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February 01, 1930 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-02-01

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ii , H I- A 174i-

Th~h~AY. - __

Architects Show Glass Is Useful Medium CHICAGO'S PLIGHT lChico
'K __ EAN3; l~sistg~ '1!:1!YI ?1Z1~21TONIEWS CROOKS1
poiiotoneheds__eduHIAOJn 31.-Out of Chi- CHC
WyomTing Gvro paso cretiseo0heA1rc1 ~cttlscino h tl rcnbr e racket. Tile sale o
Qualities Essential to Architect features anI eight-page ! Architect includes photograph~s of city Micenses at hlalf pri1ce. Mlvi~t
set itl illustrttiing VOrk 11fw bigaare fdecorative pressed tglass; h xOmn h OCiC~ s Wtt
SU~S.cone in this coutrtty and in Europe l~apels depic ting the Labors of m nethod of getting tiiuey withouU right th
with glass, loth as deceoration in,1wrigfriweeaesdatr toheG
TALKS ON GOVERNMENTi building cons truction and its a fler"cules. 'these panels, designedwoigfoiterarsedferothG
purlyartstmeium b Wi~c Glbrt f rethey tried it onl a rest turanteur. 1 moot que
purteleyPrm Parti~stmditm, by WlerGibrtofEgn, aecThey told bhip they were city emn- beredh, as
ability to keep Dace with the rapid Silesia, is a leader in the rc vival(0'S Cbrned..ly rhmth iywa nbl1vl ut
passage of tim~e and its accomnp- of lo dors to pay~ "For thaLt reaIsonl, have p aid in a
codiios.glass-ctut~ting e<ripen-r"virig. 'tiviy of these glass wvorks trc permnission to get outr momney by ! :rly- flkss
nygchgigUsing' his glass-cutter's whelcel r1i benisonynteItrainlisligyu a city ci Bre't license at with n ma~s
"Last in this list of qualities┬░" th painter does his brush, Suss- beh hw nth nento al lf prce,, hede
said Governor Emerson, "I dlesig- m uth his fashioned many exquisite Exhibition of modern glass and hfropsto one h oie. Thempdc
pate commn sense. This virtue isJ works out of glass. Photographs tugs wich is being displayed i ;the rsitiosond;k edr, ho c o antempa
the companion of; all the otherI of two of his products arc shown: i museums throughout the United tersarn epr h aldIcm
flye.. It is involved its each of them. aaterpe 7ieyougwmn j~States. police.; "yumn, yru
Dr. H. S. Boardman, president of'ar-lt~ ~isv tet rrti i-
ofMieoee tastically engraved onl a glass According to the magazinec, wallst- f
the. university o Vauoee panel; and anl impressionistic han- of glass are not beyond the realmA
the session yesterday morning with diling of the head of a man ande of possibility. Illustrations are- RESERVE SE
hI~spech,"Eniner a Edcatr.child which combines leaded and shown of a public building in Mag-
"The engineer in the field of educa- 3egae ls.dntrf emnlrescin
tion has had an uphill fight, but to-nrae lss ebrg emny ag!scin
day he has reac hed a point of de- Tw o engraved i; ass panio1vdie- of whose walls are of gla. s.Te, '
yeometwhr hsplc i hesgndfo Prscafe by O'aetan gtlass is such that it admits light, ;I CC j n da 11
vediiapxnnwoeredhis acuedi, sai Jeanniln, are shown. Theys(Tdeict hott obscutres thre view, thus giving J
edr.tn woardmian. tr~d" aidamenac ing;-appr~rSisiff 11 tci lrtra C- t he ccr niinedadvant~ag e~s of nat-j
He pointed out that it helassie beeni fic policwtittli and a :tb lliooii o ral 1,11 4.hJt and privacy. Waliopl g taxa i.yer One M04 Nt
re e t ya h t t e U Itodstreet-,singe I. ',the general trend se s to L nc)nd D nn r $6 0
ittshsbcm rcgie sa Glass is rapidly assumrinrg its toward a more extensive use ofU dD
atoiyuo scetfcsbet.place as an all-iriportant mied ium lass, not only as an art form, but i With Breakfast -7.50
A :majority of the. engineer-trained'in aertme. f rnt v id tintrucion asa uef l dbtiful me3. EiII
epwhose positions entitle them vi Ythn rm eit tin t grle lesi bittldit osrto. ____________ __ ___ ____
to be ranked ds educators have-- V~)~ ~
been appointed recently, ale said.O 1UE p ww(01ii~ ,
In speaking of the value of engi- f NOWCELMitil
neering training TDr. Boardman S OIN .. i1:01:0 h
stated, "Ani engineering education X A1 00
but tends to create in one the abil-
ity: to command, anti the present EVER MAIDE._ THE V ICTOf
dtay tendiency for broader and morei
liberal curricula furnishes'a means T E A IT~
Wl'ereby the engineer may take his I THE MICHIGAN,
place beside those of the legal pro-'
fession in affairs of, the naion." j''The Varsity S~cegnac
E. P. Goodrich, consulting engi- I4 LB (Now at Joe Parkei
neer, New York City, who spoke on'-
the achievements of the American from the stage play"Ngtic'jV
engineer in China, followed TDr. ."Nightstick"c est
Boardman on the program. The vivid romance of a ~r ns duhe whose 1
"Te uansdei~ ngnern heart was stolen.i by a gangster aind redeemed by a detec- 1{ " 5 Monroeh
often enters into tale plans, of proj - .g
ects large and small," he said in tive s love.
s pegkti igo f t e m ny cor ec co -
strctin pansfrom. an engineer-_
ing standpoint that Have had to be
altered out of respect for the
prejudices and superstitions of the:
native Chinese.
Goodrich recently returned 'from
China where he directed engineer-,

