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November 13, 1934 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1934-11-13

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Publication in the Bulletin is constructive notice to all members of the
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Acconplices Aie Soght
By Hauptmann Defense
FLEMINGTON, N. J., Nov. 12.- P)
-While the state stood pat on its
theory that the kidnap-murder of
Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr., was a one-
man crime. Bruno Hlauptmanns de-
fese boldly sought today to make use
of a department of justice belief that
accomplices were involved.
Leniency to the suspect would be
granted by the state, an authoritative
source revealed, should Hauptmann
volunteer evidence implicating others
44d putting himself in a lesser role,
possibly as a fence for disposal of the
ransom money.
French Armistice Day
Brings Renewed Riots
PARIS, Nov. 12. - UP - Armistice
day was a signal for renewed out-
breaks between rival' French polit-
ieal organizations, their hatreds
fanned by the fall of the Doumergue
Gunfights in Paris and street brawls
in several other cities and towns punc-
tured the nation's homage to her
war' dead. Several persons were in-
There was a general fight at Lille
when Nationalists jeered a parade of
Socialists and Conjimunists forming an
"ariti-Fascist" front.
There was rioting in front of the
memorial to war dead at Narbonne,
with Communists and their oppo-
nents exchanging blows.
Jaxp.nese To Reply To
British Idea Of Equality
LONDON, Nov. 12. - () - Japan's
delegation to the three-power naval
conference here spent today consid-
ering the wording of a reply to Brit-
ish proposals for a compromise of
naval limitation which may be made
The reply will state that equality
in principle for Japan is not ac-
ceptable and will request new sug-
gestions which would give the Jap-
anese actual tonnage equality.
How the British will answer this
request was a problem which held the
entire interest of the American dele-
pcans Charged With
Incitement To Rebellion
MEXICO, D. F., Nov. 12.-(AP)-
Charges of incitement to rebellion
against two high Catholic leaders of
Mexico, now in exile, resulted today
from an investigatin of an alleged
church campaign to overthrow the
Plice were ordered to arrest Leo-
poldo Ruiz Y Flores, papal delegate
to Mexico, and Jose De Jesus Man-
rique Y Zarate, bishop of Heujutla,
Hidalgo state, should they try to
re-enter the country. They are now
in the United States.
german Threat Caues
Plea For French Unity
PARIS, Nov. 12.- (A) - French
warnings of an armed menace in
Germany coupled with domestic dis-
order attending the Armistice cele-
bration inspired Premier Pierre
Etienne Flandin tonight to issue an
appeal to French political parties to
forget their differences.
Chancellor Hitler's air fleet and
Germany's reputed ability to produce
900 planes monthly were causing great
concern to the new premier and his
No Comment Given By
'Jafsie' On Statement
NEW YORK, Nov. 12. - (A') - Dr.
John F. "Jafsie" Condon, Lindbergh's

ransom. intermediary, declined to-
night to comment on a statement by
Bruno Hauptmann's defense at Flem-
ington, N.J.,that the Bronx educator
had indicated he believed the prisoner
innocent of the kidnaping.
Dr. Condon said his position pre-
-eluded his discussing any develop-
ments in the case.
Troops Pitch Camp In
Arizona Dam Site War
PHOENIX, Ariz., Nov. 12. - P) -
Arizona's "troop train" carrying ma-
chine gunners, roared across the des-
ert tonight toward the Parker dam
site to take possession of the Arizona
side of the Colorado river and enforce
Governor B. B. Moeur's proclamation
of martial law.
The national guardsmen -more
than 100 strong -will pitch camp
tomorrow on the high cliff overlook-
ing the Colorado. They will remain
tinder instructiong from the governnr

