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November 25, 1930 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-11-25

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FOREI.ft. i fU ELECTI y ISLH'-+r.£ ARC
Al flPh.~1tKUK sp3r~ 2,32 ~oity xc

:ons Give Intimate Study~


Jack Y ceix Mrs. Luca A. Meal
D r. VV. C. R fuzor pirr~~
Lis'-of £ccs
Registra r Ira M.ySrath of t:i'I c{ {r h":
'Universiy will give the address 0f ia.,2
welcome at the oi ;liihannuialIn ;
ternatioawed Th ,ksgiving dinner to '
be held at G ol'teioe tonacrlow nifgn
in the Union bal lroom«. Jack Yueny<
31L, prc7i,,cnt fWheCosmapolit n
club, will respon :1 on bcha i of the; j
foreignAtucicn s"
Two other a~lc r c.es will feature
the prograni M :c. L,'cia Ames
MVead, YViU c-eh2'1 zn1, tl~JR4-( Y - f I\4 Y
cil for Prevention of \ fai. will speak
on " Co mn1'Fa lla,_.;of War and t w
Peace," Mi'.x 1,1:-ac! , vim i:amaking i
a speak-ing touL' aS the. Mid-west,
ha.s acqui ed an international rep- The cOn ika , 125-foot yacht built for E.i i . aI veu oicu sliding
utation froiher b oks and pam- <<vr its waysr at ilrngcon Del. Launchi°.< of the vesselwich will
phle-ts on the topic of world peace, j beul-eci this winter in Flor:'da wate's, vvas sponsored by Adele Calais
and is considcred one of the world's,
outs ndng fminne left) and her sister, Marguerite, of New; York.
on thc sii:,jcct.
t Z. ill Speak. P~D ~ IM ~~-'
Dr. W. C. Rufus, professor of as- fT'.',
trononmy a-.d director of the Bair s ~ u a W v iidt
bour scholars l1)commilittee, will rn r
speak onr"Barbou r Scholars and 4
Ieo } nst umental enter- ,JLIIU !Hi G in
taiiinment by forecign students will __
also be included on the program. O
Students as w enl as faculty mein- F~ive Laboratory Represcni-a ives On
bers and t ownspeople may attend i of University' to Discuss
the dinner, Jannct Michael, '31, .rTHAES
chairman of the World Fellowship Ppr tMeii
commnitte ofteausted -1Ma jcsic-<Good News" with Des-
ofteLaue ttd Five papers sett.,ng forth new oe u hy n lf d
yesterday. Individual subscriptions , sic Lovein teus eldf physiciffaEd-
for one dollar and 50 cents may be -_ s
secured by informing M o rt on that were derived in the labora - aMiohlgasi - Maurice Chevalier in
" abyornk, 'i3, at Lane Hall. tors{ here, will b:e presented by "111yo5'of aris."
Frat r tic, Srortie P1 Michsigan faculty before the 165th 'eta }' r_ altc:* Huston in "The
Replies re'ceived up to yesterday rcelarmeein ft heAmran, Lad 1Mai1.
Physical < o: isy to be held aththeE
noon listeedl rernities and so- R'yeiioou Physicazl laborato y (of th~e GENELIAL.
i'orities desirous of being patrons of Ibnircius~ty of Chicag.o on Nov. 2,8
the turkey dinner and program for and 29. Exhiib i-Smaull American scuip -
263 foreign students on the campus. "The \Value of the 'e 'in' by De-! tune, open daily until 5 o'clock, in
Those contributing since the 'reportfeetoEpeimt,"wlbehe orhglry AuniM oil
last Thursday arc Alpha Chi Ome- feto xe mns"wl etenrhgley lmiMmra
ga, Alph} Phi, rPAlha Tau Omega, Title of the paper by Dr. G. E. Uh-~ nail.
Delta Kppa Zet lcnbeck and Dr. L. A. Young. Dr. . Art criticism-Studio class in life
DlKappg,-) Ph{sio Delta heta, hiW. S. Huxford and Dr. N. 1-. Wil- sketching. 8 o'clock tonight, fourth
Kappa Figma , Phi Sigma Sigma, Pi ahlamr~s waill present their fndings floor, Architectural building. M. Va-
Beta Phi. S~ci,.^Chi and Zeta Beta but "Photo-electric Poete of !ierio, critic.
EieCatoe.SoilTau. Fr atc :.ies who hav~e not yet LicCtos. oehd Dv'anci z4 classes -for -hen
replied are aske4d to communicate 'Iypvrfune Structure Patterns," <. and vwomen. beginnin~g tonsight.
with LanepHil-.3 today to facilitate Ezill be discussed in the treatise to ' i icets at rooin 15, Barbeur' gym-
thie seatin rrpengement of their C)2 pse:,t-d by, Dr. 5. Goudsi~it naasi=tl
rerceand a.2L1Dr. R. F. Fisher. "Further Dcbate-Varsity debate progr'am
As has been the custom, a host, , Stu ly ofehf Absorption of Inira.- at open meeting of Adeiphi,"r7:30
hostess, and Jix foreign students {{ Ic Radiation by Water Vapor," o'clock, fourth floor, Angell hall.
will be ,,aated: at individual tables, wlibeocutlined by Dr. E. K. Plyler Annual Union Football bariquet--
More than 00 faculty members and nd Dr. W. W. Sleator. 6:30 o'clock, Union. Tickets at desk
their wivesC, as well as townspeople, Dr. 0. S. Duff endack who co.,-- in m,)i lobby.
will serve as ho ct and hostesses. j riucted mauch important research atI
-I the physics laboratories of the Uni- L-!le Requests Early
HELLr. EX LANS1CS v of Goettigen, Germany, as A plctin
g^ q- PI IC IC)aT Jh ugoI inieroi1fel- Appgcaofn

