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November 02, 1929 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-11-02

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8A'1~URfl~V', NOV~M~R Z. 1Q~ PAGE T1RE~

riruaanr CRIE PRESENTED $50,00 TlT E NwCar
FORPI Wl Ades PrctTeccsEngineering Mechanics Class
'TI.lY AROADAssociation in Second Give MetSet

Lecture Trip.

Juniors in American Schools
Are Offered Year
1 . in France.
Foreign Courses Give Students
Full Credit in Homne


Continuing a program of out-of-
town lecturing and instruction on
the phonetics of language, Prof. J.
H. Mluyskens, of the department of
general linguistics, will speak be-
fore students of Heidelburg College
next Wednesdiay, Nov. +G, on "The
Changing View-point in Study of

revere I. real.
It would take seven of the cam-
pus' largest students to break the
folding metal chairs which are
being tested in the engineering me-
chanics testing laboratory, under
the supervision of Prof. Ferdinand
Menefee, of the engineering me-
e ha nics department. The 200,000
pound universal tepting machine
which is used in carrying on the
experiments distributes the, pres-

"The foreign study plan of the
University of Delaware," is accord -'
ing to Prof. Rene Talamon, of the
romance laigguage department, "an
item which should not escape stu-
dents who are interested in having
some educational work abroad."
This "foreign study plan" which
hMs been worked out by the 'Dela-
ware institution co-operates with
Michigan and other universities l
throughout the country in sending
" abroad each year a number of jun-
- or students. The courses which
will be in the Universite de Nancy!
and at the Sorbonne will" give stu-
dents credit in their home univcr-
city for junior requirements.
Inauguration of the under grad-
uate study plan took place in 1923
when Prof. Raymond W. Kirkbride,

j C

. F - j suar ..yuwaavona llwa F-ariaoWitV-
On the evernt; of the s 3amcelahte,i chair, and tests have proven it will
Professor Muyskcns will address wvithstand 1,482 pounds of. pressure.,
-he parent-teachers as soci,,? ion ofI These tests are of. great value. to I
l~ifiinOhio whee th colege s inuiperofhs manufacturers through-I
}inn Oiwer hlolee~out the courtry who are sen ding
o)catccl. The second lectare, how-}- !their goods to the laboratory to be;
ver, wvill have a. much wide~r scope, tested. Pictures are taken following
raving as its subject, "The Duty Of - the tests, and are sent to the man-
Parents in ~ducation." ufacturers to demonstrate' the
Accodin toProessr Myskns.I Large belts such as are, used in
e0 w :II give lHcidelbourg students the oil fields and on large motorst
riotf but co nplel e history of "lin-' arc also tested in the laboratory to-
uzisti:.al evolution." Four major rd>gether with various forms of leather'
steps in the development of lingul- and rubber goods.
stics will be Stressed, including the _____.
;ixnple grammar trecatment, then. Associated Press PhLoto %I inese Generaiisslimo'
She more complex milestones of l RLI
.etaphysics, psychology, and bi- wo t n Leads Honan1 Off eniveYt
Coun andCountess Karolyl have ,
alogy. The biological concept is 01be gatdvsaooetrfh INOW o.1Chagji
pvial interest due to the fact thatI ANOov1-hagKi,
Prof. C. L. Meader, also of the de- United States on the basis of a new Shek, head of the Nationalist; gov-
:artrent of linguistics, was the application made through the .erment and generalissimo of itsi
frst man in the country to enurnci-I American consulate in Paris. military forces, left Hankow today
to the bio-Uinguistic theory. This i__ aboard an armored train for a.
'henry, states Prof. Muyskens, FodBusOdoub r dlthern destination.
Shows that "Language is a purely CodB gsOdLi br' Chiang presumably will hake
?hysical process of chewing, suck- Camp for His M seum command of the Nationalist forces
.g, and swallowing; interest in -" at Chengchow, important railway
(B As.tics as threfor shrfed, ycenter in Honan province, where
Frnmgtics ehasthereftore hftd JOHANNESBURG. NoIv. Ecivil war is in pors.Tefa
ro rme oaaoy. The entire equipmen**> of an old-timeprgesThfa
lumber campscrsfrse n tionalist leader is expected. to di- I
. uha luihdi earest Star Cluster , Michigan during the seveities has rect personally an offensive against!
been purchased by Henry Ford for .the Kuominchun, or. "People's
118,000 .Years Distanlt hsF l mrenmiI~mI army," which is in revolt.


