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November 14, 1929 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-11-14

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Y, NOVE~MBER 14, 1920



I V l'- 4.. V ._ E.X f9 A ,L S !





TEnnTi nnnrr' HOLD COUNCIIrn~ nn~rp


Prsident Expresses Opinion onSefGvrmnBfoe;
Weozczx's Meeting.I
Trial by Group of Students Field i -
Responsible to UniversityF
Js Advised.
#"Students should be givcn as
rmuch frecedom as is compatible with
the safety of the investment which/
the state has in the University"I
President Alexander G. Ruthven
stated in an address on "Student,
Self-Government" at an open meet-
ring of the Women's League last
1night, held in the ballroom of the
tLeague building.
Declaring himself, in f~vor of *~
self-governmaent u tier cer tain con -
ditions, President Ruthven said,
{ The University, authorities are re-
sponisible to the citzens of the+
State for the proper conduct of the
'University. This is a fundamental
fact that must not be lost sight of.
Another fact which I hope will
Yever be appreciated is' that educa- <
'tors generally see the need for giv-
ing students the greatest possible "..
amount. of self-government.
Sanctions Self-Governiuent. E leanor Smith and Bobbie. Trout
S "Whenever the students of this ofNwYranLsnels
Universitya awhoeoingup respectively, demonstrate the i eth-
are willing to assume responsibility od i which they will work andi
for their acts," hie continued, tk-weth tmp tobea
ing into consideration not only slep wentheatemtobea

ntU I ru b t1 L :Y More thani 500.000 snakes, 750.0001the 'gators stretched along muddy
flu fi _fl~u~i ~ Mr-s. Cram, Regent of University alligators, and 1,000,000 lizards are river banks and stun them with
! being killed annually to satisfy the; the glare from acetylene troclhe,
-Welcomes Delegation to increased demand by women of to- then tarpoon or shoot them, taking
Ch~i Omega Will Manage Tea- Flint Session. day for fancy reptile and lizard the small ones with themn in tlh
Room for Two Days of skin leathers, reports H. J. Payne in canoe and leaving the larg er ones
League Bazaar. Mn oe rmalprs teNvme "Scientific Ameri- on the giver bank until morningi.
Michigan attended the opening of can". Native industry in reptile Next morning the 'gators are
SELERSIS HAIMAN the tenth annual convention of the ihides in remote parts "of the world skinned and sent to a tannery,
SELLRS S CH IRM N fhas taken remarkable strides as a where the belly and sines are treat-
- -Michigan League of Women Voters, result. ed for shoe leather and the top,
Accoraing to the reports made: in Flint, which continues until to- Thehd sdb h aie hrypr o ac etest
bty the members of the central corn- day. Those from Ann Arbor who to capture reptiles, are, for the be used for luggage and novelties.
,nittee in a meeting yesterday, plans; are attending at least one~ of the' most part, still primitive, thereby Quite different is the capture:. of
for the Women's League and Inter-; sessions are Miss Jennie Buell, limiting perhaps fortunately, the lizards, which come mostly fromq
,vi~et o te An rbo lagu ,number that are captured. Of the the Far East. There whole India
Church Bazaar, which will be held piJcnt{o thern ro eg ehe most used reptiles, alligatorsi families of the lower castesar
on Friday and Saturday, December Mrs. George Carrothers. Mrs. H. D. o# a ehne b ih.1aie'nggdi hnigan iln
G andI 7, in Barbor lgymnasium SnSmith, and Mrs. Louis Grossman. hu iters in long canoes come upon lizards.
are being definitely organhized. One of the special attractions of--------------_____._________
Helen Cheever, '31, has been ap-p the convention will be a forum to
pointed chairman Of thc coin4 ', 1be held this evening on the reguhi - I -- .
appo ntm nt ill c~ nno nce Ula ser of he cono ics dep rtt
tee in charge of sellers. Anothci tion of public utilities. Prof. M. Or .11
soon for the chairman Of the pos nlent of the University of Wisconsin i11fhliiI
ters committee to fill the, posit.;on ~noe h ou ihatl i
Samlesof heartcleletilteoruc with abetflk on ii
resigned by Ruth Van Tiiyl, '31. the historical development of pub-I~i
Smlsotearilsa-by =lameis Oxtoby, a Detroit law &)-At 4
skgntidthe womens houses m,'I1' howilspakoyec o
b e 'u t e l o p r v l c - t~ crc l . D ~ .a~ i h u g u 'tw en 3 an d. 5 o 'cl ck i l hz - tho r an d zc law y er, o f iOh icago , w ill y, i l c B a d o b h i a p a e n i l d s
I~day , Nov. 19, 1 IIotteJ Sspae n wl i
Diecor' om n hes15 the public interests. Prpf.
Dirctos' ~oa il th* ,agce Glaeser is the author of "Outline of
_ !~ cently spent some time in Califor- i i
m a on apulcesac assign- v
Chi Omega will have charge of 1 t pblcrsac~ ~lI
th te-room thlis year, whichWil !!t~ ~ lc~ h~ ~ lIdflt 1111II ! ,.*.l, II

