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April 02, 1929 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-04-02

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Ehlers WAI;j Direct Geology Field
Work; Jamies Will Presenit
Geography Courses
With the publication of, a Uni-
versity bulletin tellinig-the' partic-
ulars of the geology and geography
summer camp in Kentucky, eiroll-
mient has begun for the, tenth sea-
son of this annual summ~er session
feature,. from June 18 to July 2'7,,
at Camp Mills , Spring in the, Cumn-
Berland valey.
Prof. George M. Ehlers of the
geology department will. again apt
a~ director of the field station and
will be in charge of~ the courses U~
geology. Prof. Preston _E: James
of, the geography department' Willt
give the field courses in geography,
anid Ralph L. Belknap of the ge-
ology -departmen~t',will have chargei
2of the work in' physiography.'
Belknap To Teach
r Belknap,, who in 'former years
Wtas the second in command of the
University of Greenland expedi-
.bons, is taking the place of Prof.
L. D. Scott of the geology depart-
ment who has been given leave of
absence to study 'the dune forma-
tions. of Michigan..
The field work at~ Camp . Mills
will offer the forty or fifty Stu-
dents who take the courses oppor-
tunity to do actual research work
in their subject. After the more

iir "Wuerth"' Seeing' Incidentally, the Liberty Street For'
~ ~ uYLn RDIO Two of the lest pictures of the screen will be transformed from
year have both visited this fair 'silent to speaking form while the
town at the same time namely, "In-! great majority of students play A specimen,,
21th A icbigan ,Night Will ,Include. terferenge" and "Alias Jimmy Val-j around in the old back yard next tooth. tier is
Tal : By Little, Lorch, And. entine", the former at the Wuerth' week. To bie exact, the first talk-
Whitteamore ll week and the latter at the ing feature will arrive at the Dtichx- i aua
-iMichigan until Wednesday night. igan April 10. If1pleted by
Three talks by members, of theJj'As the second all-talking film at II More Power To The Maj!f preparateur of
Unvesiy faulywil oprse.the downtown theater, "Interfer- William Boyd, an American "mo- mens, and pla
rene" has helped the cause im-; tion picture player, arrives at the temi o
the 4thMiciganNigt rdiomensely. From the standpoint of Majestic Theater in Ann Arbor, tuem
program of the }current series rto excellent staging,'dretngIadMichigan, U. S. A., Wednesday, This skeletci
be broadcast between 7 "and 8 photographing, this picture stands, April 3, 1929 A. D., in a new -film ed one of the
o'clock next Thur sd ay ilght from as one of the, if not the best, f titled "Power" in which he is sup-( paleontology e.
thene Mori hal tudo hroghtalkies yet. produced. The cast, all :ported by Alan Dale, and; that's by the local
th e orshl tdotruhiof whom contribute, excellent per- that!chnewt
!WJR, the Richards Oakland corn-j formances, speak their lines well In The .Fourth City California. it
pany's$ "Good Will Station", of Do- I!and in a natural manner with noi Mrs. Fairbanks follows Mr. Fair- famous fossill
troit. a.'ttempt at rhetorical splendor. banks 'in a talking picture at the La .Brea in Ca
Pre~idtClaenc Cok itl We've always liked Clive Brook, United Artists in Detroit, just~ utnr
will give the third and final talkand that noble looking Englishmani taken over by Kunsky. "Coquette"4F all th~e lard
'fhssre nmdclsbet came through with flying colors in! is Mary Pickford's first talking ye-lxhbtha
His opi wil b "Pedipostio t~this talking film. Bill Powell gives i 'nicle and it seems to be going overthsie O
Cancr as anInheite Trat."a masterful performance, dark-! well with audiences there. "H-earts tefmu
haired revengeful, as dloes Evelyn; of Dixie" another all-Movietone
Prof. Emil Lorch, associated Deanflm i a heFo adisliews Knight, a pit
of the College of Architecture, will beenisatthpFxacedslie-ii
spakonth "xenio o te Turning from the plots and i being praised by Detroit critics. be laced i
Height of Building Line", while counter plots,. of the upper strata I A new- type of talking screen ,en-
Halo Witeofe asociate pro-t afe crooks: tertainment is to be ; found at thel The tar be
Heasroflandsemesiate will and cops in "Alias Jimmy Valera-! Adams in "The Broadway Melody" tiger was tak
I alk, son "lanningate ernn iall tine" wherein Mr. William Haines) a musical comedy conglomerationj cause of thet
Flower G ardeni for Color Effect." (of smart-alec fal-e does well in aI which seems likely to tenant thatI specimenxs fr43
Theodore Harrison, head of the new role. Originally a talkie, we theater for some time to come. Its cene , and e,
voice department of the University doubt if it loses anything in its1 success will probably determine to which ha-ve "be
School of Music, will be the soloist silent form, in fact, probably be-f a great extent the value of the since, it ,Was
on this program. comes more entertaining by a talkiies in the legitimate field., 1animal death
swifter plot action. B. ,I. A. Merriam of '0a

