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April 05, 1930 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-04-05

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Published every morning except Monday
during >tue Unbiversity year by the. Hoard in
Conttol of Student Publications.
Member of Western Conference Editorial'
The Associated;.Press is exclusively entitled
to the use for republication of all news dis-
patches credited to it or not otherwise credited
in thin paper and the local news published
Entered at the postoflice at Ann Arbor,
Michigan, as second class matter. Special Pate
of postage granted by Third Assistant Post-
maaster General.
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"ard Street.
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City Editor.............Pierce Roenberg
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Sports Editor......Edward L. Warner, Jr.
Women's Editor..........Marjorie Follmer
Telegraph Editor...... ,. Cassano A. Wilson
Music and Drama......William J. Gorman
Literary Editor........Lawrence R. Klein
Assistant City'Editor.... Robert J Feldman
Night Editort--ditorial Board Members
Frank E. Cooper Henry J. Merry
William C. Gentry Robert L. dloss
Charles R. Kauffman Walter W. Wilds
Gurney Williams
Morris Alexander. Bruce J.Manley
Bertram Askwith Lester May
- elen Barc Margaret Mix
Maxwell Bauer David M. Nichol
Mary L. Behymer William Pake
Allan H. Berkman Howard H. Peckham
Arthur J. Bernstein Victor Rabinowitz
S. Beach Conger )ohn D. Reindel
Thomas M. Cooley Jeannie Roberts
Helen Domine Joseph A. Russell
Margaret Eckels Joseph Ruwitch
Catherine Ferrin Ralph R. Sachs
Carl F. Forsythe Cecelia Shriver
Sheldon C. Fullerton Charles R. Sprowl
Ruth Gallmeyer Adsi; aStewart
Ruth Ceddes S. Cad well Swan"o
Ginevri. Ginn Jane Thayer
Jack Goldsmith Margaret Thompson
Emily Grimes Richard L. Tobin
Morris Grove-man Robert Townsend
Margaret arris Elizabeth Valentine
Cullen Kennedy Harold 0. Warren, Jr.
r .... - Y -I .I.A

first the Bremen, and lately the WHY BLAME THE PROFESSORS?
Europa. With no naval conferences
to worry her, no large navies to To the editor
trouble her, she has taken deci- 0 Tempora, 0 Mores,-Ach, Don-
sive steps toward re-establishing ner and Blitzen-Oh, Hell and Dam-SENSIBLE
her lost prestige as a commercial nation.-What expletives can a SPRING
man use? Five or six years ago ISGAMES
power. . awas walking behind two students
I and I could not help, at any rate The Student council has at last
pow' over naval disarmament goes
wearily on its way, bringing other by walking softly I could not help, prepared to introduce some new
maritime accomplishments to a overhearing their conversation. It and worth while games into the
standstill, a supposedly "ho,-tied" seemed to one of them that ever annual frosh-sophomore clash. The
nainmbreaks its bonds, adsincehis high school days his latest suggestion is a canoe race.
natin beak it bodsandwith a
minimum ofpul dsrbne teachers had made his subjects as, Of course tugs~of -war are all
launches a double bid for commer- hard as possible. The ideas were right, and flag rushes offer good
cial supremacy on the sea. We won- not really difficult but tne teachers training for those who try to see
der how long it will be before these tried systematically to obscure the second Sunday night show, but
so-called powerful nations'will stop I them. This was evidently because- j(the canoe race will prove to be
quibbling over regulations and look but here other people passed us,r even more of a boon.
down from their place in the sun and I heard no more.
and recognize the constructive Now however, appears C. S., 32 For instance, have you ever gone 1
policies of Germany. in appealay' Mr. Buteris an canoeing, paddled up as far as the
thetic appeal to Mr. Butterfield, an dam and tried to get your girl
echo after 2000 years of panem et back to her house before the doors
circensis. Deliver him, gracious pur- were locked for the night?
Campus Opinion veyor of the cinema, from the soli-
Contributors are asked to be brief, tude of his room and from the
confining tIemselves to less than 300 boredom of his textbooks "written That is the time when you have
worts of possible. Anonymous con- oa
munications will he disregarded. The in the most obscure manner just to paddle your own canoe, and
names of communicants wll however,
he regarded as confidential, upon re- to make the courses hard." These mean paddle!
quest. Letters published should not be are his very words. I ask anybody
construed as expressing the editorial Whcbrnstmidhewa-
opinion of The Dailysa in the cock-eyed world, can you Which brings to mind the weath-
beat that? er. It seems as though Old Man
NEEDED: INTELLIGENT Were it not for the conversation Winter has finally breathed his
INVESTIGATION. I should suspect the letter to be a last. Have you bought your new
joke. But it sounds real enough, topcoatyet?Mine costcl nek
To the Editor: and evidently the man believes that cat th MIne cosane
Back in the archaic days of my teachers and authors try to pre-
childhood, I remember hearing the vent him from learning. It seems
yarn about the dragon, whose re- that with Mr. Butterfield's help
markable vitality enabled him tojthey may succeed. But can anybody

