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March 01, 1933 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1933-03-01

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IlI [r K1 A.
xa in the Bulletin is construetive
Copy received at the office of th,
a. m. Saturday.

L BUJLLETIN Explorers Pushing Fearlessly Slutz To Open Items From Other Campuses
nAte eflmtmer Onward Through Tunnel Depths Lecture Series
ARCH 1 1933 No. 107 Ed. Note: The following article is vestigate the place. In a gruff voice he e r e Tomoit MADIS N, Wis., Feb. 28.-Men of SYRACUSE, N. Y., Feb. 28.-Uni-
the second and last installment of the.I the University of Wisconsin are tak- orcditv nf Wiptt, rinwt r.-


Presidet and Mrs. Ruthven will be at home to the students of the
University on Wednesday, March 1, and on Wednesday, March 8, from four
to six o'clock.
Notice in regard to salary checks: Salary checks for one-half of the
regular monthly salary will be ready Wednesday morning and will be dis-
tributed in the usual manner. Persons who have not been receiving checks
reglarly in departments or whose checks are not deposited in banks may
re eive checks by calling at the Business Office.
The Cashier's Office will be ready to cash any outstanding salary
che k issued prior to February 22.
All persons holding receipts for uncashed salary checks may have the
balance due on such checks by calling at the Cashier's Office.
Shirley W. Smith
Apparatus Exchange: The Regents at their meeting in March, 1927,
authorized an arrangement for the sale of scientific apparatus by one de-
partjnt to another, the proceeds of the sale to be credited to the bud-
get aclount of the department from which the apparatus is transferred.
lDepartments having apparatus which is not in active use are advised
to, end description therof to the University Chemistry Store, of which Pro-.
fessor R. J. Carney is Director. The Chemistry Store headquarters are in
Room 223 Chemistry building. An effort will be made to sell the apparatus
to other departments which are likely to be able to use it. In some instances
the- apparatus may be sent to the University Chemistry Store on consign-
enta and, if it is not sold within a reasonable time, it will be returned to
Ohe department from which it was received. The object of this arrange-
ment is to promote economy by reducing the amount of unused apparatus.
It is, hoped that departments having such apparatus will realize the ad-
van tage to themselves and to the University in availing themselves of this
tpprtunity. Shirley W. Smith
University Brodcasing-Wednesday-2 p. m. "Raising Young Trees
for Reforestration"-Leigh J. Young, Professor of Silviculture. "Solving the
Mrblem of the Small Stage for Amateur Plays"-Leonard O. Andrews,
Techer of Social Studies.
StudeCts, College of Literature, Seience, and the Arts: No course may
be elected for credit after the end of the third week of the semester. Sat-
lrday, March 4, is therefore the last date on which new elections may be
pr oved. The willingness of an individual instructor to admit a student
would not affect the operation of this rule.
ro nson-Thomas Prize in German (value about $50) open to all un-
ergraduate students in German will be awarded on the results of: (a)
aissay l Gerina on the following subject: "Der Wandel in Schillers gesell-
se 0t-llen un d kunstlerishen Ansichten von den Raubern zum Don
Larlos" to be handed in on or before Friday, April 21, 1933; (b) An ex-
a .nti n to be held on Friday, April 21, 1933, consisting of questions on
Slr's life and works with special reference to his Storm and Stress
period .
N4ameS of intending candidates should be handed in to the office of the
German Department, Room 204 U.H.
Badminton-Men and Women Students: Beginning Wednesday, March
1, at 7:30 there will be mixed Badminton in Barbour Gymnasium. Rubber
soed shoes must be worn. Students need not bring partners. Beginners
.ll reeive coaching.(
Comedy Club Receetion: Undergraduate women guests of Comedy Club
on Thursday evening may have one hour's late permission for the recep-
ti n whih follows "Three Times the Hour."
Black Quill Try Ots: Manuscripts must be handedin to Lucile Ander-
s8tn, 1236 Washtenaw, by 6:00 p. m. March 3.
Varsity Glee Club-Important: Rehearsal for trip and concert-Thurs-
day 7:30p. M. Coaching Period-Wednesday 5:00 p. m. In the club rooms.
University Outing Club will meet at 1 p. in. Saturday, March 4,
at the League. Reservations must be made with Miss McCormick at the
German Examination for Ph.D. Candidates will be held today at 2 p. m.
in 203 University Hall.
Sociolgy 163 Make-up Final Examination will be held Friday, March
3; at 2 p. i., Room 102 Economics.
Sociology 51 Make-up Final examination will be held at 9 a. m. Satur-
day, March 4, Room 102 Economics.
Make-up Examinatin in Botany I StuIents who were absent from the
Final Examination in Botany I will be given an opportunity for a make-up
on Thursday, March 9, at 2 p. m. in N.S. 2003.
Economics 51-Make-up Final: Will be given on Thursday, March 2,
between 3 and 6 p. m. in Room 207 Ec. Bldg.
English 125 and English 183: A make-up examination will be given
in both of these courses on Friday afternoon, March 3, in Room 3221 A.H.
L, A. Strauss

