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November 30, 1929 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-11-30

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Varsity. Wrestling Squad


From First I ear


ecrFZ 131: W iti PhyU. ®fDO
Y3cRc tto Aveige ea MRKTHANKSGIVING GRID GAMES ,*ini_ .Tim
' ~Pittsburgh, u oneegrid Western Bt fom thetart of the second Imss}II
G-E POSSN V Maryland toppoing the' collegiate half the honors' went entirely the'
GREEN OPOS NAVY gridiron arrays of the year round-I way of he Iced and Blue.d
- ~ed out their seasons In. good order Lou Youing's n chine opened the ICoachi Lowery reeds Only First
Iia 1 aldrvefo te atonlThanksgiving day by thumpn second half winning ways with one! Rate Goalie to Round Oti
gridiron championship, K1v Penn State, Louisianu, Mate, and of the most, spictiir runs of the Ti ukSud
' ene'aNot Dme flirmbleve w ihlhenberg on snow covered grid- season. Taking the kickoff a yard ___
egge etriroAryelv ns.behind the goal line. after a no- -
this. afternoon at New York. Minus n1n.r itiltNWLE SO RMS
the services of their famous coach, Another~ contender dropped by the menryfm lPnis, captain t HO R MS
th Iis ae xpctd o vecoewayside in quest of national elect Dick Gentle, evaded the
the trstsh ae ixpctdtionoageond championship hohaors when the hard charging Cornell forwards With the problem of uncoveringe
his cohorts, and conclude their sea- volunteers of 'Tennessee,, hitherto anloeadsu i a oltne fCneec atr
son with a victory. unbeaten or untried, were held to Cochgetiogh i the oenfel before i1veory i ispE-steaw raytice
Army does not possess, as strong Kt- fI sailing. A few moments later Gn- drilling~ his. Michigan ppucksters r
a tam s hs rpreentd te Wstriors of enucky in tefeaure ofdalinnefotorudhs
Ponteainstitutiorsni d the astsevra the Turkey Day oferings.i tle was called upon to add anotherIdalinnefot orudhs!J#
Pointainsmitagain tnKene lastSseweral I touchdown to clioiax a long pen-a squad into shape for the penzing;I
years. Last week, i~ aeaantKnuk hw iet march from. midleld. In order" tol game with, Ontario Agricultural'
Ohio. Weslyan, the cadets emerged To eliminate the Volunteers for make things deisive Masers added !o ege which is carded for Decem-j
v toi u ony b auet e a oe Ith se o d c ne ui e y a by aIa fedg a Int ecoi g m ut:. T r e p atc seso s h vementioned Mr. Cagle pulled one of tie score the W ildcats outclassed it D fat }n passed and the dimni itive W olve- I
his patented .60-yard runis for a their rivals from the south In State'sinvance an vote of ofidewllnce aor-th
toutchdown, and another rmy play- every department except. kicking. Penn .tt desperate attempt e puk eonfs inge to or-th
er Interecepted a, Welsyan pass 'to The Kentcuky backs, Covingtont hatrthImresivcrco ;o ability of his team to stack up well
score ag94fl later.Ir the game. Dur-; Spicer, Kelly, and Phipps punctur- Pittsburgh proved longlivedl. and it With Michigan teams of the past3
ing the, rentiinde :of the 60 min-! ed with the Tennessee forward wall was not until the .closing minute, pending the acquiisition of a first{
uztes tle Battling Bishops outran, almost at will in amassing a total of the third quarter that the Pitt rate goalie.l
outp ssed, and outigalned the Cagle- i o 12 first downs to the Volunteersi followers were able to jec their Six. Veterais ackz. e41
mnen, m-aking 19 first dawns to 2(.ta.oti fot Olftespe Sx veterans from last years Var-
Arm'sseen ITheony olnter aly ii jtive ball carrying performance. 61 sI~ty puck squad will be available clack
Irish IEackcs .trousit, the .result of delayed rush In t brly Ton. arkisonwer tr
Thecadts illhav todo ettr cosig mnuts wich~ ePanthers able to whip back t forndtesetmn thyar aiti
than thcadts ifhe oeto, dsbttoste byiaupas ofi25 as climax - hard fighting State team, and sinaon heemntatCah T~ ~/1
thantha ifthe doe t, sop he e bya pss f 2 yads romMc-Lowry hopes to build a winning
South Bead age~to oa.~r t aka. fo c a 20-7. decision. combination. lart and Bryant, de- 1-:
al eaio7toa.EvrtoHcka.Kentucky's Assum'ing the mantle cif hief e eJseh yod n
tes eElder, Cariedo, and Savoldl,. three jtouchdown followed a continuous Pt gongier epoailocasne eh, ngn, adur- An' e rs hU
backs that are, as, the ;sason -pro- march down the field with the 'cast aside by Toby Uansa, Parkin- tscnerudotti ette~Srn tradgiio eoi