by Official Count.
.LANSINGT. Nv 4 -Wtry! , A.
Brucker's rmajorit-"y over Wixv, lliam A. J
'Cc. mt{}-t. t e mocrat..iC candi7_
y e.at ti} euealetooi_~r
4, was 126,326 vote.aco:hgt
Iche final ce ' i icatic etoday tby 'the
Istate cearcl o1 cantassris. t!ru!k'
} polled X23.390 votes ,u_:;~ wll
*United {ts ao . or
Couz..ens ran fr a aeac, of his .10-!
o ublican ticket with a load of 1 t6
320 votes e ver'h -s ne-arest oppon-I
ent, Thomas A. Z. W-,-ti,,
Dem~ocrA. Couzens pel,... G3"'A '
v o t e s a g a i n s t 1 0 9 3 7 u f r VW e ade o r . u c t l z d b
ure' wr sdeoeteCbF-r !~n
more th an 10.0001 ' c' Tepro-
i_sed amendnsenu i'S 1 i \'Q rf )3
favorable votes arid 411 .,0.3 .ia
The ci ga.:'r ottax sfienbn -t i
a vote of 1353to *3i3
rthe u infavorab.lev 7;v(~'_nC7-1L~o
cther proposals tc.om' i tcrcon-
I tatutc an wet're: ELip{' ::. _aCtt'r v 2anI
rflccr ,ye;. 275f7.3,r noe, Y296
I :nurpoverrlcnc anIi'r -id esr,
yes, 2T0O 990,.:7o. 371,anda twe
was clc-'t "clecretary o i StC with
513.511., es di' 3,i7 e
hries, R 'pubidr i, ,523,'711 inler
Stag, trceu:~t'or.'L: a'd(9. .>
!renec, Ropublii, 3i,2;I-, ; 1
B. Stebbins5, Den ic 't,22.6.
Auditor gener'i --0.1D. Fuler, frre- i
} publican, 510,909; John 14. .tack;
l"., Democrat, 226,980.
Justice Supreme cou-rt-Henrivlj7A.1
Butzell, Llepulblic aii518,076; Carl1
}I1. IHenr'. ,Demcrat, .22;423J.
ILieutenant e3o~v~in(' r- 1.111011 D
D isc: k Ci o, eblan (3,40I

As o iae P e s h t
Wrekag {nteNzrn ooyo ehnafwmlsoto
* LuaornicityOkia. as hotogaphe afte a tonadohadsrc h
wwr.Tw-nYwereklldan or ha 0 hnre erosicldn
neor thn ascoe ofscholcilden, her inure in he isater
V' ic: en;"lieNazarneycol n ftany a few miles doft or
tan coof.choolchilpdren.wdurinuei the disasc~c:ter.i h

or L 1.aSL ..IVEI~ALIJ1Zg
Professor States.
Within the last century an inti-
mate stu.dy of the civilizations of
the past has been made possible
thro°ugh accurate knowledge ob-
tained in excavations, stated Prof.
B enjamin D. Meritt, of the Greek
and Latin departments, yesterday
frqn: fthe University broadpasting
studio in discussing; "Buiried Treas-
IProfessor meritt pointed out that
an archaeological' exploration is al-
ways a great adventurxe in which
the explorer never knows when a
.real cache is within reach. Last
year, he said, a hoard of coins was
discovered at Corinth by the Amer-
iean excavators, the year be-fore a

