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March 30, 1930 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-03-30

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SUNDAY, MAR'C1!30 13

;E fand new-fangled Ideas, the profes- g_ ,1.'tH~e~~ il IIII11l1fllIIIIJI[IlfII[tIII If III IIII fIIlI III lhlI[IIIJ
hilih1evr , 11g;ce~~ sors of liberal arts have had to A out Books U~iC A d Drf Ir
Puls~ vr onn xetMonday scrimp and save and like it. teaor
durntiw r~ivSi--t eblitions ar.in The result has unquestionably i---- - --- -p0; Spring Party Fvosjy,
emeofesenCneec j11been a gradual decline in the abil- THE APRIL{ VINDICATING SHAKESPEARE I. Enjoy Y our
Association. ity of literary colleges to fulfill ISSUE OF INLANDER. AMONG OTHERS.{ FRATERNITY ;
aThe Associated Press is exclusively entite ;their educative obligations. It is i _~rTT~X
to the use for republication of all news dis- indeed gratifying to find a sister Itiki sqiea salse I The production of Romeo and and SO ORT
patches credited to it or not otherwise credited fact that the new Inlander has bet-' S u n d a y D~iLI7
In this paper and the local news published) university fully cognizant of thistedth caps ino fa Juliet by Play Production the last UJwlyadSainr
herein. i-trdtecmu'oiin fa^ JwlyadSainr
Enee tte otfieatA rofailure and taking vigorous reme- college literary magazine. It did four days of this week gives the'AI a h
Mdicigan, as second class matter. Special rate loilstp.Notwstr'-3 e that in the February number. Now, n campus the opruiyo eihfl if precar vniai- ? DsintvtfrJalt
of postage granted by Third Assistant Post cent increase in salaries is a ln-In this next one, which goes on ious, pportnityTo vindcatin
usaer Gene ral.aatdadmuhnee iga. ,; ~
Subscription by carrier, 4.00; by mi, 1aitdadmcneedsglI sale Tuesday on the campus and in - oItde oet Wrkmarrnsip.11
rsof academic regeneration that Shkser. I-
uflcs: Ann Arbor Press Building, My-{{other universities, including our ithbok sn ts wadevnwsustndsha. nlyenhusastcupprt
pard Street. i holIinis a ve urhr, ht. etIsasi upo v
Phones: Editorial, 4a; lRuiues, ari .own, will soon have to. folls, and in effect endear itself to the with something resembling a rous- I
____Special SudT takCici
S e alEDITORIAL STAF o-1 student body, for it really is a doc- ing cheer at the four last curtains, ^
tTelephone 4925 I ad r ument to be proud of. can convince the students of Play !u~ad ta i
MANAGING DITOR lil ALUMNUS.In accordance with policy stu- Production who have irritated rrL esl 10
ELLIS B. MERRY With the approach of commen- dent contributions occupy a ma- !hnsadfnesfo elig9Al C .V-
Editorial Chairman......Genre C. Tilley cementothere coaes.theesadnCoudWeek a pcilLnh
cementri, ofethespame. Teyeincluejfhans and fingeswrs from weiing jDaI .1IUIU.LIC}f
CNty Editor....... ...Pierce RosenbergiashrStybyMsElzeh
News Editor.......Donald J, Kline thought of a large class of students FAKOKS g. a inesSot-dtr. ..dadf. WreJ.Sih, omsoyby Miss MrElaethigosadElabthoranedlps, hing RAKgMgr..
