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May 16, 1936 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1936-05-16

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SATT -RD 1T, MAY I1G, 1^s

. ............... . ... .................. .......... ....

Robinson, Stoll Kidni
LAT"E 1nfr r'
Police Kill Crazed
Negro, Sister
---lW) - State police machine
gunners killed a crazed Negro
and his sister in their flaming
tenant cottage near here to-
The Negro, William Wales, 65,
had killed a sheriff and wound-
ed four men during a 6-hour
Wales. died when state police-
man E. L. Keyser, a tommygun
in his hands, sighted him
through a second story window,
Cora Wales, silhoutted against
flames kindled by thrown flares,
died from a pistol bullet. Both
bodies were consumed by the fire.
For hours Wales and his sis-
ter, firing from both sides of
their shack, had kept a force of
200 to 300 police and citizen-
possemen at bay.
Sheriff William B. Young ofr
Orange County was killed,lie Less than 48 hours after his ca
fell on the porthi of the Negro's Robinson, Jr., last of the nation's m3
house, one half mile from here guilty to the Stoll kidnaping a d
on the Barboursville Road, when Hmlo i h oisil eera(
Wales resisted an attempt to ar- Hmloi h oivleFdrlalc
rest him at about 4 p.m. today. led to court for arraignment mnana
One 'of the wounded is C. L.
Young, a brother of the sheriff,N a i n lck
hit whe hNationaled.toacke
his brother's body out of the line
of fire. Tflrou~'vft+Univ
Two state police officers Ser-
geant Wayne Car and Patrol-
man S. L.' McWilliams, both r ec d' " '
wounded, were dragged from a riiitc umber Schemie
temporary refuge under the Bared By Gust. Carso
porch as the house began to At er Wide Inlvestigation
Also wounded was policeman(otiudfmPge1
Oscar Munda y of Somerset.(otnedroPae1
Mr. Carson found. They ar Pol-
icy, Italian Lottery, (not connected
Scnuschnngg Says Private with the Official Italian Lottery in
Armies Must Disband Italy) and. "Numbers." They work,
VIENNA, May 15.-(W) -- Three Kinds of Gaines
Chancellor Kurt Schuschngg is- Policy: There are drawings of nunil-
sued a definite challenge to the bers twice a day, with any number
Fascist Hleimwehr, led by the from 1 to1 78 imprinted on a ball or
ousted Vice-Chancellor Ernst disk eligible to be used. Twelve num-
Von Starhemberg, by announcing bers are selected at each drawing, and
tonight that Austria's bickering to win your number must be among
private armies must dissolve, the. 12. The most common form of
Schuschnigg thus moved to play is "gig" when a person bets on
insure continuance of his one- three numbers. Although the returns
man 'dictatorship, substituted for vary from gambling house to gambling
a two-man dictatorship when house, usually a 5 cent bet brings
Prince Von Starhemberg was re- $10, the odds against the better being
moved two days ago. Ue ex- around 1,500 to 1.
plained his plans in a radio Italian Lottery: This weekly game
speech to the nation is not so widespread, and, controlled
With Von Starhemberg in entirely by Sicilians, is more under
Rome immediate reaction to the cover. The better can put his money
Chancellor's speech was not_ on any number from 1 to 90, and five
available, but Heimwehrmen in numbers, taken from the winning
Upper Austria, where Von Str- numbers of the Official Italian Lot-
hemberg 'got his start, were in try in Italy, are drawn.
a belligerent mood. "Numbers": This is the most recent
"Dualism in control of Au- game and perhaps the most wide-
tria affirsis athig ofthe spread. The better selects a three-
patrin heaffairsis a sngofte. digit number between 1 and 1,000,
pat"tepCacellnorbeasserted and the winning number is usually
"It wa eae otbcuef selected by race track results, i. e., us-
gret dffrenesbetween the in th fguebortedcma
etleaders, but because in these iof the ftotal amon th oeyetmon
stern times even slight differ- o ehothrelresamut asoev etn-rc
sene can not be tolerated." eahotrercsataevnae
escSchuscnino asserted that track. A winning better makes 500
none but militiamen could bear to 1 on an average bet of 10 cents.
arms as volunteers and said the Newspapers Lend Hand
traditions of Starhemberg's It is in "Numbers" that the news-