p , '




;3 Sale of Trickets
TODAY -8:30 A.M.
at School of Music Building
and will continue so long as the tickets last.
PRICES: $6.00, $7.00, $8.00. If coupon is returned from Choral
Union tickets deduct $3.00 from above prices.
MAIL ORDERS-Received not later than Friday noon, April 4, will be filled in
advance in sequence.

produce two heads in"place of tell me, how does he get that way?
every one cut off. This habit gave # I wish I knew.
the cave-men of the time consider- -W. W. Sleator.
able worry. Until one day a genius

a- a

an Levy G.r.ionelC.VV "icus U°
Russell E. McCracken Barbara Wright abong the Pithecanthropae rose up
Dorothy Magee Vivian Zi'ii and smote the dragon on the solar- IN DEFENSE OF AMERICAN
BUSINESS STAFF plexus, thereby permitting civili- DEGREES.
3 y Telephone 21214 zation to go peacefully on.
BUSINESS MANAGER The parable has a meaning. To the Editor:
A. J. JORDAN, JR. We have read with more or less The widely spread idea that the 4
Assistant Manager interest the voluminous accounts American degree is inferior to the -'
ALEX K. SCHERER of prohibition straw votes that English degree is not really in ac- That in spite of the fact that I
Departent Maagerstunred out to be mostly rye. Bt
A Department Managersa in d alt e mot tre. But ! cordance with the facts but woven received a folder the other day of-
Advertising .........T. Hollister Mabey in all the mass of data, there is lit- - fering a 100 per cent wool, shower-;
Advertising ........Kasper i. Halverson tle evidence of sound reasoning from sentiments and prejudice.
Advertising........aherwood A. Upton proof, super ultra top coat for
Service ..George A. Spater with constructive objectives in The fact the English .Iedua-$1.50, and guaranteed. What's_-
Cfraclatzon...........Vernor Davs mind. t$16.50,yandmguaranteed.onWhat's
jucount.............l R. iose ntional system is carved only for a more, they throw in a cap to match
Publications..........(eorge R. Hamilton The 'Inhibition Poll' conducted few chosen and the method of in- and a pair of mittens, and deduct
Business" Secretary-Mary Chase hon theinlocalacampus, indicatesnd thatc
Son the local campus, indicates thatsruction and examination is dif-. 10 per cent for cash. I detest the R
Assistants the lawyers are all wet and the Fie1facpigchrt oIiLA
James E. Cartwright George R. Patterson faculty doesn't know. May it be ferent from the American, thus al- idea of accepting charity so I
Robert Crawford Charles Sanford passed up the offer.
Thomas M. Davis Lee Slayton suggested, without spurning to lowing only a minority to receive e te ofer
N r Jehnson Hobert Williamson action the pen of the critic, that degrees, is no basis for setting the Id Cor. S. Sta
Chaes line Winam R. Worboy beyond a lame apology for the col- English degree upon a pedestal. E I the clfed un: "WA NT- eiter;tR
Miarvin Kobacker a ED-Girl to clean and answer the ite;R
Thomas Muir lege hip-flask parties, the poll The valuation set upon degrees hone two hours each day." I B.D.,
seems to have availed little, unless should not be judged from the ab- rRalph R
Dlorothy Bloomgardner Alice McCully fwouldnt mind answering the! rector; 1
Laura Codling Sylvia Miller perhaps, it serves to assure the solute sense, but from the utili- wouln't ind anring he vesor; o
Agnes Davis Eleanor Walkinshaw maoiyoftdnsta hi tra tnpit~i o r phone ,if, I-. were a girl, but I should visor of
Bernace Glaser Dorothea Waterman majority of students that their tarian standpoint. It is not Ire- think cleaning it would be pretty 10130 A.
Hortense Gooding ' ,diagnosis of the ,situation is cor- 1 levant to say that the greatness of tiresome."THE
rect. America lies in her educational Dr. Stal
To those who can consider the system. The American universi- 1*k *12:00 M.
SATURDAY, APRIL 5, 1930 prohibition question from an im- ties and colleges are sending out PRIZE STORY. Hall.
