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November 13, 1929 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-11-13

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u OF MEDICINE GIVEN BY DR. BELL WantedForty-eight girls to
wait table. The girls will be vol-
CLI L lMen and women are fit for differ very much mentally from P unteers and t e a wl
rom jde b heU I i ,ii b part of the Sophomore Cabaret J
medicine are to be udge by the men. They do have just one emo- which will take place December
Mrs. Beryl Bacher Will Explain Margaret Bellof the Health Ser tional difficulty at time. "They have Marshich, Cassidy, Grabowsky Student Self-Government' Is 6 and 7 in Barbour gymnasium. League
hav a ertin mout o syersn-In alluring gypsy costumes the Rc
Activities and League Points vice. There are four prerequisitcs have a crtain amount of sypersen- Goal Six Markers in Theme of President's waitresses wll serve refresh-Rece
for everyone. In the first place, an sitivity in each case." Though a Class Meet. Talk to Women. ments to danccrs who will be
' to be Awarded. ClssMee. alktoWoen.I~ nt t.dnces ho il.b

ive Co
Ann A


I Imividuai mustn ave good vitaity. physician should b esyipatncuc,
Physical health is the first essen-t het
COMMITTEES NEED HELP tial to be considered. the problem is how to do his best
The next point is an obvious one. work over a long period of time.
Emily Bates, chairman of the The individual must have the na- But a woman is apt, in some cases,
Sophomore Cabaret, has just an- tive intelligence to carry through #to throw her whole soul into each
nounced that the first mass meet- the course. The third subject to be case, and this does wear her out.
ing of all Sophomore women will rconsidered; is that of economies. It is difficult to ascertain just
be heldat 4 oclock Friday after- one and the student should ha ow women compare with men ini
noon in the committee room of the isufficient resources to enable him, undergoing the four-year's grind.
Lea ue buildin The purpose of of her, to devote his entire life to "We have no recent statistics."
L'.. 7~4A. A~ AS r ,"s


this meeting is to explain the acti-
vities and plans for the Sophomore
Cabaret. All sophomore wonen
are urged to attend as there are
maiy opportunities to help with
the Cabaret and take an active part
in the sophomore class activity.
Mrs. Beryl Fox Bacher, newest
member of the Advisory committee,
who has charge of the Sophomore
Cabaret, will explain the plans that
have been made, and the League

points that all women taking part
will receive. Elizabeth Louden,
chairmen of waitresses, will out-1
line of the work of her committee
and take the name of any woment
who wishes to be a waitress. She
has need of forty-eight girls. Iva-
lita Glascock, chairman of decora-i
tions, also has need of helpers and
will explain the work that he com-
mittee has to do.
Dr. Losh Cites Lack of Know-f
ledge as Cause of Wrong
Ideas on Astronomy.
"Astronomy is an intellectual
luxury," Dr. Hazel Marie Losh of
the University Astronomical Ob-
servatbry who is at present carry-
ing on research of Class B stars
with emission lines at the Ob-
servatory. Miss Losh, after receiv-
ing her doctor's degree from Mich-
igan in '24, did research work on
the sun at the Mount Wilson Ob-
servatory in California and for a
time was astronomy instructor at
"Many people confuse astronomy
,with astrology," Dr. Losh contin-
ued. "Of course today we do not
believe that the stars have any in-
fluence on people's lives, but many
think that astronomy % deals with
fortune telling and the like. How-
ever there is not as much miscon-
ception of astronomy as lack of
knowledge. It is unfortunate that
astronomy is not taught in high
school, the same as the other sci-
ences, so that students would have
a background for the subject.

Personality is an important con-
sideration. It can easily be under-
stpod just how much a pleasing
p rsonality means to a physician.
"Social attitude, and balance is'
an important problem for women
in whatever profession in which
they are competing with men," be-
lieves Dr. Bell. Women seem less
adaptable than men in their social
attitude, and they should be able
to overcome their tendency to cut
themselves off in isolation. "This
is just another problem of adjust-
Women who have the four major
prerequisites, however, are just as
capable as men who are judged by
the same standaids. There are
t several remarkably clever women
surgeons who are acknowledge to
be very superior. Women do not;
Frances Jennings Leads Program
Cast for One-Act Play
Is Announced.
Original poetry written by mem-
I bers of Portia Literary society, as
well as modern poets representing
the various schools, formed the
subject of discussion at the regu-
laf meeting of the society lastf
Frane s Jennings, '31, was chair-
man of the program. Winifred
Gore, '32, Jeannette Schremser, '32
and Margaret Gray, '31, spoke at
this time, and Miss Jennings read
several of her own poems. Some
original poetry was also read by
Helen Bare, '30.
Aiming at the, depictiont of cam-
pus poetry in its relation -to the
modern trend of verse, the program
concluded with a round table dis-
cussion of the subject.
After tryouts for the coining
Adelphi-Portia debate, a rehearsal
of the play "Overtones," by Alice
Gerstenberg, was held. Members
of the cast are Margaret Gray, '31,
Alice Schleh, '31, Tressa Trudeau,
'30, and Marjorie Lincoln, '31. Hii-
degarde Scheuren,.'30,. is directing
the play. Committee chairmen in-
clude Dorothy Cox, '30, makeup;
Elma Coyle, '31, costumes; and Bet-
ty McDowell, '32, properties. Fran-
ces Thornton, '31, fills the position
of chairman of committees.

said Dr. Bell, but as far as can be
judged, it seems that women can
do it as well -as men. Men who are
not basically fit, break just as wom-
en who are unfit do.
Body training is as necessary to
success in acting as is the voice.
For this purpose Valentine Windt,
director of Play Production, in con-
nection with his drama classes has
provided for a special period, re-
garded as a laboratory hour, in
which both men and women in his
classes will be taught dancing.
The aim of the training is to de-
velop grace in walking and harmo-
ny of movement. In initiating this
vahase of his course, Windt has a
definite idea in mind. It is his in-
tention to present a dance play in]
;he spring.

