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November 26, 1930 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-11-26

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States States c;_ *_6 1"-;, Dominon
Question M!5 esolved
at _T-'s Ti :r Q
ERA 15- Sr,,1-VAR TO 1776
Thjie Round Table Conference
Will Form Parliamentary
Statute for India.





U. S. .. . . d '74. FO__! CNCRTB K I

!C .hristmias Program to
I December 17 in

bc Given

i Proparations are already under
way 1cr th- annu.tal Christmas con-
- -°t which will be this year on
Vednesday ight. Dec;.l11, in Hilla
audioriumz, Robert A. Campbell,
L <asurcr of the ,niversity and
I C :z r of the Glee club and Ban-d.
announced yesterday. As has been
the custom in the past, the Varsity
band, Men's Glee club and Girls'
Glee club will offer the program.
The band, following a successful
se szo the football field, hati

SeizceZ by Bn of Hlooded Men "stool pigeon" and informer of
~~orRc~rtig \7o~nons campus infractions of the "no car"
rle. He exhibited red. and blue
of Ui iv _y ules. Iwelts. Kraft said, and denied lho
--- had reported any infractions.
(f\ zsI The utilities superintendent said
NORMIAN, Okla., Nov. 25. - An- he would take the m~+tter up with
ether Co gg.., allegedly at the WV. B. Bizzell, presider' of the uni-
hands of the 7). D. AI. C.. secret so-1 versity.
.cty t Uie t fO lhom~a, Pearson Woodall, Cleveland coun-
d heatenio of univer-I ty attorney, said his office wo-uld
sh ffcaistdy make no investigation unless fur-
at.. in.af ~ma eot- nished with namies and evidence by
edl to;) V. V,.IAArct. uernene the university or Kaplan.
of uili;a h ntttota The D. D. M. C., although de-
ihe wa~I~ omafter nounced by school and civic au-
midngtDtWd yngt and thorities, has flourished more o.
struc tcr time wit -a1bt t by a less actively since 1G26.
so_: ( c rerobed nd hooded I -________
mcnv~th heD. . . C isigia TORONTO UNIVESITY-Stud-
emblazone. aross thleir ch;ests. -iests here recently petitioned that
Kapln seci he mn toh m he the sale of beer on campus be al-