history 33 Make-up: Saturday, March 4, 9 a. in, Room 4001 A.H1.
Psychology 31: Make-up examination for last semester students will be
held Thursday evening from 7 to 10 in Room 1121 NS.
Philosophy 31: The imake-up examination in this course will be held
on Thursday, March 2, from 3:00 to 6:00 p. m., in 202 South Wing.
history 23 (Prof. Aiton) and history 258 (Prof. Crane): Due to the
lecture by Professor SalveNmini at 4:15 this afternoon, in Natural Science
Auditorium, the meetings of the above seminars are postponed to the regu-
lr hour next week.
Geology 31 and 32: The make-up for the final examination will be
given today at 2:00 in Room 3055 N.S.
a Make-up Examination, Anthropology 31: Monday, March 6, Room
4506 Museums.
Earhart Foundation Seminar (Sociology 262) will meet today from 4
to G. Important meeting,
Chemical Engineering Seminar: Mr. Richard Schneidewind will be the:
speaker at 4 o'clock in Room 3201 E. Eng. Bldg., on the subject, "Malleable
Sigma Rho Tau: Meeting at the Union, 7:30 p. m. Prof. A. D. Moore
will speak on "Personality." Reorganization and the new Speech Plan will
be completed,.

official account by Admiral Robert M.
Bleary, famous explorer and scientist,
of his daring dash into mystery-shroud-
ed heating tunnels of the University
of Michigan. The previous installment,
relating the prepartions and start into
the passageway, appeared in a previous
"8:16 a. m.-It seems days since I
last wrote in my journal but actually
it is less than seven hours. After
making the decision to enter the
chamber, I groped about the walls
until I discovered a light switch. For
an instant before turning it I won-
dered if it was worth the sacrifice to
discover what lay beyond. Surely
sights such as no other man had
witnessed were there; but almost as
surely it meant capture-perhaps

asked where W ashington was. I re- - l_ S os__ _h
plied that it was the capital city of , .
the United States but he still re- I S. C. A. Will Sponsor Eight
mained ignorant or puzjled. Lectures On Problems
"The child-like meant ty of these Of Married Life
men gave me an inspiration. It is
such thinking in emergencies that'
-distinguishes the true explorer.I The first of the lectures on marital
offered him a bar of chocolate from relationships will open today when'
a supply that I always carry on trips Dr. Frank D. Slutz of Dayton, O.,
of this sort. This action evidently speaks at 8 p. m. in Lane Hall.
pleased them for they ate the bar These lectures, which have as theirE
rapidly. Perceiving my advantage I purpose education and discussion of
immediately offered them more. This marital relationship, psychological
they also ate and seemed delighted. and physiological problems of mar-
"In clear, slow words, as though I riage, eugenics, and child guidance,
were addressing children, I asked are being sponsored by the Student;
where we were. Although I could Christian Association. A series of
not understand the answer fully, I eight such lectures is being planned

ing a firm stand in refusing co-eds
admission to their annual Gridiron
banquet. The banquet, an affair pre-
sented by the Sigma Delta Chi, hon-
orary journalistic society, at which
national, state, and university per-
sonalities are "kidded," is the last
campus activity remaining solely for
URBANA, Ill., Feb. 28.-A prac-
tical joker called up a University of
Illinois freshman of two weeks
standing and invited him to dinner
at the Delta Delta Delta house,
which happens to be a sorority. He
rang the bell at the proper hour and
was muchesurprised when a pretty
co-ed admitted him.
Not wishing to show his ignorance
of fraternities and seeing a crowd of
other boys, he did not enquire about
the numerous girls around. About
halfway through dinner, one of the
girls asked him where his pledge pin
was. Then it broke on him that he
was at a sorority dinner for frater-
nity pledges. He kept a smooth face,
however, and went to a show after
he finished.

