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May 21, 1930 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-05-21

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Y .LDY07jiDA-7, MfAY 1 13

.WA "HiINGTON; May 2-On a z ,at-e
barren Iceland plain, where the ;1IHR itTATTDils o o ereard>zo
world's first parliament was form- *.W low Auhrt onIdaOf State .Patrol. matheni
OF Al VIsIA I NAY dtncnuie g rbs:il ':S~WSDfi~ s o "Life has become just one car aft-

y Shirley W. Smith. Assis'-
,retary Herbert G. Watkins,
f. James W; Glover, of the
atics department. Mainte--
f the parking areas. is un-
supervision of the Build-


I .,Adom. I


V441, 11 i It lPC i[ ri _

or another," declared

Chester !kinks and Grounds department;.

+ nior ... e.t ; nYetntr ry

w4 ea nI4vat r"oer r rue King; Christian X and Queen
States Will Join in I Alxandrine, rulers of Denmark and
Mimlic Battle. !Iceland. crown Prince and Princes
Olfaf, of Nrway, andf C-Tow Prince
PRATT DIRECTS FLEET and' rln~ess staf Adolf; of Swe-
____den, will joih, with' pil rins from
republics of the earth for' the fes-'
Air Squadrons Will Stage Huge' tiva.
Demonstration With Aid From the United States, as of ,-
ofLos Angeles. cvial representatives of . iesid,ent
of ___e Hoer, will, go Senrattr deter Nor-.
I beck, South' Dakota; lie reen'ta-
(By ssocatedPaws tive Ojger B. Burtn~s, N3rth ak-'
ABOARD U. S. S. SARATOGA, ta; Frederick H3. Flojozdal, Detroit,r
at Sea, Off Virginia Capes, May 20. Prof. Sveinbjorn JohnsoV,' Tjiver-
-Over the blue. waters of the At- sity of,Illinois 'and . P. B.acob-
- son, St..Pul.
lantic the massed naval power of j Great Britain is expected to send"
the nation mobilized today to la member of the royal family and
match in stately parade under the1 Caada the premiers of S.91<atche-'
eyes of ,the comander-in-chief, wan and MntpbA,' Dr. J, T: Ander-
Presidet Hoover, and then deploy i son and John blracken.
in battle maneuvers of sea and air i.Almst an entire ship has 'been '
far; of shore., chartered by Americans, many of'
Mhips on the surface, from pon- them children of the sagaland, for
derous battleships to slender de-( the celebration. A memorial from,
strayers, giants of the underseas the United States government, a
foresthefleet of submarines, V-2; statue of Leif Ericson, will be
force;s iso h ifo the made b~ Sterling Calder, New York,
vast silvery blk of the non-coi- n- rsne iti er
batant Zeppelin, Los Angeles to Iceland, except for low shrubs, trees ndteNwYokBr'
the tiny, one-man fighting planes, iaTree clubanditp maNew aol ird
andthe thongng ir quaron Itribute with a gift o trees andi
aboard the great carriers Saratoga I money to take care of the seed-
and Lexington were included in the lings.
great sea muster.! The four-day festival will take
Is irst PresidIential' Review. place at Reykjavik, the capital, and
A 10-mile sweep of blue ocean Thingvellir, where the first poplar
was the stage over which the Navy, assenmbly was 'held, ii9$OI.H ii d'
for the first time in history, assem- f in by steep walls of b 4t, the
bled to play its mimic warfare with "plain of the i &taliiit is three
the Chief Executive of the I',,tion miles broad anted, 31 inifes 1lag,
looking on.
Its focal point was the ne'w 8-~ ~~I
inch. gun cruiser, Salt Lake City, Sfh l[I
which put into Hampton Roads U UIUI
CTNearly in the day to take the Chief
Executive and his party on board. !tE'A
Plans for the rushing mimic at-! IULV
tacks by destroyers spreading their
blinding smoke screen as they
leaped through the surges, by cruis-! Budget Comit~ii *A' Frotc s
ers sweeping in to support the: Slight Increase in Tax
lighter ships; by squadron afterRaeTiYar
squadron of roaring airplanes, all!RaeTiYar_
were made to center about the Saltj
Lake City, that the President might CIVIC LEAGUE OBJECTS
see for himself the Navy at its grimI
business of keeping fit for battle.,i With unanimous vote the Ann
The fleet itself, combining the Arbor city council , adopted a reso-'
'United States fleet and the scout-! lution accepting the 1930-31 bud-
ing fleet at sea with Admiral Wil- ' get of $601,303.14. The only oppo-
liam V. Pratt, commander-in-chief, sition to the new buget came from
in personal command again after I a group of citizens representing the
months of London naval confer- Taxpayers-league who made formal
ence work and committee appear- protest against the $15,532.29 in-!
ances in Washington on the pro- I crease over the figures of' last year.
posed new treaty, was especially or- Their communication was referred!
ganized for review and maneuvers, to the budget committee and Dr.
AdmiralI Nulton Aids. ° Dean W. Myers, president of the
Prott's flag flew from the battle- council, invited the audience to
ship Texas and 10 other gray ships take part in the discussion, of the
of the line, under Adiral n.M ew budget. Although several cit-
Wulton, aboard the California, zens pposing the 'action were
roldand surged behind him to ;present none of them took advan-
roll~dtage of this opportunity.
the selected reviewing ground. AlemnEwrIE uamm
Among them steamed the FloridaIAlemnEwrE.Lcsmm-
and Utah, perhaps to their lastE ber of the budget committee stated ta hsya' ugtwsmd'
muster with the great fleet. If the thtti ea' ugt a(md
Londo. naal pat beomeonfflaste: year's assessments andl that
Londonthenavl gpaothbecm e apfc he believed that the tax rate this'
tivoe thynlogthehenuascriap heayear would be about $1.5Q as cor-f
befre noter nnul mbilza-pared with $11.24 for last year. Itl
tion of the United States fleet iswaponeouthtoacrte
held. statement could be made until the
Thzree active battleships, the Ar-j completion of this year's assess-1
kansas,,"Wyoming and New York,I ments.!
were missing from the fleet, await-i Sidewalk contracts were awa, ed!
ing to take aboard the middies f to W. A. Gingerich by unanimous
from Annapolis for the summer; vote. The streets which will bel
cruise. Others were unde overhaul paved this summer along with the
oar undergoing modernization, but; thoroughfares already on the pa-
the force mobilized for the Presi- -ing program include the following: 1
dent represented the bulk of the1 Catherine St., Clark St. to len
combat sea power under the stars !'Ave., Ravena Blvd, Washingtonl St.1
and stripes. ,to south end. Hoover Ave., Ann
Arbor railroadtrackls to South Main,
1S . An Stn S.State St. Theaba di was also in -'
toHold Ca.Outng Today struted to advertise for bids for
the widening of State St., Dill St. to
Members of the freshman Ren- Packard St., and Packard St. froml
dezvous of 1929 wil leave Sander'sI Hill St. to State t.
canoe livery at 3:15 o'clock today1A
to canoe up the Hiuron river to Bar- The daily average attendance in.
ton dam for a° baseball game andj Kansas high schools has reached
steak roast. The trip will conclude 100,000, the largest number in his-'