"The year 1930 marks a distinct "'
landmark- in the history of the x:\~
British Empire," stated Dr. H. Ar-~
thur Steiner, of the political science;::?:
department yesterday. "It stands
out as clearly as 1773 does. At the
"present timez not only is the prob- rJ. f
lem of don-Ainion status imminent :Y~'.~.
in iselfimmnsebutalso the
Problem of deciding .d~ g the status of Sn'i'f1s1. r'4irSi:?>"iyj::
"Tfhe Imperial Conferenacecorn1
posed of representties of Great :; .">;: > : w
Britain, Ca nada, Australia, New ,...:.: ,
'elnd, South itCrjt~a ed the
Iris Fre Sateol eciits~esion J. Reuben Clark, successor to S
on Nov. 14 It made xiar1ked prog- ic1Saeam sadrtMxc
res in the line o t defining con-UntdSaeam saoroMxi
stitutional relationships between their arrival in Mexico City.
Olreat Britain and the dominions, -
btnt it faied to solve the economic
problelnm confronti,.rg it, largely be
caus~e of the refusal of the Mae-0DFRt
ZWx ald government to support the
idea of a British preferential tarif
There will be hld at Ottawa, Can ASTITM , I S
Ada, next year another session of M AI H1
toe Inipcriazl.conference to consid-
er fu~ther il-w economic aspects. Says Eggs, Milk, Wheat May
Greatest _ n~elal Problem.
"But the settlement of the Indian Rank With Most Violent
question," ecentinued 'Dr. Steiner, Poisons at Times.
"is even more important today than!-
the settlerr 'Pnt of the inter-domin- Th study of asthma, hay fever,
ir rela-tiop. , hip. The size of India and hives introduces the fact that
inpdicates tf :at it; is the greatest under specific conditions a patient
sj~igle impel ial problem. Its popu-
la'ticon iu.t1i e-fourths that of the in,,y be made violently ill or even
whbole :eitt,,h eipire. Great Brit- snt into serious shock by the ac-
axi'5 r; e' ;t in India is chiefly ton of a substance which may be
coxameicird'.An effort has been ,,cucy amls adevnbee
made to rani ac the standard of liv- -rteisi tax nrmsalnd-ividual. Dr
in , so t1- n ~oroe goods will be pur- fea oanra niiul r
chased. 1. ', crtting off of the Indian Hrry B. Fried good, of the medical
ma~rket w, ii -,educe the prospecti've school, said yesterday in a radio'
consumnti n of 3ritish- ade goods address from the canmpus studio.
and will. t '°xd f uthe:: to inrease
the critical B.- s une mployment .'mrnozJly eaten foods, such as
si uation. Uce ^ c, miilk, and wheat, can, to a
Lcg~is! n .I~x rldi. js-,,.stive individual, he said rank
"TIhe rim on coiiss )n, after ;Yir, the most violent poisons
thn-Aeyear- o investi ytioni, sub- 1known to medical science.
mnitt-ed its reioI rt and recomrnenda-
#,pns relative', to the situation in P"Dell-e wo becomre peculiarly
old. No In dians, however, were ritv( to one or more substances
repre nted o, i the commnisign, on-ar- known as oversensitive or hy-
ly. Bi<i~h s liti ai nerso.alities p r'enstivindividuals. he expain-
The o6. ct o. the Tndian Pound cd. When'exposed to those offend-
Table w. ich pponod sessiot. s Nov inh materials such as plant pollen,
S2t is to tffor an oporturity foi r 1a' ma dander, and va-.ous food
discussion o. the part of ':.he In- staffs they react rapidly by devel-
d an Element themselves. The cpuj e ither asthma, hay fever, or
Round '.able discussion of Indian l ves depending on their heedi-'
matters, *' aseec on the Simon repoxrt, tary tendencies and the special cr-
wltill undo :bt( ~diy result in a l ,v gas in the body which are in th
parliamlen ,ary statct for -he gov- over sensitive state, according to
ernn~nt cfi dia, replacirng the Dr. Friedgood.
woernmen.-t of India act of 1919.
It is diffc t, ho :;aid "to prd¢phe U="..JH ldDac
h- E t Hod 2eUsy 'what cohs. tei: the lei as1~tion nB lro T nih
will takbe. T'h( iSim mreport defin- al ot
itely propose, an increase in the
amount of Inc-lan self-g"ove i me nt. The Union will hod a Thanks-
Whether ti-ic1- ound Table a ill in- giving dance tonight in the bal-a
crease the anme -unt of self govern- room of the Union. Dn Loomis l1
ment depends 'largely upc n the and his orchestra will furnish mu-
ability of the 6\,iverse Indi2,n ee- sa-c and the ballroom will be dc- {
menits at the Ro und Table to pro- orated in a style appropriate to
pose a common p 'licy and t:) bring Thanksgiving.XVWom en students
suff'icient politica : pressure to bear l hve been granted 1:30 o'clock per-
on the Br'ish gcvoernment mission tonight.

'r:" :' :y .?:":4: LJ..