Women's Editor.:.....-....Marrie Flmer being abruptly divorced from the !wrhadAtoySatot h-rdcino hks I
2Telegfraph Edtor........Cassam A. Wilson wot'n ntoySathuteprouto fSaepeare=
Muisic and Drama....... William J. Gorman scenes of what have been the hap- and two articles on Humanism by deiitl 603 Church Sreet I
Literary Editor.........Lawrence R. Klein oi should from this year on deiiey=Sm-ult
Assistant City Editor. .. . Robert J. Feldman piest and most enjoyable years of, William J Gorman and myself. Off I JIL
Night Editors-Editorial Board Member. take its place as an annual student
Frank E. Cooper Henry J. Merry their lives, perhaps never again to campus material is represented by ctc,~o~o~
Williamt C. Gntry Robert L. .,loss.is-pe- such people as poet E. Merrill Root, event. 1 9
Cha rles R. ha~ffmn Walter W. wilda bask in evenit superficial___
Gurney William.ures. ovelst John Becker, Professor i---- --a
Reporter's I GyJhsno orhCrlnIThe issue has larger ramiflca- T h e fIIMIl~lIh~I~lf~II~llI J I ~ . V I ciII
oriAlxnr. rce.MnlyThis sudden and more or less poet Ruth Lechitner, and poet 1 in to nAn rosetui
Bertram Askwith LeterJMay cold-blooded change from one en-RauPi.
Ifelen Barc Mzrgaret au i. Mi astic acceptance of Romeo and = vi tn 1 E i = 607 East Liberty
Maxwell Ratter David M. Nichol vironment to another, with its un- ! The frontispiece is RockwellI Juliet will constitute a long sibi- L~.LLL
Mary L. Behymer William Page pleaatest h rtrn t-Kn'sfmu rn fTw oesIln
'Allan H iBerkman Howard H. Peckham 1esnns eiiigs-Kn' aospito w oes atsneer at Detroit, which we all Spec als -tIul11llilluI~flIII1lilIIIlIIliIIIIIIlIIIIIIltIlIl
ArHrI ersenIugh Pierce dents, is inevitable, but such a com- which is rutrogh the courtesy dsieclual nwy For did _____Specials____________________
Arhr .BrsenVictor Rabinowt lithrdspisec =I nwy =__________________
S. Beach Conger John D. einel t plete cleavage as many studentsI of the, Weyhe Gallery. Mr. Jean ot Detroit very miserably eightI
Thomas mi Cooley Jeannie Roberts force upon themselves, can be sur- '-
Helen DomineoehA usl Paul Slusser, of the °school of archi-tiednyheigtpouinsf(ON A O LY
;iedeyteegtpoutosoI= MO D YO L)Margaret Eckels Joseph Ruwitc rounded. Means of bridging the tecture, has contributed two strik- Sh aekespeare in the Wilson The- .-OT
CahrnF. Forythe- 2RalhRiahserboa-
Catrine. Fry eerri a.Srvehsoa gulf between student and ing wood cuts. atre last fall by the capable, en- -c1OI~II
Sheldon C. Fullerton Charles R. Sprowi alumni life have been effected and Th-elyfneipoeet sftrI atetcSrafr-nAon_.D E S S
Ruth Gallmeyer Adsit Stewart Teral ieipoeeti ieyatetcSrtodo-vnD E S S
Ruth Geddes S. Cadwell Swanot are being brought into greater use. the enlarged and snappy-looking cmay oto sdcdda
oack Goldsmitht Margaret Thompson okn toward this end, is the review section, which reviews 12 the time to accept the empty bench= New dresses, all have been -pjjJJL 4jJ(
!ier inJn hyrwrigE buh ic January, and _I
holy Grimies Richard L Tobin = buhsic
Morris Gove-nia Robert Townsend i ihgnAunswhc ekyrcn and important books. as a symbol of intellectual Detroit. = we are offering them for to- -
Mar "*'-n brings o theoalmni.theWignin,- frcoursethisfrealyttellsooth-eCulniKeenedtyarold .oWarrenour. can informaion ofathIUniversty ingpmrecaboutthe magaine than0 weduce prices.
