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May 21, 1930 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-05-21

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Returns or Other Counties
Shows Growth in Nearly
All Q:........,.




jUse of State Funds for Aid of
Students Discussed by H-ead
' of Health Service.

Number of Entrants in Hundred
Mile Ruin Exceeds All
Pa-st Records.

~__ Commenting on the Health Ser
PONTIAC LEADS CITIES .*-'>* - vice of the University and its ob-II TOLE
jectives in a bulletin issued yester-; tlousarx
d afMlin Gi Etmtd~"~cay, Dr. Warren E. Forsythe, direc- to attei
H~al Milion ain stimtedtor, pointed out that the controls
frDtotDrny<(rof sickness by the state and by trae Fto
Pas<Deade -< means of public expense i one of' Neve
/ the most serious questions in the racing
Incomplete census return,, fr " minds of the medical profession':ty it
W ltna conyhviniae .today. In the University the clues-!'asa
W ashtionwisowhethervorinotcthedstate
that the Ann Arbor district will ex- to swehro o h tt mn
should take care of the student's; h a
coed 65,000 in 1930. With but twoy1 health and to what extent the Uni- later.
townships oitd tecu to -!versity's resources should be used'
this have reached 63,390; an in- Lo hssngeproe
jf"The control of health by the _________schs
cr'ease of more than 13,000 over _______I___drier
1920. The total census reports of a'I1 state is not desirable for it tends'j back 1
decade ago gave Washtenaw 49,- x I~to reduce the care of the patient; Dr. Hirgo Ekener, straighi
2LY. I -~~.. -to machine-like efficiency," Dr.I Designer and commander of thej miles p
1 ,ae-"- Forsythe said. "The doctor who isT Graf Zeppelin, who is directing the H. . D
Othr sateretrnsais inacAswocited Press Photo' controlled by the state loses his. flight of the dirigible over the1 Moore,
a large growth throughout Michi- Rear Adm. Richad Byd, returning from 1his Th taretic explorations, arrived at the canal zone fromI personal interest in the patient andj South Atlantic ocean to inaugurate dianap
gan, with Pontiac showing the i New Zealand. Hie is shown rleakhig to Maj. Gen Main Craig (left); shaking hanids with J. R. Hildebrand; is judged by the number of people j a new commercial route to the inson, v
greatest gain to date. Pontiac'sI of the National Geogaphic society at Balboa (above), and being greeted by President F. 11. Arosema of the' he can see in eight hours each countries of South America: was the
1920 figure stooed at 34.173 while the [republic of PAnama (below, center) and R. T. Davis, American minister (ight).___-- day." o a
1 psi ___ ____-PoliceHatnIour
1930 c nsus, w hich is no co m p eie - _____ __ --- ,~" H ow ever," stated D r. ir orsythe, Y s H s e nt r
show that 65,544 residents are now IIPf' unr Modern Doctor I prldbyC inseLawin niga itnoubtttrfrt l
included in the city boundaries.INR TI C i~ FI dipe~e .1ie surace an orrtieganization eas ftthe sHealth l ikey trandedStudnts ovfer Yi
This growth of .31,371 or approxi- '"Ui ICMIILIJ Il i/riecntutv foti ielZ-L'&.-. LIe1satry
mately 90 per cent over 1920 is the ; Holds Flin Accountable for Det athst ufe rm hss'onaten-onIssembi
11 ITsufferfromemhasisonotters-_OnWay Back iHome Igreatest
largest single advance yet record- L ion to illness, provision should be.
edl I(R I"'IDUP ULP iri'A"ouated i r)I physicians and surgeons are bitter-' made for the following needs:
Cities Show Large Gains V~. iL SANGHAI, May 20.-Foreign doe- I The future leaders should haveI "All right, get in!" commanded a
Other Michigan cities showing -oiin tors practicing in China may find ly opposed by the old style herb- the experience of learning by act-E rough voice from the driver's seat Club
wre Dnceaesorn te13 eun usis oEcag oiin hesle edacutbefor' doctors who vision the wiping outs ual use and demonstration some- of a touring car, and three Mich-! ic
tion ofarorsnwhere a conslida- With Wisconsin Professor dah fterptet f spo theinistrofhealtion Na n g arceure inproper methods of iansudnsstadeCt1w
toofof Dearborn rhandgi the Fo rdt for Summer Sesison. posed, consular court privileges Th mistyohelhnNa-podue n scientific medical I o'clock Sunday morning on the Conol
center a fatl of 50,060 s compared inow enjoyed by foreigners are I king, manned by western trained practice. pslat cvee~er h
With but slightly over 5,000 in 1920;,' WEST TO TEACH SPEECH( abolished. dotrs rougabringtin Tecolgt(sa etanre
______reqUnder old Chinese law, a doctorreuin physicians to pass strict sponsibility of custody. ParentsI The voice belonged to an Ypsilanti arinetoe
Royal Owhofailsoto efecteatcurnisuliableexaminati'ons before starting prac- need assurance that tleir children'.policeman.a er
totals 22,122 as compared with 6,- Famous for his work in correct-!wliouistoefft adcthe poslbedie ilb rpry ae oniles The students, out of the rain at at 8 o'c]
001 ni 120 r1agai0of1r,15;Igiaith faltsofpee15i;moionchagesin teaeuraerrtoralsps-eech in motion "he estpreentonhfemchesleatpirthvtoneaiofthecar halco
Grand Rapids, whose 1930 total is RabbiceafainGive srioustillessoisaealy atten ion protested innocence. "We were just or Igno
Ipicture actors and in his work as Iteen would lace foreign physician,' toeinnsilnoess al es. tintotyn t vilardIt n AbrDavid
129800 in 1920, orsacgainaover 30,- dean of the department of lingu- n peril of pthis provision. Aready ab a oCiebgnigpoess hseryte adiYulce ~nelteawd
000; and Ferndale, a village in 1920, istics Dean R. K. Immel of the some German and Russian doctors Je!h uicR c tudtents ionthotdb vial oofcrrjie steplc a ain
which has now become the fifteenth I University of Southern California wh(aenthdcnua or tdnswt the least hindrance. Ioteareohed Yoaelienoughloinrst