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their pleasure but the best inter-
ests of the institutes, they can have,
as far as I am concerned, any
amount of self-government. There
is just one class of students which
cannot be included within the scope
of student government and that
is the psychopathic element. Cases
in this group can only be handled
by experts and in my opinion do
not comne within the jurisdiction of
any disciplinary body-faculty or
Favors Studeot Governmnt.
President Ruthlven further ex-
pressed himself in favor of a stu-
dent, government experiment. " I
would like to see one or more small
compact student groups try the ex-
periment. of :assuming responsibil-
ity pledging themselves to check
c-any tendencies in the group which
the University authorities would
consider deterimental to the good
name and proper conduct of the
University. If any group of students
p ares to try the experiment I would
ask the University authorities to
permit it to do so, and to suspend
the University rules for the; pur-
pose. The method of controlled ex-
perimentation is much more scien-
* tific than the alternative one of
revolutionary change with on clear
indication that deserved results
would be obtained.
.~In concluding President Ruth-
"von said, "I have every confidence
that, with patience and a desire to
solve the problem in a big way, we
.willay by day approach more
closely an ioeal condition, what-
ever that is. I only hope that, we
~will keep our sense of humor and
Aiot allow ourselves to get hysteri-
,eal about a problem which cannot
be solved in, a hurry and which will
probably ch~at, c from ti. n to time
ats the years go by."
Anyone wishing to order any
4Christmas cards through the
Women's League may do so at
*thec candy booth in University
hall any time before December 1.
't'he catalogue of samples is in
charge of the girl at the candIy
*Furs and Fur Coats
MVake up, Repaired, Re.
modelled and Relined
.glees Reasonable
Y. L. Greenbaum
448 Spring Street, I
Phone 9625

Miss Grace Richards will enter-
tain the members of the point Sys-
'tem committee at dinner tonight!
at the Women's League building.
1Dorothy Mapel, '30, chairman of
the committee, will preside at a
regular meeting of the commiitte
to be held after the dinner. Mar-'
garet Bush, '30, as president of thel
League will also attend.
.The committee is composed of
Gertrude Smith, '30, secretary;
Dorothy Griffith, '30, recorder;
Elise Ely, '32, and Alice Sundcrland,,
'31, assistant recorder; Jean Duf-
field; '30,, Catherine Bradley, '31.
Eleanor Cooks, '31, Frances Sum-
mners, '31, Dorothy Sample, '32, andI
Agnes Davis, '32.

the endurance refueling flight rec-i h cretv gym room inIficers will beC honored and a skit
ord at Los Angeles. Below theylJBarbour gymnnasium. Luncheon !will be given on a congressional in-
ar e shown with the radio phonei and dinner will be served both terview on the Lanme Duck amend-
that will kzees them in touch with clay s of the bazaar for the' con- !menxt.
,the ground. venience of the shoppers as wiell; Mrs. Leroy V. Cram, of Flint.
i as .----.- ------ the sellers, r nely apitdregent of the
I O E L M IThq Undergraduate CamxpaignUnverit and director at large of
committee of the Women'is League h state League of Women Voters,
BURIED IN AST i will have a booth again this year,: welcomed the convention to Flint
- -.-- Iaccording to their custom, selling at the first session. The retiring
Funeral services for Dr. Florm- Michigan playing cards, Christmas! president, Mrs. Siegel W. Judd of
ence Chadwick, '12 M., were held cards, Women's League maps; and! Grand Rapids, is presiding at: the
last Sunday in Bridgewater, Conn., Michigan pillows., majority of the sessions.
where she died on October 31. She lilllllilll111 i11}lillllllllllllllllf{IililllllllU.
was a practicing physiclun for 18_
years, inaintaing offices in Detroit
unti last February, when she un- = ~G~)
drctan operati on from which -- .
she never recovered. BE'AUTV -
A lfter her graduation from the ,~' i~~t S O
medical school here, Dr. Chadwick ~~SeilPraet65
tooks up hier practice in Detroit. She With six naonths' service.
was for several years chief of the Soft Water Shampoo................50c,
resident staff of the Women's hos- Also 25% off on all work done~ every Monday
p:ical in that city and later became andi Tuesday cxcett permanents.
a member of the harper hospital 1 110*S. U"~ Phone 7561
staff. =-
Dr. Chadwick was a membecrr ,t - -------_ _ __

Mummer's Will Initiate I
Thirteen New Members t
-Mummer's Dramatic Society ac- c

S igmia Psi and Alpha Omega Alpha,
honorary medical fraterni~cs; the
Detroit branch of the Blackwell so-
ciety; the Wayne County Medical
society; and a fellow of the Ameri-
can College of Physicians and Sun- f




cepted 13 women for membership
in the second tryouts held Tuesday,I
in the second tryouts held Tuesday.
Those to be initiated at 4 this after-.
noon in the Cave of, the Leaguea
building are: Frances Beuton, '31,
Gladys Diehl, "33, Margaret Gray,
'31, Frances Johnson, '33, Dorothy
Knight, '31, Nina Lewis, '33, Fran-j
ces Merrill, '32, Georginia. Merrill,
'33, Ruth Moore, '33, Claire Sim-
mons, '30, Josephine Sullivan, '32,.
Ann Vernor, '33, Ruth. Stesel, '33.1


geons. -.-.




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