this year's activities of the only ex- tory.
clusively freshman club on the'
campus, which have included f
monthly mcetings at Lane hall andY
a mid--winter da.nce at Palmer Field '1 A
house. T r~ i
The Rendezvous is an organiza- 802 Packard Street
Lion of about 6GJ freshman who met , TODAY'S SPECIAL
at Patterson lake the week end be-I13TO :0
fore last fall's Freshman week un-1:3TQ :0
der the auspices of the Student BEEF HASH WITH L C
Christian association for the pur- 25c
pose of acclimating themselves, as i DINNER SPECIAL
members of the youngest class on 5:30 TO 7c00
the campus, to university routine,
and of cultivating closer acq'uain-35
tanceships among their group.

xlI1E inu 4uesion' Young, the "Andy" of University
1 policemen, yesterday. "And park- li
litYI , SITUATION BRIGHTENING ing cars for members of the fac-;
II ,ulty des't afford the thrill of state s
~~Stressingthe fact that India can secret service patrolling," he addedIl
" I not be dealt with as a unified na- reminiscently.c
~ tion p lresenting a unified plea either Offier Young told of his expri-!'
for indeendenceo for anything ences whie a member of the state 4!.
else, and that, ifo this were possible, secret service and then drew the
he eadswudhaeln contrast to his resent work. The
~since been answered-i D. L. F.:ol xieethee"h a i
Rushroo Wilias, ecrtar towhen a professor forgets whether
Chancllorof te Inian( he brought his car or not or when:
the a few faculty' fenders are scraped.
Princes, spoke n "India Today" at? Courtesy always predominates an,
-_______________the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre. we have very little trouble."
"There are two things which one Young explained that there are
j1 V nut know if he wold intelligent- 20 University harking, places, three
-~ly considr the Indian question of of them open to all and 17 restrict-
tod"utay," state Dr. Williams. "These: ed to faulty members. Young~ him-i
amounted to, first: by what are the I self has charge of eight of them
>: Yintentions of Great Britain moti- spending most of his time at the
,s ~vated? And secondly: what are the, parking space at University hal
vi:.. . facts of the present situation? The management of University'
*Let me at the outset assure you," I parking, Young continued, is in.
stated the lecturer, "that our in- charge of a committee composed of'
I 7 tentions are of the best. While we-
i can grant th t si, nuceanoration of W7haen Quits Force ,a xmwt a
th'at scnutdwt a
greater difficulty."toP sto
A cf~b'ttn marking 1I,000 years of political freedom will center Tes-ald"at"te r-IA cp
ttj ie it'R~yka~vk-Ivlad to).Dig Critin'ofDemak;sented may be summarized in theI as tore Excutive
thi .~iiein eykavi, Ielad (op) Kig Crisian ofDenarkfollowing statements. India' sos-
(a te't; le }, and" Senator Peter Norbieck (inset, below) will be dis- --1
tlt g~ft. Hlw sa scenec near the plain wthere the paria- prises a fifth of the entire popula- (fl 4sicaodPes
tion of the world. Her people speak i ~sratdPcer
me'ii ft't mr ha 0difrntlnuae. NEW 'YORK, May 20-Grover A.
0eil .. o thegreatest lake of where it accepted the universal As india has been the scene of re- Whalen resigned today as police
Iceland, Thingvalla-vatn. code of laws in 93. peated conquest, and since her peo- commissioner of New York. He willi
The assemably, or Athing, stretch- Iceland is now an independent I ple today are the remnants of the retire from the office at noon Wed-
es,' continuously in history for 10 monarchy, with the king o[ Den-I conquerors, her stock i quite con- ' nesday
cetturies and' for nearly 900 years mark as its ruler, anid a full-fledged' glomerate. What complicates the EdadP.Mloyeasitn
it met every year on the original parliamentary :system still called by ;situation is the fact that ach of chEfwainPctrornyargeioftenDt
site, selected by Viking chieftains, the old name, Althing. Icditionsofptheotimenwhenatheirceether.euc
ft n fth ie he hies ifrednth pene rina t ciiiisowhalen mdt se
ME peinua.Thshr Whalen told reporters he was
1 r. Charles Singer faIt1IeAsE led
rees emit', nd nmiy, f Ireturning to the John Wanamakr
40 course, ITh peritso ouin department store in an xecutive1
\Vil Gve ddrss ~U "Te iteral governments, called 1 capacity. He left a $100,000 a year
oft Science C vh [ i "l l U1 the Indian States, have fnally, job as general manager to accept
I'ne ;I J ~~I oee, gedt partiallycoop the $10,000 a year cmmissioner-
___ L erate. Thus the horizon today ship.
Dr. Charles Singer, president of - looks bright. What should fur-f Renowned as the city's officialI
