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February 01, 1930 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-02-01

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VOL. XL. NO. 93.





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i .I. 4.



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ANHUHHOWN 900HESS MEETING ~ ~~~~Rinstatmnit Not (o ltz oauzz sudYG)edya h
.,j i, c 1A t of ileaea U of stucleats. t
$ > Pa t i s cain ni l("ye tiationeoti fiat rfneity-
Speech Projected Into Success Attributed by! PaTiratz . 'fl Big en (lforjiilL ~iof lracrnesity Truskowski and Kanitz DivCid
Brain1 Directly b ymn Governor to ';*t IWAPNIHE EO G will not be issued until that in FourthSucsieC
Pequidents of alt all fraternities hv i h E g t P i t
Elcrct9E gn e 1 ann .N. C. A. C. Pannied Inquiiry,fLl(e of the clan a complete list of.______
_ "c:.'of . cinl. A fa'' C~A~ir; nc. f"~~j~I p, . )JL A nn.Lni I ?L IAIn I

lScoring Honors
rference Win

Speech projected ctr~hostatic-
ailly directly inito the human brain'l
- as otle of the rciiarkabale demi-
onstrations 1)ef orlncd esterday
afternoon lby *D r. Sergitus I.'.
Grace, who closed l the lecture prEo-
grail of thleMichiigan i iicr
ing Conferecgc in Ilill auditori-
D~r.(":rase spoke a sentice int10
a telephone transmitter ;uid~, t)V
meads of amplifiers, this sentence,
was distinctly heard by all thesz
audience. At the same time a pa-rt!

"J ;"l tililm lilyi,c ii) the 'po-
li t wal lil l 10t: 1othe faIct 1that I
";iin b)v nature a' politician, lbut to
the( faict that. t a i iiengineer,''
said the II oji. lFraidk C. Emtlerson.
go ye rn o 1* of Wvoii iii hs ad -}
dress Ito11 lel)CP5 of the *Fourthi
1', rineering con tlrence yest erdlay
alt (eriooll . Gove rnor l14,il -csI.
vN hlo is aradnu~ctate of the TEiio-)'i-
rlecering collegec, spoke onl". i
el0d of the Engineer in Govern- 1

ffor. N4Mvarch7. obtainable at the office.



Professor Ralph W. Aigler,
University of Michigan member
of the Big Ten faculty commit-
?tee on athletics, declined to
comment extensively tonight *
on a report from Chicago that :
Iowa university will be restored*
to good standing by their .orn-:
mnittee tomorrow.
"Interesting, if true," Pro tes-
sor Aigler said when told of the
ronnrt. Pv(nfr.!tirA i rrii* r who. is

M+.cFayd en and McK c izie Scorc
Uast Two Goals to Turnl
Defeat into Wi.

3y iAssociated Press
0.11I CAGO, Ill., fan. 31.-Setting up a long lead in thk, figit-
half. M icli k;a tiNwon its fourth WVestern Con ference basketball v ictory
tonlight. deicatiiig Chicago, 29 to 16.
The\Vol venuites ran all over the !Maroons ini the firstIt-a~l f tit a
lead by) 20 to 6. Iln the last p~eriod, howvever, M icluigail played r
godly and was outscored by )1one poinit. Kati itz ad 'lriisklc('N;i
toppedC~ the \Vol \eritles in scoring while Captain Cl ungin in e4d i11w'
'Maroons. It was Chicago's fourth str~aight(lefeat ill ( 1 fill 1-
comilpe tit i oi.
foe Trttskowski started the scoring with a fre°e tiuro w, l) i N
('hiang;non, Maroon captain, came right back wvith a basket tOev
Chiicago the lead for the only' time during the gamrek.

.. r

"There arc, in my opinion, a

of the electrical current from theI
amplifiers representing this sell-

numnber of qualities possessed by
the competent engineer that make

D~ean Emeritus Conley,
Who was highly honored at the
luncheon meeting of the Fourthl'
Michigan Engineering Conference'



