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November 30, 1929 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-11-30

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Tfl~ &Ir, rncs Styles Characterize II 1I POR1 MEDICINE OFFERS MANY NEW FIELDS
JUNIORWOMI IT l Formals Worn at Annual Pan-Hellenic Ball [ OILSIdHl C0W H IT TO WOMEN, ACCORDING TO DR. CABOT 9
ng, sweeping trains, brilliant even hemline, and slippers to I'f TI i IIR
F~In oitisnt onmdic con- anb IsaeaslusVILcnnt o
colors, huge bows an~dprincess sil-,m atc. U U drI tzour pisnt e nd CJ n flffCay~~l.f~f antd
DIC SbLA S O~louttes were outstanding features! 01C900A arnost essential to have twommeeerice wocu-Th
WIIK 01 the gowns worn at tne Pan-He-{asaltal-z iebc.Dzoh otemdclfed"satsD encSl edls vnn nteBc,'0 a tnigi ln ei okTdyt ovr uhCbt eno h e WMr
P LAY THIS11ballmo heLaeeniling.tbckvelvetwit nuninviengm- gI t o GlaT orousStool abdotroDessorof sureryedia lthouD.bot hasrwneve ryt
Katharine S. Wicox, '31, wh e line set off by white gadenias. Clunvrstbopia."t so-tae h statistics,li believes that
wh" ;rii Suup 3,woe1I~Night Cu.vosthat opruiisaog suI the percentage of women who crack
MeetingWill b Held i Lydiathe grad marc, was ttired n a ~linessatn withbeiryintd oneheeaslurgery nd!genralrmtie undeathe srainhoftheucorseoo
Mendelssohn Theater long flowing gown of a delicate egg- whiestn wsitwhichlans ofared WORKRS GAIN PINTS Cu antb qa o e n who "flunk out" is noa larger than Mis
o Wenda.shell transparent velvet which ip-wstadasitwihwsfae W RK .tecnotbeqlfrmnad{
plenabuthernesdaywih. h ' in the back and plain in the front - women, but there arc many new the percentage of men doing the Barbar
-- gtino uleegngtes ivbling an unusual appearance. "Decorations for the Sophomore fields where womn are indispen- same thing. present
PLAY O BEANNOUNCED i was made Iin very simple lies Donxna K. Jones 32. was lvciy? Cabaret are going to be the last; sable. In such places as schools ' Women are prfectly apable.1 League
with a high fitted waistline; sill in white satin trimmed in black !wr in attractiveness" said Emily meal, oDr.cogth e dievlisther
tulle which rppled to the floor ran ,C s"D.Cbo eive.Tetndd
Eligibility and Tryouts to be ersbtof z1o fr color was added by flow- bc n a ;itdtghl nteBates '32, genral chairman of the Advisers Entertain fact that a woman is a woman does hsb
er farchbu ihslippers to bcIn a ite ihl zxte a e
Discussed by iSLod mth Miss Wicolreod princess silhouette. A bizarre gown! Sophomore Cabaret. "However we, house Presidents in not ncessarily shut her of from'\jl
adAy Loms.parc s s iold wboe d was worn by Hlcen M. Harter, '30. need sophomore women to help us LaueBul in ediine if she fes that her hap- I pinit
to her grandmother. I a foag n lc lue carry into effect "pCU iines; lies in that direction. Some "pi
Juirwmnwl me t43,Ivelvet. trmmedI in black jet and....................................en have th e of mind that is IClfn
Juirwmemilmega :0 picture in a French~ go'wn f belted hi_1 with a brght slver I~Cs The annual dinner given by the !supposed to belong to women, while( pictire
Wednesday, Dec. 4, in the Lydia' uke ro eaeb-avieso oe o h os
MnesonteteithLegeivory satin, cut low and fitted In uclginning w o r kwllbegienimt e asulietn hof mind. blyW o rkusa
Meidelsoh thate i th Legueth prnces slhoete.,andreah. Katherine Perrin, '32, looked at presidentswilb gve intemsuneurofid.W en nsa
buldngtodicusthe prodcin in c esfslou llaoutend en D. tractive in peach colored flat crepe today and ark' League building at 5:45 o'clock on! are physically and mentally capable in whi
osk uio il ly.Tepa irhtigetd iculeand sallped to Saah Ca 'elMonday, December 2, the members iof entering the medical field, and left op
will be announced at this time, lenic, wre a peacock blue velvet ,skrt egedo n t ulean bprk ark ayA Rc,&~~ agelCallo ftehueognzto omt f oa el htseral
botatestHelenk.Jones, 'ne1, generalo
c'aiatsHln. Jns 1gnrlwt a high waist and full skirt, '3, aseailApckd uti lc, ~'teveocoka tee will be the guests of honor The wats to make that her life work.
chimnhichmade her look quaintly old- .- ws ail ice ot na lckO Io the~ physcal education d- I there i no real. reason whry she
