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February 22, 1929 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-02-22

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FRIDAY, FE13 GUAR 22, 62-x,

rfHE Mti-C N FI&A1,E'Y2-*

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S. C: A. PLANS MODEL Willie Hoppe, Champion Of Balk Line, Ta
'ToMeet Champion Greenleaf Tuesday



Boundary Settlement Decided After
Strife Of 45 Years Between
Peru And Chili3

(My Associated Press)
SANTIAGO, Chile, Feb.'
Tacna-Arica boundary


Delegates From Every CollegiateI
Institution In Michigan
Will Attend ,i
Definite plans for the League of
Nations Model Assembly, which is;
to be held here in April and which
is sponsored by the Student Chris-
tian Association, are at the present
time being formulated.
At the meeting of the agendaj
committee various phases of the
three problems which will be dis-
cussed at the model assembly will
be assigned to the, participating
colleges. These three problems are
disarmament, mandates and the
admission of Russia to the League.
This latter topic is entirelyl
hypothetical, having never been
brought up before the. League, but
the other two are actual questions
which have been discussed, pre-
The committee in charge of the
model assembly expects to have an
active delegation. from every col-
legiate institution in Michigan.
Arrangements are being made for
a number of speakers of interna-'
tional repute and for round-tablel
discussions on international af-
fairs, occupying the entire week-
end of April 18, 19 and 20. Enter-
tainment, with the possible excep-
tion of a banquet, will be provided
for the visitors without cost.-
The actual organization work forl
the assembly provides , unusual I
opportunities for giving studentsl
an understanding of modernI
methods of conducting world af-
fairs. A forum of this sort also
puts into international perspective
for students the domestic and for-
eign policies of individual nations,
and the opinions of their leading
public men and women.'
This assembly will be conducted l
so as to reproduce an actual meet-1
ing of the League as nearly as !
possible. All discussion will be
from the floor, while the principal'
,speeches on assigned topics will'
contain material prepared pre-
viously. To lend a flavor of real-,
ism, some of the speeches will be
delivered in French and will be*
translated in a summarizing form
by an interpreter to the #ecre-
All decisions will be made by an
unanimous vote of the members
of the League represented at the
meeting and particular matters
will be decided by a majority of
more than half of the members at
the meeting. Voting will be done
by roll call. 1
This model assembly has for its
purpose a definite educational end
for all those participating or vis-i
iting the sessions. Aside from itsl
value in visualizing the League in I
action, it serves to illustrate thel
broader idea that nations may solve;
their problems by conference rath-
er than by conflict.


.born in war and thriving throughI
45 years of international strife, has
been settled by peaceful means.
Official announcement here to-!
day says that an agreement has
been reached between the govern-
ments of Peru and Chile, the twoI
' .countries involved, by which the
,,province of Tacna goes to Peru and
:..r_}___ "________:"".___that of Arica to Chile.
The boundary between the two
What happens when champion champion since 1919, in a series provinces is fixed slightly north of
meets champion will be seen next of matches. The matches are be- the railroad leading from the port'
Tuesday afternoon and evening at ing sponsored by the Union and of Arica to La Paz, Bolivia. This
the Union when Willie Hoppe,.18.1 are featured as a part of -the bil- railroad, of the utmost importance
balk line champion, meets Ralph liards and balkline tournament to Bolivia since it is her sole outlet
Greenleaf,.national pocket billiards which it is" conducting. to the Pacific, remains in Chilean
territory until it crosses the Bo-
Haitosi Preventatives Prove False ve fgretient is the result of
And Useless, Claims Dr. W. . E. Forsythe diplomatic negotiations undertaken
._four months ago, afterresumption
Halitosis '(bi d"bteath) is' more ! press, which, according to Dr. of diplomatic relations between
insidious than even its advertis- j Forsythe, has been "splitting the Frankt t Kellogg of the depart-
ing paints it, says Dr. W. E. For- graft with the patent medicine mrnk B. Ke.
sythe of the, health service, companies." ment of state.
syth othe's et frie w"Such advertising is damnable," The Tacna-Arica dispute had its,
Even if ones best friend wantnI birth in 1879 when Chile occupied
tell, the ' person who has .it or he said, and is in no wise better the two provinces in the course of
thinks he has 'It will ,tell about 'it, than that of scores of nostrums, a war with Peru and Bolivia. The
especially to i doctor, Dr. For-, barred from the privilege of press treaty of Ancon ended the con-
sythe finds. , Quack halitosis cures publicity when publishers revolt- flict in 1884, and provided they
are unnecessary and quite useless, ed against such types. Patent should remain in Chilean control
Dr. Forsythe believes, althbugh an medicine quackery, in Dr. For- for 10 years when a plebiscite
enormous percentage of student on sythe's opinion, is again seriously would be undertaken to determine
the Michigan campus take the ad- on the upgrade, although now in their future state.
vertisements quite seriously, he a different form. Peru maintained the Chilean
says The doctor bases his conclusions government attempted unfair na-
. the present epidemic of ad- in a large measure on his experi- tionalization of the two provinces
vertising harping on the subject ofences with incoming students, ex- and the prebiscite was not held, the
amined at the health service. argument between the two coun-
halitosis Dr. Forsythe sees a re- "When we have finished with a tries continuing furiously for more
currence of the plague of quack man and can't find anything than 25 years. War was often
medicine advertising which infest- I wrong with him" Dr. Forsythe threatened, the nature of the con-
edns e arsaid, "He frequentlywill open theddflict being such that it might have
cals in general some years ago. subject of halitosis. 'The docto involved nearly all of South Amer-
"The newspapers are perfectly discounts both the prevalence of ica.
shameless about it," Forsythe de- bad breath, and the possibility of The Detroit News announces that
clared, stating that any criticism , curing it by preparations now on during the next eighteen months
of halitosis advertising must take the market, but blames both the an addition to their plant will be
the form of an indictment of the press and the manufacturers for I made that will double the capacity.
the spreading fear of halitosis,!The News has one of the largest
NORMAN THOMAS which seems to be growing to !plants in the country now and
TO LECTURE HERE nprominence, insofar as he can when it was built a number of
judge from his talks wit hnew stu- i years ago was thought to be large
Norman Thomas, socialist candi- dents.I enough to handle all needs.
date for president in the recent