tesews tre i "eiy ir hmpatcualyeesietint e 'ray by Gerald J.Wagner and * clairma'n of the commaitte e in yStwwdou tC. lullerton. -Kiauitz and Chrapman dropped ii sh
cult. After a storage of four sec- field of government. Gov Fred W. Green. Dean Cooley; Control of Athletics at Midi - Marquetes fatluou pair of Cal- oeCa uncutrdo o ~oe
ains this electrical current was "First there is integrity. The en- was given the title. "Dean of the gai rcetlydesried ond- aryMacouotnedepryete on a lo ne
transformed Into high voltage andl ginWr must be honest to the high- Engineering Profession." tions at Iowa as "appalling" in vne ees n Tusa ~~wr
passed into Dr. Grace's body. Mr.! est degree. And, as in engineering, ; a report in which lie attac ked ;nights encounter, gained revenge 1 T flIIrng
vigacouthynthe fad finger good 1government
raete ssd his fne.go oenetdemands a vastL SOLU v rusyte aosCange for the previous Iiltopper defeat IflVI IU Tru
against the car' of one of the mere- :amount of integrity. COMITTEE. ISSUyESeoioundtatgoalsBulletinni No.123. L I shot
: N , a eiugIlr ol ht 1 l;tbetrs of the audience, who heard "Then comies straight tikn.p [follow sot r~r.L'tMeign -,i is~ngi LII i I
t i k lgBy C art s W i u t ry nq c t 1 v i f ni b h n ttCadirectly w ithin his brain the saine A ccuracy a nid clearn css of though , riu ndick
sentence tJat had issuedl fromt the, which the engineer is schooled to h cCAOcII Jn.ke*Iu n-ioly (01 t't. the V
loud speaker four sconld3 ear'hl',ier. aeqire, is deinitey Sesetial to a ---- iversity Of Iowa Suspenldedl from e E 'It ws oinC i clydi, cap- Jtiir Varsity Defeats Detrot iargi
U ;s.ecetinete Swehi soth-ayrui ing political machin. Cessation of Dancing Set for Western Contiferen ce ol carges of 1h fteMrutetata
Th, gne uliishr e icke dill) a loose puck directly in ~m
'Dr. Grace also gave a cdemonstra- cause heis sureuofi his facts,"he 3 O'clock; Spectators ..i1i:igad prOSelytilng its a111-.1. t'l, of Lhe Mihige an.net0todrive by 2618 Scor. ei(
tion of "Inverted" speech which is sai. Not Allowed. letes, will b^ voted bck ito the it P a t jo ie Tol'ius for theKp ed
orinryspeh evrsd otht Thrdi te i--Iwul pac3ig 'Tnt 1 a t'Iiui' or the fa-final Iliii]toppr sore with only 20 ,ANDJRSON HIGH SCORER1Etph
t :..,l ~ : r r# ncices become low i1urY, frper viic id~ RE-ENTfRY TO I i A<13RI(Diit O l[t( '. ~~~It wai n o seethe hi
I rc and vice vrsa . This tmdefr ~ ~p~fcto~frw1orv lcnttwti x ;s ~incM~ye h crdt o
any successful business. Whatever i General rules governing the 1931pc cl e('t;,> become eflecctive March one early in tthesecGond pleriod,; attempt on the part of the Cadillac after
i wtlrted"s' speph is unintelligible a niount; of inldustryI do possess, I J-H-op and attendant house parties 1. 19,0. T1is action, it was authour- whtiale it was his running mate, M-' il
tob a hit eer and isan iteresting il- owe to my training as an engineer, as adopted by the committee ini itively learned today, will be take, K-.Ur/ic, .that counted the other! A. C. to turn defeat. into victory,fiedS
T rat fi of ntithods for obtaiing "After industry I place vision," Y 1charge were issued last night. The to save the Hawkeyecnisitution ,Mnr"gtct t gol midway during the; Michigan's junior Varsity quitet Chica
sebrecy in radio connections. continued G ov er n or Emnerson., regulations in general cover the rein further humliliation, as it had! tin al seson , won a hard fought game last night sent 1:
Thie traiisatliutic short wave ra- "The engineer is above all a cea- !poor rules of the affair itself, and been reported that the North Cen-: Michigan, chiefly through two at the Field House by a 20-18 count. of thc
diet 3eceiv'ng station on top of tor of things for the benefit of+ specific house rules for the fra- .tral Association of Colleges intend-! brillianet efforts on the part of Jo- (After leading 18-0 at the half way in a
&3hooleys Mountaein in New Jersey mankihd. And, as the engineer de-i ternties heaving separate parties ed to Investigate conditions at. septh, veteran wing, wheo was play-,pro oc orrih' rtgssoy
whs ;describedl by Dr. Grace. An- pends upon vision in his working! the weekend of the J-Iiop. Iowa at its meeting March r. ! ing his last gamei for the MaizepeidCah outghspreestry