city in Michigan with a total of will be a member of the summeriprotection for several years h1ave; Rabbi Philip Jaffa, regional rab- "Much can be learned from the nosmo ude epe"The
20,796, or a gain of 18,156 over the ,school faculty of the departmentxperienced considerable difficulty bi for the Union of hgeainAmIerican He study of minor or incipient illness,ThutsoanitinheYi-Iin
last figures. Iof 'general linguistics and speech IOne case happened at Harbin C onge reatonsewill presentaIndorclesshlduevryIatijlpaedagwhmmresnd a
Ba iy a h ol ihgan here at the University.! last summer when a Russian w- cueritloJwshm ica opportunity to acquire such facts. ofElpeathaumbiess-Iote-
ByCtwathony┬▒cgnthe Hillel Foundation tonight at "ntlsoity mkef bt E ips alogtho uthmiew sreetofthec
center which showed a loss in the As a visiting lecturer he will have! man physician was sentenced to a 73. Dcusn th vai Unilsienthemenmsid etefr aprnl n h ietoIo h h e
over 25,000 class, census figures reg- opportunity to produce some of the y ear in j ail. A boy had beenI7tpe0. f Jeish melodies vawit osi-thpriiongthof othystudentsr Ypsi asgthro. uth the jiwatsrsoteee
istering 157 less in 1930 than in valuable work that he has done' brought to her, choking over some 'Ing that will illustrate each roup, t idisastoswotelemuents xpe sieach e. tthe dntswedump-I eethedwo
190'ayo h mle conI for Metro Golden Maye n a- foreign substance in his throat. As; Rabbi Jaffa's prgra'wil'iclu e insstsou lmntofpene-eouathecylitswhteI
munities in the state also showedI ner Brothers studios in aiding their -Ihi tried to dislodge the obstru- Yiddish folk songs, religious music ilnsshudottpte u-dotathecylmtswhte3
losses, although the general tremnd1 actors to adapt their voices to the ion, the patient ,jumped, her in-- of traditional modes and hymn' hs ana experience of studentsI curt suggestion that no grass be RIO
of the population to the cities of I talking picture and to correct anyI strument broke in the throat andI representative of the major fields of wohv small financial resour-i allowed to grow utnder their feet on. sins, fi
larger size anticipated such diminu-I mistakes of pronounciation. Dean; the boy died. Jewish music. - ces.I their way to Ann Arbor er.'
Aonghsale iie n Ih mme was one of theinventors of he cie dficlt ith moer 1Everyone isinvited to attend the1,"hclee sho'u jdoi itsegesra
Amntesmle iie ntea classification of voice quantities inmedical practice in China is that lecture-recital that has both enr-'in trying to solve the problem of Une-ewrgltinal oil Iegenrol
state to show a decided growth over 'as they carry over the sond device! it is a new thing for most of' the tertained anid instructed other cam- 'organization of medical resources affairs at the Univesity of Texas!- other sc
1920's figures were Xl n1eon used in the talking pictures and by country. Not only foreign doctors, ' pules and communities throughout for their most efficient service to 'are taboo" unless approved by al are stu
Hreights, where a total of 15,61 or ti paau n ietr a but also western trained Chinese the Mid-west. the public."fauycomte.mnsr
a gain of 5,361 has been tabulated; pktheapaatorhsn dectr a automte.mnsr
Ecorse, whose present population I ikteatrwoevoice is most 11
of 12,716 is a gain of 8,322 over theI suited for the role.
192 fgurs;GrosePointe, whoseI Another addition to the depart--
gain of more than 8,000 over 1920 m nent of general linguistics and
now gives the city a total of 10,200; 'speech is Prof. Robert W. West -of
Benton Harbor, where 3,173 were the University of Wisconsin whoAn
added in the past ten years making will exchange positions with Prof.
a total of 15,406; Niles, with a gain John H. Muyskins for the summer. l
of 4,006 over the previous census, He is to teach two courses ond
which now has a total of 11,317;I speech pathology and one course
and Ann Arbor, where 7,351 were i on introductory speech training.
added in ten years to swell the Professor Muyskins will teach
city's population to 26,867.j courses on the physiology of speech,
Cleveland Returns Completed. 1 speech disorders, and phonetics.
Most o the larger cities in the LPEIS__N_0_-_____ L
50,000 class- showed gains of ap- Pilot to Speak Before Y SC A EM S I N O B N LDD I
pioximately 6,000 over the preced-
ing census. Detroit has not yet Aeronautical Banquet
been completely tabulated, al- 1 _---
though over 1,500,000 are estimated Tb Aionautical Society of the
to be residing in the greater Detroit University will hold a banquet at
area at the present time, or a gain the Union tomorrow night at 6 O'-
of over half a million. Cleveland, clock. Prof. William H. Hobbs,
one of the first cities of its size in I head of the Geology department,l
the United States to complete its anEd rdJHilegnerwt,
returns, has 897,458 residents with-1aned EdwiAircafillCngineraith
in its limits, with 1,197,818 tault-and nationally known balloon pilot,
ed in the greater Cleveland area.iwllse
New population returns for the wl pac
larger cities in the state are as fol - AickSH ORTonsalTIMEyin 0o
lows: I304 East Engineering building and
Grand Rapids, 16,234; Saginaw, at the Union desk.
56,283; Jackson, 54,8708"; Kalamazoo, C. A. Salmans, Garden City, Kas., V US R E
54,707; Highland Park, 52,817; Dear- farmer, who has raised wheat for
born, 50,060; Bay City, 48,93,5; Bat- 1 37 years, has compiled a record,
tle Creek, 43,301; Muskegon, 41,438; which leads him to conclude that 20P isi h ietP ten n etes70P is N ws tlsadL
Ann Arbor, 26,867; Royal Oak, 22,- the grain grows better in even than20 Par inteF etPtensadL th s75 P is-w stSy sadL
122; Ferndale, 20,796.1 in odd years. ___ For either Golf or Street wear. lQ 11 $ 0. 0 0 $85 A _'3' ew
aI$851A$ ___. ---- - - $10.00 Regular ® *OOPSellers go at Styles at