I University. copy receivea a te orce o te a ssstant to te resaen "- rY
until 3:30; 11:30 a.m. Saturday. Lw *O T r
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1934 versity his regrets for any inconven- CLASSIF
VOL XLV. No. 43 ience that the postponement may AT THE MICHIGAN ideas, continuity all are concise, di- ADVERTISING
Noticesson*.plus "WHAT EVERY rect, to the point. This is something place acvcrtisements with Classified
NOtces1sWOMAN KNOWS" new for America's film capital. some- Advertising Department. Phone 2-1214.
Prseltad r. ulve il xibtos tigtob ncuagdad-o- The classified columns close at five
~..xautznso'lck prvious to day of insertion.
Prcsidnt and Mrs. Ruthven will ExMr o nayrpoducsion thing to b encouraged and com~- The clasiedolu mn onsetiv
be at home to students and their Architetural Building Exhibition: under the Supervision of Gregory La mended. Box numbers may be secured at no
extra charge.
friends on Wednesday, Nov. 14, from The drawings in architecture and Cava Miss Helen Hayes stars and is Helen Hayes is one of the few really Cash in advance-le per reading line
t6o'lk.lnsaedsg sumte inte supported by Brian Aherne. Madge(ubasofiv:vegewrst
to 6 o'clock. landscape design submitted in the ms, Dudley Dines, and David Tor- intelligent actress of our day. As the o soivetavee
rev.Sotsbet nld aa line) for one or two insertions.
.1934Lake Forest Fellowship Competi- reucc. Short subjects include a Para- woman who understanas and knows lOc per reading line for three or
Universitty Broadcasting: ion by students from five middle vy ordinary historical novelty; and how to guide a husband through po- morens3lies per insertion
9:15-9:45 a.m. -A Class in Ele- western institutions are now hung in Paul Tompkins at the organ. litical as well as marital crises, she Telephone rate - 15 per reading line
mentary Singing, Joseph E. Maddy, the large exhibition room. Open "What Every Woman Knows" is a exhibits a restraint and understand- 4fo ner rodinlinertiors.threeor
assisted by the University High School daily, 1 to 5, through Wednesday, Scotch story adopted for the screen ing of Barrie that few other women more insertions.
choir. Nov. 14. Public is cordially invited. from Sir James Barrie's play of the actress would have caught. from tue date of last insertion.d
2:00-2:30 p.m. - "The Shifting same name. And the good, sensible' Brian Aherne is well suited to his Minimum three lines per insertion.
stask as the idealistic but blind hus- y contract, per line -2 lines daily, one
Shore Line of the Great Lakes," EventsToa Scotch mood of the play has been tmkasteodalnitbtblnhli .......Be....S
LrMStanleynstructor of Gs- caught by Supervisor La Cava and in- band. His type is an encouraging sign 4 lines E.O.D., 2 months........3c
Geore M Stnle, istrutorof e- eld2 lines daily, college year ........7c
ology. (Michigan Series) Physics Colloquium: Will be held corporated in the production of the of what we more serious cinema 4 lines E.O.D., college year........7c
at 4:15 in Room 1041, East Physics film. There is little waste here. Char- enthusiasts can expect as leading men. 100 lines used as desired..........9
Builing Prfesor Lpore wll Alog wth ranis Lderr ad oe ; 300 lines used as desired ........Sc
Seniors: College of L.S.A., College Building. Professor Laporte will acterizations, sentiments, moods, Along with Francis Lederer and one 1,000 lines used as desired........7c
of Architecture, School of Education, speak on :"Born's New Theory of or two others. he holds out promise 2,000 lines used as desired........c
Fiation,Ecofreformingcur present quota of The above rates are per reading lune,I
School of Forestry & Conservation, lectrici All terested are cor- Faculty Women's Club, Tuesdaydt based on eight reading lins per inch
an colo ui.Tnaielssdially invited. At~YPa d eto:Tesugar and honey leading men( Dick Ionic type, upper and lower case. Add
and School of Music. Tentative lists Afternoon Play Reading Section: The Powell and Bing Crosby for example) c per line to above rates for all capital
Sof February and June seniors are wl eta : pm nte+ etr.AdC e iet bv o
posted on the bulletin board in Room Botany Journal Club meets at 7:30 group will meet at 2:15 p.m. i the into thining, intellige V genuine bold face, upper and lower case. Add lac
p.Alumnae Room of the Michigan beings. The sooner the clothes models per line to above rates for bold face
4, University Hall. Please check for p.m., Room 1139 N. S., Dr. Davis in1 capital letters.
charge. Reviews on papers dealing League. and gigolos are replaced by actors the The above rates are for 7% point
ccrrect spelling of names, and for chreieiw nppr eln type.
omissios. with chromonemata, heterothally, better.
syngamy in myxomycetes, maternal Comsui Events "uWhat Every Woman Knows" is
Freshmen in the Literary College: inheritance of chlorophyll and Students Pursuing Work in Educa- typical of Barrie's dramatc power to LOST AND FOUND
Theremaining Freshmen may ob- chromosome structure by Dr. Davis, tion: The members of the Faculty and interweave whimsicality with common - --- ------
tam their six weeks reports in Room Miss Bauckman, Mrs. Baird, Mrs. School of Education, assisted by their sense and a psychological understand- LOST: Drawing instruments. Lost 3rd
102 Mason Hall according to the fol- Carpenter and Mrs. Chen. Miss wives, will hold a reception for stu- ing of what people, are and what floor W. Engineering Building. Re-
lowing schedule. Clover in charge of refreshments. dents pursuing work in Education, Imakes them so. The picture is more ward for return. No questions asked.
S d I on Sunday afternoon, Nov. 18, from than delightful: it is genuine. Its Phone R. B. Scott; 2-2147,
K-R, Wednesday. Psychology Journal Club meets at 3:30 to 5:30 o'clock. This reception theme of a woman's devotion to make W Ek&
S-Z, Thursday. 8:15 p.m., Room 3126 Nat. Sc. Bldg. will take place in the libraries of the something out of the one she loves, WILL PERSON who took Saf fell &
Miss Djang and others will report on University Elementary School Build- oblivious of her own fate, is idealistic Bush dery initialed K.B.C. from
Registration for all senior and some recent studies in human learn- ing. All graduate and undergraduate enough to stimulate, romantic enough Sigma Phi house Saturday night by
graduate students who are interested ing. All interested are invited to at- students pursuing courses in Educa- to inspire.
in obtaining positions next year will tend. tion are cordially invited, irespec-
be held at the Bureau, 201 Mason tive of the school or college in which 7
hall, as follows: Tuesday to Friday, Mathematical Club: Regular meet- they may be enrolled. P of. Tg artStates a -x e
r7 - AC;1n mj.in 2M A H Pn f R.