roPolice Are Called to Find Pigs; PROFESSORS WILL
g eant Decides They Are Already ChopsATEDM TIG
TWO nmembers of theio )liticalsci-^
(P ~fat 'S) " ence department are in New York
I wil tll y net, aidtwo City this week attending meetings
GQO, Jan. 31.-There is no sergeant, "that you have lost w' of research groups. Prof. Jesse S.
ihere pigs go when they get; pigs. My men are all honest and1 Reeves is at the Conference for the
!n nice albino pigs like A. I reliable. On the other hand"-and f Codification of International Law.
hews'. the dreamy look returnedl-"pigs (Professor Reeves has just complet-
ier Mr. Maiithews dide the !do mnake nice poyk chops. The boys e cd a draft code on diplomatic ini-
iing by reporting his loss ' are a long way from their last pay munities which he has presented
resham police station is a day, from the looks of things, are for the consideration of -the con-
3stion. It must be remem- e~qually distant from their next. It frne
ti~he- desk srgent poin is positively dangerous even t~ Prof. Robert T. Crane is attend-
pa plcmnhvntbe'mention food to some of them." Iigtemeigo h oilSi
lon tieIn is rp ~ would like to get my pigs ence Research Council. Professor
>sspiated, are just grand back," said Mr. .Matth-ws. "fe rn a en-rmin nih
shedrio hos an gavy.l al, igsis--" social science field for a number of
esk sergeant sat in dreamy " Exactly," said the serge-ant. yerndwsoeofh nsg-
Lainadfo i isI"pigs," finished Matthews. tors of the social scien~ce research
noise that sounded like "Not forgetting," said the ser- group which was recently. organiz-
a m"" geant, "pork chops." Jed at the University,

200 CHAIR$
pets f ropta Hill Aui4 tor own
SPei Week
Per Wee

_ I

The Audible Color Screen Bringzs



-v y arty
ra Service'
DialI 21869





Gay Comdy, Glorious Girls, Sheer Beauty
Bob Woolsey's Wise Cracks
Will panic you-


- - - ' #'

1 ,1

You ill Want This Electric Clock,

Starting Thoday theL iigSreen.
________ Please NotE _c-__


loch I
2:00, :' 0
355 I~
7 i0l, 9.0)

This attraction at a preview in Ann Arbor Wais
cuded to be the first Perfect -100 % all-axusical
m tic sensation since talinYg pictures:niad
their adventure.

d ra-




Waffle, Iron

and Electric Percolator

You'll say so too


1 {
__ N ' -- !
... . : .
__ P '

Electric Percolator $450
This. 7-cup electric percolator' isy
aluminumn panelled-an attractive
addition to your tables Extremely
Simple in construction and oper-
ation, itis easilyand quickly cleaned.
A safety fuse protects it when the
ptercolator bhols dry or is started
without waiter. YOU will be de-
li igbed with the convenience of an
Iectric percolator -'simply pIlg,
in the connection and prepare your
coffee, right at the table, right, at
you elbow'.


Waffle Iron $595
A nickel. plated electric,
Waffle iron that makes
waffles in two minuites
right at the table, right at y urib w ihu g es
ors, oke. Snap the switch
]5i 7athe creatybatter, _
and.a deliciolls Plate is soo
ready. Light, crisp wamfes ,-
ma y be- enjoyed for break
f st, -with bu tter and syrup
fo r noon luncheon, alonc
or as an added delicacy; for pm
dinner,a i ss'ert With _ .
cinnamon and.tm _
whipped creamd 4
or hot, spiced N I -
apple sauce. They ~ ~~
are a treat io a
dozen di fferent




1 !
r Wl

Electric Clock-$97 and *Hb
'The electric ecck is a modern timekeeper - It
needs no winding, no attentionYo -imply
plug it into the electric outlet and forget it
fihereafter it keeps accurate time, faithfully and
automiiatically. En joy this 'new convenience-
install an electric clock in your Home.
T!hese appiances are reasonably
'priced, yet carry the uncanditona/
Detroit EdisonguarateJ


x ThA1iR'I T TTA

1' ThTQ 1NT


_X -J U A~ A.'. ".4'f



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