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April 24, 1930 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-04-24

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THE Ml(',Htr.AN

At I. v


,vs, N t 1 4Ca t- 1 ./ L jIIi ti~l F tSDY, AJ P~T L 2Wi93

Guteniberg Bible Reproduction'
Illustrates Utter Press
Eamples cof Linle Engravings byk
American, English, Dutcl-


....... . . . . . .

,Defeats L (Cicero and Hesting
by 'Speech on Tradition in
Traditionless America'.
Nathan Levy, '31, speaking on
"A Tradition in Traditionless Am-,
erica" was selected to represent
the University in the intercollegi-

- Artist Shiown. Ra n nulNrhr Oratorical league contest to be!
I~stin he eris of'exibis I.!,held in Evanston on May 2. The
the thiird~floor exhibition room., ofi local finals were held yesterday af-w°
the architectural building is a ternoon in the Alpha Nu room on
group, illustrati~ng -the principal
prites~s of the graphic arts. "Corn- the fourth floor of Angell hal
posed, of 24 :large mounted display, :'.., Members of the speech department
mats, this travelling exhibition is ; :,rjudged the conltest. ..
a Jrepresentative showing from the '~* I The other competitors in the'
collections in the division of finals here were Eva Hesling, '31.
graphic, arts of the United States '~ h pk n"oBNtT
National Museum, which is run'" Seem," Thomas V. LoGi'er, 31,
under the ,direction of the Smith-' whose topic was "Te Italian-Mis-,
sordo n Institute.,: underhosto," n"TeFenlon e.
Thome mats, by examples of work; 3, h pk n"h eue
in the various divisions of graphic They were chosen after a prelim-.,
art, anad by explanations of proves-.+ iary tryout held before the Easter!
ses, .and brief .histories of. the se- :. : vacation. _ ,
efs. Ileds,,give the, laymnan a fairly: Levy spoke on the foreign policy,
com'rprehensive but none the less ofthe,_nite___ates,_cndemni_
coni.plete picture of the methods as Bodies of the Ohio penitentiary fire vctims were carried fro. these o the uontdiStationtadniy
We'l a$ the finished products in« charred cell blocks and laid in the pison yard before being taken to Washington and Jefferson. The Yacht Corsair, built for J. P. Mor
thes brnchs o ar. Ithetemoray mrgu. ______ _____ ;policies of our first presidents, he+ in Kennebec river at Bah, Maine.
Pirintng Processes Shown. noted, were expressly meant for. a the largest pleasure craft in the
Letter'press prilitinig is illustrated I~AIri l II 11 tICi~g weak and growing nation, and did. -;
by a' reproduction of the Guten-,r" I rfso not take, into consideration present
berg Bf"ble; the work of J'ohantes LF L toLctr T edaR conditions. The United States, the
'uebeg hopite t oe U n TU & rTF j strongest nation on the earth,
tlme~bet~een 1450~ and 1465 Guten- IiiTR t should, Levy declared, take, the S r e R
berga is generally considered to be .STJIIH LJLIII on cpecn rro'(gratm'lead in promoting international 1', Tth neScreen T(tp i .geeet frte liat n
Europe. Plotograph'sserve to give (continued From Page 0 ; of world peac. Berenel's Caves.j
w. general idea of the" feld of relief 1;3 Percent, Increase in Facuty I ofwhlose works are found in 'Mr. The intercollegiate finals lasti
printing .from..the time of the hand Wage Scale Authorized-in Suhic''eeror.year were' held in Ann Arbor, and".Opeing today at the Michigan
prets$of flenjamin Franklin to, the Literary College. Tcesfrtee rie f !r e were won by Theodore Gordon, o Golden Calf," a e uia on
mutiple machine presses of' the ci(smyb ucae tSae' Minnesota. Ormand J. Drake, rep- ody The supporting cast. is un-
peette.TO SPEND $12,500,000 or at 3211 Angell hall at $1.50, ac!ore e Michigan, was gien usually god, including petite c-
Mi xats wt isn ftorhe bckron cording to Henry Moser of thehabe menin h te edienne Marjorie White, Sue Car-
ad xplnton fth processes Reorganization of the college ; ofj speech department; single adms- schools represented were Wiscon- Io, and Jack Mulhall.
involved in, rotogravure, color roto-y sin, Northwestern, Western Reserve! In spite of the above indications
gravure, photogravure, the cob-, liberal arts at Northwestern Ui ;iorns will be 50,aid 75 cents. The noa rzso $0 n 5 faohr SnySd p"hw
type process: Ph otographs of the #versity is. now in. progress. The box offlce at the Lydia Mendels-ad are ivenstofe $winners offirst0ever, anot romn othiermetropoli-
tools uaditihorpy ogte 850,0 euett1h cleeb o'cothea trewlhe poe omorrow;and second places in the final con-; es yes , that's correct-we lust look-;
WWI exam lesof work done by Milatn1Wo'clocknforhthegpurpose ofccangtest. ed it up) indicate that it doesn't ;envc
thsmto ofright nto thistypae of printing. An I facturer, made the impending im- tickets. Ie ouonUfr teare qfLecidenuty.o ume oryifai.
example of, work done by the provements possible. "This series should prove' of i- DRLA. outhi sme l Benel ppere
