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October 15, 1929 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-10-15

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FACULT I D[ Massachuseti
011,New Ingem
Student Christian association;
to be Sponjsor of S.tries
of Dinners


Co-operation of Fraternitieq
as Well as Facuilty
1s Urged+

in order to better acquaint the
students of the University with the
members of the faculty, the f'tu-
dent Christian association is spon-
soring a faculty-fraternity f orum n
that has as its object the social e-
change of ideas on subjects of com-
mon interest to both the facultyj
men and the students.
The forum will consist of a series
6i Weekly meetings continuing over s
a period of sip weeks at which time
the faculty members will be the-
dinner guest of the fraternity,
Following the dinner a dscu ssion G ordon Fussell '
will be held, if desired, on any ~sub- 1 at the Worchester
jests in which. the group is interest- I stitute in Massacl
ed. ! received the 1929 Y
The first meeting is schied oled hlwic
for Wednesday, October 23, withscoahiwih
one comning eachsuccessive Wed- -
nesday to Decemberi, 4. Ithoiugh,
be held on Wednesdays for the most tE[ IL
part, ai aneynient s for iOar 2ij1 -
able evenings. can be mnade.
As ar as possibe each frater ityI1I OIA
would prefer to entertain T12e pro- (Continued froii
fessor or instructor, whichever' the oft Modern America
case, may be, will not coars to
preach or to aiake spee.chers. His Anspacher is withci
visit will be of :a strictly social mia- of the finest orator:
ture. day and those w
Letters have been sent to all the wt i eer
fraternities and faculty members Isrciecmet
and judging from tihe response to will delightmmin ts
date, all are greatly eiithtisiastic wl eih eti
over the idea. Inasmuch as t hi pplretr
fraternity-faculty forum. is a new Beebe hD
development, it will require con ;id- William Beebe is
erable cooperation from both thej pear November 21
fraternities and the faculty to en®, most naturalist of
sure its complete ;success. All Ira- 4rector of Tropical
ternities iay avail themselves ofI New York Zoologic
this sr.vice Iby getting in touch famous as a scieni
with the St~udent Christian asoca- explorer, -Mr. Beeb
tion at Lane fHal. tied to speak on the
--------- -- --mal life to be f
I i:P V , IA P R YA I. 01 fNTU irTropic Seas." Du

