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April 20, 1932 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1932-04-20

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.Y, A/PRIL 20, 1932








1'1 n -. m r m ma r a I--mat

ra l


__ _- _ f

Nominees Picked by Sophomorest
for League Board of
]Election Will Be Conducted by
L e a gue Judiciary
Women of the class of '34 willa
meet at 4:15 this afternoon in the3
Lydia Mendelssohn theatre of thec
League to name give hem ers of
the central committee for their
Junior Girls' play. .These women
will in turn name the remaining
members of the general committee
this spring, and tentative work onl
the play will get under way. t
Ten Are Nominated.
Ten nominees have been p4,(, up
foi* the offices, but the nominations
should not be regarded as closed,
for they will also be accepted from
the floor. All proposd candidates
must be eligible.
Nmntofrtechairman are Prances ManchesterI
and Ruth Robinson; for assistant
chairman, Marion Giddings and
Alta Place; for treasurer, ElizabethopradRt.Lvoyfo
chairman of properties, Ruth Kurt
and Annie McIntyre, and for chair-
man of program, Prudence oster
and Corrine Fries.
(Others to be Named.
The nominations were submitted
by a committee consisting of the
two sophomore representatives to
the League board of directors, Ruth;
Duhme and Marion Giddings, andj
a third sophomore chosen by them.
Frances Manchester. 1
Other chairmen who will beI
named by the central committee
at an early date include the chair-
man of costumes, two chairmen of
dancing,, a chairman of music, a,
chairman of publicity and a Dailyr
assistant, a chairman of makeup!
and a chairman of ushers.X
Dean Lloyd to Speak. I
Miss dice C. Lloyd, dean of wo- i
amen, will address the meeting on1
the subect of eligibility, and Jean1x
Botsford, '33, chairman of thisE
year's play, will speak on the re-
quirements for the various chair-
The election will be conducted byr
the judiciary council of the League,
and Sallie Ensminger, '32, chair-
man, will be in charge. Other mem-
bers of the council who will be
present are Betty Loudon, '32, Jane
Inch, '32, Margaret Schermack, 33,
and Mary Barnett, '33. Memberst
of the board of directors will also
assist. Cauc using is strictly prohi-;c
bited, according to Miss Ensminger.'(
the usual penalty of disqualification3t
from office-holding or voting be-;e
ing, imposed.t
Local Merchants Offer Prizest
for Benefit Party.r
A benefit bridge is beng; spon-l
sored by the Junior group of the
American Association of Universityr
Women which will be held at the