Heimwehr, along with ^mahmy of papers lend a hand. In Detroit, Mr.
its members, would be taken Carlson dec laredi, the three newvs-
over by the National Militia, papers, each total, for no other pur-
p ose, the money on t he raj~cs for the
racketeers. No mention of the racket
. 1 AT Tf' has ever bceen m ade by the Detroit
~EV NIN I~~.IJ~Y news papers, although Mr. Carlsoni
1 said that some papers in other cities
PRO(RAMS J have crusaded against it.
____________ There is more to the policy racket
16:)0-NV~1' ;fr%(t { Jj~ta.than the numbers games themselves.
6:0W., TOvOUOlSo~ Confidence men fleece the people con-
Wx Y Kigs deters. Itinwally, Mr. Carlson stated. They
C KLW vincent ,York's Music. aioneta hyaeo h n
6.15--WJR TRlfilbm Review. AnU1eta hyaeo h n
WWJ H1umnan side of News. side of the racket, a thing Mr. Carl-
WXY7 Luw;gl Roinanelli 's Music.ismpsbladcrga
CK-;LW Joe gentile,.son saysismpsbladcrga
6:30--w11;tragc s it Seems. handsome figure for giving worthless
WkW,J Dnne11rHour,
WXYZ Day in, R3eview, advice on numbers. Despite the fact
CKLW ;Shrloklme that they give a money-back guar-
'IV%%,7, FM(sicaliMasiern. antec 0o) their soothi- ,)aying, Mr.
7:.00--W.J7'.'. cfir;;t J-ollies -f the Air. Carlsoni charged that, "they are all
WW Nrtwstrn1 Cndetakes" fThey have to keep moTICv1ing
W.ightn eemn.about, (tic(commlunllit y cone tinu"lly, he
('KW Vli(C~l b0~5<Mdc rid', fbecauise their chlits get xise
7:30- (IKIW 6klli hn~ 1301,Albright. to thciii fronm tinge to timle.
VWY1 3o.4on ' iphonyirchitra. The '(Iream ibook" busine's hals
r'KW1,V aonn Bob Abright. growni along with1 and as a part~ of
wwn- 1J 'ralnk hy C Pall. the numbers racket, to tremendous
(CKLW .J(iounny .Johnson 's Music, propoirtionis, the survey indicated.
8i-,1 o .rd.8:30- WJR Dedication of Ford Rotunda
WJ t talln : Guestsi.
WXY, N iI t na]. Barn Dance. ;
Cl<KLW 1Let's Go to Music Hall.
9:00 - VJ-Vw 1"Yo.rHit Parade."
{ KLW 'I'i taus 01 cience.
1 0 1 1 11 9 :3U ,.W W J (,e,1 r ri>> fy Nigh{rT dyc w iI t ! ~ t . b nC% A r
10.0 wj. a-rI~ts i:xpsc.JWI ORUS tJlL RIOi
V l ' 4 J 1 W tr a s & ' b : :1 ' 1 !e w .
10~~~~~ NSW\2 BTChstrE uic ARLO"1

.4iper, frets Life Sentence


IFi re H7azards


SA'TUIRDAY, MAY 16, 1'136
VOL. XLVI No. 160
j.V'ad mic Promotions. The follow- 1
in~g promotions within the several
ac'ademic ranks, effective with the
year 1936-37, are announced:
ICollegc of Literatiu'e, Science and,
the Arts.
Harry Clyde Carver, from Associ-
ate Professor to Professor of Math-
ematics and Insurance.
Charles Hurlbut; Griffitts, from As-
sociate Professor to Professor of
Albert Hyma, from Associate Pro-
fessor to Professor of History.
George Allan Lindsay, from Asso -
niate Profe ssor to Professor of Phys- 1
1 cs.
John Rcevehl Rczinhard, from Asso-
ciate Professo to, ,;Pr ofessor of Eng-
Warner Grenelle Rice, from As-
sociate Professor' to Professor of
Fred 13. Wahr, from Associate Pro-
fessor to Professor of German.
Martha Guernsey Colbey, from As-
s:istant Professor to AS:;ociat e Profes-
sor' of Psychology: .
Cecil Calvcert Craig, from Assist ant
Professor to Associate Professor' of
Mati cm' tic:.
Alfred Lyon Veitgusop, from As-
istatProfessor to Associate Pro-
fusso r of Gener al and Physical
Camillo Pascal Merlino, from As-
sistanit Professor to Associate Pro-
fessor of Italian.
Paul AiIMtesch k is from Assistant
trofessor toAsoit Professor of
Env glish.
Warner -'or rests Pat terson, from
Assistant Professor to Associate Pro-
fessor of French.
Walter Albert Reichart, from As-
sistaint Professor to Associate Pro-
fcssor of Gel-mall.
Eugene Etilenne Rovillain, from As-I

