- upperclass, whose standing at mid-y
ing of the Eccentric and prefers her semester time is D or E, not merelyd
position as an editor's wife to that those who receive D or E in so-called 1
of editor. midsemester examinations.t
Students electing our courses, but
Firesl 'an Credits registered in other schools or col-
leges of the University, should be
reported to the school or college in
i~em anded By Ch f
Dem nd d B C etwhich they are registered.
W. R. Humphreys,
(Continued from Page 1) Assistant Dean.
the G.F.P.O.P.), actually did attend, College of Architecture, Midsemes-
and; ter Reports: Instructors are request-
"Whereas our investigator discov- ed to report any student whose work
ered that the eight hours of credit is unsatisfactory. Cards for this pur-
toward graduation which are noted pose have been distributed; these
in the records of the University of should be filled out and returned to
Michigan are those which were grant- the office of the College of Archi-
ed as advance credits on entrance tecture, 207 Arch., not later than
and have no relationship to the un- Nov. 21. Additional cards may be
doubtedly diligent and original work secured from the office of the College
he did while a student; And of Architecture or from the Regis-
Is Outstanding Citizen trar's office, Room 4 U.H.
"Whereas, through some oversight
on his part, or some error or omission
or commission on the part of the uni- School of Music, Midsemester Re-
versity, the conditions which he re- ports: Instructors are requested to
ceived in the several courses (nobody report any student whose work is un-
knows exactly how many, and Chet satisfactory. Cards for this purpose
himself has forgotten) which he have been distributed, these should
elected to pursue were then or there- be filled out and returned to the of-
after converted into failures, or, as fice of the School of Music, 108 SM,
they were then more ignominously not later thas Nov. 21. Additional
known in the vulgate, "flunks," And cards may be secured from the office
"Whereas, this record seems to us of the School of Music or from the
to lack evidence of a proper apprecia- RgsrrsofcRo ,UH
tion of the character and attain-
ments of Chester Werntz Shafer School of Forestry and Conserva-
(Chet's full name) then and there- tion, Midsemester Reports: Instruc-
after; Now, therefore, be it tors in divisions of the University
"Resolved, that the University Press other than the School of Forestry
Club of Michigan set before the ac- and Conservation are requested to
ademic authorities of the University report any Forestry student who is
of Michigan these pertinent facts: to doing unsatisfactory work. Cards for
wit, etc. etc." this purpose have been mailed out;
Conditions Unknown the'se should be filled in and returned
The resolution goes on to say that to the office of the School of For-
Chet has been "an outstanding cit- estry and Conservation, 2048 N.S., not
izen of innumerable communities, in- later than Nov. 21. Additional cards
variably enlarging the intellectual may be secured from the office of
horizons of those communities," and the School of Forestry and Conser-
cites the newspapers on which he has vation or from the Registrar's Of-
worked, not to mention the Three fice, Room 4, U.H.
Rivers City News Service, somewhere
on Main Street, near Fred Rohrer'sF
Cigar Store. It mentions the organs Freshmen in the College of Litera-
(this has no reference to the G.F.-
P.O.P.) for which he is now corre- treme Henry Clay type of compro-
spondent, including the Detroit News mise, Chet's supporters will accept,
and Miller's News (the leading dog if they have to, the reference of the
food journal of this country) and
gives him full credit for founding whole matter to the School of For-
the Guild of Former Pipe Organ estry and Conservation "for its con-
Pumpers (of which Chet is now sideration, in view of Chet's wholly
Grand Diapason, and concludes by original, and measurably successful
asking: developments of a plan and campaign
Lastly, and this represents the ex- for the conservation ofour cast iron
wild life."
Play Hints Of War's Chet left civilization for Three Riv-
ers yesterday, still protesting that
Size Mueschke Says he has been deprived of his just dues,
these 28 long years.
(Continued from Page 1)
which he wrote hundreds of mystery ..".and after the show or before-
stories for a children's radio hour fol- DANCE (Free)
lowing his graduation from Brooklyn
College. He has often observed that and EAT
he killed more men during that time
with his pen than even the most crim- at the
inal of Public-Enemys-Number-One. M I C H IG IN N
As a resultof his success with "Bury 320 South State Street
the Dead," he is now writing scenar- At the Sign of the Clock"
ios in Hollywood.
Valentine B. Windt selected this_--
play to be the first presentation ofI 1