Th gnealsujet f lgiiltyI asioedadvnuualwthheta-which had a three inch band j nf on ii u It; i i artmuet irks also ben invted." should not do so," Dr. Cabot cos-
Is cr~e of the most important prob- burn~ hair coiled about her head. ilvrbasaon h nvn .:tc 'lc tSudenxt self gvrnunt will be! ldd
jhch 'Ee. ,hemline and black slippers with s a n I g h t, except thetoi of a speechtoe give1 __________
lems wihwill bediscussed. Miss Marjorie . kFolnei, 30, wore: rinstbee.e .gro 2uivleni
Alice Lloyd wll speak onl this sub- coral taffeta with diagonal lines mJTIts'Ztheatron by Mrs. Myra Ba~ch Jordan, who is NTC
Sect. MI~S Amy Loomis, director of across the front; the full skirt was IEi ae 2t feno.,aso a guest of honor at the dinner. NOIC
the play, wil speak on the tryouts caught up and draped on, one side! SEASON STARTS Sophomore women may obtain late Elisabeth DeV~l, '30, chairman of TeewlbeahotusnsI
which will be held Dec. 12, 13, and by a huge bow of the same color.' FOR BA SKETEERS emsio h r hligwthtehme raiaioscmi Teeilobeashbusi n:3ss
4.~emiso Miss arne hillials iitroduee hPearloandniorltcoloredolippers
I4eris Ari~tes. Iasoitrd cmPletend cthe ensedle. perass the decoratons merely by calling Iaid president of the Board of Re-metnofPgssa4:0nJ
baktalrqadyilountutAviesOfie Lau hnrpesentatives. will give a talk. Monday afternoon in Barbour
Tryutsfortheply Wll e b Adin a ashofcolor amid theIouC~lsbakeftarnouasoill o r e it *Adies.ficLage . n This is tlefistyathdner vm
may be made at a table in Uni- E. Wagner, '3, who wore red geor-reuapacceothsao. It is not necessary to be able to ing. Last year a very successful -4
versity Hall from 9 to 12 o'clock gBette trimmed in French silk and znior and junior players will work at 4 ~lc nBrorwr all the time in order to vlun- andl lovely dinner "was given in the
and fom ito 4 'C10IC Tesday decrate withgoldpattrnsoeofeshm n arbsohooureatgymnasium,5L. I l h il ol ewl- e' tltcbidnbti
Wednesday,and Thursday, Dec. 3 {crepe. The hemline was fringed previi adspooesa or I l h irswudb i oms en's At shett b eigibut n Does it ran!
4,an 5.If he omanwhois ry-and long, and a cape on the back o'clock. Practice sssiois will be inig to give an hour or so each day ~tm orciero fDroi
4ad5Iftewmnwoitr-iCecorcieooofBrorIIing out cannot furnish her own. ac- gave it a very modish appearance. held every Tuesday and Thursday; the wor: could be accomplished,' gymnasium. The advisers are very on the
comanit se mst ay o a t~ IDorothy I. Sample, '32, wore flesh throughout ths emstr.Tournia- Pes{eott arorGna ga o eal ogv hirana ~ I' L
time the appointment is made in cooe iie rme noci otshdlshv o ena-suntdy." party in the new League building. I~ ln
ordr ha on my e rovde fr'incline cut nz the princess mode ranged, but the first gamnes will be i-_-
he.Echtyu ms reaeawith a high belt and orchid tulle played early in iFebruary. Itll ~u~iullltt911111t1919111111t1#111lgnliIt91tlll191II1llIIIIt19IilIH!IlItitilfII.ls,
hong anE ance.hs tryou u ingre out flowers with rhinestones on the If enough material shows up at '
son ad dnc. hoback.n ot the early practices two teams willbak
orcspatmutiadiinr-One of the newest shades ws1 be formed Iin each class, and the _,, g",, .-..
cite a short dramatic selection. IcosnbyForne imet '0.angrs"wilsceul eprt
'Trosfr the ;pla. are In who was attired In a long, draped tournaments for first and second j
Charge of Ruh1VaiiTuy, '31, as-; gown of afiasainwih-n.uniins
ssiant chairman. dfi iha m-Lan..
I~~~XTa~ll 1n ft:.rag'swork forI Dih
D o Y o e " Dess rnd Slickers. Thy'vecov-
j fried the baks yv f deep-sea
I liiirznieifor 92 ya
YOU KO W sodel t built of the same
j l i strdy stuff. It's a handsomec
D O°1YO U K N O W K j/'z" lo oafmu s "Vars, it ig {Hid
that you can walk into Mack's 4 c Ttr #fr& ?ha p t Tj uVon't bttizot%cp shoe~r~
alce- / - res I w.0andyorcieofols, r o
f If you want a lighter, stik
T(DY, r 771 r e a;'tz ' Stf t ;/Z. . .d dre '.sierslicker th eres the chi
L~L See iriS re~ces r Z U 7've~P. 4roppr~... sartly cut and Ida
a s11. .f~Ct~6 re /OYZ everywhere. Look for the dIcen
/ Vt Fish Brand mark., A. J.
and hooe yor dess romTower Company, Boston,
an hos yu resfrm Massachusetts.
I11t 1lI-191 -ti9t1rtt111t1111llt911111l1tlil11l11t'tl 1 S B '
e C oltulltltn siilulfoppeiitirtii