versity s 6Uens on nUL ecx , au-
cording to a veteran Syracuse taxi-
cab driver. He' has driven students
around the city for eight years and
denies that they "neck" more than
anyone else. He describes their ac-
tions as "snuggling."
NEW ORLEANS, La., Feb. 28.-
Co-eds at the University of Tulane
are smoking pipes instead of cigar-
ettes these days. Not only are pipes
much less expensive, but the girls
saw English girls in a newsreel smok-
ing corncobs. The Tulane co-eds
have not received official permission
for the pipe smoking as yet, but
meanwhile are enjoying their pipes
after dinner and at bridge.
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Feb. 28-The
old adage, "You can't make a silk
purse from a sow's ear." has been
disproved by a firm of consulting
chemists. They achieved the impos-
sible by extracting a glue-like sub-
stance from a dead sow's ear. From
the extraction they made a beautiful
purse of silk.

death. found out that we were in one of
"Scientific curiosity welled up with- their power houses. I had evidently
in me and I made the contact. In- made friends with them for they
stantly a tall room was illuminated, made chuckling sounds when I told
The walls were bare and gray, re- them that I was a famous explorer.
flecting the light strangely. In the In fact we seemed to impress them
center of the spacious room was a very favorably for they began smiling
huge cylindrical metal housing. It broadly. Then the two strange beings
was from this that the low hum pro- motioned for us to follow them. We
ceeded. About half way up-'about went up the ladder-evidently toward1
20 feet-the steel catwalk was placed the surface. We soon arrived before
around the housing and across the a heavy door. We thanked them for
room where it disappeared into a accompanying us out of the dark
dark hole in the wall. runways and they smiled in a friend-
"Suddenly the sound of running ly manner and disappeared down the
feet echoed on the catwalk. I mie- ladder.
diately switched off the light. A "On opening the door I discovered
rough voice called to us to halt. In why they had smiled. The tempera-
the confusion I did not stop to con- ture was down to 13 degrees below
sider that the words were in English zero and Percival and I were in our
but merely accepted them. I knew shirt sleeves. We travelled more than
that if Blascombe and I tried to a mile back to camp in the intense
escape t h r o u g h the tunnel we cold. Never in all my explorations
wouldn't have a chance. The tunnel in the interior of northern Siberia or
proceeded for some distance in a in the Antarctic have I experienced
straight line and we would be easy such cold. Eventually we arrived at
targets for these men before we our base and we immediately crawled
rounded a corner. I decided to sur- into our sleeping bags to warm up."
render. Perhaps they would be So ended our trip into the fantastic
friendly. depths of the tunnels. We have
"The first of our captors, a creature gained some idea of the, character of
that came puffing down the steel these passageways and of the people
ladder from the catwalk, very much who inhabit them. Such an unsocial
resembled the ordinary American or race will probably require centuries
European. He was about average before they can live in close contact
height but rather stout and un- with civilized and cultured people.
shaven. Scrawny, weak-looking, gray-,
whiskers covered the lower part of Dean Says Colleges Are
his face. A brown stain on the strag- Dropping Hon('r Sstein1
gly hair about his mouth was espe-- r
cially revolting. His first rush of (Continued from Page 1)
words was unintelligible, but seemedd
to consist of several words repeated dshonest wor hstudent is require
over and over. He constantly men- .uoniss ra en there is uncting
tioned the word 'god' and at inter- fuless orsan er cymslisn
vals called for someone's 'son.' No factor, he is permanently dismissed.
doubt he was puzzled as well as angry University of Illinois. S t u de nt
at discovering us and was calling on found guilty by Committee of Disci-
some heathen deity to enlighten him. pline in classroom work is dropped
"His companion, a little wizened fel- from course with loss of credit. Dis-
low with bright eyes but with the honesty in final examinations leads
same dirty brown stain around his to suspension, usually for the next
thin lips, seemed calmer. The most succeeding semester..y
curious feature about him was the Indiana University. Penalty varies
well developed "brow ridges" of bone from loss of credit to suspension for
that arched over his eye sockets. This a fixed period.
is a formation well developed in early State Uniersity of Iowa. Mini-
man, pithecanthropus erectus and mum penalty : (1) exclusion from
others, but is seldom keen on modern course and loss of credit; (2) the
man. I recognized him as a Custo- addition of the numper of hours so
dia bythechaactrisic igh khkifailed to total required for gradua-
dian by the characteristic light khaki tion; (3) notification to parents.
coat that is a part of the uniform of Heavier penalties when dishonesty is
"In slurring but intelligible English premeditated or in case of second
he said, 'Whatthahell areya doinhere.' offense. While nature of offense and
I took this to be an inquiry as to our penalty are made public, names may
purpose in entering the tunnels and be withheld even from parents at
answered that we were sent by the 'dean's discretion.
governmenthat Washington to in- University of Kansas. (College
of Liberal Arts).