is High School YFouth Receives L[QITV fUnited~e Independents Fail to Wrest Victory1
uity Award for Sanitation Solutions IIY R IIFrUIYO om Fraternity Men_in__Illinois__Election RN SA T Nl A
or G~~~~~~ranata swrou warrants for 'I ~M [TU
TIIOOSANDSectios, atentionthsanuallassi-arrest of four old-line" leaders-.~IIILII
rectdtwr h oiia furor Jordan, and V. L. Kutschmer. When--
irsrcLn nI1~ hi recently ramtpyant at the University their cases cane up for hearing,'litJs cvso h 0
I~egoiiPjtenfld b ~ llinis urig ti corseuf raniata failed to support his com-
plaint, the bond of $25.00 for his ltclcnedprreti t
z which the Independents wre weld- pernei ees ft h-tending the mectii of the Insti-
ed together for thie first time in' ditmenit was forfeited, and hec was Luote for I ternationa l Law, at
ALSO ACPS LBAYyas orpoietsuet assessed the costs. Larclifi' Manor, Now York. Pro-
the campus were arrested on burg- In the balloting itself, the Inde- 1c so-or R(vs, who is a recognized
Michigan's eqluipnrt for engag- lary charges, and finally 10 stu- pendents were landslided by mioire Iaaticrity 01 i te ubject of intera-
ing ill natural ceirce and oforestry _et eereoe vii -ni ctthan four to one Following tthe ional law, i conducting a round-
Sresearchtes wor;re:,,etiyJ augmiented election, the council of adrnistr a- a tale dicssion i ti at field The
bytl rn f ur'tai:,0 undeirgraduate offices by thle (;otti-{ Lion through Dean Thonmas Arkci c iu roup is composed of
acres of preserve lands hn the Duck rlI of adnitrationr. Clark, isued an order declaring all1 teacliei-; (f international law, and
Island region, the gift oit lion. lHither-to, ;studen iit > have ol fles of the senior, Junior and the~ cofeience is concerned with
ChaseC S. OsbortiiI-t4ei l of te lbeen1 hld lhrgely by ("reek ltter %plo k ,,s ~vca~,bwI~the niethouds of teaching that sub-
5 ~~University front,19u8 is to 19 J, Te ( of the recent disgraceul ecisodes j - At the end of the session,
gift, which was5 acepitetd by the 1".faent ci.Jh nt, occurring ai oneiicon with Ite
'gents at their last Int eci Pughas no brother out ee ratiata, precinct clan, eletions,."the 4atei ,nc ls ~o esrRee ildlvrt h
re~'rictons s toit:;LJ:;, lo- MO'Vi ~ lii thebelifttht te ' c nlecwea report aon the methods
retito . ois vexcept Icap t inlhfon expetsd i'cepted by the rond-table group.
thata ife le tr[yof 16U0 ai-n-> s , n~ ~..., than one- quarter of the etire ealn---
as.ked by tediiaiiey Il( it also in..cago> ll){ty''eiliti'WFl pus wet inter'ested in the tIec The intsttute ofIneainl
I ldsalba~ l:ce'Itosnd urging ieforn, clos d tiup the ranktio= .Lacv i /coposed of five of the
c vlues, fh ideedetsb1enptlig r-t=-. ii t+,t ,j iii-t of every country.
Tih ie islfi ipesie n hsingrained knoewledge of j()iiti e- ge Talent, arberrf thpeAerican jurors are
beauttif il property,Fpossessing "10 caliethocis -Gir~ rdeaur, Mo, laim., to have ctI tmetn hlilootoneothe urope
miles of aterfro;t, and bloscl IjTh T- 1n usp-nt&.tn-24,000 heads of hair in54 years, meThe liRot uco hefv
s ;olid forit-over five i i le. vii e lioc* _______iAeia t,-~nai~t h n
- Li nis directl i unc ne'le th the ,ti, spread abot t hL-e 'i pus° Heated - stituite, ope ne d the ser sion on Octo-
- anid Also ex:tnids t)i:rtoIde pi,.-1 .of!political dodgers denlaaing wa.i'- W NIAJSP Y! betterthi,
ssL'cW' -* --. ;lis -land tarby, - fare agahinstthe .fraterni-ty____ -
hittui, student alltducatiorl in the school Whit-! Vtiti theuir re oltoil 't-d SOC' jJL I he (criclation of' these broad-
°Pulytech~Iic in -tUii, who is pictured a:bove inl his a e , the RtF eet: : i 1. 1w It the sides so enraged the 'aristOcrats" OA
laboratory with theg cales and(naeo lihndr°HrCae8.i
husetts 1recently ceiasyeeve aeo ii an h Qae2Ithat at 1o'cloc in the morning of ITG t
cneut hemias eevdthe award for aOsborn preserve of tWe imriverity jI October 4, the day set aside for N
entitled himanttin t naintenanice of spratoe n thicianstdn election,-fn enr~e
- __-_-- and will be fajllo- eil o I-a~1rch if-the Indepenidenit headqutaters and The Play Was Great__
1.5, llaswon ditinction a: a writer, by 1Phidt--all Hice, V i ' o a=at i d'ifrButi th e- tre~e Fox M vietoe, All SngirI;
ait~°and lecturer,.He is well i nonactor- will be rcenit rcd by - - -______j- ac iaghingsreen Veson i Bi;
ANN0 N I .Ihs wou it (i t1 r~!'s ge, tiett (Bigtaulndk "tat cI Wl"I
knBown as a radio speaker and lithose hoOhardBLE onlaslett,' tBtle r B ikit niBrhe adig
t, oug aillf il I1+ -;Yc- . : icS TYPEWRITERS r L&iant Cat
PI~1~ ~e i tntecfyar l ~sh aiwill be Lt:i ado 'Kit i vill affe1 ave all makes. W IT L=AVW F
o ;iilueit- i'aticui~l !i-ubltis," Lred before ill ArizArbolr, anrd as Clrd~ioh~hs rc
-il Page One i _arveti Well, explorer, ui iiti~t, an i dtt-ilictutiial ~I;ouwti auiptcr hi:;1 olrd oofi - rc
an17 Dran. a lt':rft li ii it tand anti-or, will letuire 1iiisti- iiti vOand(I 0iaiti i lx i i~~ ~ I O RLL iftii .~
-Jl ienton tmm o "IllColdest Africa" F b - a~y2'7, of art will hb e t. D .MR I -L





at I


s in America to-
vho are familiar:
ting and con-
s on the theatre
s most recent of
scuss fTrip
scheduled to ap-
1. As the fore- j
the country, Di-
Research of the
cal society, and
tist, author and:
je is well quali I
e mysterious ani-
found "Beneath
uring the past