(S'p'-'-i' to Th Dail)
100, Ohio, May 20.-Twenty;
id speed fans are expected
-d the 100 mile A. A. A. auto;
be run Sunday, May 25th, at
Miami mnile track.
rin the history of dirt track
has there been such an en-'
A total of twenty seveii
d drivers have entered'
whom twelve will start in
tous Hoosier classic five days
p at the entry list reveals
ars as Deacon Litz, the
who will attempt to bring
o America the world's
away speed record of 231
er hour now held by Major
). Segrave of England; Lout
who finished second at In-
Ais in 192; and Bob Rob-
ho will drive the car which
e direct cause of the death
sands of fans are preparing
tout for this great classic
e Toledo oval where year
mr larger and Iftger Crowds
le to witness some of the
tauto racing in the coun-
to Hear Attorney
uss Race Questions
tiding its activities for the
e Negro-Caucasion club will
3 Ann Arbor Larry Davidow,
it attorney, who will speak
lock'tomorrow night in Lane
i the subject, "Intelligence
prance on Race Questions."
low is reported to have had
experience with group re-
as well as a knowledge and
in foreign affairs.
Negro-Caucasion organiza-
s had four meetings to date
,s brought several speakers
University. Since the work
rganization was only begun
,ond semester,, the officers
in February will carry on
'k next year.
JANEIRO-Protestant Mis-
irst established in Brazil 93
igo, now operate forty col-
id day schools with a total
ent of around 10,00. In ten
,hools 100 young Brazilians
idying for the protestant

I 1",3I? TX-XT - - Te-Nd- A- !,- -l

r~~ene~r I If.

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Kentucky and West Virginia Coal
Solvay and Goas Coke
This buxsiness has been growing ever
since it was established. The secret-.
"giving absolute satisfaction to our
customers." We believe it pays to do
busineas in a friendly way. If you
think so too, leg's get together.


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