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January 10, 1930 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-01-10

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I '.

"Vlmomo"49-4-"' "A"".

. ..... .
_______-.___.._. ..._____._____.._.____ . ___._.. _.._ . . ... . . .._.. . ..._... . .._ _b_. ... .. ..,,.._ ... . ... .. . . .. .
__. . _._._. ...___...e._w_._.. . __...__.. __ __. _ _._...._.. .._..._...

r:,,T iA'i , fa~Ii:i-s lu f, i ,i s ONOS PADIYBare.)last night in the Lydia Mendless
W-1I1[ BE [ NI 9 :u pttc i in CamillocoivlicpeakingtiltI ILL g0 1 1 Allthti T1S8 .atI ht we plan our dancs.
tests, women's Gebaingt eam Cr-T 19u ii mst relrote, we have t xrie We e such a wide tour:e
DfelpiaffrmaIatertosi-our' bodies," said Yvonne Georgi, v'cl--filled schedule this year;
10UDKISH F[S1I VA1 pletevndunysem ti ist o a eoItalirauo. ]lack Quill, Portia,IIU iIiLUED cancrftrhrPisd.Bupeasnxtyr
titstepoint s3ytemi chart of' Choral Union, University Girls' Glee_ fornance with Harald Kreutzberg; ad Btprasn~tya
-- ~~~126 took on an entirely different club , nivesil y orchestra, Wonmen's te salg oHlivodfrt'ii
Only Turkish Student on Cam- apparance. Instead of a singeI~ Leagu: orhestra, Cosnoolitan Commiittee Will Sponsor Two "We go to Switzerland for the is; Roman Navarro is one of1
Pus Assists in Planning large sheet, the present small bound club, Rpubican clan, and oio-' Parties Held at League sunier, and after we rest, in the close friendsadhewl'
Al eoain.sheets were adopted. " At this time lg lb e oo oite cd aur 5 suerb uiet of the Alps, it is there again for us."
study of the. different oraniza---__ !__ American movies are so fi
t-ons adatviewamaebd were Delta Sigma Rho, Dela~ with pretty girls, that's al'"
of; FOLK DANCE IS FEATURE'the committee in order to give as mc n u h psln SgaMRS. HUNT IS CHAIRMAN I l f if Miss Georgi, "and what they n
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A nearly pefect a reward for timeaic lp ha Itadrhh im.- jB rA~h M HfL satnte edtesre
BrIdge and Refreshments to be and abiitynecs ary for each poll bftii19213 choolrtgu Eiht YarsAgo L cmmimsi.ialcn it
snPormo at ition as possible. So well were tile Ta12 hr me o a i~ Tahr lIlfiII~ RI lr The eyes of the danseuse as
ca rga fPry levaluations made, that most o[pousdecre(ase iu at 'vltiesfuTeLNow1as1Eigt 1e1cersU1related her experiences in I
1'W C ,u rciatcd ae' E TE [okto be Held Today. them are still unchaaavzccl The sy s- , .A U mtetkn and Three Graduates. a ~ I.E~ ~ 41 IL uhwnderfulgo Aaudiens 1(V
___...-j lin, was nowv put on)fa ic(ale of a!UUsuch w~ oanderChuicao ces, ee
ight out of the Snow and cold 10, the greatest number of points iAJ fMryoo the nwowericlubsnhadas so, whatuyotwoallogL On
and conservative dignity of a uni-j being, given to the president of thle not lived andi dsappeared from the rcds.1.I asow tyuclapr
ch icaair "Newclubs organ- he ;arties sponisored by the Education-! Professor Dickinson Wiall Speak tv, yet! And these Ainaeric
versity in Michigan, and into the League and the rest apportipned io ne h oe' tlti c omteifteUieriyo ~rdCutIse are so different from Euro~e ans
warmth nd colr of aassociation, such as Pegasus, Or- Hospikal School are to be uedl to; at Luncheon Today, 'ecmnral rfrtep
tval in. Turkey is the promise of Purpose Is Chang'ed. c Freadntecihmeclbapparaallstinpayngthereahes'ealp--.a
the. Women's League to all those h:iadterfecuapa-assinpynthtecessa-KuzbgadMssGoip
woatdthpatat4ocok At this time tie purpose was ed. Thle Sophomore Prom, Frosh Activities which will hold the in- Ketbr n isGog
par feron nthe al lromkofchanged to read the distribution !Frolic, Mimes Productions, P1 JC te1sital s oo. Tere of the iAmerican Associationthroin ofecdaig
thi afernon n te bllrom f lof the honors and duties of college ;Lln .Theta Chi Delta Pi, and1 parties will be held a~tt Ihe Wons Uvresit Women during the as follows: coffee, rather early,s
teLegebuilding. Color scheme, !life in order to promote efcec Alpha Kappa Delta were added to ; League bilding, the first t 2:'0 monhUofJaur y aetvry ive- fui;xerciss until noo; or
entertainment, and decorations I'in the activity, and group (cola hel-to 0t i~soClo:k on Wednesday iafternoon, sifced. Atd12:30 thistnoon the In
the istof ct~ltie. sfte. At12:0 tis non he n-'then the dance.
have all been planned with the as- I siousness in a larger number of Nt imch different from this i January 15 in the Assemby room' ternational Rlations group of thexrsioimilhtoetp
sitneo1eieReiGa. h univers.ity women." The limit of the 1929 chart adapted by the point and the othaer at fi o'clock of the' assca Ioi will be addressed by dnigw r odo, oc
only Turkish student on campus. points carried by anay one student syst n oft thie year. There are 40 same day, in the Alumnae roomi. Prof. Edwin D. ickinson, of thledsdain le refd 'coc
Oneof he ostuniue eatreswasplaced at 14 where it nwatvities listed vith a total of 150 Eighit years aoro, through. the -; Law School at a luncheon to beedMranittsfom
efkhrsfll pesentch asse that the more important activ- simeand the limitation of' points iAnn Arbor, the first teacher was in- Dickii-son, an authority on thelst odances. stihavie oo h netiminwl eZy tnd.Gop eefredi r myo reh ups ean tefrso h igs xa~ieso ivna h egebilig rf eybginn htw , e
Refk hrsef wll resnt ssitedities would not lie assumed by a is now 14, having been first 10 and saled in the school. The plan was League of Nations, will speak onl tore."acsI tl ae nm e
by, Hazel Dickinson, '31. Both small group. Under this ruling a ltr1.Oe eido er experimental at the time, but has th "World 1.Oe eido er h Court," an appropriate________
dancers will appear in niative Tur- student could accept only one of - 'a system has been worked out rowvn dring this period of yearsl subect on the tenth anniversary oodT
kish costume. A quaint little story fiee in group A, one in B, and memn-(which is considered the best pos- ;util there are at the rsenit time of the Leagute. This tali is thoe C1 okn 1
accompanies the dance and will be bership but not an office in C. Per- ( ible cthodl by which honors may five full-time and three hkalf-timge jtird of an informal series boeigLoingGrl
explained by Miss Refik just before manent and temporary points were, be diideJd and a teiT~pense given teachers in the academic- di lat- I lvrsb the Internationial Reationas Have Difficult Tit