I N I I H I P 9NSC E T 9SP OTPr o f e s s o r B . F . B a il e y O u t l in e s
Organization of, Club
Founded in 1885,;
Prof. Benjamin F. Bailey, of the
Electrical engineering department,
today outlined the organization of
the American Institute of Electrical
Engineers. The ,national organiza-
tion was founded in the year.
1885, and has grown~fromn its com-
paratively small beginning to a
group comprising approximately
20,000 members. The student
branch, at the University of Michi-
gan numbers over 40, aiiy stuident
of electrical engineering above the
rank of a freshman, who is inter-
ested, being eligible.
The membership in the n~ational
organization. is divided into four
classes, or branches. The :first of
these and the lowest in rank is the
student branch, to which any elec-
trical engineering student in good
standing is eligible. The next high-
{est division is associate rnermber-
ship. Anyone who is an electrical
engineer is eligible to this branch.
Active membership, which in-
clides the largest number, of
members, ,is open only to those
electrical engineers who have had
five years of practical experience in
the profession. The last, . and molt
exclusive division of the Instituite
comprises those men who have
done over ten years of ,active work
in the field of electrical engineer-
Conferences are held .i t sche-
duled intervals during each year.
Thyre will be a meeting of the In-
stitute at Ann Arbor on March 15,
1930, at which a prominent speak-
or will be present. This arrange-
ment of conferences serves to
maintain the integrity of the
group, and in addition to provide
an opportunity for topics of inter-
est to be discussed.