eae L e.yc G.cke Lionbal Wihte in aform most appealing and con-' IThe afore-mentioned enthusias-= Saeonw&inhasTh
tell F.. M~ae Vanbar Wit ina othe table of contents, but from jutic accele fncewhereing venture-
Dooh ae iinZmivenient for the graduates. i the contents can be gleaned the tic aceptnce,1erei5ve$16.75= = hats reduced and all of them
BUIES!TF The unique enjoyment this mag- assurance that the magazine is an soepeitewl oea±a Spring. They are mostly all
Telephone 21214 i azine affords to alumni who de-upt-aeofithtsalv.F' ternal bow to Chicago-the Chia-,= Values = etcmiain h
BUSINESS MANAGER I light in reflecting upon their un- its soundness and reliability youi go which is breaking away from a 1. 1.0 Z10 go tti ieo
A. J. JORDAN, JR. derraduate experiences, has been Iwl aet ug o orevs train-worn culture, borrowed from g wllhveto-ug'fr goolvsad at thiswatedof
L Assistant Manager4 recognized by a large number of antodthtyuadbteby New Yoirk, with the establishment ! adcllthewate
ALX .SHRR!graduating students. The seniors a copy. L. R K of a Chicago Civic Shakespearean HOeShere
of the literary college have as a - o -ton haocietywite th rtlie-- W r lsn u ber
Department Managers l class subscribed to the Alumnus. BRIEF NOTICE to.Ta oitwt rt i- eaecoigotanme
Advertising .......T. Hollister Mabley Other classes are seriously con- OF NEW FICTION. ber as its director, boldly ani-oun- !- of pointed heel chiffon hose _
Advertising.........-)asper fr. HalversonJ ed itself as unquestionably per- -all firs quality and wanted
Advertising..... .... GergeooA. Upton sidering taking similar action. The Red Mesabi , George R. Baly.mnetaadiblthgtoo colors. This is an excep-
Servic..........ereA. s ater mnn-namrbetigt o
Circulation........j,.termor Mavis Graduate mindful of the oppor- The Houghton, Mifflin Company,= ti onal opportunity to buy
Accons......Gorge R.P. Roamltn t will concur in the sound- BsoM s . ie 200I The Lieber company, incidentally, = new Spring hose.
P usinss.S ergeMRyR.CHamitnesfsc netaig.BsoMas rc 20.is just finishing its first tour with=
Auinss straryCassosuhuhetkns Mr. Baily follows the school of a week's stop at New York, where ,2 18 n $.0Vle
msE AistaGorets atero Rex Beach and James Oliver Cur-8 according to the reviews their work
~obert Crawford Charles Sanford wood so closely that his story is aI has been well received.
hoaM.avs Lee Slayton, CarnflO U nolittle over-romanticized and trite. T 1ccptnce 1=tistm
Norman Eliezer Joseph Van Riper ITPeI It should delightdthose lovers of= i
grris Johnson lRcoertWilliamson Itontrubutorlighrehaseelovtoslobrief
Charles Kline Wiliam R. Worbo j Contibgutore aked-to be bthai30f, books which delve into the "out- also the production)I should elimin-!S~;~
wavnKbce orks of pssile Anonynou s com-at the Whitney's innocent impor- =...
Thomas Muir municatis wil le (disregrded, l. doors" setting where men wear red Caintfamlam uc s hsClL 11YA1 s
ortyBonarerlieMulynames of comnnunicants ill, however,1 flannel underwear all year round. tinofaalas uh=st
Dora oth lingar Syr lia Millr be regarded as cofidenial, upon re- a Genevieve Hamper Company, om-NcesAcd
LAgn avdisg Slia nr gnua tlest. Letters published should not le The ation of the story takes place posedof onerepreentatiedfro
Agues° D~wx9 Eleanor W'aikinshaw construed as express:,r he edtorial in Norhn Minnesota. The book psdo n ersnaiefo
Berice Glaser Doroth~ea Waterman opinion Of The Daily. ishaeslyatrlran tei each nineteenth Century American I"
filortentae Gooiug is__shamelessly___athriller___and_______I IiII{Ili fi l1UiIIIIIIlIIIIII iI i iJiOIIII-I-I- - --_-
________________-Iacin shadan as hruhotShakespearean company, each - -- --- --- - TH(
!BELOW AVERAGE. ;ER firmly loyal to a different interpreREADA l
SUNDAY, MARCH 30, 1930 (Results or Statistics) ____tto inhepaprsnd.IWA T DSP Y
-- -- -- I Wishbone, by Sterling Bowen. might even eliminate, though not
Night Editor-GURNEY WILLIAMS To the Editor: ~ necessarily, third farewell tours -_ _ _-_____