S l"

In. AiiiArhoi'
To .Be (hcked
An edctit onal and inspect ion
opaign will be staged on Wed_.
sday in Ann Arbor by the Michi-
n State Fire Prevention Associa-'
n, at the invitation of the Ann
bor Chamber of Commerce.
On this day, members of the State
:anrzat ion wvill investigate the
odition of the various mercantile
iablishments, industrial plants and
blic institutions for the purpose
discovering any fire hazards which !
iy exist and indicating practical3
asof remedying the defects.
u,,pection of Ann Arbor residences
11 be accomplished by means of
lat, are known as "home inspec-
n- blanks. These will he given to
tool children for the purpose of
ting answer's to vital questions.
:perience in this respect has dem-
strated that children readily enter
to the spirit of the project, and at
csame time acquire a valuable
;wledge of what is meant, by fire
en ztion.
in inspecting- a buillding and its
I ,ents, the fire prevenltionlists will
rry on their work unobtrusively, in
der to avoid disturbing occupanzts.
Medical. School
'li','a beth1 Carol ine Crosby; from
-(c ate Proflessor to Professor of
a tomy.
Er~win Ell is Nelson, from Associate
ofessor to Professor of Pharma-
C;harles lRoosevel t Bi'assljeld, fromi
st ructor I o Assist alnt Pl'ofessor of
ysi ology.
F'rank Hartsutf fBethell, fromnInl-
uector' to Assistant Professor of In-
nal Medlcine.
St anley Milton Goldhamer, from
;truect or to Assistant Professor of
', nal Medicine.
1lranklin Davis ,Johnston, h'omIn.,n
iic'tor' to Assistant; Professor of
tel-nal IMedicine.
Don Marshall, from inst ructor to
sist alit, Professor of ophthal mo I
Niits Yglcsias, ironl Inst riet oi'to
4itatProfessor o01fSurgery.
School of Education
Miabel Esther Rugen, front X;sist,
t Professor to Associate Profess;or
:Physical Education.
'hool of B1us'iness Administration
Edgar Hloward Gault, from Asso-
zte Professor to Professor of Mar-
Dudley Maynar-d Phelps,,from As-
;tint Professor to Associate Profes-
rof Marketing.
act-win Howe Water-man, fi-om As-
tant Professor' to Associate Pro-
.sor of Finane.
mool. Of Forestry And ("onsei'vatiofa
William Kynoch, from Associate
(Continuxed on Page 4)

-Associated Press Photo.
Gpture in Glendale, Calif., Thomas 11.
ajar criminals to be captured, pleaded
vas sentenced to life bsy Judge Elwood
court. le is shown at right as hae was
led to a, guard.
tIs Disclosed