E - AN-- - partial standpoint, the poll would competent men and women and A:eI P.
Night -A COOPER appear to emphasize the growth of producing . geniuses who are re-.myy CRISTO
a popular sentiment in the matter sponsible for making the country myself jammed into a booth at the 7:30 P.
ESTETI ,APREIATON.Hutwith five other people. All of SONGi
AESTHETIC APPRECIATION. of- liquor control. This attitude is one of the most progressive and iHwit contriving to keep our el-G by Rev.
Ius werecntingtkepure- bRv.
The appreciation of painting and [undoubtedly an outgrowth of mod- efficient in the world. 1 bows out of each others soup and RELIGI
sculptury, is becoming moe and ern trends of thought in indivi- In commerce, .industry, science' gettin along' nicely until a waiter
more recognized by the student duasm, but istead of encourag- vention, and even in arts Ame- pped up and endeavored to
body generally as an essential fac- Ing individual analysis of the prob- ca deserves no less credit than any snitch the bottle of Chili sauce.
tor! of education. Students who at I lem, it has resulted in a miss-ap- European country; in fact she ex- His aim was bad and instead of FIRST
one time believed that only a plied radicalism, bordering on mob- cells without the least shadow of clutching the bottle he merely tip- On Ea
"sissy" could view works of art mindedness. It merely indicates doubt. Whence has come this ad-ped it over so that the contents Rev. R.
with any degree of sincerity, are another feature of the quite gen- vancement? Can a country with a pedt sprso that the Howard R
now frequenters of the numerous eral laxity, which has been at- frail, easy going system of educa- n Students.
now reqentrs o th, nmeros IIh laps and on the sleeves of two of
exhibitions in the several Univer- tributed by various prophets toi tion train her citizens to be the the ladies. Gallantly I rushed to I
sity galleries. jazz, automobiles, movies, sports, masters of the social, economic, and 95the rescue, so abruptly that I tip- MA.
The increasing number of stu- the machine age, to the younger scientific phenomena of the world ped over two glasses of water, one
dents, who realize that their edu- generation at large, and even to in which 'they live? It seems of which spilled into the lap of 9:45 A.I
cation should include a broad prohibition, depending on the age strange that Europe, when in Harry Allen, the other intom meeting
aesthetic viewpoint are fortunate- and health of the author. To these search of an athletic expert, sends: By this time waiters were rushing1 .N
ly being afforded excellent opportu we might add schools and churches to America for an Olympic trainer, from all directions to extricate us
y to make the list inclusive of all the or whenever she feels the need of!s Mr. Sa
nities to attain this end in the fre- environmental factors contribut- a spanning bridge across her wat- from the soggy mess and the place GREATER
quent exhibitions, steadily growig ing to the life of the average Am- ers she sends to America unhesi- was in an uproar. The orchestra, 5:30 P.1
in number and improving in cal- erican citizen. The present situa- tatingly for an engineer. however, was equal to the occa- Guild' H
Ibre. tion is due not to any one of these It is absurd and contrary to good Psion. Calmly they stuck to their :
The Ann Arbor Art association 'factors, but indirectl to the vi- common "horse" sense for a per- I second story perch and played Paster.
sponsoractorsl butiindirectly, tointhegvi- Easterin"
sponsors monthly - exhibits in I cious combination, which makes son of average intelligence to place "Singing in the Rai"!
Alumni Memorial hall. There are adjustment to new standards dif- condemnation upon or hold in low * *
at present five different displays in [ ficult, and which places conserva- estimation the American degrees.L
the architectural building. In addi- tive judgment of life values at a The reason that the American de- A