A EBy way of introduction to an ex- &Co.,N.$2...0sni metlys p otd
PriceH$.00.. Undeniably then it is one of IO
AYNRHETR. Iamination of the interesting con- This book contains three short i hs ie nedaaic ffiic
Northwestern university has justtrbio by ur"arste"o stories by this young Michigan au-thstieinheda tcafir
trthor whobformerlyailivedtin"Ypsi of Michigan when ... ;and happi -
had the kind of experience that re- t i o u n F i a h u d lk h r w o f r e l i e n Y s -Il n u h il a h k s e r
stoes our fath n he ss ntal hi coum Frda I ho ld le ti. The tales are strikingly un- i o ly eougrh, eWrliampor hatke sa 'e
strs'orfit nth senilto quote several of her statements:; interesting and dull. The author proie a(ahripotnjou
sanity, of present educational ide- "If every student of Michigan; is so preoccupied with detailing o- -I
als. The late Milton H. Wilson left1 would try to respect his Alma Ma- action that he merely chroniclesI In reviewing the Stratford-upon-
th uivrstyeght and a halfI ter and its traditions rather than , and quite forgets that people can Avon' production of Much Ado
miliondolarswitoutstrngs mke igh ofbot. ec.. an Iread such stuff in the Congres- About 'Nothing, Prof. P. M. Jack I{
Fistlt scompliment the don-i should we dig into the annals o nafeod sarsl i a oermrst aeta
or fr hs i leaingtheI te Unveritys taditon e wuldcharacters are wooden and auto- are relevent to the present situa-
wisdtn matn. e culd ear ni~ch romtion: I am a fundamentalist about U
expenditure of this sum completely 'find the old controversy of the tim- ! a variety of short story writers, Shakespeare. I entirely discreditjx
to the discretion o the president lid co-ed and the bold Michigan Isu..ch as Katherine Mansfield, Er-! all evolutionary, revolutionary, and U
and trustees. Any man with a mil-E man . ..Bah," and "June is near 1 etHmnwy tuhr ut revised versions of him. I think her^
lion dollars to give away can usual-' and I for one am glad." The con- ! Conrad Aiken, and sundry others.j has to be periodically rescued from1
- Ithe arty fingers of producers, from;O
ly be~ forgiven if' he specifys for sistency of these remarks immedi- More Whimsies, by Anne 'Kilmer. thclcin hadofuoctcj
what it shall be used; in this day! ately stamps her as a member ofj The Frye Publishing Co., N. Y. C. actor-managers of the grand man-II

* . 4 0 60c W
Samre Service
ing a Month-End
se are all better
were bought this
smart straw and
it ire so
yer 00, _

and age the possession of a million the "brighter (results of statis-3 Price $2.00. ner, and the whimsies and vapours i
dollars bestows power and privi-i tics)" group in the intelligence di- l Our field of literature is cluttered of their wives the leading ladies
leges. Giving it to education seems vision of our university peog si swtottea-Ifo h rgtyugpol h ditional junk of the sort that the do him in modern dress, and from f
to enable a man to pursue his hob- I The co-ed sitting beside me in a mother of Joyce Kilmer sets before alth cusnd itoinshtV
bies, indulge hisprjdcs an quiz the other day who, rightly use in this new book. only a few) copn te I Icdnal
graif hs mbtins I Iestimating my paper as worthless,I people like Charles Lamb and apart from such a fine company a
a speror ortofen rquirres asked me to lower from the seat!Crstpe Morely can write the the Stratford players, the best c
ay souperiiortonerstyrarie- in front my leg which was ob- ,intimate type of essay. Mrs. Kil- Shakespeare is likely to come from f
ly oud n ilioaies t ralzestruting her view of my neigh-f mer is not of this ilk. The Kilmer a roup of university amateurs. V
that the governing body of a uni- bo's paper, belongs to the "bright- family should rest on the laurels Thrg newlpfn ntlieney
verityis he gen bet qaliieder (results of statistics)" female won by the illustratious male, the and humility." So it seems that is 1
provpendmth wee iiomt.wlli group. No doubt her haughty scru- late Sergt. Joyce Kilmer, tl e auth- also Profesor Jack who will or will ]