At the present reading the boards we may walk out of the foyer of
of the Michigan theatre are re- the Michigan and not be ashamed'
soundingly occupied in supporting, of the childish, innane, nasty de-I
a vaudeville unit show going under portment of these morons.
the rather comprehensive title of Well, to get back to the show,
"Mid Winter Frolics" Once again (in other words to mind our own
the obstreperous demonstrative- business) we find comparatively
ness of the fun loving Rover boy little to say. So far as the.
element about the campus suc- "Frolics" are. concerned Coscia and
ceeds in making the show as poor Verdi provide the best and most
as it could be made. One of the entertaining moments. One of the
-most erroneous mixims in the two is an effective foil and the'
American credo is the one which other a comedian who deserves
contends that college men are gen- more recognition than the act
tlemanly and well bred. Fifteen' gives him. To continue there is a
minutes in any local theatre would Juggler who doesn't dro ptoo many,
serve to completely disillusion the balls, a team which sings bad
most vehement advocate of this songs well, a pair of. dancers who
idea. do one excellent- number, and a
Our complaint would not be so chorus of Kurnicker girls which is
strong if these horny fisted rah- unquestionably terrible, to make
rah boys bore the brunt of the ef- no mention of a comedian whose
fects of their puerile activity but partner's "appeal" undoubtedly
unfortunately all the students, and k the act booked.
uvntMichigan as an institution, is . The celluloid portion of the bill
even Mcia sa ntttoi is Lew Cody in "A, Single Man"
pounded on the back wash of the ili ch hL so e"sngll dn"
breeding of our minority. Further- and others which are lousy. Mar-
more we are 'being deprived of good! celine Day (from Salt Lake City)
variety entertainment which mightmes ey(oleathinkewCty
be ours were it not for the existing makes the whole thing worth
reputation this same minority has! while. You will recall that a cer-
built up among folk of the vaude- tain woman said to certain St.
ville stage. Hoag cannot book IMark, "Come over here and help
many desirable acts because.they u°..
refuse to play here. (Who under D. B.,. JR.
the wide canopy of heaven could'
blame them?. We are earnestly Subscribe to the Michigan Daily
anticipating the moment when $2.25 for the half year.

Radio communication with Mt.
Evans, the field station in Green-
land of the University Greenland
expedition, has become very poor
during the last few weeks, it has
been announced by Professor Wil-
liam H. Hobbs of the geology de-
partment, director of the expedi-
tions.. Successful connections be-
tween the local R. O. T. C. radio
station and, the radio station there
have become very infrequent, and
accurate deciphering of the mes-
,sages sent is very difficult.
Professor Hobbs attributes the
poor reception mainly to the new
amateur radio regulations recently
made in this country which have
weakened the power of the ama-
.teur stations and is the cause for
much interference between them.
3 Lenses and Frames made
- To Order
Optical Prescriptions
State St. Jewelers
1||11111111111111!1111 -a

j .f


election will speak on "The Need
for a New Party" at 8 o'clock on
Monday, Feb. 25, in the Natural
Science auditorium. Thomas, who
is prominent as a journalist and
author, has been active for many
years in social and labor move-
ments, and is the founder of "The
World Tomorrow." He was the:
author of several books, including
"Is Conscience a Crime?" and "The
Challenge of War," as will as aj
number of others.
The new cruisers recently author-
ized by Congress will, when built,
place the United States second in
effective cruiser tonnage, with a
total of 305,000 tons as against
397,140 owned by Great Britain, ac-
cording to the Navy Recruiting
Station, Detroit.!

"Eksimo" Hair Drier

(guaranteed I




Every woman should have a Hair Drier in her home. You can-
not appreciate how convenient they are until you have tried one.
The "Eskimo" operates on your light current-just plug in and
the blower will send delightfully warm and soothing air through
your hair-you can now shampoo and dry your hair in a jiffy.
Try an "Eskimo'' and you'll never be without one.
210 South 4th Ave. Phone 7716

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A. AC"I. U - il a


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339 South Main Street

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