for tis semester.
Dr. Slutz is an authority in the
field of education, having 'held the
position of educational advisor to the.
Chicago Teachers College for the last
six years.
Dr. Slutz will disclose his plans for
the operation of a third party at a
political speech at 4:15 p. in. today,
in Lane Hall. His contention is that
a third party that did not put can-
didates in the field, but merely gave
its support to the ablest man could
have a great influence in purifying



~politics. Qy
published by dismissal.
Tjniversity of Minnesota. As a rule,
a hearing is held by the Students'
Work Committee of the college con-;
cerned, and penalties vary from fail-
ure in course and loss of nine quar-
ter credits to suspension for a quar-
ter or a year, depending upon flag-
rancy of case.
University of Missouri. Under pre-,
vious regime, penalty had been loss
of credit. Since 1924, offending stu-
dent has usually been suspended for
one semester. More drastic policy.
has recently been adopted; one stu-
dent had already been eliminated,
from the university in January, 1931,
and this was expected to be future
University of NorthCarolina. Fresh-
men frankly confessing fault lose
credit as lightest penalty, but more]
often are suspended for remainder
of quarter; if cheating occurs at end
of a quarter, all credit is denied for
courses taken during that period.
Spspension for two or three quarters
is probably penalty for students
above freshman year; consideration
always given honesty.k
Ohio State. If a student is guiltys
of cheating during a quarter, he is
suspended for the remainder of the


Place advertisements with Classified
Advertising Department. Phone 2-1214.
The classified coihunns close at three
o'clock previous to day of insertion.
ffox numbers may be secured at no
extra Charf;(.
Cash in dvaIce-- 1i per reading line
(on basis of live a arage wvords to
line) for one or two insertions.
Minimum 3 line per insertion.
lic per reading lnue for three or more
Telehone rate---1Sc per reading line
for one or two insertions.
14c per repeling line for three or more
10% discount If paid within ten days
from the date of last insertion.
Minimum three lines per insertion.
By contract, per line-2 lines daily, one
month .......... ...........8c
4 lines E. 0. D., 2 months........8c
2 lines dauly, college year.........7c
4 lines E,.t0. D., college year......7c
100lines used as desired.........
300 lines used as desred.........8c
1,000 lines used as desired... ......7c
2,000 hiies used as desired.......6c
The above rates are per reading line,
based on eight reading lines per inch,
Ionic type.upper and lower case. Add
6c per line to above rates for all capital
letters. Add 6c per line to above for
bold face, upper and lower case. Add
10c per line to above rates for bold face
capital letters.
TIhe above rates are for 7% point type.
LOST-Male Fox Terier. Color
white. Black spot on back and base
of tail. Answers to name of Beppo.
Write Dr. Meyer, 1917 Washtenaw
Ave. or phone 6223. Reasonable re-
ward. 334
LOST-$15 in bills on campus or
downtown business section; liberal
reward. Phone 2-1241. 920 Monroe.

LAUNDRY - Soft water. 2-1044.
Towels free. Socks darned. 13c
STUDENT - And family washing
careful work at lowest prices. Ph.
3006. 6c
FINANCE CO.--Is selling late model
cars for balance due. 311 W. Huroi).
2-2001. Open evenings. 19c
TYPING - Typing carefully done.
V e r y, moderate rates. 0. K.
Thacher. Phone 6734. 10c
TYPING-Notes, papers, and Grad.
theses. Clyde Heckart, 3423. 35c
WANTED-Housework by woman of
three years experience. Afternoons
desired. Will cook. Apply Michigan
Daily, Box 32B. 335
A T T E N T I 0 N - Fraternities. Ex-
perienced white cook will run your
kitchen on percentage. If your
house is not on paying basis let
me have an interview. WriteBlox
34A. -333
FIRST CLASS--Woman cook. Best
of references. Hotels and fraternity
experience. After March 1st. Write
Box 14A. 303
MONEY-You can always use extra
money! We pay the highest prices
for men's old and new suits and
overcoats. Cash for your old gold.
Chicago Buyers. Phone Ann Arbor,
4306. 34c
UPHOLSTERING - Fine furniture
repairing, refinishing, and uphol-
stering. Also antiques. P. B. Hard-
ing, 960 Canal, Phone 3432. 31c
library. Sc daily.,'Clean covers. Uni-
versity Music House. 10:30 to 5:30,