prvete ntiuio os.tiny of my poor paper was follow- or of Trees, that ditty that one ntb idctd
Secodlyletus ompimet te Ied by my classification as unintel-1 sees framed and gaudily bordered
president and trustees of North- ligent. Imagine her surprise and and labeled "To a Friend." Mrs. 0-
western on their admirable decis- contempt when I continued in my Kilmer deludes herself into believ- More significantly, however, the
ion to ,use the eight and one half( boorish position. Perhaps the co-i ing that Joyce was possessed of a 'production of Shakespeare by Play
million dollars for higher salariesI ed's "some of us who believe im- divine soul, when really he was only Production may be a step towards3
in the literary college. Sizeable provement comes from picking out a polished Eddie Guest, order out of chaos-the chaos of a3
gifts too often turn into buildings y( the flaws and remedying them" Ii trinity of organizations each lay- oeyNwJ
orohr aeiledifices to the I woud be itsted tokno thtAWODigcamtthwdefldo am-1
memory of the donor. Rarely do'11 their "charming and subtle sophis- I ABOUT MR. MENCKEN. usement. With its added facilities4
they help to build up the h um an tication " m akes us laugh at the Since I have already review ed H . a perm anent laboratory of a sort, OTC ope e tea test u t r of h e ni r i y w ic , r g e s veo or y t m , or h e L M n k n' n w b o , A T e t seo p r a e t d r c o , a d e g r1 c
after all, is the essence of its being; literary college. The male Engin-. on the Gods, in the forthcoming co-operation from all its many'
anr sec y hasththiseraz er na- eeing thdehn ody hst enemnr f ur-beris of resolndforahre e al- i students, Play Production can andI EWELRY is of unusual importance this sprint; as the accenting cob
teriatlyeasionito mhe e inreaed in heno yteen forsfo r e. Msnor. enasnonfrhreiioo nasshould be leaving such amusing spring costume color. Whether alone or in combinati on', color is1
t erial xp a n sio t o m ee i nc re a ed t ee n ye a rs . je stsM rasethen o u tsid erookinsloves sw ithth o utsfdctor lin jew elry f afashions.elrT hesm ao nority mofrijew elrewelillellatchch the
enolmoetaders ily demand Since I was interested in men, I done one of two things. Either he love and the bride to extra-curri- 0f3rume through monotone or tone-on-tone effects. It may be the same
for oredivrsiiedinstruction.I chose Michigan instead of any of is making a desperate effort at a cular groups. It should generally co anecastbceorpiferings tatshpessthebiighter rdre hnyu ss.color noteri
H~ighler education has rapidly ad- the half a hundred -universities I comeback at the expense of his put on the type of play that is a jewelry is very popular and very interesting and will be worn extensive
ded frill upon frill to its curricula would have selected before it hadI style or he has become senile; thisI genuine contribution to dramatic, dress has made bracelets a fashion item again.
and thousands of square feet of its I been interested in women. But latter may be true, for if Mr. I appreciation, hence educational. Itv
forspace, neglecting in the rush eenMichigan is not absolutely IMencken has not grown aged in aI requires intellectual effort and Y o prn our jaly fi dparofthenf.llowingahoeer ns t lllor-bity
those faithful academic servants' perfect. As a lover of contentment I literary way, it has grown difficult( physical pain (the blistered hands foer sring i urjwlr eprmnt okao jwly nal oor-i
who have given education its im- it grieves me to observe the railery for himt of late to treat of an-I and finers etc.,) but one hopes 1ii galalith cokers in graygrebuosanochd 1
paranc an mae te epanionof he o-es wo oly earof en thing without repeating himself.1esar. there are many people eager to sa- Sot yejwlyi ii oosa 12 n p
ilecessarv. ~~~~Iin the e i~r r1 CPCA----------------------------------------------. ..4Sotstpneelyi ii clrit$12sn p

coo oftecs
'or pnot.portser
ly. The sleeveless
'our new costumes6
75. 6

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