the performnance. also differentiated in this chart, for work efficiently and well done. mnt of the school. Last year three group. Any w onan who is inter-
Coffee will be served at one end of' The greatest change over frmer'hlrnwr
th alomo al eoae hrswsi h ubro ei-cide eegraduated from the et Ainatedngteeusho
thebalrom o atabe ecoatd cart ws i te lunberofactv-high shool grade, end at the end mll, ymke reservations by calling AnsLye
to represent the flag of Turkey, ities listed. There were 50 sepa- i , of the present semester six oters Mr. tt . aily,345 To be unusually and conspicic
which has a white crescent and rate activities including. over 2001 NOTIJCES will raduate. v rl nn fthIXi rbrly good looking is, inot evn f(
white stars set on a background of different positions. New organ',- I Charities Lead( Aid I aca omno h AnAbr girl; an unmixed blessing.
red. The refreshments will bel zations and events listed were Thae women's rifle team is sched- Thie school has been f tinned by too eh1, neld will mr attend anooninn Very pretty girls have a h
wafers in odd little shapes resemb- - -- - - .-- --uleci to hold an intercollegiate te- Various sources, oxlgy u etooro atenon ntime being anything else. From
ligteParis n tas n e~a hcme with the University1 Michigan Crippled Childrens co111 Jacekson, at which Mr. Hegener ofmoethyarbrnhew
coffee. ( ars ashions Show ; of Mar an team~ at 4 o'clock next mission. Deri.WsenHihSholwl. conspires to make them live
Bob Carson's ,orchestra will play f fr I Wednesday afternoon. The 10 Mrs. Walter Hunt is chairman of isKe aon "ome Celebrities I Have their looks. Throughout their g
for dancing and card tables will b.- iiweeds fr ports members of the team to representI the committee in charge of the two I p~ov~ ing years they are never permi
provided for bridge. A prize is of- Michigan will be chosen this after- bridge parties, with Mrs. Hugh i Further co-operating with near- to forget their charms, andi
fered to the highest scorer at te onfo the grop'ho av Wheeler assisting. The followi g ibyT associations a number of wo- not strange that they often le
enad of the party. As League paties r WhilebParis fashionshearastbeingeI,'11lact as hostesses: Mirs. R. C.1jmnwr "vtdt ten et to use temi before they oi
aeatalgiebyalothUn-constantly headlined as more and be pci igteps Hre ey, Miss Mabel Van Kee, Mrs. ng of the Birmingham A. A. U. W. I as learn their letters.
areactall gienby ll f te Uf-more feminine, tweeds, the most' montihs. In the meet only the five Huslsseyedy t hchMssA
versity women through the orgam- masculine of materials, are getting from each team who shoot with i Mary Bu ington, Mrs. frank Nickle la st1 Wensday0at which issnAgD - The social traits which dev
zation of thne Women's League, no {m ore and more chic and important.{tehgst coswil outllM.Dnad crgrr.Fan
tzdisson ee s eerychrge toI Tis ape t shw wat he xpet.their team's score, The other five 'Ohhnger, Mrs. Robert Grove, whoi of Womnen at Indiana Universityiwih h vrge girl is confr
these parties. Every woman is c kows , htter r(ctal w will be eliminated ait that time. has charge of the prices, and Mrs. j soke on the 'Mlilion Dollar Fel-i ed, that of giing something in
dially invited to attend. 'Prsfsin-n o esr J. J Keley, who is to take careci o W1 iz 'n. turn for what she gets, leads
which is feminine and lyseiousl Members of P'egasus riding club the tallies and scores. For those, Mr. Fred L. Blak, publicity man- to develop such qualities asf
Actiitie in e ag ue an allthat an theothe fortheare to meet this afternoon at Dey's ;preferring to sew rather than to l ger of the Ford Motor Car Co., will - - ---------
Building Recommencet times at work or play. Tweeds be- studio at 5 o'clock. to have thei play bridge, hospital {arnwnuts wiv31 e the speaker at a joint meeting
long to the second mode . Mcigensan picture taken. Pleasei be provided on wich to work. Mrs. of all the A. A. U. W. groups to be,
WedallMoe ss yMs edStra afteroonheJanary 1
Activities at the League building Millons of yards of tweed hevy bing yearly dumes and waryuriWe llall Bre, wil e nc hare'f 8,in the ballroom of the FSatugua
have begun in earnest after the lullmeimadlgtarpuinito1iighbt. I the sewing. building. "The Romance of :Modern'
-Paris to make spring fashions, en- 1 4* I usAvila~1tisn"wllb h tpco
caused by the holidays. At; 3:30 sembles, suit or coat. The Archery Club will meet at 4Isev~n Aad ~ Avctng wlb h tpco
lo'lock today in the 'Women's ath- Refreshireunts will be served. Re- ' his talk. Central and South Amer-
tis afternoon the Women's LeagueE Tweeds that are transparent as CO servationls can be made fur tables iche, China, and the United States
is giving another of its series of un- " a face veil are used for dresses, and ItItic building,o ae hn Mna vnnaeicue nM.Bakspb
degauaeprie.Te'nen-those of blanket weight are for the --- o ae hnMna vnnaeicue nM.Bakspb
k: ionga elatins.Grouh of h e o ot li aterns arecon- Extra basketball patice for 'January 13, by calling onc or the licity field. Mr. Black was formerly
tionl Reatios Grup o the sidered sufficiently elegant for aft- Juniors and seniors will be held at following: Mrs. Walter F. Hunt,j treasurer of the "Dearborn Imd-
American Association of University ernoon, but when they are at- 4 o'clock this afternoon at Bar- Mrs. Mary E. Buffington, Mrs. B. !pendent" and also an editor and
Woens ii a uceo hsterned they are restricted to more bour gymnasium. Sophomores will Frank Ohhinger, Mrs. John M- contributor to that publication lip
noon. Tonight there will be a din-I practical wear. practice at t5 o'clock. Gregor, or Mrs. Raleighi Blouch. to the time it was discontinued._
v ner for the Regents.J --------- --- O U O (
7Tomorrow afternoon AlIp ha2P
Lambda Delta is holding initiation
-' in the League building. One room 0'Zifir
of the League building has been re-a
tinrtetherll uday mo orifomlej'Sp i~
Foundation try-outs. C N
w 8 to 12 o'clock. An afterno on tea AM= l
is being given by Sig~maPi Epsi- r"" ,(is' "ib1 e Far
ton, and Beta. Kappa Rho plans " ,IV
some sort of activity far' Sunday. *[jr
Next Monday Alpha Aloha aam- -~ ,
ma, architectural sorority, is hold- 1 vr" r Bh idV
inag initiation. The Faculty Board:<NB eind .i
plans a luncheon and meeting As Boot f
V S.Or r
usual the Freshman Girls' 0Glee All Cloth Botwa
club will meet and the Faculty Wo- $1+5 - r,
p men's club will hold chorus rehiear-9 IL(
sal. ' vi 0
Th ''le University Girls' Glee club, ,'I