phota-mechArifcal-chromo -1lit h - So far 33 per cent increase in thei terest to everyone." Mr. Moser said; TO GIVE LECTUREI here in person at the Michigan last
gra;ph process, in the form of a re-I yesterday. "Suh a program has! spring in a vaudeville act previousi
production of a-colorful painting, is! faculty wage scale has been ap- never before been offered in Ann Dr. A. I. Ortenburger, professor to his first film engagement - and
shown. Fifteen, impressions, one:; proved. It is planned that the cur- Arbor and I feel certain it will fill! of zoology at the University of Ok-; failed to arouse any great commo-
color or shade at each impression, riclum of the college should be a long-felt want for a series of dra-' lahoma and national secretary of tioi, Nor should we want to at-
%were necessary to make the finish- "reordered in harmony with res- matic recitals by four of America'cs'the Phi Sigma Biological society, tept to batle the crowds at the
ed 'product of this work., n oilisrcinadt greatest readers." will speak at the regular meeting! Liberty Street house should Mr.
ent socialeinstrution and to ac-'of the organization on Friday eye-R Brendel make a personalaper
To illustrate the process in etch- cord with, the cu~rrent views of the A.A.A. TO .ALLOWV i ning of this week. Iis subject will ance at this time. The moral?????
huseven eoplper plates show the organization of knowledge." be "The Fauna of Oklahoma," and Aviation Glee.
various" stages of the 'work, to-.I A department to examine the' SPEEDW~AY EVENT will be illustrated with lantern Edard Everett Horton, a stage
gether with~ the final etching, made I ;sl~ es, star fer Some tie, and certainly
fromi the pae efficiency, of the various depart-' Permission has been received i P1ofessor Ortenburger received - ------._._____
I mets nd epot o thir uccssi from the American Automobile As- lis degree from the University of
Exm ple ~ofe line engravings by m eatsmaioaCont steB ardrto old theichi ansic19 5.sH'has bee as-LAS
Americai, Enlish, and Dutch ar- scainCnesinrt ol ihgnin12.H a be s ATachieving tssraeicue nteehbto.bigfre the desired aims is
Itriple "A" Auto Race at the Ft. sistant curator of herpetology at ? TIMES
tissar iclde i te ehiiton bin frmd.Miami track in Toledo on Sunday,i the American Museum of Natural i TOA
Thiese are shown in photomechan- " May 25. The race will be a 100 mile !History and has had charge of sev- ;WU i
ical reprod tions.. Explanation' vni a none yB ad;oa xeiin o h uem
and photographs ilhixstrating the BAL L DIAMONDSevniwaanondbyBWrd raexdtosfrth Muum
Bam, who has managed the track Dr. Ortenburger has conducted nu-{
processes of Making inoleum cuts, TO BE IMPROVED1I for the past nine years. He assures imerous surveys in vertebrate fauna,.
woodbloc prits; nd wod e ._ the race fans the greatest spring !throughout the state of Oklahoma i
graviigs, compilete the exhibition, Reconditioning of the city's base- cascee rsne nTld.adhsdn oal muto
which is expected to be on view ball, diamonds, located at West Many of the Indianapolis Speedway; collecting fishes, reptiles and am-
througl' the end of next week. Park and at the city playground at stars are expected. There will be phibians.NO
Fuller street, has been started and 1 no increase in prices, and a big!i The faculty and other members
Miusjetin I mprov4>Eeet.. spring practices will be able to be crowd of fans is expected for theI of Phi Sigma are cordially invited A dramc~jatic conflict of etatii
toheld on them. soon, it was appnoun- annual race. to attend' ,goiiI
W.,40Com leed Soonl ed yesterday by Eli A. Gallup, Sui-.--- -___
pevsro ulcWrs htanhtwshr-mprovements on the interior. oe n hpies f
- jp "r o xoand I exeior ofgthe University Mu-W HA FW ura ad t
p btd nthe Animal house !I' etoi Ve H IOn Trfrmne a GaynrEinA Te reatst -
edgrounds. During the spring recess, WhitOly-ndThursdy a s
workmen were able to complete the CASS THEATER
task of repainting the corridors on ;HS PAES
all four floors, while landscaping; "The New Moon" THSPTAE:
in the rear of the building has been i a tremendously popular musical ro. MRS. FISKE JAMES T. POWERS
going on since clement weather mance. Score by IUN RMBR MARGERY MvAUDaE ANDREW MACKTO A
made' outdoor labor again possi- GEORGETTE, COH4AN PEDRO de CORDOBA O A
Mebes fthbiligan_ JOH-N CRAIG GEOfRGE TAWD' E
MembRCS ertoft he buildnsyan,;-- ]----WARD POWELL 'DANK MALLOY
griundstepartmt h apavbentigbusy; Lf Are Appearing in Richard Brinsley Sheridan's Famous Farcical Hee'9s: the ce of FI'tr
bushes and' shrubbery throughout 3 rm ht raste
the newly built, animal house park,.. "Hello Stranger"T kE fVA
Walks separating the several sec-'RI A S Re
tions. of. flowers and shrubbery are the fourth annual Unhiversiy of De-
beinit conditioned wt gravel ad;topoera. Opens a week's engage PRICES: $1.00, $1.50 ,$200 $2.50, $3.00. Mail Orders Now.
cinders ... ment Sunday night.'.'
I -~- -"-' -- -- ________F.