gresses, making the fanis ,orget the, Tennessee line virtually folding up son scored all three touchdowns of v eter no wll probobly form
fasof Miller, Stulildraeher, Lay- under the ferocious assault of the anvdddtwtoitafertuh-a nuceswfo thel1929ediiono Jack Elder of Notre Dame, nowl
Crowley, the fan~ous "Four down counts to tally all of the Michigan hockey talent,.ae soeo tebs afak
in there determined to gain another on the gridiron snoeth een dfeatdPanthers' scores. Pen- State, with Three. new men, ;Sappila, Camp- ,ntecuty heIihwl lc
sneViadritone of her weakest teams in years, bell, and Langen, are the newcom- gethp nhmwe h ab
National title. game in 1926. Last year Kentucky, was expected to hardly more thanl ers who have evidenced Varsityf les tangle with the Army at New;
Hlaving met and conquered an earned a 0-0 tie to wrest a co-cl aim a pushover for the Panthers, ability to date and should give the ! York~ this afternoon. i
assortment of the best teams in the for southern honors from the Vol- , N. Y. U. and Columbia. Dose. veterans a hard fgght when the bat-
country, incltiding, indlana, Navy, I unteers with Georgia Tech., New York's gridiron warriors took tie for regular positions gets under- W r rgesso
Wisconsin, Garnegic, Tech, Georghi Pennsyv vaia Stages Comeback,. a hard beating at the liands of ini- wy. Sappis and Langen are cen- W rgesso
Tech, Drake,. Southern California, The largest crowd of the day vaders, both N. Y. 'U_ and CQ' mbia ter aspirants while Campbell may Badger Field House
and Northwestern, the Ramblers' cheered a valiant Pennsylvania going down in defeat. The Orange see action at a wing position.
will give everything they have to team stage a 17-7 comeback at o yaue iigoto h h an polm nros(pca oTeDiY
fiih h eao wtot eet.Fanlnfil gaistth Bg red sulouih despair, occasioned by down to the fitting out of a capable MADISON, Wis., Nov. 29,-- Al-
Incidentally, a. desire to aid their I f Cornell in the thirty-sixth in-; losses on. successive Saturdays to goalie to replace last year's defense tog opr fte$8,0
coach's recovery, with a win will be, ception, of F~ann-Cornel gridiron I Nebraska and Dartnbuth and star, Charlie Grace, who is lost. toug opr fte$80
a further incentive for the Notre! rivalry. For the first twenty min- ripped wide the defense of colum- the Wolverne. hockey cause structure has risen much above the
Dame playerp. tes Gril Dovies' warriors laebatofnsh the season on the tlrigh graduation. Several possi- level of the ground, engineers say
~~~~~pae eorgetown Seeks Iteveuge. Penin into the ground, inarshng height,,, with an iinexpeeted 6-i bihltes are known to be about the ta h e nvriyo icn
In another. contest on. tomorrow's , down the field .on the straght ball win. campus by Coach Lowry and hefilhoeisc-trdopee.
grid: card which is .particularly of carrying tactics in the fashion of The Plaid of Carnegie echi made urges those men to tryout for the fedhuei n-hricmltd
interest in this section of the; the Big Red teams of the era ofI things decisive, by tronurcing the team. All the foctis and foundiationIz
ountr'y, Georgetown will attempt Kaw and Plan, and at the close ofi hosts of N. Y. U., in the , r kee The exact d~te for the opening ofi the building are In, laid and set
tgain reveng e fQI their laing fte ~A a tefildladn by { stadium 20-0. A11' ,ssotniehit of for® game is not sorely set for Decen~c-Iboretecl aesrcTi
last year at the lhands' f University 170, score. tiadpse h~hpoe a-ler 1).' The Canadian authorities wrk, whh lithe excavattn which
of Dtrot. eoreton P~5C5~S- fing th th icholvloed 'sfbifteen!E have signifiPA that they may be Ipreceded it, amount to a third of
sine of the stronigest tvamts in the Four Varsity Letters t be copeeyonpeeyfie forced to chang e the dlate, theenieo.
east having been scored ol only Awarded to Harriersthde ensipoers o et N oiewt nir ot
once 1all>seascu. Oddly enoligb, -i h e oH rie Yorkers. poesofte 1 et ittltiltttlt1itttttlltttfill111fltlltlllltllitlll"
that one score canned the only re a
-verse that the team leas suiffetrcd Varsity letters have been award- Colgate,Trjip rsrew-i.j
all year, fdropping the conitest to 1e to forof Coach Steve Farr '-i o flgate's mighty team ran " h o nT w tr o ihgi e
Weyr a~hd -,Sic third lace in the Big Ten race I ins of Brown to score the first Col-
(tat WesernMaryandbas one The four men are Capt. Clarence gate win iii l0l years ove° Brown.'