IA cenr-ntn- Pr > .'.-.../ -

7 ^ctrtdits rehearsals for the con- . I oaacaPrss IWoo zW utI W i u, iJ g.l yUofVC4±I, ald ~U
D. anundewill have itspo-HbtO v,. r---...... ..
,ruoncedy ia shotthierthe ndof football glory before he lostaLATod
w-i be larger than it has been since li nsreenar accident. HoeOA 70,90
t..e usual cat after the football o ecvriga Peidn iIo
se, on wll not take place this Istyhcmpus.heura
year. Toe organization this year _______WALT R HUSTON mn
i l be composed of about 75 piecesI
7--16I he adinstead of the usual 50 for th~e con- Bow and Ar~row Hunter Mn
Fenatoi elect Dwight W. Morrow as The Men's Glee club will also( Gets De "7 N ear Sault
issonwt r.Clark after present a larger number this year r- It's road e nron Erown', famous story with an unequalled cast that
o,~~~~(e is shown ith Mr.1A. riat~ ~s)
with close to 70 :men appearing on SAULT STE. MARIE , Nov. 25.-I includes Walter Huston, Dorothy Revier, . P. Heggi, Sidney Blackmer,
__and__Ja_-me sta ge Prof. Arthur Hackett of The first deer to be killed in many COMen iNGT-ANSJN.A
the School of Music will direct the years in the Upper Peninsula by a
F esrarh organization. hunter armed with a bow and ar Continuous Shows 1:30-1.:00"M10
'I ~The glee club expects to have its row is being exhibited by David R
MntDietary Habits numbers ready in a phort while. Williams, Sault business roan. Wil- A TOF TE~E O' p NEW OLF
g Also on the program will be the i lams bagged his buck Saturday in I.s.,.sor y,
Clears Skunk, Fox girls' glee club which has under- the Tahqauamenon liver district. LoUis JOSEPH BER Y I
gone a reorganization since last Hle broutght it here Monday. Leland BETL TEL.1
year. Special rehearsals have al- S. Hill, Lansing factor7y wor~lr. ( A PATYRTH MILLER AftT eerhwr er ~ ed ensatdb h %mnSmdeaSmlrkl er®cd OUBA Dra~tyRCADSLSAI
If ftur reearh wok barsoutread ben sartd bythewomn'smadea smilr kll na Ocod - OLUM3A ~r~tady RIHAR DOESLYSK
the results of the past, the skunkj organization. about the , ;,me time.
and the sly Rcnyard have been fy___ __ - _'-
miserably underrated animals. I - - 1 Thrilling Romance of Roya
The unfortunate appetite for b'detr n etea
small poultry of the so-called pred-lo
atory atnimal, skunks, foxes, andSE
weasels has been largely hearsay -- - ---- ___ -_ ______________
and cook njeur, according t e
serh wr o'gigon at the I LAST
School of Forestry and Conserva- I TIMESsi
tion.Ntigo orehbeen is fwekson eeaeIncuea ~assn ;en TODA
said abot goe unortunate Thab-
its of the skunk. I ffn Rcrs ma. o~~ci
Sportsmen, fur men, and lovers I varied taste.il
of wild life, according to a state-__.fIY
ment issued yesterday by Prof.Shre '-f
SilyW. Allen, of the forestry it:Arc
school, cntnue to r f-1e this point IEnitbraceabic YCou Oh ; ,Their
warmly. Is or is L h k kbn
eficial to Q le favmer ? Echo :ld ti-ic( ~J ot'Rhyth
fox be exterminated? Does the Oc'sr258
of ryo E. lis oalo these questions there can~ be two ' oyadSu a -yo:a ~
BoyadSu ,J1lyi- niHsanswers. solazte I fa'.t s nmay oe Ixl
marshalled to ,Prove, for' ,.stance, ;. With a Song In Mcy Heart ) Or zcsita 36027.,': ,'"f °'
that the skunk i- the farmer's bestI
yohe btyf vienet
r~n.Ante ito vdec n jWi taiges 1to p aethioosy SoJs BeadLitl earhile Yu jTersc Crawford1an eysykie
earthed by the forestry busSo BeasIMynHearteFrsYousjs2255
little fur bearer an ,arich enemy of ;
a ..te birds and domestic fowlvI - -____
Again, the red fox, with his age-old I
reputation as a chicken thief, canI THE MUSIC YOU WANT K
put up a good temporary alibi that i
he is inore fond of berries. But the WHIEIN YOU I ANT I !ISOT
~rgument cannot be decided and 1 I SIRT
1, islation cannot be enacted until ON I isi LFGI CSEK
the rn-ss and cc ninu ty of facts L JAZ HYHM1
awhie; 'he school is gathering is Soun Catoo
compc: nd av ailable.I PARAMOUNT NEVIS
______ II EThursday f " p
TODAY, 5:30 to 7:30 -G__ ___ __= ___ ____ ___ ____ ___
VARS ! MEAT LOAF, JELLY Universityv M si Hou:se
CABBACr: SALADI I Williamt Wadc Hinshaw
-2 I Coo. Maynard & William Phouc 75113R
WEDELIVER PHONE 8241 ___ ________


Yo have nl tre
weeks in which to have
your Ensian Picture
,' Ft HE IT G

A public dance hall, a two-room
apartment, old sweethearts, new
in-laws. These were the obsta-
des in the life of this very
average young couple. Their
courtship, marriage and domestic
trials build an :intensely hu-
man picture full of human
drama anid human comedyl


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