the International Congress of His- Tens faculty Men and Gradusates, ther enhance this prospect of a "greeter," Mr. Whalen, gardenia in
tory of Science and. Technology, and:1 Chosen to Delp Revision happy future is the fact that a buttonhole, moustache freshly wax-
.London convention of Indianru-ewsdatdfrheplc com-
'an~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ auhcoioe ildlvr c-o hraooi.es and British rulers in India hasjI issionership a year ago last De-
tore on "The Scientific Change ; 'been called for next October." cember, while the department was
from Medieval to Modern" t41 Ten members of the University"atx1' Mr. Williams is spending the under fire for failure to solve' the
o'clock this afternoon in Natural, faculty and graduates of the Uni-; rather short time of only two weeks' Rothstein case.
versty ereselctedon he evi- -The late Joseph A. Warren, an
Science auditorium. 'est eeslce ntervs in this country. He was secured ( lsho rin fMyr Je
Dr. Singer is also acting as Head ;ion committee at the recent meet- for the University Lecture series IJod Waolker eiendeyr Jpresre
'of' the Department of the History ing of thae United States Pharmaco- through the Political Science de- , adM.Wae tpe n
of Medicine at London University p)oe convention. patet_________________
and is considered to be an author- ,The commiiittee, composed of 50
phscasoztehsoyo h eeo-,cists, Will revise the hmaoe :-J4aV
it iltehitr o h dvlp-lain hilin adpara Proving his worth as a true T e l-e i
ment of the sciences, particularly 1 ia, a book describing drugs and' trouper, John Stein, taking partNO SHW G
'htof medicine. t t ean i ie Ms o-1preparations. The book is issued1 in the U~niversity Dramatic produc-
o lth hn e a d iwf, rsior eyten an a ayears after a revision by' ior' heRoyal Family" pae A E G E '
th~Snewho lectured here yes- ' ainlcmiite through the entire performanceester
I terday, have done considerable re- Mebrsoitefctth ae a fractured arm that had not: I1TtkngWsIr
+search in their fields. The leturre Mebrofteaclynmdf"H LO ESA1
were Dean Edward H. Kraus of the1 been set.
shold roe t beofparicuari(Pharmacy college;- Prof. Charles L.1, Stein did not have time to re-; RANGER"
terest to students in the school of 'Bgrown of the Medical School, andj ceive medical attention before the Starring
Medicin.e. The public is cordially I.Prof. Charles W. Eamunds of the 'start of the play and, not' having I GB's. OBRIEN
inied Medical School. an understudy, he volunteered to,'n
tooHead Alumni of the University selected go9 through the whole performance.SLCA OL
I H wel amed toHedwere: Dr. L. A. Zeltser of Detroit; ! __-----______---______ ----
'Unliversity Glee Club Dean Johnson of the Univerity of j
_____Washi'ngton; Dean C. B. Jordan of;
El~bert J. Howell, '31, was elected Purdue University; Dean M. D.. L i I i~ (
president of the University Glee Have-nhill of the Univeristy of Kan- ? IN IR
I clb a a eetng Mnda niht.sas; Dean W. F. Gidley of the Uni-
Roiine Hamilton, 32SM,, was elect-' versity of Texas; Dr. W. L. Sce-, atest in Enraved Cars
I cl vice-president; Wiliam W. vylle oP Detrit and Dr. George B Trinity Text on Ivory Finish Stock
Kearns, '32, librarian; Kenneth { lothi of George Washington Uni-100 A DS pL.AT,$37
Ball, '32, secretary. Robert A.i versity. Co
Campbell, treasurer of the Univer- - --TH MA E .S AI R
s ity was re-elected faculty advisor.; ANGORA-Ghazi Mustapha Ke- 1 IR C AI O
IMr. Campbell mned Larence I mal, who rarely looked at a movie, STATIONER~S, PRINTERS, BINDERS
Goodpee,-'3, ad Gale . Chf- as bcom a tlki fan reulary FERXCE OUTFITTERS i
Goos~ed,'31 ad Gyl A.Chf- as ecme tlki fn, eglary, Phone 4515 112 South Main Street, Ann Arbor, Michial U
fin, '32, manaagers for the coming' attending one of the theatres which'!
year. Alden Stowe, '33, was ap- i installed sound apparatus here. The' ' '"
pone1assan aagr!Turkish woman singer, is showing ; yI
SNORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY! in Istanbul and is due here later NOW !-otwseni h ags -
i tabulation made by the Ceictgo REPAIRINGAi DT ' f DC T D
Daily Dews. It has an enrollnt of !All makes of ma- ' I=fl I SII I~ihJJ2I
11 ;6864 students, which leads the; chinies. Our equip- W=t
University of Chicago by 190. Illi-I meat and person-dWt
nols, Michigan, Wisconsin. Minne-1I nel are considered POLL Y MORAN AND ANITA PAGE
sota,, respectively, are the nexti amng the best in the state. Th!rslofteyyascrfu=nthe auhig Pnic-
larresultaof twenng-years'tcar~tuI in Laughing