othe very recent development he out of huge projects, so must thei The regulations for the J-11op are The general seniment o the and Blue, went into the lead early l allowed the invaders to run the Mick
desribed' as the transmitting and executive of the people employ the in part as follows: other nine Institutions inl the West- in the opening period. On two oc- score up to 2-1 with four minutesIwr
receiving apparatus for communi-" same faculty in his task of increas- '1. Dancing must cease at 3:00' er Conference, apparently, is that 'casiones the speedy Wolverine ace' to play before they stiffened misse
- ctln wthairplanes. ing the happiness of the public, a. i. and lights must be out in the Iowa has been sufficiently puish-! skted through the entire Mar-, nuht tpteDtotta' on
The ransatin ofmecanicl "he ffthquality held hin con- Intramunral building at 3:30 a. m. ;cd for its infraction of rules ov- ; (t1ette defense to fool Scultz and ons.teb
Tonebyrthelcapablefengineenand "2.iThereifhallhbebn
< puss into speech was an expr- the manbithefilelnofgoveernent Thlersonlse eospectators, ceiniig athletics. Furtlhermnor e, the ;sc liil tepuckxining into the op-! Drinh.irtprodteWo-eg
innt that :startled the audience. temi n iefedotgvrmn h ol esn dmitted to the action of the Ilawkeye athlic an- onents' net.ono
Opcrat ghgeIi dial on a standard' is adaptability.' Both must have hall shall be those bearing tiekets theoits in the recent houseclean-, Following Josph's second goal 'venues held four of the A. C. plty- Oi
elphone set, 12r. Grace was able '.(conltinued on Page ) issued by the hdip committee. ling, in Which 29 athlletes were de- howeer, the Mihigan team failed rs sc~nt1orlswit fhiAndersMac-
to make the loud speakers con-.--..---- "3. No corsages sh1all be permit- dlaredl ineligible for furl h(r cr-!to clickLe properly, most of the at- w cont hfreeallsxe[ts. te's M ie.nt
neted with the translation appa- R DItRO D AS led to be worn at the hop.' petition, has reacted favorably withtlILcks down the iei the filal two ! minuive fotree asktroes. ffth e is - kai
ratuDspek an nuber r1coJ-T "4. There shall be no decora-' emibers of the faculty coilui- S tis beinm s ucessfully brokenmnuiefrrdtopd ffheTul
bination of numbers that he dialect. TO HAVE VA-iRIETY llions of individual booths except te. .r.... II 'teby the wsMarute debyfense tlooreevwi h ih scoringDonorsfor D. Ltan
Dean CoEm ueriu . --Drbythwhping n ee With the awk ye ,c h iol rr'e;e 01dduplicatinghis codfirst thalf eperform7jorwl Lve
DenEeiu .I.Cooley was ;Clildrcn'sDrwn and 11rt "a. Taxicab rates siall be ar- ed to good ° Landing iretw'eonl- ~i ients between thle efee n n.i tescn ihthe oe o
hligly honored at thke lunchecon of tbcDi.uscd."iddby the hop cimmnittee and ferew-e, it was pointed out- tonig h',ticlla'I e'.gy -b Dsused i!WM tAty Lakts. (Weiss
the Conference 'yst irdlay when cove chai'rgcs should be reported to t hat there will be no necessity of P ,teMcia urigwscoe
erdJ.W irformer 131(25> ; the s i.5 ithe North Cen tlntl Associaleian to -cigta" Ps. lV~idtc 'ieMcigegurig atcoe
det ofdthJ MiWagan ghtclimg our faiculty nieibet's will s pcaih 1T I' - Imip i i . c------CScutz especially ill the first half when 'flot
.society, resented hirn with flowers Il teeuipsrai rga o i.,. }v_;Jbi forthe rope conuctiiyi - II, -.i~aiiihli 11 'op ponnsddntgtasot C
yp e boadcast tonight at; 7:30 o'clok frtm i'P2Iuidw ar shot at the basket, all of Andersons Chan
whil.etin Mtreisgymnasiumioof ala Al ications for Crars-------- .Meadncouners coning onl long tries. Dc- Sepl
den oto eng inre uae m ro tun h ris hallg studio°o s-Iro ithl alosebatjtedgthe hop. Offnders t Iirit ......---C ...McDonaldsatthscoegrdnheWlBee
the lUniversity to cdean of the en- ;loiohall beDtrotejected m, -from the hall andi at J1Hop Tak iToday Nyg ord--------...I. ...Fulog ipit hscoeurigiheWl os
their miames reported retoltheostu, TJ(;%nph ----19 ----Moore verites were called only four ties Fish
gingrin LrfWsIon C r teirnams rpored Coteurt - 1for fouls, and these did the team Temp
Den ooeyi hsesoneout- lrog'am wllbe peetdby (ent advisory comminittee within 24 iBeginning today, stuidets will be M ~ir:1 iech i g all_ - - .ri, j~~a h naer eeu-All
lie'teofteeniee-two faculty memnbers of the School bol-. allowed t make aplcton at-tic SI I nrr Mrqutte --. M-