tion, the Studio club, the Fine Arts premium. - gree stands no show in India, is Eight pillars support the front
section of the Michigan Academy, A recent observer has intimated, because the Indians do not get any entrance of Angell hall, it was esti- EVAN
the Fine Arts reading room and the that the college's greatest need at chance to appreciate them due to mated late yesterday, but none of (Evang
various classes in sculpture, draw- present is for an education. Not the present foreign rule. And fur-( them, it is alleged, are as soft as
ing, and painting, all sponsor ex- of the academic sort but the rest- thermore to the American trained sofa pillars. Fourth A
hibitions at sporadic intervals. ful variety, which will promote an Hindu students, no facilities of ex-
The cause of the awakened stu- interest in carpet-slippers rather pression and utilization of tl/r People, by the way, have been I Rev.
dent interest, and the correspond- than ballet-slippers, and increase merits was ever offered and will complaining about these late news
ing, increase in the number of dis- the demand for farms in place of never be offered under the present flashes. A couple of readers wrote
plays is difficult to determine, fraternities. ; government. No wonder that the in and said I was somewhat behind 9:00 A.
Nevertheless, it is clearly evident Some have suggested a reversion American degrees stand no show: the times. I hasten to remind them 10:00 A.
that a noticeable group of students to the laws of Darwin, under the in India. that the emphasis should be placed Sermon
are endeavoring to cultivate their supposition that the over-indul-' S. A. Rahman, '30. 1 on the word late. After R
appreciation of things artistic. It gent will be automatically elimin- 0 r 11:00 A.
is quite consoling to note that per- ated from the ranks of the living, A LITTLE DIFFERENT The two-reel movie production'
haps American education, with al and others are equally confident . taken on campus and slated for League.
the materialism that critics as- that the Ontario Plan will work, To the Editor presentation at the Grid Iron ban- Trost.
cribe to it, is producing a class of although they have not, as yet, let I am surprised to see in Mr. quet next Wednesday night has at'
students who believe that an aes- us into the secret as to what the Brumm's review of the'latest issue last been completed and is expect-
thetic appreciation is essential to Ontario Plan is and why it will of the Inlander what amounts to a ed to play to a capacity house at -
even utilitarian education. 'work. We are confidently await- plea for an uncritical and less in- the Union. Lark, the famous ex-
o I ing the next edition of Mr. Ein- telligent Inlander. The Inlander editor of Rolls, is the star; and asI
DON'T OVERLOOK GERMANY. stein's equations, with the expecta- is published for students interested Joe Zilch, '33, in a screaming pa- ZION L
tion that he has arrived at a solu- I in better writing. It is obviously rody of Freshman week will un- Washin
With the five power naval con- tion, He, being the only authority I a publication for students if, as doubtedly demoralize the banquet.E
ference at London continually. to withhold an opinion. Mr. Brumm indicates, its intellec- * * *
forcing itself into the public eye, The situation may be summed up tual content gives the faculty a Ann Arbor is getting more mod-
little or no attention has been by saying: There should be an in- headache. ern every day. Yesterday after- I 10:30 A. b
given the other nations consider- telligent investigation of the prob- Mr. Brumm remembers, of noon a bum stopped me on North Mediato
ed less dangerous in the competi- I lem by everyone capable of serious course, that there are such maga- U. and asked for a dime for a cup 12:00 N.-
tionr for strength on the s .One I inrmirv r montl1 +at m , ,r1-. ac iYnacO 'cT"1 T~n 1 rs -a I ..f -r '1' *,,.fnaf i +