The comuparrewao and study of the
scholastic records of various groups
o3 Uni °r ity student s on the cam-
pu,,s has revealed some interesting
facts, D. C laven e S. Yoakum, vice
x r esi sni t o: the Unix ersity, who is
ireci:~ gofatc iiueatkiz lresearch,'
Anrn' resnin an nien taking
panrt itn athle'ttis aid those not. do-;
na rothree a.,pears to be little
Oilt 'e c ccin scholastic ability, he
saidl. Dot a mong womien, he said,
ihe <,thilete~s are sli+"htl;,rsuper-,): in
.bilit r
Ak comparison of ireaternity and
ixon2-!rate nity men has indicatedj
th'aLt tli for.merhave nmoeability,
in let:, but inEieo slig;htly lower
y~ae.:QU1k1 ise first semneter. f
Non-sorortty women sem to be C,

hi, .lu ,wov nedica4e, Dr. Yanniaca'
ly to thec limit of their abli te, orj
that ditfero nt :een ard:; of t g z t
exit .1 v:or (ii %wane en. ci 17C"
rainee abr I.(2 41 forbath
'O;es3,tthe n reral ehainrtl a-
titude tests.
A comapari son cfI the schol'astic,
aptitude, English, and rnatheniatie';
rests which are given to the enc: r-
ing fres hmen has indic;ated that,
in general, men who withdr'aw dur-r
hnag the ffirst semiester or at thre end
of it, .seem to be inferior in ability
o the total group of students. '
Women who withdraw, however,
seem to be eqlual to ,the,:norieal lev-
el inaicating that t 'vy 21ay 1l;ave'
more often f3- 1r. ;; oher than

E'^Oio Todcay.
D. Harry I". fidgcdof the
miclI school, will is.cuss "The
si ;nf cance o7' Ha;ever, Asth-
ma, a:nd Hives.-" at 2 o'clock, to-
day, c krist tthe University radio"
hou r. In his Utlk ho \vill con-
anJ:the fundUme ntal causes
a :d indicationis for t reatnient of
.ti.pianist, will lpresen the
larg-er hoard was discovered in
Atheim,-s, and t'; yea ou own Uni-
V : ty > ;cd itin dle red a
?large c'GlctiwG'_ s Lve ein ;near'
.'Lt+e12I '':ic---r eenrativun1 discov-
ery may iA~la within thec prov-
irice of archi~uetr're Or seuloture, he
s.aid-. Perhaps the g:reaest single
nlid of all tine lhas b,--nth dis-
covery of an orig7nal statue from
the hand of the Greek sculptor,
Praxiteles at Oly'maua, Greece, hie
Onerdonk Will Seake
jat St. Locis Meeting
Prof. Francis S. Onderdonk, of
the collegie of architecture, will
leave for St. Louis -today to lecture
at a meeting of tho American In-
ttDr. Onderdenk ;ctcdl that he
would give an 4 lustraeed lecture on
t -e irfhroce an eolniu.3, rced con-
ciretc en modcrr reittu.

Frank ,.~u''' i nort.21-.slt r' : eulee ior, mi 51F. ia tests anet 1-n corre1'lai pr-entrara ce tests
2139. ors-cn'mester z.i'aci e to members 1 and ratings \with college grades,
----- a-r- e.11'Swoma n' org- aizat lonshe lthe scholastia aptitude tcsts, the
-aid' j ~English test, the high schoolpi-
Wvhen datai.we compared for cipal's rating on intallectual pef-
TO P Q" R F S no n oepoone i-frae n ihrho rd.
- --- ferences were noted. Women were seem to be th1e best prophets of coi-
Distic: ttorey amesBodis sown to be better than men in lege ab -ity, it was pointed out.
to Inesiia~ e ~ackts~. English, but the latter scored high- -____-
toInetiae_____t ak:i er in mathematics. A study of high~
j(r,= Ass o ji:1crrPrs j school records indicated that wom-, ___________