SPECIAL: Duringr this National
Honey Week, you can have a ten
lb. pail delivered from Wuerfels
Apiary for $1.25. Call 6187.
LAUNDRY 2-1044. Sox darned.
Careful work at low price. 4x
STUDENT Hand Laundry. Prices rea-
sonable. Free delivery. Phone 3006
Call the Kempf Music Studios for
artistic piano tuning. Terms rea-
sonable. Phone 6328. lx
SPECIAL: Half soles and rubber
r heels; good leather and workman-
ship. Price per pair 59c. One day
service. H. W. Clark, 534-536 Forest
Ave. Custom Shoes manufactured.
FINANCE CO. offers bargains in re-
possessed and repurchased cars.
Many 1934 cars with low mileage
included. We will trale and extend
convenient terms. Open evenings.
311 W. Huron. Ph. 2-3267. lox
suits. Will pay 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 dol-
lars. Phone Ann Arbor 4306. Chi-
cago Buyers. Temporary office, 200
North Main. 7x

Nov. 13 to 16, inclusive; -hours 9:00-
12:00 and 2:00-4:00. This registra-
tion covers both teaching and non-
teaching appointments. There is no
charge for registration at this time,
but after Nov. 16 a late registration
fee of $1.00 will be charged. All stu-
dents who wish to file their creden-
tials this year are urged to register
during the regular enrollment period.
University Bureau of Appointments
and Occupational Information.
Aeronautical Engineers' Division
A.S.M.E.: Those definitely going to
Selfridge Field Saturday, Nov. 17,
please sign the list on the bulletin
board of the Aero Dept. in the East,
Eng. Building. The list is to be taken'
down Thursday night, Nov. 15, and
transportation provided for those in
the order of their signing.
Academic Notices
English 31, Mr. Litzenberg's sec-
'tions: The assignment for Wednes-
day, Nov. 14, is Wordsworth's "Mich-

ing i7:45) p.m. in3 6u A. U. rro. .
L. Wilder will speak on "Generalized
Landscape Design Club: Meeting
at 7:30, Room 403 South Wing. Arvid
Andreson will give a talk and demon-
stration on Photography and its ap-
plication to Landscape Design.
Sigma Xi: First meeting of the year
in Room 2003 Angell Hall, 8 p.m.
Prof. C. C. Fries will give an illus-
trated talk on "The Making of a Dic-
Engineering Council meets at 7:30
p.m. in the M.E. computing room.
Adelphi House of Representatives
meets in its room at 7:30 p.m. There
will be a discussion of the recent elec-
tion results, and the Research Com-
mittee on Prominent Alumni should
be prepared to give its first report.
All dues must be paid at this week's
Tau Beta Pi: The examination of


pledges will take place at 7:30 p.m.,
Fine Arts 201, Far Eastern Paint- Room 335 West Engineering Building.