By B. A. C. '34 produced; leoze>v rittcn b Mjz P. haningViewoins i
That drama is the most natural Gre whl tdn ee eea Subject of Talk Spec
form of expression of the negroI one-act plays which she has writ- ; -e ine-n ohr i~rrs
race is nowhere more convincingly created byr The Negro Playhouse FirsY~~onnPri'aigPga ~~~c r1u.So Prof. John Muyskens of the speech
demonstrated than in the splendid Setlemet.argtVewtponts tnhSeeChatga
work done by two colored women Doris D. Price a graduate student Eusaval nFairi D;iSut, dprtetsoeo h Cag
both of whom have been students in the University at present is thej Annual Event, and Relys. meeting of Athena, women's speechi
of this university at some time in at r. outstaindiig exi pile Ofw a -..._.I society, held last nigh in the Ath
their career,.a edn yanidsrosd- Frshman pageant ranks were First tyouts for the annual ena room of Angell Hall.
de rsmnMiss J. Frances Green w10O n votee of the art of pay v,,iing. declared ±iii oen to any andI- ll sprnt, hores hw e~d r]dinge xi- Members of the Athena debatet
ceived her Bachelor of Arts degree ~i s~ Price has w "iltien the three as pra: .wh T!IIt to dane c bition snosorttciby ' egasus will be team, which includesCrl at
frmMcia bu oryears aooeatplas ob presented thsZ y held t n igit. All women on campus1 grad., Eleanor Blum, '35, and Lucillet
has done an unusuial and interest- Fiday night at the Laboratory 2 M5 tewM~r ick aes biiyi iigae ihm 3,hl asotdsuso
ing piece of work. While a student Theatre. She has had previous ex-' fr e-hmnan > ircnt sponsr. "Any asked to jnic t at 7:15 o'iock in thej of the benefits of sororities and1
nerg, Miss Green took Professor ' penaence in writing though not in . ;.-, t : who is interested. lobby of the Leoag e Ii :iiing. fraternities in preparation for ther
,-"Ne's course in laywritIng n1o',the field of drama. However she! ifr <_ un ;, la ibr Gymnas- Original drils, s tu nts, and relays t~aet ehl ihZt h
with the thought of a personal ca-! felt that drama ltlist be 11,,'i- i before thce cd of this week,"will feazture this she Bwich is to1 Eta, speech sorority, on April 26th.i
reer as a dramatic writer. bile too mate mode of expjression, and has beld the r latterartt of May. A
t coreas w.el as courses in been very succssful in this, her!se eiae. band will accotpay.thepr frt ~IffhT
Play Production in order that she first attemnpt at portraying the life Practiee has been gon g n egu- mane. F.:1 women who trfy out ar 3P th~lI
might prepare herself to foster thei and custom of her people in d_°a- lary, and the inrtiest of the ,p ar- to bring fity ciat. If there are LIIUIS I IiAflI It
development of dramatic art in all ma. iopants is hlding, up well. We- any who wivll not be ble, to attend.
its phases among the members ofl LearninifKS iCt a cor-c ras of-Mein must notify their dance grocup the t~yot the> honi call Con-
her own race. fered here ii plnywriItng, Ms;, chaarmon i unable to attend Prac- stance Krentleu at 5718. T Pt
In spite of almost unsurmounit-;Price came phore i r nd tt _« s Itc. and therpae]ilb: pie ulsnsiigoatc sbe il ',Ial ifclis is re a tr ~a <i utr~ i 4 r,.rie v h ces ! willc~ be reev uediisonr;ati~rrun l ti( will
length succeeded in organizing a, once in her wechk.!, i wc 1pia 0newtiygout; may enroll are th mu-sic to ac,(flw.Jazy ihe drils. Thrc Tournaments to Be Open
playhouse stl m n w ih se f r : , rers Dere' h t: U- p etx no <: r:'k warrior, the, Practiceswv-il libe held On ice or twice GW ith M ixed Doubles -
calls "Afmneria" in Brooklyn, New; patment of English. it:3ri?:-yn<r2,1.1r^ Strauss waltz, the' a week fl ovrre the selection oft
Yokahitraizto g vtt - - - -- - , ~' i c U i het, and an inter-! the riders. The sam-1, horse w Vili be! Featured.t
first performance in July, 193. Ac- hrprtalih; ( .,!nvPnrancing. Girls used in the oetie > s in the final
cording to iss Gre n's own re-t1> W' .spseial etc ot. VWomefn who try out tonilit Entries for the spring te nis
mrkngtey ssrte ihntan re-lma reatia;airge t o ocome out, will b^ cljile for memsb~rhip to ,tournament must be made by to- t
a r v e yw s lars wihso ebe b ., knu- , a F VV % A i %M s inc , the pag ,eant; is not a tprfes- Pe1sus .1 night according 1;o Jean Porter, '34,