Turner '92, Gives Picture
League in Memory of
Her Sister.
Mary Turner, '92. of Santa
'a, California, has recently
ed an oil painting to the
building in memory of her
Jane Owen Turner, who at-
school here. The painting
n hurng in the Hostess room.
amz Louis Otte executedc the
ig this year and named it
g--In the Coachella Valley.
4nia." Mt. San Jacinto is
d in the background. The
and colors of the painting ae
it and the door of the room
ich the picture is has been
sh Colors In
Holiday Frocks
all31 the world wearig black
W, these new frocks of chiffon
a note of hoiday festivity with
flihr \*kn coc'Irfl of Rose Pink
n Orange, Mayo Gren and
a. Uneven hemlines, snug fit-'
hi plines, shirred waistlines in
fwest mode.
Moderately, priced at
271 South Main Strea E



at 2 drastically


$ 7



We Believe;
thee t b a arityof dresses unequalled
tfohee to ewvalYork;
frmhr oNwto be a quality of material and tailoring
Most outstanding.
The $6.75 group are former $9.75 values. The $11.75 group'
were formerly up - to $16.50. This latter groutp indcudes a
number of formal frocks :formerly $25.00. -
Djon't miss thisSale
No Approvals-No Exchanges-No Refunds

Dollar Sale
Agreat number and assortment of
Hats are included in this unsual
offering of stylish millin eryat

. .me
' ane
ix Count Nose's +leb
Buy Ran derc;hiefs
Our Christmas han~dkerchief selectiou is greater than: ever
s[bef ore. Shecer wises of chiffons edged with rare lace .,, a
_ square~s of flie knee with fine hand embroidery . colorful
Sports OTyps. Choose f, oin this .assortmecnt f or everyone 00
{your gift list, 25c to $1.50.
j a n

3 1.4



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