Trampling with strong, impene- President Alexander G. Ruthven
trable offense, the Senior hockey will give a short talk on "Student
team crushed a weak Sophomore Self-Government" at the open
squad, 7 to 0, yesterday afternoon meeting of the Women's League to-
at Palmer Field, while at the same night, following an informal re-
time, a Frosh team strong in de- ception which has been arranged
fense turned back a plucky Junior by the League in honor of Presi-
eleven, 2 to 0. Both games were dent Ruthven ahd Mrs. Ruthven,
called because of weather condi- and Mrs. Myra Beach Jordan. The
tions. In the Motley game, the reception will open at 8 o'clock in
Flues tied the Reds 3 to &. the ballroom of the League build-
Presenting a good defense, Eber- ing.
le as right back and Sterns as left TepIurposeof the open Lague
meetings, which are held twice ev-
back made it possible for Boger, ery year, is to bring the women of
inside right, to score for the Frosh the University as a complete group
in the first half of the game, while into close contact with the actual
Cummngs t iside lea scored in workings of the League as a means
Cummings peinsidei the celi of government. The talk which
the second period with the excel- ,President Ruthven will give will be
lent offense offered by Botsford asIto this effect.
center forward. Whitney, center In t-c receiving line for the re-
half, Koch, at the goal, and Moorc ception, which has been arranged
as left half made a good defensive n connection with the meeting. will
stand for the Juniors, with center fb° President Ruthven and Mrs.
forward, Hatch playing a strong RuthvenT, Mrs. Jordan, Miss Alice
offense. Lloyd, Miss Grace Richards, and
On the Blue squad in the Motley Margaret Bush, '30, president of the
game, Orr at left wing scored in Women's League.
the first half, and Seeley as center
forward made the two remaining Miss Ruth Miller recently com-
points. Deboe as left half for the pleted a 12,000 mile air trip in the
Reds made one goal in the first interests of the aviation country
part of the game, and Pape's two club movement. O n her tour, she
knock-downs from left inside com- visited every state in the Union
pleted the tie. except Maryland and Florida.

Coty's Toiletries for
Christmas Gifts
Goodyear s
124 South Main Street

Telephone 4171

--- - -mollm








723 Nprthi University Ave.
207 South Main St. 217 North Main St.



$1.00 Horlick Malt-

ed Milk


60c Danderine, for
the hair 43c
Nyal Cold Capsules
Start taking at first sign of cold
or cough and check further de.

50c Phillip's Milk of
Magnesia 37c
$1.00 Squibb's Min-
eral Oil ... 73c
Nyal Huskeys
Relieve hearsness and throat irri.
tation. Pocket size.

*Culturist l Creuoins sound the new note in
the world of beauty---the quicker, surer way,
based on supreme modern knowledge of the
skin. Cleansing and clearing the skin-
strengthening muscles and livening circulation
so the blood comes dancing to the cells-
smoothing and refining the texture-they build
or maintain a natural beauty that radiates the
freshness of youth.
"COLCREME, CLEANSING CREAM--Liquefying readily, penetrat-
ing deeply, cleanses the pores thorou'hly of dust, cosmeics and
excessoil - which do not yield to wa'er alone. Tubes 50c;
regular size lar $1.00;3 lb. jar $2.50.
POTONIQUE (Skin fonic) TONING LOTION to be used instead of
water. Removes all traces of cream. (Use always with Cleansing
Cream). Cleanses, clarifies and 'stimulates pores to normal activity,
refining texture of the skin. $1.00.
TISSUE CREAM -- A rich nourishing cream for building up tha
underlying tissues. IHelps lo correct intense lines-round out thin
faces and hollows and impart velvety smoothness. $1.50.
EAU DE COTY (Special Astringenl - Firms and tones loose skin
ond flaccid Tissues without drying skim. Aids in coecting relaxed
chin and throat. Reduces puffiness around eyes. $1.00.
LOTION POUR LA PEAU (Skin totironl. The correct make-up founda-
lion for skirts inclined to. be dry, or exposed to dry conditions.
5oo"thingh "eaing,ivin " a 'l'tter'" youthful bloom. $1.50.
CREME DE BEAUT E (founidalioni Cr eam).lhe perfect, velvety make-up
base for the normal or oily skin, or under humid conditions. Gives
tpe essential protection from sun, wind and dust. $1.00.
, <Vasa bPJ.CE '
'N r
-~..--~,~,-' CIA- )

Nyalyptus Nyal Norwegian
The golden cough syrup, harmnless God Liver Oil
but positije is action. Large size. Full vitamin content, a tonic every
growing child should take, daily.
60c Daggett &


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