r tt PN0 'A fil


te and E. Washington Sts.
ur W. Stalker, D.D., 'Mi-
ev. Samuel J. Harrison,
Associate Minister; Mr.
R. Johnson, Student Di.
Mrs. Ellura Winters, Ad.
Women Students.
M.-Morning Worship.
S for Studens at Wesley
," by the Wesley Players.
(Russian Music). 'Sermon
Mr. Harrison, "LYRIC
st Huron, below State
Edward Sayles, Minister
. Chapman, Minister for
M.-The Church School.
llace Watt, Superintendent.
M.-The University Class,
in Guild House. Mr.
apman in charge.
M.-The Church Worship.
'les will preach on "THE
M--Friendship Hour at
M.-Devotional Hour.
elical Synod of N. A.)
ve. between Packard and
Theodore R. Schmale
M.-Bible School.
M.-Morning Worship.
topic: "Sin's Sympathy
M.-German Service.
M. - Young People's
Leader: Mr. Theodore
gton St. at Fifth Ave.
C. Stellihorn, Pastor
M.-Sermon subject: "The
r the New Testament."
-Student Bible Class.

Huron and Division Sts.
Merle H. Anderson, Minister
Mrs. Nellie B. Cadwell, Counsellor
for University Women.
10:45 A. M.-Morning Worship.
Holy Communion and k-eception
of New Members. Sermon: "The
Greatest Poem."


615 El. University

Dial 3779

12:00 Noon-StudenteClass,
H. Y. McClusky, teacher.


5:30 P. M.-Social Hour for
Young People.
6:30 P. M.-Young People's Meet-
ing. Leader: Walter Herndon.
Sunday Morning Service
of the
br' sdcast from
The Detroit Civic Themaea
11:30 AM. Eastern Sand Tits
1030 A.M. Central StanduiThe,
(Beginning Jan. 9, 1930)
Seaine forth the Principles by which
am may unfold wihn his life tbo
Health, Peace and Prosperity whi&h.
Gad has provided.
11.05 P.M. Eastern Stand. Time
10:05 P.M. Central Stand. Tzw
409 S. Division St.
10:30 A. M.---Regular Morning
Service. Sermon topic "REAL-

6:30 P. M.- Committee Banquet at
Michigan League.
8:00 P. M.--Open House at the
State and William
Rev. Allison Ray Heaps, Minister
10:45 A. M.-Sermon topic: "Does
it Pay to Pray." Student Fellow-
5:30 to 6:00 P. M.-Social Half
6:00 to 6:30 P. M.-Fellowship
6:30 P. M.-Mr. Fred Cowan. "In
the Land of Robert Burns."
Division and Catherine Sts.
Rev. Henry Lewis, Rector
Rev. T. L. Harris, Assistant
8:00 A. M.-Holy Communion.
9:30 A. M.---Holy -Communion.
(Student chapel in Harris Hall.)
9:30 A. M.-Church School.
(Kindergarten at 11 o'clock.)
10:00 A. M.-Adult Class led by
Miss Gammack. ' (In the church).
11:00 A. M.-Holy Communion;
sermon by Mr. Harris.
5:30 P. M.--Student Conference
led by Mr. Duff in Harris Hall.
6:30 P. M.-Student Supper in
Harris Hall, followed by two
study groups
7:45 P. M.-Maunder's Cantata
"From Olivet to Calvary."
(Missouri Synod)
Third and West Liberty Sts.
C. A. Brauer, Pastor
9:00 A. M.-German Service.
',.nn a A RI t" 1 -- ,I I


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