ing: Mr. March will not meet his class
at 9 o'clock today.
History 11, Lee. II: Midsemester at
10, Tuesday, Nov. 13. Mr. Reichen-
bach's Sections will meet in New-
berry Aud., Mr. Wheeler's section in
G Haven Hall; all others in 103 Ro-
mance Language Building.
Twilight Organ Recital:
Parvin Titus, concert organist of
Cincinnati, will be the guest soloist
at the Twilight Organ Recital, Wed-
nesday afternoon, Nov. 14, at 4:15
o'clock in Hill Auditorium, to which
the general public, with the exception
of small children, is invited. The fol-
lowing program will be given:
Tuba Theme, T. Frederick H. Candlyn
Seven Chorals On Original Themes
(MS) ..JohnW. Haussermann, Jr.
S1. Lento-melody in pedals
2. Allegretto-canon at the octave;
3. Allegro-fugue with choral
4. Largo-melody in left hand
5. Allegretto-melody in right hand.
6. Lento-canon at the fifth
7. Allegro-three voices, in inven-
tion style.
Passacaglia, from Symphony
in G ................ Leo Sowerby
"Up the Saguenay," Alexander Russell
Symphonic Variations on a theme
of Chambonnieres
(MS).............Parker Bailey
Toccata ....Harry Benjamin Jepson
Lectu e
Stuart Chase Lecture: The second
number of the University Oratorical
Association series will be presented to-
morrow evening at 8:30 in Hill Audi-'
torium when Stuart Chase speaks on
the subject, "The Economy of Abur
dance." Tickets are available at
Wahr's. The Oratorical Association
has receivedl word from Mr. Chase
that he is entirely recovered from his,
throat ailment which caused the post-
ponement of his lecture and he wishes
to extend to the members of the Uni-

Bring equipment as previously di-
Vanguard Club will hold a sympos-
ium on fascism, communism, social-
ism, democracy with previous lec-
tures as a basis at 8 o'clock in the
Union. All interested are invited.
Eagle Scouts, Sea Scouts: Mr. Watt
is scheduled to speak. Constitution
and Rules of the Road will be pre-
sented. Officers are to be nominated.
Banquet is formulated. Ail Sea Scouts
and Eagle Scouts are invited to at-
tend the regular meeting at 7:45, in
Room 302 of the Michigan Union.
Old members and newcomers are both
cordially invited.
Christian Science Organization:
There will be a meeting of this Or-
ganization tonight at 8 o'clock in the
Chapel of the Women's League Build-
ing. Students, alumni, and faculty
members of the University are cor-
dially invited to attend.
Union Opera: All tryouts for the
Union Opera publicity committee will
meet at 4:15, Room 302 of the Union.
Those who can not meet at this time
are urged to get in touch with Opera
Michigan Dames: The Bridge
Group will meet this evening at the
League. Please be there by 8 o'clock.

Mechanical Engineers: The A.S.
M.E. will hold a meeting Wednesday,
Nov. 14, at 7:30 p.m. at the Michigan
Union. Professor Young, of the For-
estry Department, will speak on Con-
servation. There will be important
business to discuss. All mechanical
engineers are urged to attend.
Phi Eta *igma Members: A mem-
bership dinner will be held at the
Union, Sunday evening, Nov. 25. Ar-
rangements have been made to have
an interesting guest speaker. Those
intending to be present may make ,
their reservations and payment at the
Union. The cost to members will be
25 cents.
Alpha Nu meets Wednesday, 7:30
p.m. sharp, in the Alpha Nu room,
fourth floor Angell Hall. The finalI
debate in the first round of the pledge
debate series will be held on the sub-
ject, Resolved: That the Legislature
of the State of Michigan should re-
organize counties of the state into
substantially larger units. After the
debate an Qpen forum discussion of
the subject will be held.
Cercle Francais meeting Thursday
evening at 7:45 in Room 408, Ro-
mance Language Building. Refresh-
ments will be served. Both new and
old members are cordially invited to
attend. Dues are payable at this time.
Interpretive Arts Society: The
time of meeting of this society for
Wednesday evening, Nov. 14, will be
at 7:15 instead of 8:00 o'clock. The
program will be over in time for the
lecture by Stuart Chase.
Education Club: Open meeting of
the Club on Wednesday, Nov. 14, 7:30
p.m., in the Elementary School Li-
brary. Dr.-Luth r T. Purdom, Di-
rector of the iversity Bureauof
Appointments .a d Occupational In-
formation, will speak on 'How To Get
a Job."
Graduate Women Students: A pos-
ture class for graduate women is to
meet on Wednesday at 5 o'clock in
Barbour Gymnasium. Any graduate
woman interested is invited to attend.
Luncheon for Graduate Students
on Wednesday, Nov. 14, at 12 o'clock
in the Russian Tea Room of the
Michigan League Building. Profes-
sor Arthur Lyon Cross, Richard Hud-
son Professor of English History
will speak informally on "Some Har-
vard Worthies of the Nineties."