of .zthe University of Delaware, re- F :::: .
celved the support of American I J..:: PI*
and French universities to Is idea p
for placing foreign strudy within'
the reach of the regular four year at
student. l
Number Has Increased. 7l__ ___
The first year,_ eight students Il
Were sent abroad. Since that timeI Madame Curie co-discovere of radium was, presented with a r
there has been an amazing yearly bank draft for $50,000 by President Hoover at the National Academy I
increase, until at the present there of Science in Washington as a, gift frorn the American people to carry i
are more than seventy students en- on researches in the Curie Polish cancer hospital at Warsaw, Poland.
rolled in the foreign progranm. Uni- _ __
versity of Michigan in the six year UNIVERSITY OFFERS NEW WORK
of the existence of the work has TE H I U
F re dle ric a H a rrim a n in 192 6 -27 ,1 n d L a r C ip a ,_92 - 9 . T h s U n er t e-ir c i o o.ro .-
and aur Chiman 198-29 Ths th diecton o Prf.~One scheme, portrays a' group
year the University is rdpresen(.ed Underoi o heegt sanso
by Agnes Johnston who is -attend- Avard Fairbanks, the University issmoi o h ihtilnsof
ing y mansof schlarhipwonoffering two new courses: one, the Hawaii with a portrait statue of
theory and technique of sculpture, JdeDl nfot hspa al
frtapups.and the other, creative studies in Ifr the group to1 paedi
The Delaware system does not supue natural setting.
in 'any direA9 way necessitate win- sultre.ag'n el-ihe The other design Professor Fair- l
nling. a scholarship. The student rom ntefut lo fUi banks has submitted is a more for-
pyhitutointesm ma-vrsity hall have been considerably mlteteto h subject, li
ner that he would at his home Uni -'remodeled to serve as workshops for' showing Judge Dole as a statesman, l
Nversi y, however, the scholarship the new courses. The old floor of 'the leader of United Hawaii in itst t
of the individual must stand while the rooms is spotted with bits of endeavor to be annexed as a ter-(e
in college amnong, the upper third of clay. All around are new easels,I ritory of the United Sttes. c
his class, and he must receive cer- revolving stands, cupboards, stoves,I_
tain recommendations regards sin I sinks, lead pipes and many therI Densmore Will Give
~eriy of purpos_, from his college useful objects.
racuity-.Atviis Here work is done in clay model-, Speech Course Over
Intauresinlaongtevftresirig, armature building, and plaster 1C
" .ntresin amngth~ fatuescasting. Students are also taught Detroit Station WJ
offered by the year study abroad the various methods of casting, the
is :the schedule of "extra-curricular, waste mold, piece mold, and~ glueI Q
activities" which allows for ecur- mold processes. The more advanced Will Answeruestons on oic
ions, operas, and plays. The vaca- students will later in the year do of Pubic Speking.
tion periods are given over to ex- work in marble carving.
cursions which includa many of The project on which students'
the industrial, scenic, and iistori- are now working is a tympanum, Prof. Gail E. Densmore, of the
cal points of interest in France. An a form of relief sculpture over a speech department, announced
intinerary at Easter tim provides doorway,. for a portal represnting, yesterday that he would give a
travel through the famous old pro- some school or college in a pro-i series of ten talkA over radio sta-
vince and along the Rivera coast, posed university. L tion WJR next semester on "Pa-
The northern part of theecuntry n tdn}swokn natm tical Public Speaking" a course
is visited at intervals dring the panum for a school of music. It which he taught in the same mn-I
eight months of study that are consists of a central figure which nier last year. These talks Wrill fol-
spent at the University of Paris.reesnsMicsuondd b low a series of five given this s-
"Study abroad is," according to other figures, one playing a harp mester to stimulate interest in the
Professor Talamon, "intended for another a reed instrument, and an-' Michigan Debate League on the
those who are especially interested other playing the pipes. Tuesdays before ther debates oI I'
in France and the French langu- In these preliminary clay sketch- Fridays. Professor Densmore is di-I
age, whether for business, profes-{ es a general effet ,rather than at- rector of the League.
sional, or purely cultural purposes. tention to detail is aimed at. These "Last year," staed professor
The opportunity it offers snouid clay sketches constitute the work- Densmore, "I offered to aswe
be of greatest value to the student ing models from which the Miished quetions referring to) y irad io
specializing in French, but may al- relief is made. course. I was surprised at te
so be of interest to the student of In one'of the rooms are two clay I number of them I received from
history, political science, English, models which attract attention.,j Wisconsin, ,Ohio, Indiana, Illinois,
economics, or philosophy. The im- One is a clay model of a monument; Pennsyvaia and Canada. he
mediate goal of the year's. work is and the other is a detail of a group course interested Jagey uine1ss
to give the student as great a fa- on the monument, which are the, eXecutives who thought, public
miliarity with the French langu- work of Professor Fairbanks. speaking a part of their otlieal ra-
age, literature, and history of the They are designs for a proposed'' paciies and only had tie to larn,
civiliation as -is possible in the monument to Sanford B. Dole, first 1 it in this way."
time available. The larger aim is to president of the Republic of Ha- ___
give him a broader outlook and the f wai and first governor of the t- Twice in as many months a bur-
wider interest that come from mas- ritory of Hawaii after it had been filar entered the Omega Sigma Phli'
tery of a foreign language and con- annexed to the United States. Pro- house at Marquette University ie
tact with foreign environment" fessor Fairbanks has submitted two I
The foreign study plan is. open designs for this proposed monu- Milwaukee, taking $60 the fist
to bothmean woe. adi ment. time and $125 the second tie,
dates me for admission must have a)
thorough preparation in French.{
Preparation for this course shouldI
begin early in a college career, and ! I". W 1.rL LC A
for this reason Professor Talamon GORINVV'L C AL COKEB
iparticular interested ii meeting
freshmen and sophomores who feel
that they might like to examine
the bulletin and further infor na- Scranton, fPo ahontas
tion about the plan. .~..~....A I r-A %! 's _

E [ . Associated1Press),
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Nov. 1. -
rhe immensity of that small cornerI
)f the visible universe of which the
arth is one small fragment is in-
Gcated in some distances an-
.ounced in a current Harvard Col-]
:gc Observatory bulletin.
These are the distances to 93,
Globular clusters of stars. The
light from the nearest travels more
han 18,400 years before reaching
earth, while that from the farthest
takes 185,000 years.

.... rJIi ~ Lta(llr.canmusumall
Dearborn. iOrlow
The equipment is that which has' ton Colle
operated in this Otsego county mill ing his
for the past 28 years and includes bcue
bunks, blankets, ox yokes, big 'beuse,
wheels, chains, spike skids, draws, an old la
sleighs, saws, axes, markers, gruby
hooks, loader crotch, comealongs, -
skidding tongs, wheel hugs, follies
and other pieces of equipment
whose usefulness has long since
passed away. Even the kitchen
sink, towel rollers, dinner horns
and water jugs will be transported1
to Dearborn to be set up there,

Smith, a student at. Kank-
g, South Dakota, is hay-
way paid through school:
when he was driving
is summer, he was nice to


being rushed.

All Books of All Publishers
May Be Secured Promply
One Block West of State

1 ,
i _.
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