Tooth Tiger
4ew . xhibitio n
of a California sabre-
3nilodon Californicus)
attitude, has been
Mr. W. H, Buettner,
of paleontology speci-
"ced on exhibition in
onm of the University
in, which is consider-
,e show pieces of the
exhibits, Was obtained
institution in an ex-
the Unive;rsity of
G .was f ound in. the
1tar beds of Rancho
who has prepared
rqe pieces of th'e
mounted =this tiger in
ition as the tiger in
inting. by Chiarles R.
icture of which has
in the case with the
As -from which the
,en are f amous be-
thousands ..of fossil
qrn Pleistocene, Plio--
even modern times,
Ren taken fron'i there
discovered to be an
trap by Dr. John C.
'aifornia in 1.906.

., ._


Erstwhile ,British premier,_delivering animpassioned speech on be-
half .Qrf the Liberal Party candidates before a open-air gathering
at Chesire, England. The famous stateman was an international fig-.
ure during and immediately after the latter part of the World War
and his. present, campaigning marks his return to the stump after a
prolonged absence. In former days, his stirring speches were an
outstanding factor in his niation~wide popularity. ____

" {

I I I I lim 11111 if [I ITTP I I Im I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I f I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I' I I I I

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Splendid location, for.a fraternity or sorority! Fx-
~tra large lot with about 190 feet frontage-on Cam-
bridge 'Road and over 200 op Lincoln.
Part of lot could. be sold off if desired. The residence is a spacious brick Colonial home

intensive work at the station is
completed, the field parties will
make a reconnaissance trip east-
ward across the Cumberland plat-
eau, the Great Valley of Eastern
Tennessee, the Great Smoky moun-
tains, the Piedmont plateau, and
the Atlantic coastal. plane.
Trip To End In Washington
The work is included as part of
the work of the;,'summer school
session and* regular University
credit is, given. The party will
break up in Washington, D. C., at
the end of the reconnaissance trip.
.Prof. Ehlers expects a large ap-
plication list' which will exceed the
limnited numnber which Camp .Mills
Spring can accommodate. Stu-
dents interested inl applying for
the Work are asked to' obtain the
bulletin of the field courses at the
offices of. the Summer Session and
to consult with the instructors in
whose. courses they expect to en-
Dean Hugh Cabot of~ the Medical
school will address the University
of Michigan Club of Kansas City
at its annual meeting, Wednesday
night, 'April 17, it was, announced

of nine rooms, .equippcd with vapor steami heat, laundry, extra lavatories, etc.
remodelled as desired'.

Can be

Service driveway on one sidce. At, the price of only ,$26,000, your c..sidCration is inerited.
Terms are offered.
F'or appointment call
Brooks Bldg.

Office Pho ne .2257:1

Rcsidenc e I-4ign 5J97

1.111LIIIli I1111111 F1111111W111 I I I111111 I1111II11111lll l I i ti t I111111 I I 111111 MTI t ;111 I 111 ! M I I Ill lilt 11 4.1n I ..I.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .It SO ,on ,M14...,............,. "'


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For Altl I-portatt
Lake and Ocean Lines
Tours. Cryises
Isufepeftdent 7 avje
E. G. J~uebl r
in. SteamshipiAgn
601 X. Hur~on .,phi 6412

e Made Up, remodeled,
Relined and Repaired
E. L. Greenbaumn a
Ann . Arbor's Hest and Lowest I
Priced Furrier
448 Spring St.;
Dial 9625
Poetic Now
3rh)fl MiflYf Mm

w __ _ __ _
Great states from wvheat seeds


Jan. 31, 1928
'Whleji you've lplawm d a trip for
* fishing,
And you've spent a lot of kale,
flet the whole of your vacation
On some advertiser's tale.
Awd you fish a lake of beauty
I idden in a land of dreams,
Where the air is clean as sullsbine
Haunted by songs of crystal streams.
Comes the mioment when you're
Ai1u a smasher hits your line,
Tien you play Min, like a gamester
With the battle going fine,
'Till a snag, a yank, and silence
And the Iiine is hainging slack,
While you grit your teceth a'id whistlet

T. was vunprolitalbic wilderness, .most
men though'lt. But James J. Hill had
faith that it could grow wheat and so he
built his railroad. Settlers turned the
waste-land into wheat-land, the wheat
into wealth, the wealth into great west-

Systemare plantting the see(Is *f vast po'-
sibilities for even hcttcr wcot tnicatiom.
Out of the. belief that the Public needs
a b~roader use of the telephone is gnow-
img a constantly improved, long distance
telephone service. Like the raroads of
an earlier dlay, t his servicc is now tapping
-ind helping to dlevelop rich new terri-
tories of conlinicrmc

ern states.
Faith in the econormic future still
the way. Right now men in the



-r 1N v " t

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