Play Production upon his return from
Europe where he visited the Moscow
Art Festival. This drama is to be pre-
sented Nov. 25, 26, 27 and 28, with a
Saturday matinee.
Under New Management SEN I
615 East William, just below State
25c until 2 P.M. Today
Together in oneA V O I
romantic, thrill
packed, laughp t
crammed revelt
M -G -M's Sur,
prise hit!
*4 RentscII

Lure, Science and the Arts who have P]
not received their five-week progress ter
reports may obtain them in Room of r
102, Mason Hall, from 8 to 11:30 a.m. have
and 1:30 to 4 p.m. according to the Plea
following schedule: nam
Surnames beginning C through J, were
Monday, Nov. 16.
Surnames beginning K through R,
Tuesday, Nov. 17.
Surnames beginning S through Z, In
Wednesday, Nov. 18. fror
To Members of the Faculty, staff, Sta
and Student Body: Attention of
everyone is called to the Lost and
Found Department in the Business
Office, Room 1, University Hall. In- -
quiry concerning lost articles should
be made promptly at the above men-
tioned office. Articles found on the
Campus and in University buildings
should be turned over immediately.
Those articles not called for within
60 days will be surrendered to the
finder. Shirley W. Smith.
Social Directors, Sorority Chaper-
ons, Househeads and Undergraduate
Women: The closing hour for Wed-
nesday. Nov. 25, is 1:30 a.m.; for
Thursday, Nov. 26, 11 am.
Undergraduate women planning to
be out of town on the Wednesday
and Thursday nights of Thanksgiv-
ing week should make their arrange-
ments with their househeads. No ex-
cuses from classes will be given.
The closinghour for those girls
who are attending the Panhellenic
ball will be 1:30 a.m. For those who m
are attending breakfasts for which an
permission has been granted the clos-
ing hour will be 3 a.m.
Women Students Attending the
Ohio State-Michigan Football Game:
Women students wishing to attend
the Ohio State-Michigan football
game are required to register in the
office of the Dean of Women.
A letter of permission from parents
must be received in this office not
later than Thursday, Nov. 19. If a
student wishes to. go otherwise than
by train, special permission for such
mode of travel must be included in
the parent's letter.
Graduate women are invited to
register in the offce.
Choral Union Members: Members
of the University Choral Union in
good standing, and who call in per-
son, will be given pass tickets ad-
mitting to the Moscow Cathedral
Choir concert ,at the Recorder's of-
fice, School of Music building, Mon-
day, Nov. 16; between the hours of
9 and 12, and 1 and 4. After 4
p.m., no tickets will be given out.
Terrace Garden
Dancing Studio
rnstructions in a11
forms. Classical, social,
dancing. Ph. 9695.
Wuerth Theatre Bldg.
2nd Floor

[hi Beta Kappa: The local chap-
is anxious to obtain the addresses
members of Phi Beta Kappa who
e recently moved to Ann Arbor.
ase give street address and the
ne of the chapter to which you
e elected.
Orma F. Butler, Secretary.
3233 Angell Hall.
nternational Dinner: All students
m other lands and from the ter-
rial possessions of the United
tes will have received an invita-

tion to the Thanksgiving Dinner
which the University gives at the
Michigan Union at 6:30 p.m. on Nov.
25, as its official expression of good
will to the countries which.these
students represent. In this project
the University has the active cooper-
ation of the Michigan Union, the
Michigan League, the University Glee
Club, the Rotary Club, and the nn
Arbor churches of all denominations.
The dinner is thus a community ex-
pression of international friendship.
(Cohtinued on Page 4)



25c to 2 P.M.
- __TODAY at
1:00 - 3:15 - 5:20 - 7:30 - 9:55

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