thousand students. Purdue is the
'smallest with ' an enrollment of 4,- 0.D. O RRILL .. I:
314 South State S. Phone 66235w
- I,
1=' r: L -
Performances Daily-yw
From Screen Reflection-
Daily, Sunday, May 18 U q aii d y A
NionA Er mida, Hoba~rt Boa- .,....
ucotk Diire ted by Apart#L VE

Because of his easy-going ph-
losophy, geniality,. and interest in
sudents, Oafflecc' Young has been
stuggessted as a successor to tAe in-
imitable Doc Lovell, the celobLted
campus figure who recently passed
9s not com plete ~n
tes's equipped with
the latest
For your Por-table
A LWe carry a f/jull linieW t
WH EYOU 4N1101
Schaeberle &son
Music House
Your dealer for th'iryfive years
I10 Southt Main Street
Dial 6011
love-s'ng.., a deep ss
o~~h loveasog..frm a deepo s ea~
ecord civlyfor Viraction l.
wihe'newest mhica coetlonyour. on
est... on Victor Records.
Ask your Victor dealer about these
stirring Broadway'rfolk songs."


j 0

"' E~lM ID ndYOU WlLL,
CO1JIE BAC~K f4)ME-Bernie
(fz'nnn and New I orker hotel
Orc hestr~a.
22370-1T INAJ'JN'NEU
1N MONTER!It F anti
Olsen, and Orchestra.
22351-Gt#N F-Silr~e and
Jictor Orch. and 4 TAGE FOAt
SALL-Bernie C~unmmins and Orch,
223I2-AFT ?itYOU'VE
S'f'RU'TR~iS BALL-Coon.
.Sanders and Orchestra.
h)F:Inl TItFET and
Cummtins and' Yew lYorer llotel
(%'00SEh unsr. fttISWEETI
DAY AND) I'T' 15O'1'BE ll1.114;
-,Bennie JMoten auml.his 1Kansas
City Orchetra.



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