nr) oo rlP ;., 11-in. TTr.iirnr<ai it czrii': E

NEW YORK, Nov. 2-1.--Seve.: cn cm ,cuicsc-w
grand juries will int-,Si ? ae alle ga-
tions of widespread racketeering i cL E Time
jNew York. Atro/TinsC P i~~c~ on
Crain has called a joint conferenc -.
of the current grandl jury anzd his Pe ntefrtru(lo h
newly-formred cc nrfn nccof pebli,aru!alCmrr ig-ogt
safety for Tu~esday;. Alcusof courn-acunro ude he direction of the
plaints testifying to more ti an 'Unio roust be conapleted by Sat-
rackets will be asked to tell thei r cirtay, Abert F. Donohue '31, presi-
stories lee said. etn o dent of the organizafion stated
If complaints cni ^t yesterday.
in and victines co-operate, 1three h~ ET m
g randi juriies \.rw isi-ct on fr WE RENT "--



200-202 E. LIBERTY ST.

-U ,, w~ill ".DLzi t hi es~u l hI..paper, or n:-The . h I --L V L 11U1a L-, i CU i .W --- -A5J]a a
nxesv td nhsppr Tei Stude -'L. seeking admission to It his month and four in D cember. WE SERVICE an U 10
Transfer of Energy Betwpeen Mole- the Harvarz~i medical school next I Warden E. La wes of Sing Sing WE SELL
n es D rn Colsos Qu cligfall should ho^ve their applicationc ; estimates that titers arce vy1crc tha, I CRO SLE Y A MRV A D BOSCH
?f Mercury Resonance Radiation ( blanks in the he-.nds of the commit- 1 10,000 active racketeers inN Tl 221 1 E. William
.ay ixer :l Thallium Vapor." 1'e s onaspsbleacrig 1 York , not including bootleges
________to a letter received from Dr. Worth I _--__-___- _____°
C nl !Hale, chairman of the committee I -___
IraC na ed on adcmission at Harvard. Shw
A k Ne Eq pr nt Dr. Hale pointed out that each 1C
AssN wE.u ed a agenme .o lc-Today
yea ag nme fappca SHOWING 2:00, 3:40
(«4; c P~ Lions for admission are received, . 7:00, 9:00
too late for consideration. __________ -______ ________
WASriiNGTON, Nov. 24 .-Need 1I.-_- -- ___
,or new ec uipmrent atG the P am
C;anal. due to wear an teru- ALTERING and REPAIRING -
ng 2 years of Arneerican opera- All kinds of altering and repairing
ion cand b-eause of inecrea ses in dlone at reasonable cost. Ladies work IN
population was urged today by Col. a spcialty. lBring in your vardrobe

-" 5

10 and 35c


Daily at
2:00, 3:40
7:00, 9:00

-=Wrr1zzlr AST TIMES TODAYfP-!Sl-,*






H -arry Burgess, .governor of thelI
canal, in his annual report to the
Secretary of War.

for repair.
1319 South University

Blending comedy end dranm, "The Bud EMan" is a s~o:'y of Llxe incidents
in the life of a desert Robin Hood that takc3 pl'cc cn a ranch near the
Mexican border. He is a legendary happy-go-lucky hero w ho is a ruthless
killer and child at the same time. He is the tyr~e hat gives hi. life with a
;mnile in the name of friendship.
It's Porte Emerson Browne's famous story .vith an umnequallce cast that
includes Walit Huston Dororahy Revier, 0. P.') cg e, Sidney Blackmer,



Use--s of Arbor Sprna; \a^r ~sy NO! "Perhaps," rama rks onle of
cur custol~uers. "iz isni't a mecessity for the bcdy. But it certain~ly IS a
mnental necessity.. It's relieving to KNOW!in drinking PURE water.
There there's the lcli iitful tas te . . . ..o differont freni ordinnary' water!"
416 West lluro-n Phone 8270


Km3zm' -. W , I I ill 1 3 11. 1 11

-- I


rus~~n 'aw o

Iij .

A public dance hall, a two-room
apartment, old sweethearts, new
in-laws. These were the obsta-
cles in the life of this very
average young couple. Their
courtship, marriage and domestic
trials build an intensely hu-i
man picture full of human
drama and human comedy!

~AM]A ' A

I fU RICE -i c ta, s~

:' h
C kP, ,.
l, s L




tea leaf rcaIL-gs

fro~n .1





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