lndtegrowthi oof theo plid enlg-ineer-. - allu>. able to count onlany of hcem,'1Th1
in"sholatte , mvrs," and f Music. ccording to Prof. Waldi "9 SmroingininI-e gmasium - office Of te dean lor students fort' yl'Tl.vc, lezerr.
pasdthe wonderful. sirtthat ! .ver 1 and the use, psse.ssion or showing tenissiu t l utomoiless- _-lc , i~_,n Iio :e~0 ling lu othefit alfguadinghwell To
praisedl spicri radio statioi I. 1le effect of intoxicants shall be cially over the J-flop wenc d, it 1.,>1, Jseih, 13.,.50t.efis hlf atouhe
was shown by tm ery PrfJea P Sueirwh-; el- ,vri fnsaWleiewudUn
of the profession. Deant Cooley PrfJem .luswhh-al- consiered improper conluct, is announced by «. B. Rtca, asis-- -3oiu! -Scoi al priod: 1). M-bseval timesforadWoblein eeult U
then introduced Gov. Fred W. ! es drawing and painting i the l"I. No person shall r-eter 'ant to tihe dean.- 7,';y ydr-u3:45. ra wyfradibei lo~
Green to the delegates of the con-.Cllg o:Acuteraiiw c h building after one leaving." All those who at peent ld S in-l')r iemA:Mceze
ferlieia; a ltraiiv ~~di s Regulations concerning tie conl- permits 1-o drive cars for Sen ;ed i~( 1.:5; > . Mlden, 19:40. ItJnet ot was tihinscoer s foR
In 1j,.suec Gve .o.Uc,.. hailtc'r of water colors, will di r- ;U o house cofor ltoprposes will e aio PLral 'enlaties- -I. i ,ydl ,1)7M),i , ,litspeeoaovrolCaei "C~,...rtright fwith_"s nine points-., FRtohi, reit at ouh iewa
praised Dean ~ Torc "iss Children's 1)ronvlngs and Al .those req uiremients laid down by; grated pemui s iou to use their .1aydei 2 Biyait 24 lcKenzie 3 clnoey pressed by Weinstein whio'
pr~e enColy fr the cuon-1b
tribution he has made to thne n- Pr"of. Alen Maria of tiench- the dean of students as prevailing ars for social purposes of the Rl- chaoderer, Furlong, Jseph). cote
over such affairs. IFlop week-end -- -- -Rfeiee-RIuslime (Windsor.- eone o od L
gineerineg prof ession. "Innthe olnW11 I engineringayepartentdwill ___
days when someone was needed ll fhsdsoeisrsliglo basketbaill and shilndixg shots from road
-Who could be looked top as a leader, ieetcmi TeEfe~ of Paints adags, ltohatimsIfem
reerhi TeErfc~ I ,,iddageatog ttmsirrand who -could be trusted for his and Inlosure on Radiat-or Pcrfor- COMEDY CLUB TO PRESENT ~ LOVE WITH LOVE' Iruhesiiterforwr ew
judgment, we always tturned, to iniies. ENT SECOND PRFORM1 ANJCE OF TWO IGHTg' Jsyste
Dea Coley" said Governor Greenc. - Prof. Wiliam W. Bisho , ibrr-- OF w .'riri- S A D soe amchirod"Bws
ian i.of the University aind head or -1 a aaici>riaoe ""ws1
ES IO A SIiU~T telodreetcw1leVaiaa Final performance of In Love lxLtl me flirysctcr i night. and with the exception ofi day.
wil elo eratn h 10 With Love," by Vincent Lawrence, -- -h0wl osin itie first part of the j i'h
LEAD PRO FIELD 1lirary at t Pne. scn af te hwda°mohBii
B__--Iarbara Hra1. Bartlett. hpruf(s.5Or will be given tonight by Comedyenl shstlehodasfheErie
(By Assocated Ft e, of Public lealthn nursing., will t lk club at the Lydia Mendehssolnn the-., 'A~ ius and an airtight defense. I twoI
BRhECKENRIDGE PARK . N on "Child Conservatioii." atre. The curtain is at, 8:30 o'clock. -BiOX SCORE. [ or w
ANOITxJn 1-Dn- Ou 4mI ~jr yBeh- The oiginal production was first Mi liga;1 f ft pf tp I with
snore Shut, young Columbus, Ohio, yn ntu nvnet ste a- presented on Broadway with Lynn !-oe l------000O nm
professional, amd Al Espinosa, Cli-imal selectionr to be presentedl by; Fontaine, Ralph Morgan, Robert-
cago, a veteran golf pro, blazed a: Manud Z Okkelberg, professor of ; Stranger, and Berton Clnurcinill in Winstein. If,........ 39 0 0 l tuith
p a r b c k n a l o e h s d - i n n t e S ch o o l o f M u sic, o nce ! th c s. ji d srr bll e- - - - - - 1 1 2 y t
ceitfuil umunclpial (course today to Mi stLuou c Cuyle, violnst and iP- 1ae lyugpiothofpi -is
leada feldof almost l150 golfers n in srctin the theory of nmusic. I f ouncofithe s.seeticsinteoiz (.:oiirg103cm
the opening round of the iith an-'----- -.- .- -- -ml production. C aacteis il this cu utie g(ap.... 1O
tnual Texas open golf tournament. - stutIion ar, from left, to right.--;s
Eahso h a 1lyu i 8 _1QKWo Ti1'Y to a.- peak Robt t tranger Ralph Morgan, Totals--------- 8 4 26 day.
I I. ~ -Cadllach- ..a:,.... dla A. C. rei