quarter; if offense occurs during fi-
nal examinations he may complete
remaining examinations, but will be
suspended for following quarter. In-.
eligibility follows reinstatement.
University of Pennsylvania. In
clear cut cases, student is immed-
iately dropped. In doubtful cases,
student is given a failure in the
course which he must repeat at the'
first opportunity, and is put on con-
duct probation for a year, which.
necessitates a weekly report to the.
personnel officer.
Princeton. Honor system. Expul-
sion, with publication, in extreme
cases. If recommendation for leni-
ency is made, the minimum punish-
ment is immediate suspension foruone
term, or 18 scholastic weeks; such
action only in exceptional cases.
University of Texas. Usual penalty:
suspension for current semester.
Dean Moore stated, "Disciplinary
probation when case is not flagrant
and the offender is inexperienced or.
particularly dumb."


LOST-Brownish Tiger cat with
white nose, throat. and feet, from
1106 Willard. Phone 2-1196.
WASHING-And ironing, Called for
and delivered. Silks and woolens
guaranteed satisfactory. 2-3478.
611 Hoover. 15c

at 4:15 p. m., Wednesday, March 1,
in the Natural Science Auditorium
on the subject "Florence In the Time
of Dante." The public is invited.
Varsity Band: Very important full
'band rehearsal at 7:00 p. m. sharp.
All members must be present.
Frank Slutz, of Dayton, Ohio, will
speak at 4 p. m. in Lane Hall on the
subject "A Third Party Without
Candidates." This will be an open
forum meeting.k

I. Minimum penalty - five nega-'
tive hours and five negative points.
Maximum for first offense may in-
clude any or all of the following: (1)
failure in course; (2) suspension, for
one semester; (3) ineligibility for one
semester after reinstatement.
II. Maximum for second offense
may include any or all of the follow-
ing: (1) failure in the course; (2)
suspension for one year; (3) ineligi-
bility for one year after reinstate-
ment; (4) publication.
III. A third offense should be
Done Him,



General Business - Stenographic - Private Secretarial
Every Subject a Money-Maker
205 South State Phone 3330

bad n a
an she lived
up to it


1 .. .,

Rehearsals for Junior Girls
Meeting Today:
3:30-Waiters Chorus.
4:30-Waltz Group,
7:30-Girls Chorus.
8:30-Male Chorus.
The above all meet in the bal
of the League.



Beginners Class in Contract Bridge
will meet at 7:45 p. m. in the Ethel
Fountain Hussey Room of the Michi-
ga4 League. Checks will be accepted.
You may come with or without part-
Geological and Geographical Tour-
nal Club: The Club will meet Thurs-
day, March 2, in Room 2054 N.S. at
8:00 p. m. Program: Prof. E. C. Case,
The Problem of the Shinarump Cong-
lomerate, and Prof. R. Hall, The
Hiinokawa Plain. All interested are
cordially invited to attend.
Applied Mechanics Colloquium: Mr.
Stewart Way will speak on "Critical
Conditions in Bars with Combined
Transverse and Axial Loading." Mr.
Fred M. Cousins will review a recent
paper. The meeting is Thursday at
7:30 p. m, in Room 445 West Engi-

Comedy Club offers a
solution . . see how
Phillips solves the
"Three Times the
Hour offers them at
more frequent
intervals-along with,

;; .
. f
. -
P. ~. '
t _ _
. s

lit 2

Cary Grant

Valentine Davie's

Owen Moore

Willie Hoppe Reel

a qaramount qicture
men saw in
her eyesan\
invitation... that




Musical Brevity

A Presentation of Comedy Club
I Vf' I A k A rLI1an e C' C L..I "rT L A "rn e

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