Prof. Herbert F. Taggart, of the most of the codes forbid sales at prices
Business Administration School re- below cost, the necessity arose for the
cently described in an interview the setting up by the code authorities of
exact nature of the work with which methods of determining what the
he has been identified as chief of the cost are. It has been in this work,
cost accounting unit in the Research cs are. t heendinthis or,
as advisor to the administrator, that
and Planning Division of the NRA at I have been engaged.
Washington. have be en ad.
"It is the duty of the administrator "Out of the 640 basic and supple-
of the NRA, formerly Gen. Hugh mental codes of the NRA, 457 con-
Johnson, to approve uniform cost ac- tain some form of minimum price
counting systems which determine provision. Of these, 438 are based on
minimum prices," he explained. "As cost. The industries which have code
provisions of this sort have been
Freshman Glee Club: Rehearsal bringing in to the NRA proposals for
Wednesday at 5 o'clock in the music uniform cost accounting systems and
for the setting of minimum prices.
room of the Union. Please be punc- Of course all of these industries have
ta not acted upon these provisions, but in
the 11 months which I have been in
Garden Section of the Fdnsulty Washington, I have dealt with ap-
Women's Club will meet Wednesday, proximately 150 industries.
Nov. 14, at 3:30 p.m. in the lecture "hisat iutriesk
room of the Library to hear Profes- This particular branch of work
sor George G. Ross of Landscape De- consists of two different types of mi-
sign give an illustrated talk on Mye fixing for digeen tpes
Trip Down the Mississippi." M of codes : First, the passing on spe-
cific dollars and cents minimum
a an im- prices for certain industries, and see-
Wesley Players will have aondly, by far the most common sys-
portant meeting at Stelker Hall Wed- tem, passing on uniform cost account-
nesday at 8:00 p.m. All members are ing systems, by which individual
urged to be present.-I members of industries may determine
their own costs.
A Scavenger Hunt is to be given at Several other types of work, such
Stalker Hall Friday evening, Nov. 16. as making special accounting inves-
Groups will leave the hall in quest of tigations for the Research and Plan-
loot at 8:30. Be sure to join in this ning Division, also were under Pro-
fun. fessor Taggart's direction. At present,
his task is in the hands of one of his
De -eg tes Chosen assistants, but he intends to return
y"" i aoff and on throughout the coming
ByVMilitary Society year, acting in an advisory capacity.


Of His Wrk As NRA Official

T. Hawley Tapping, general secre-
tary of the Alumni Association, to-
morrow will attend a meeting of the
University Club of Saginaw. At the
same time Emory Hyde, president of
the association, and Coach Benny
Oosterbaan will attend the annual
football smoker of the Toledo Club.

if you wish something
out of the ordinarry -
Something BETTER
for your Ensian picture
Dial 5541
Established 1890

The local chapter of Scabbard and
Blade, national R.O.T.C. honoraryr
society, yesterday named Theodore
C. Argue, '35E, as delegate and Don-
ald W. Lyon, '35A, as alternate to the
society's national convention, to be
held at the University of Cincinnati
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of
this week.
Argue and Lyon will leave for Cin-
cinnati tomorrow.
The present convention, the nine-
teenth, marks the thirtieth year
of the society's history.
Toe, tap, acrobatics.
Taught daily. Terrace
Garden Studio. Wuerth
Theatre Bldg..Ph. 9695
Ii \ Open evenings.


ENCDS week-Day Mat. iSc to 6.
T G" after 6.
-TONIG HT Sunday, ZSc All Day

I .


- .

i -'1


15c TO 6-- 25c AFTER 6
Daily 1:30 - 11 P.M.
,,Lst Day

. , _ .,--.



-: -


40c l c Shows at 2:00 - 3:20 - 7:00 - 9:00

Matinees 30c --Nights 40c
Shows at 2 - 3:23 - 7 - 9
in a new giorious romantic
triumph, as the wife who
had to fight for her man
in Sir James M. Barrie's
celebrated stage play


' '


Ent A Ilbc4?






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