ou WJlomen's Athletic Association
sing (Plans Outing for
l1ed Enthusiasts.
up- -
'Party to Return to Field House
she for Refreshments at
ha'w IFirepla~e.
ci- For the first time "this season,
ans j skiing enthusiasts are invited to a
L'skiing party being given by the Wo-
1ng. men's Athletic Association at 2 o'-
lan clock tomorrow afternoon. Tho e
day, attending the party will meet atI
and the Field House, from which the
ich-' patty will proceed to the Boulevard.
on; Wonmm with skis arc asked to.
e of bring their own, but there will be
lud- a few pairs for tne use of those who
the dig not own thenm. There will be
ised ; instruction available for any one
crl-!Iwho wishes it, and any woman on
camp'us is invited, whether %r not
I shlie is a member of W. A. A.
.'4hon the skiing is over, the par-
ty will rturn to the Field House
[ie for refreshment s in front of the
f ir; place. This \;l be the first of
several skiag parties which have
been planulco. ay Dorothy Elsworth, .
or-j oucuoor managr of W. A. A.
ard n ess, generosity, and sympathy.
the The plain girl is not so besieged
,ori with attentions that she is unap-
by preciative of affection or immune-
ow- to gratitude. She suffers more,
tted j feels m ore, and learns more.
it is i The pretty girl is less exposed
arn ' than her plainer sister to these
iuch gentling and developed mental in-
fluences and it is therefore harder
reop 'for her to develop anything like
with I genuine emotional maturity. Na-
ont- ,turally she takes the pleasantest
1 re-1 path and in her case the pleasant-
herlest path is generally a. vain and
[air- i superficial one.