Ccile Will Send Delegates
to Dance Symposium
Held .Here.
Five colleges are sending groups
to Ann Arbor to join the University
of Michigan in a dance symposium,
the second of its kind to be present-
ed by American colleges, to be held
here at 2:15 o'clock Saturday after-
noon, April 30.
The purpose of this symposium
is a social get-together to see what
other colleges and normal schools
are doing , in the dance today and
to incr eehe interest and broaden
the z,1r is ,ndinp in this field, ac-
cordin ,g to Miss Emily_ White, in-
struc..or in physical education for
womaen, who is responsible for
bring;:inhe s ymposium to the Uni-
verit of Michigan.
CGroups have come together be-
foref~rathlticcompetitions, buit
this is the ;first time in this part of
th- country that people have joined
togethlier in the interests of the
danIce. The iirst atternnt was made
about two months ago at Barnard
CoLeg-e. At this time Wellesley Col-
lege, Smiith College, New York Uni-
vir- it , and V1assar College came
tog-ether -_o j ofin in the presentation
of a dan;1ce symposium, the first of
its kind in the country. Michigan
is the second to follow.
The colleges and normal schols
that are expected to take partar
University of Michig~an, Michigan.
State Normal of Ypsilanti, Battle
Creek Normal School of Physical
Education, Central State Normal of
Lansing, and Detroit Teachers' Cob.
Each group will give a half hour's
demonstration of technique and
dances to be followed by a summary
by Miss Ruth Murray of Detroit.
Anyone that is interested is invited
to come. There will be no admis-
sion charges.

scripts, and a great faith in God."'
Ch airs for the performance were
Obtained from an old butgher in
the neighborhood who supplied
meat boxes.
"Atmeria" includes a children's
theatre, which introduces drama as
r constructive activity into the lives
of the "toughics" of the district.
Several plays of merit have been

Nt yOga", dSok-yF1m-
ganiza tion nsnu dhl t

U 'ittilrcento~ n fl -iVd~
d[ the homeoio' A011, {)feAS
a ? is. Albert ..Legn, at 171 Cam-'
bridge Ron U.
Teorg ztinhsbfen in ex-
istence for the: past t n e o ' fou l-
recognized on 11his campus. T
Four Sororities to Be in Charge Campfire Sorority is composed ofa
of League Tea Given for1 group of women interested in p ro-
me~ ;t i m1erecti 'uui1 Ie;
Play Cast, and welfare. Any woman wh .c
been a campfire girl, an d has
Members of the cast, choruses, ed the degsree- of woocigaflierr IS
and central committee of "No Man's eligible for membership.
Land," this year's Junior Girls' ! Patronesses,- those womr1en"rwho
play, will be honored at the eighth; are interested inspnoighs
League tea, which will be held from work, are: Mrs. Clarce - n pe
4 to 6 o'clock :Friday afternoon in ;I Mrs. Eula Abeery; Mrs.Cnd
the main ballroom of the League.. Gcorg, i'rs. R. P. Finley, ea Ms
Four sororities will-combine in qtr-~ Albert Logara.
ranging the affair, including' Alpha 1 Itiation Ocrem~oni eswrehl
Phi, Kappa Delta, Phi Sigma Si gma. last week for the follow ing wv;on:
and Zeta Tau Alpha. Ruthi Coles, '35. Car,,oline WiVser, '35,!
A program of hits from the play Vera Andres, '2 l of Ann Arbor,
will feature the entertainment, land Jeanette E. Putiman, '35, of
some of the best numbers from the Willeamston. The active member-
production being presented. Betty{ ship at present includes 'about
Van Horn will feature the popularj twenty five \ or en.

Accid "'u I"'gnera l pagean
in he m 00:'. 'e rainks number
15 girl:.c- cap rdo th~e 96 s-
pirant s wh'had Jened the page-
aplt !'iV ' . i15tim~e.
6 'lc- c ' aftrno.on for the
roynenelc; a) U I ,ek.t the field
11: ~ ~ ~ F rni '( ~;;Rth Hassinger
in pepaatio fo th round robin
whic wil bgin.MonayApril 25.
A lul Is ra i ~'. cessary for
r 'eii~'I : 'dA lplayers may!
;ssu-e s'~hin. For the roundj
i_ =i ix:,~e~ ae necessary for'
a~~~~n an.Olyunehand pitching
x~''I ~ i-ed Eaeswill be 45 feet!
Games; may be played at 4'oclock
and at 5 o'clock on Monday and!
Wedncday.Three fields will be ini
use so:; ha s .z teams may playj
each our.Organizations must!I
n u is toight for their tine
Key im'~ fr playing.