Cla'Nsifiled Dire*E Io

l'la cc f, 'r,< it Icecnts with Classified
Adx'eO in iDeprtmenit. Phone 2-1214.
rTI m clas-sified1 columitns close at five
')c(''k ~rvmoisto clay of insertion.
33c. nmbesnay be secured at no
[a hin advane lie per reading line
co asi of five average words to line)
for onew or two insertions, 10c per read-
irn-,line for three or more insertions.
M1i iinu three lines per insertion.
Terw lione rate -- 15c per reading line
for- tw o or more insertions. Minimum
three lines per insertion.
10r;; discount if paid within ten days
from the date of last insertion.
By Contract, per line - 2 lines daily,
. ne month......................8c
4 lines F.O.D., 2 mnonths..... ,.......8c
2 lines daily, college year..... .... ,.7c
4 lines R.O.D., 2 months ... ......... . .c
100 lines used as desired ....., ....c
300 lines used as desired .........8c,
1,.000 lines used as desired ......... ,.7c
2,0001 lines used as desired----------, 6c
The above rates are per reading line
bas,'ed on eight reading lines per inch
Ionuic type, upper and lower case. Add
Cc per line to above rates for all capital
1,Leti ers. Add 6c per line to above for
blvdlfare, upper and lower case. Add
10c per linet, O above rates for bold face
capita"l letters.
The abovet rates are for 7 point type.
STUDENT TYPING : Expertly done
witl3 reasonlable rates. 321 E. Lib-
erty. An.rartineint 2. 499
ENGISH House par-ty, limited to
twelve guests. Cambridge (three
weeks' university sumnmer courses
opl iol3all) . London and nearby
ploin~ts of in~terest - Oxford, Shake-
speare counitry, Canterbury, etc.
Modelrate(t, About seven weeks.
,Tuly. Augustip,. Address Daily Box
123. 463
WAUINING : Only a reliable furrier
Cain('leanl your furs and furi coat
without harming the skins. 32
year's of expert fur service recoin-
for safe fur cleaning and storage.
Phone 8507. 16x
NOTICE: We ('lean, upholster, repair
and refinlish furniture. Phone 8105.
A. A. Stuhiman. 15x
MA1C'S 'I AXI- -42.89. Tr-y our clii-
('tent 65CiI('. All Ilew cabs.. 3x
buy old and new suits and over-
coats; for $3 to $20. Also highest
pr-ices f0o- saxophones and type-
writers. Don't sell before you see
9am1. Ihlione for appointments.
2-3640. 10lx
E~YES examined, best glasses made at
lowest prices. Oculist, U. of M.
graduate, 44 years practice. 549
Packard. Phone 2-1866. 13x
COTZDOI3A, Spain, May 15. - YfP)
Two IF iench engineers remained imn-
pr'isoned underground by 450 striking,
minel-s tonight.

LAUNDRY 2-1044. Sox datrned
Careful work at low price. 1x
ANTIQUES: Dolls, glass, silver, china,
furniture, jewelry, rugs, prints. At
the home of Mrs. Walker, 1033
Packard, Mrs. Henry B. Graves,
1430 Granger, Mrs. Mary Adams,
2020 Devonshire Rd.
MALE HELP: Student -'pressers for
evening work. Inquire at Greene
Cleaners. 516 E. Liberty.
"Hoover Insurance & Trust Service"
has a few openings in Detroit and
Michigan which' oiler an excellent
opportunity to ear'n while receiving
a thorough practical business train-
ing. Juniors and seniors aspiring to
a business career should write, Da-
vid R. Hoover, 848 Michigan Build-
ing, Detroit. 17x
WANTED:^ Double gam'age with elec-
tric light on a quiet street ill 01'r near
Ann Ar'bomr. Call 4121 Extension 361
oi' write Daily Box 125. 478
SUMMER Rooms for mhen: Beautiful
location; cool, firepi'oof building,
excellent facilities; congenial coin-
panmous. Reasonable. Acacia Fra-
ternity, 1923 Geddes. 491
AVAILABLE for summer for' men. De-
sirable single and double rooms
slose to campus. Reasonable' ates.
411 Hamilton. Phone 5113. 488
FOR RENT: Furnished light house-
keeping rooms close to campus and
hospital for $22.50 per month. Two
single rooms $3.00 per week. Mr's.
Tuller', 1358 Geddes. Phone 9501.
F'OR RENT: F'our and five-room, fur-
nish ed apartmnlts. Summner School.
Neal' campus. Osborn, 209 N. In-
galls. Phone 3403. 496
ROOMS to rent, well-equipped with
homelike conditions, close to cam-
pus. Mr's. E. B. Clark, 1328 Geddes.
FOR RENT: Rooms for men in fr'a-
tem'nity house. Current prices. 1023
Oakland. Tel. 6674. 498
FOR RENT : Nice clean rooms for
r'ent during summer school. 420 S.
Division. Mrs. Huey. Phone 3968.
FOR RENT: Two single cleani roomnxs,
$2.00 per week, close to campus.
Phone 3796. 608 May Court. 495