composed of about 30 members and t ,~"
Pan-Hellenic, composed of about
--40 members will both mee inhe A V1M
League building next Tuesday. Ahabenpnedyte *1
dinner hsbe2pandbyte9'
Business and Professional Women (I
for that date. _______ _ ____- ,
by the Hospital School next Wed- 2 n RTH
nesday afternoon. The Political o n
K Science Honors Group will meet
4 that night. JA U R
s = i n l_- ar(
D7INAN, France. - The snl AT THE
prisoner recently in jail here caused _ r~TTTc
he warden Aes of trouble because 4 jrj - _^1 Because each frock breathes the spirit of Spring in its ^ j
of rules about buying supplies. = gay, sparkling colors! Blues . Reds. . Greensvi11
The official had hard work getting 1 .- violet. Orange'-
ten butchers to submit written bids +2- lR , E ' $6. - - 10$1675 v --- ac rc eaue h syc fSpigi t
for eleven ounces of heat daily and -= Becau'.4J~ *J~ V'I Isiletes! ov(elirthnevsyes.of orene-t
as many bakers to make proffers g 2 Satihoete!inelertanvrmoe e
fo to oudsof bread. ___1 Crepes, Sais weeds,Jesy2
Ojne an wo Pice in Because each frocks is fashioned in the fabrics of Spring!
I=Dress that Formerly Sold to $2975 ( Flat Crepes.. Canton Crepes.. Printed Crepes p j
SE RICE ALL HATSeandGerges!. .last but not least ,..each frock om oog ractialthiare
a I® is so renarkablry low priced that you will get the "Spring" AI stl. That's why Rothniis
ECONOMY ~Formerly Priced to $00
" ul iECyO NOMreeusYe ILN EREV'_E UC Dfever, and buy several! VI and lnalish woolens witha
solbeyuprrqistsl Dancetts, Teddies, Stepins and Gowns I- Rothmoor's at
+ for tasty lnhes and delic ious
ande.015Leather Coats 4 Reduced Licmbntinofbauy
WE HA VE ALL OF TH4ESE -;Purses' l %e duced(13A

ractical and beautiful at the same time,
gs and they do like beauty and lots of
ors are such favorites, Hardy Scotch
all the color and gayety of the highlands
t-tailoring, their duality furs. A great
sngtlh and 'long wear.

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