riss'riatedrt P s kto
rgan, financier, was launched recently
Costing $2,000,000, it is said to be
Ae fe ctins
one of the best of talking picture
comedians, appears at the Majestic
in "The Aviator" an entertaining
j comedy with a truly, atmospheric
locale. Patsy Ruth Miler has t'he
leading feminine role, and lady'-
,like Johnny Arthur the male supi-

Among the short features or
"appointments" as you will, is,aa
.Charles Chase comedy "Crazy Feet."
Screen Reflector hasn't seen it, but
~ with a half-decent story Chase is
always amusing. The current pro-
!:gram closes tomorrow night, to; be
ffollowed Saturday by another Ruth
! Chatterton -Clive Brook film, "The
Laughing Lady."
Them Society Blues.
Arousing much interest and at-
tendance at the ousted. Mr. Fox's
scinema mansion in Detroit is the,
latest eff ort of another starred, film
team-Janet Gaynor. and Charles
rFarrell. "High Society Blues" is the
excellent: box-office title of the, Pic-"
ture, which is going over -quite well.

yi '
" 1
3 ',
t I)



ins, enacted against a gorgeous circus
dor a smilte . and the laves
four mortals hung in the balance,



role she has yet essayed.

rMakers in a Comedy
Non-Stop. Laugh


Whitney Theatre

The Dramatic Sensation of the My
WM. A. BRADY Presents
ELMER .RICE'S Pulitzer Priz(

,oIern Stage
:e Play
A Drama of

s ~Her only leg--acy was a pair
T he of perfect calves-but the
____________ havoc they created!

as the Aice of Comed-
ians takes the air in
the funniest aviation
picture ever screened.





Big City

'F pM .


Comic,. 50 PEOPLE


sn ,-... e.fi....: 4 3: . .. ..

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