SU ed
''Wht the ye;1-dressed co-ed
vil1 won; a c seenyesterda'y on
ca n pln;>. ft{ v sanegg-yshlal polo
s-noulder anid xlullsleves that be-
camne snug iorigyhtu under -thzle elbow.
The suggestioan of a hat, was the
same colo-r as the coats and perched
fan' over the rig ht; eye. Her "gilly
tie" sport shoes wore of the same
light; color aml ticed smartly over
theo webbiest of hesm. A light beige;
bag and loves comnpleted the out-
f it.

tennis manager. Women should
sin up either at Barbour gymnas-
ium or at the Palmer Field. house.
Three separate tournaments will
feature the season, a singles tourn-
ament, intramural doubles, and
mixed singles. Those who sign up
also state which one they are en-
t'ering. All sororities, dormitories,
and League houses, arc eligible for
the intramural doubles and they
may enter as many teams as they
wish. The mixed doubles will be
held for both men and women.
Permits to play on the women'sI
^ourts will be issued to those par-
t icipating.
The list of matches will be drawn
uoand posted the latter part of
the week in. the Palmer Field house.


A young lay with a flare for 1 he
dramzatlo.con ixo'd sayt, if you h11
seen the V nioc' lckand whii
costume wihoewomlan ciio"..
for c.ampus -sear' o);.,Tuesday lmorn-
A cleverly tiited coat with tri-
angular lapl;,, al 7liued in white;
corduroy, and s nary'vi skirt whirch
extended wll below1,the knee, give
that charm-ingly slim effe:ct often
difficult to achieve in a 'two pieceI
ensemble. A white cloche hat with
the popular dhip over the right eye=
accentuated the piquancy of the
outfit. \Vrite and black spore
shoes, a wite' patent leather bag,
and whitec gloves completed the

Streetwear for
Coat 41ltcralio)"s-lli em
DIAL 21129



"Hungry Co-ed," Virginia Murphy
will sing some, of her songs, and
Vinselle Bartlett a nd Margaret
Schermnack will offer dance special-
TI' will be served from 4 to 6
o'clock, and Jean Botsford, general
chairman, Margaret O'Brien., au-
thor, Margaret Ferrin. assistant
chairman, a nd Barbara Braun,
treasurer, will pour. Maxwell Gail's
orchestra will play for dancing, and
tables will be available for bridge.
Parrish Riker, '33, who played
one of the leads in the play, is in
charge of arrangements, and mnem-
bers of her committee include rep-
resentatives from the four houses
concerned. They are Corrine Krent-
ler, '32Ed, Alpha Phi, Jean-nc llcw-
itt, '34, Kappa Delta, Helen Wald-
man, '32, and Gladys Schroder, '33,
Zeta Tau Alpha.

Kappa Beta i In^-:.a es New
Kappa Bet a Pt, legal sorority, for-
mally initiated Lillian Kovinsky,
' 33, Pontiac, Michigan, on Wednes-
day, April 6, in. the Cave of the
League building;.
The preceding da ly, ;election of of-
ficers was hold. 'Those appointed
to the various positions were: Helen
Wiliet tocdean; Ka thIerAine1cmpfo
E'3tL, rgsrr vit aulras
skay, IML, social chairmn...,.

_. .
'c 4,

_. A __


, .,_ £Qi -
, g
4 p'': ''-:f. :
.t Z ~
i hS(
.. -' y .actg.
. . "' mylFnrse
sltf ^
Y 3 \ Nr
r " l
b K
i .' ,
,' Z
.i - - - =
.,t, fi ! -
r a x a
'+.., "?
~ YF'
... ,

f _
1 -'
_..-- ,
.f ',1 ,-._ , ;_y
^ 1 r ; , :
1:,, _
-f _. _r - y
ft r
_ . _ t
_.i4, .
".. . ..
* ...z ;.

77 ' IOt


No other ships like toe
casba .i~ rs

4 ,


^E'-'1' a
:.r' k
< i r-
, c


' .,
1 ".
:: z


4r'.' 2' R
a '''2 .2.
'j:=: ,\
t . ,
r90: 2
1 ;', ^
,,3, ' ,N"

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