th rough the season un defeited, Cpt i izsi : '0fctt h e
Thle loss of two bac field rt i er isOW7 Sioux Palls, :I. D., Perry na siga 2-sorthRe
P'°os.-; and Bierg, may ser iqusly cr~i Austin, Waukegan, IlYEwrdta e b hbpeyDwe
ID°Anha, Niagara Falls, N. Y~, and shaed .a- dver5ift1ed attack: which
Sisl the"e chanes of the Titans rig
joa' ae u hi.p~P ilfDavid l itzgibbons. Little Faltls, hd the Brulns in, a qi~landlry -
he~o~f n hr~o~ohepr-N. Y. Tl n;green wave rose for the
eniced t p =lnt; hut otossessng the. Notol enoeo7h mnls im h. er to ficer upside
,il-aronuid finish -f the m y only four of the 10 freshinen har- antth rpefo gdairon litte and a~
Todhyrs reofrte stt e he yaren, flood he Creoles 21-0 Billy Bankers,
Toays V f twilln'mark the1 residenzts o hssae h erii Tulan's great backfield star, aided
final. collegiate game in Which winners are Thomas Akins, portI by a fast forming in~etereiu ran,f
Laloyd Brazil, Detroit~s wonder hralf- Woth, Texas; Durward Allen, Ft.i dodged and fought his waly through
hack, will take a r{, .- ickedi. as a ,Wayne, Int.; Jasper Grifing, Shel- itheG Baton. Rouge defense for thr'ee
resrvebac on(Irdnlan Rie . 'ter Is tands Heightk N. Y.; toward touchdowns, more than enough to
all American tea i of, 1b28, And Bradeni, Flint; Harlow Haley, Findr- starnp himself as one of the great
~t nding a good chance - to win ai, lay, 0.; Willlain 11111l, Highland bac'ts of the year. m
bierth onltihe teamr of .102, this Park; Roger Howell, Ann Arbor; 1 Alinilenberg floes 00%0 i
flashy ball carrier, will pr:obably at- Robet Rlahn, Buffalo, N. Y.; For-~ I Western Maryletnd's mrighty tit
emtto run wil - --to loe ri rest Leiter, Rochiester, Ind., and tie team completed the :season tn
(Contned onr 'ge}7) Josph White; Detroit.--, (Continued on Page 7)
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(Special to The DaiE ULAR IN MElT
LAF AYETTE,, Id., Nov..29,-Pur--
clue's "Four Riveters" -- Railh FreShmen Show Sugns of PoWer
Welch, Glen. Harmeson, AlexI in Holding Opponents to
Yunevich and John White - lave I 23.5 to 12.5 &cort..
set a mark for average gains i Big
Ten games that reveals clearly why Withiout the, aid of the men. who
the Boilermakers won the confer-; are looked upon as sure material
ence title by One of tire most de- for the Varsity wrestling team nine
cis~~~~ ~ ive argn ieeas n fiveimnfon the Varsity squad won
2isie mrgis inyeas. fl~ over° Russ Sauer 's freshman mat
Big Ten games, the regular Boiler-- squad yesterday afternbon by a 2::S
iuaker backfield quartet carried the to 12.5 score. Coach keen did iot
ball from scrimmage a total of 234; use any of his veterans in this
times for a gain of 1,058 yard,,;, or practice meet which was designed
primarily to give the coaches .a line
an average of slightly over 4.5 yards on the ability of the various men
per :attempt. i whose competitive work. was un-
Glen Harmeson leads the pack known.
IDl mpl n eriea w
bothgi gao ais.ingesnar ilightweights 'who-are, fighting for a
age ain... araeso cariedtheposition in the Varsity :line-uip de-
ball 90 times for a total gain of 4681 feated their opponents withlc n
yards, or an ,avrage of 5.3 yards parative ease. Several of the year-
per attm . Yunevich was next in ling grapplers showed signs of de-
line with 77 tries for a total gain veloping into potential Varsity mia
terial, and Coach. Sauer' expressed
of 322 yards, or an average of 4.21 himself as. being very. well pleased
yards, while Welch chalked up 2388 i vth the showing his mien tna4e.
yards in 67 tries for an average Malowitz, freshman, won . from
gain of exactly four yards. Dunstan, Varsity; decision, 115
The reserves whoi relieved the SCHEIIU L plyVYENT
Riveters at timues were riot far be-. Dalrymaple, Varsity d. Segward,
hind in ground gaining, several men freshma.n; fall, 125 pounds..
showing flashes in their short ap- : Kerruish, Varsity wrestled a draw
pearances that gave them remark- ( with Cortes, freshman.
Ably high averages., Woodard, Varsity, d. Alaimo,
Some indication of the loss that freshman; fall, 145 pounds.
Eb Caraway was to-the eleven after Shankland, Varsity, .wrestled a
he broke his collar boni n the Chi- draw with Wilsop,_ freshman.
cago game is given by the fact that Brubaker, Varsity, d. Dehmnn,
Ed carried -the ball three times on decision, 165 pounds.
end arou.nd -plays in the, Michigan Wyokuski, freshman, d. Eggert,
and. Chicago games for a gain of Varsity, fall 1'75 pounds.
50 yards, or an average of nearly Keirimers, Varsity, d. Stalker, de-
17 yards per attempt. I cision, 135 pounds.

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