i'uZi a i 'Tw iLZi 6 _- - __._ _ MO..a. w...wm ....G .s.S.., .. s.v



i i'.J 4 r K .l





Positively Last Four Times Today

He's A Genius-Amer ica's


v 11.1%tl.,.% IVE /A 1 91, n I AA I

f'V it IIm1l

I AJR~J~l.,A ~~ three years lie has been investit
IN CLEM.N TS LIBRARY ing marine life in the Sargasso
off Haiti, and his lecture, illustrn
From letters and documents( with underwater motion pictu
found in the William L. Clements will deal with some of the fascir
Library, Prof. Gilbert Chinard of I ing discoveries he has made.
Johns Hopkins Universitty has just On December 5, E. H. Sothi
published a book on Beaumarche, considered the greatest actor-l
central French figure in the Amer- ducer in the country will dis(
Jean Revolution. The hitherto un- 1 "Great Actors and .Actress
known letters were discovered in Mr. Sothern has long been sou
the library last summer and com- to speak on the lecture platfi
piled by Chinard, in French, under' and his appearance here will
the title, "Lettres Inedites de one of the high spots of the sei
Beaumarche, do Mine. de. Beau- Washington Writer ScheItle,
Marche, et de leur fille Eugenic. William Hard, foremost Watih.
To Beaurnarche is due the credit~ ton correspondent and a re(
for furnishing a groat part of the nized authority on current natic
arms for the Battle of Saratoga, at problems, who will appear JTan,-
which Burgoyne was repulsed and __
the Americans given hope of ulti-
mate victory. Iloie ;also noted as1
the author of "The Barber of :se-
t le" tar of MoviesH
aDead in Cleveland
(11y As~oiate~W 1',s)
CLEVELAND, Oct. 14- Ginger,
the dog who won fame in the mov-
ies under the name of Lightning,
is dead liere. H-e was starred in
the "Lure of the Wild" and dou-
bled for Rin Tin Tin in "Rinty of ,
the Desert," besides appearing in
many other pictures. '

i nnfocefltf of Pari"Il
atjaamount g9wtum'

Leat Uz Do0Your +
-Ii at-SI Quality
's ofWork
1109 SothiUn iversity
1-1-iff Blocklc rom Campus

ISue Cuod -David Rollins


N Fi-rst Stage
?0 R-K-

the Stage-
,e Bard Review
-0 SP ilfis-
Stage Orchestra o




Marvelous Maurice Chevalier, the
idol of a continent! Singing, dancing,
enthusing! His talking, singing, ro-
mantic drama,. Portraying a gay no-
body who becomes the sensation of the
enterainment World! It's the GREAT
Chevalier! Here! H-ow!
__ __ __ __ LOOK WHAT'S

COMING ______
Triumphant Returni


iary {
In School . .. Parker Pressureless Touch~
lees Ever ythiwn..
but Your Thinking
... amd Clears the Track for That
*Guaranteed Forever Against All Defects


Prom a<n' ehgrving o!
A"'- 1it'lde in Ilaiper's

At the wzheel-Bobby -
All American ie-
Hoc key Star -kno zwn4
to radiolijstener~s as
utnr-cronng arit."
Ifith himt four clas.,
mfares just aru'vedat
Cambridge - - all f"
them-rn tifed -with '
1'ar Aeir- Diojl 1}rrn
J,,aflying s11 t u
STo prove Parker Duofold is a pen
of lielong perfection, we offer to
make good any defect, provided
com~plete pen is sent by the owner
direct to the factory with l~c for
return. postage and Insurance.

c") I-JILE Yale anid Princeton were battling to a
tie at Hoboken, New Jersey, a small group
of scientists, directed by Thomas A. Edison, w as busy
at Menlo Park, only a fesw miles away. 01n October
21, their work resulted in th7e first practical
incandescent lamp.
f ew realized wh7at fifty years would mean to both
electric lighting and football. The handful who
watched Yale and Princeton then has grown to tens
of thouisands to-day. And the lamp that glowed for
forty hours in Edison's little laboratory made
possible to-day's billions of candle power of elec-
tric light. In honor of the pioneer achievement, and
of lighting progress, the nation this year observes
Ligth's (Bolden jubilee.


' 5.
;s ( -


Parker Pressureless Touch - presented in Tuofold
Pens--asks no one to strain his rnuscles and exert hi-3
mind to do its job of writing. The ink connects with your
paper a split-second sooner than the point, and its flow
keeps pace with the speed of your hand by contact alone
- not by pressure!
Pressureless Touch is Geo. S. Parker's 47th Improve-
mnent, combining capillary attraction with gravity feed.
A census of pens in 13 technical schools disclosed that
Parker leads in popularity 2 to 1. It was voted the favor-
ite by students in 55 colleges. And a nkation- wide poll.
conducted by the Library Bureau proved Parker tihe
preference by 25% over the second pen and 48 Xo above
the third.

M'uch of this progress ins lighting has been
Merit Of College',(,trained lulnfi employed
Is Iectric.

the achieve-
by General





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