These books, Mr. Carlson explained, sristant Professor- to Associate Profes- sr
purlport. to tell the mxeanings, in ter sso of French.hInt
(f numbers, of certain words amnd Andrew Patl Ushenko, froum As-
ideas. For inlstanice, he said, if You sist anrt Professor to Associate Pro-AS
dream about c'hickenls, youl turn to) less;or of Philosophy. , p,
youri'dreamn book and look under Lecwis G. ValldcrVolde, from Assist-
the wor'dchickenl. If thle numnber at Professor to Associate Professor l-'
opposite should be 345, you p1lace of History.
y'ourl money on those figures, the next ArhrJ<ouha.fo Ass-31
dlay. There arc all sorts of combina- ArofurEsVorto AsciatefroAsst'aof
tionxs that the dream book publishemrs5anf Zooleogy. Ascit rfesro
per'petrate oil the public for the sum CarZologn dBrnifrmen
of 5 ens.structor to Assistant Professor Of ia
"Lucky" products form another Speech. ket
sub-racket dscovered by Mr. Carlson Howard Black Calder-wood, from 1
included among them being the sale Inst'uctor to Assistant Professor of sit
of "lucky" candles, stones and herbs. Political Science. so.
These, he said, are sold even by drug Iarland Abbott Carpenter, from A
and department stoi'es in the Negro Instr-uctor to Assistant Pofessor of sit
sections of Detr'oit and other- cities. Librar'y Science. fes
Mr. Carlson, who practically lived Ben Dushnik, from Instructor to Sel
with the racketeer s during the period Assistant Professor of Mathematics,
of his investigation, concealimng his Donal Hamilton Haines, from In-
purpose from them, said that they stiuctor to Assistant Professor ofj
arc highly respected in their commu- Journialism. P
nities. They give freely to charity, Harlow James Heneman, from In-
he explained ,and the people, the most structor to Assistant Professor of
of whom play the games all the time, political Science.
do not look on their businesses as dis- Raymond Hoekstra, from Instruct-
honest, or to Assistant Professor of Philoso-
One New York gambler made in phy.
profit $1,250,000 between 1927 and Theodore R. Hornberger, from In-
1930, according to Mr. Carlson, and structor to Assistant Professor of
another one cleared $2,000,000 in six English.
years. Similar fortunes are made by Hazel Marie Losh, from Instructor
the "big shots" of the gambling racket to Assistant Professor of Astronomy.,
in Detroit, he asserted. Edwin W. Miller, from Instructor
There are more than 30 such gamn- to Assistant Professor of Mathe-
bling dens in Detroit, Mr. Carson de- matics.
clared, pointing out that in New York William C'ampbell Steere, from In-
City there are hundreds. structor' to Assistamnt Professor (of
An interesting sidelight on the Botany.
numbers racket, Mm-. Carlson said, is College of Engineering
its connection with the New York William Stuart Housel, from As-
Stock Exchange. Numbers of the ex- sistant Professor of Associate Pro-
change are used by the gamblers, he fessor of Civil Engineering.
explained, and many betters, errone- IHarold Rhys Lloyd, from Assistant,
ously thinking that stock exchange of- Professor to Associate Professor of
ficials are "on the inside" of the Mechanical Engineering.
macket. write pleading letters. propos- Frak to LeassistantPi'fesoio-
ing ''(eals.'' to such personls as Rich- I structor oAssatPoesroi
and Whitney, fornier president of the Engineering Mechanics
e xchxange. Donovan Harold Young, from .11-I
Thle ntlilbcI'5stracket has built uIp structor to Assistat Professor' of Err-.
a vocabulary of its own, and Mi, gineering Mechanics.
Carlson says it is pl'actically impos- Law S~ebol
sible to discover' what is taking place William Wiit Blume, from Aso-
in the numbers gamnblinig world with- cite Professor to Professor of Law
out knowing the mneaninig of the Odd and of Legal Research.
words. A few (of theme are: John Philip Dawson, from Asso-
Omi the nose playing 5 cents ol ciate Professor- to Professor of Law.
thr'ee numbers.
Fancy--- using two nunmbers. -
Stove-Pipe -- a variety play in3 Pol- M ~ J ~
icy: spider and bug mnean the same, F OUR DAYS - STARTS
Caitch orI hit. -t o win. TODAY
B~ox --tobet(Ilon three numlber's
o1 t hat youi will will no mnat~l ci in what
coinbil a ion Ithey aIre drawn.,
clqi -k olio who rasks 11is'>nioncey *f
1)ac frktiomi aon fidel ce mnal.
Iiuckv hand l-d a good linik tokech,
SI' 01-1-t --_a for'ni of inscurance Oil
Pills~ -balls onl whic h lnunrrers31re
imlprited.l r
Daily 1;30 to It P.M. toromnt gic
(;tmn Sti ilfon ort e's
& -A 11 lII A)

lam WON I 10 11111,11 '1111111

Do you have typing to be done,
or do you want typing to do?
Or, have you lost anythilng.2

In any case, your best mediumn
is The Michigan Daily
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