itort shots for Michaiga.-,1
Changmion scored all -4 h is.
sin the first period, and they
the only points the Maroons
uip during the :fracas.
zkowski scored anothier '"dhov-'
for Mlcigkn and 'Bill Orwi".
ed withn two field goals fi
succession. Chapnai , Lovel
Canitz all scored again to give
olveries their first peiod
in. Ashley, Chicago guainrO .
nad beemnomit; of action wit. h
fected foot, was inserted ii the
d period anid his presence
ed the Maroon attack
ienson md :Fishn ~c ,l ifound
oop before. Michigan was abl
ant in the second -period, and
'Truskowski had collced;a
goal and a fol shoct, Bocsel
tephemison countedagain f or
,go. Daniels mnd Weis!; were
in for Michigan near UP en d
e contest and each dropped
field goal to finish up the
Iigan displayed' abih'<;y to
the ball in for short ihots bt
d many easy shots. The Ma-
forced to shoot lont; hots,
n ot danigero us cxc ep ciduring
ief flurry iiithne last ha't'. Ci-
failed to cash ini on a sing.l e
)f its foul shots attemlpts.
:owski .......... ....2 4 1.
Ls ...............1 0 0)
Iran, C . . " " . "..-- - 1 1
als---------------11 76
ica go: ;
tgnon, f-----,-3 0 p)
enson, f------2 0 1
lThe ...... .........1 02
ale; g ...............0) 0 1
'y,g----------------.10 2
eree, rlTravnicsk, (Artuotri
Ire, Malony (No tre Da~mv).
(bly Associated Press)
oNDO, Eng., Jan. :31.--11i
ch plain for smoothing the
of the five power naval Col-
ide by means of a Conromscf
een the global and category
nin of the tonnlage limitation,
seemingly halted at an execu-
session7 of the conferene to -
.e difficulty arose when the
sih were unable to fill their
places on a special conmittee
vlichi yesterday's session voted
the idea that the committee
.d study the French suggestion
I the mnembership of this corn-
ce is completed, it is probable
the subject will be considered
me full conference sitting 'as a
inittee of the whole.
iy general principles were di-
d at time executive session! to--
:It is probable, however, that
rite proposals will be for thcom-

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