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January 10, 1928 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1928-01-10

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Publiahed every Imorninig E'xcel
during thc lniversity y'ear bye ii
Control' of Sinden t l'nhli;iti ns.
tenbcr of11Westeru ('on fi'un

units inthe eventfthat the new iplan
is adopte dThoe- ew scheme is w ith-
wu Board in Sere'; sthe sn pport an(1 nlterest Iof, hle-
I~mn ofthe sltudent bodly Iwhen it is
cc ldlitoriial plaiced toI a vote ini the sec'ond se-

1 st rinous ol<f fresh at~empt to
t01'( t unwe1;~l c8me rest rictions 11I)OU
tre 1uei body have Keen waftedi to
the ea )f 01 1110tolls Executive board,
guardmians ot studenit;lbry

T1he A sscrxiated 1Pre ssis <exclnsively en~t-
titled to the Ise for rpblcton0 aliws
dlisliatcht s crcedited 1,to to o tews
ercditd in thtis paper andf the locl r nws ub-
hls Hederein,
Envci,l ' at the jpotoIheeCCatf A1n11.\rhor,
\Michigan, as second~ class matter. Spcial rate,
of lxosta e gra tided y 'T'hird ,Assistant P'ost-
1master (t"eneral.
Subscripttion 1by Carrier, 400;by sail,
()ics:Ann Arbor- Press Building, May-
Phones: 1Editorial, .192,i uies224
'telephone 4925
Editor......... ....Ellis It. Mery
Ediitor Alichigan Weely. .Charlc; T;. Behym ver
Stag( -iitor..............Philip C. Brooks
City Udt'o... ., . . Courtland ('. Smith
W1onmi "sI~rlitor... . . . ArI an I,. Welles
Sports ,,ldtitor.... ...Herberti-t . A\'edd cr
Theater, V o ks gand Music.Vincent" C. Wall, jr.
Telegraph f"Editr.....Ros V. os
Assistall t City ito>r . , . Richard1 C. KurvinXh
Night Editors
Rtobert BF, inch C. Thoma.s MclKean
1. Steuart looker iKel -t11. 'atrick
Paul J1-"Kerni Nelsol J. Smth, jr.
Mliltpn Kirshbaum
-~ Reporters
Esther :Anderson Marioni McDonald

F{l rom othe more 1or l ess mageacs-
tivitires of1 a few organjhrizatis a few
(ears ag-o, -au ra as anr ar t;itic

oxpr ession by the tu ;1ident ha grwn The new scVR<_heme 10o (l ownl the
treenousy. Mims f te nio Uivers ,ity e (nrollmnent is so insidious
unde r thedirec tion o o r TI Iime . i (iirdynisauethtol
Shuter hasbee . re lyi 1)~i(,e811(ati~YUtisntr htol
for~~~~~~~~~ ri si ras.Fo h it great love for truth permitsu
this o ubisttehumrs
prsettin fthe 0Opera, the iwipulih te umrs
ities of the organli'a tiofl have increas ed, -,cx _lin, t i nis-on with the S. C. A.,
to the present a, ion of several lplays cnd rgaiiizat' ii already held liable
thouhot he~asn1I ; ri 71inl )UnT-ri -ersity lecturers as'
Coup)led withli s; development, the
improvement in the various iramatteprertrofee oeudr
hlanded monvemenits to 'undermine our
courses given by the public. s-peaking nto n nvriy he agitators
department has been ('qually remark-o hsnwpo;hv aesc ed
able. In both quantity and qualityo hsnw1lthv aesc ed
the present courses far surpass thiosewytatte ae andaolwn
in the very ranks of tihe student body.
of a few years back. Certainly there***
is no reason whby this development Thjoplinofsrcl ee
shoul notinteest ven ore tit arian meals for all students is the
dents and become greate r in the near
fuf~new restriction thlat these instigators


M~argaret Arthur Richard HIf, Miloy 1 _____________
Ummons A. Bonfield ('harles S. 1l onro
len (tar lI Catherine Price
Jessie .¢utch I ar old 1. Paissman
Claren4 N. Edelson Morris W. QuinnCA PU O INO
14lnI argt ~hoss Rita Rosenthal C M U PNO
Valborg REgeland Pierce losenberg Aimonyms'ommn unications will e
Marjorie FAhner hdlw rdl 1. Ryan 1 ii l rde 11 The nme- o' comuni-
James..,13k reenan J avid Scheyer cat s will, however, he regared as
Roet Y. Gssner Fleanor Scrib nr cnieta pnrqet etr i
Al4ice I'.aGrershaw obine. Sai- lished shoutd rot be cntred als ex-
Alc IEeha RoetG ibrreinJoseph 17. Nowell Howard K. Simon pressing the editorial ppinion of The
J. Wallace Hushen Rowena Sitilian Daily.
Charles R. Kaufman Syvia tone
William F. Kerby George Tillev
l aren a. R . Klein Edward L. Wrner, ;r. IIUM3ATY 311 ICII I(AN
Dlonal l'Kine Bee niain ,S.Wahcr ToteEdor
Sally 1=<sy J . . Veike T h dtr
Jack I it, Jr hoeli Zerdlina The recent exposure of the mnade-
RUSIESSs'ru~vquate housing facilities for the Insane
:eiTelephone 21214- of the~ state of Michigan senms to me
~USINESS MANAGER to give the state an opportunity to in-
WILLIAM C PUSCHi troduce a scientific sse o h
Assista'%' *anager. ge1. ILAnale, Jr. treatment of criminals. I do not be-
Aderiin .. ..l- lilA Mye elieve that a new unit .should be
Advetisig...........Rihar A. eye
Advertising............ rmottr A Hinkley added to the present cain of asylums1
Advertising ...........~war l 7. Hulse o sc
Advertising.......John 1V. Rusxvizickel opathic hospitals ; but rather
Accounts..........Raymond Wacher that-a whole new modern plant should
Ciredlaion i...........George 13. An, Jr.
Publication...........Harvey Tralcont be erecdted adjacent to some of the
Assistants waste lands n the north-central par;
George Bradley Hal A. Jaehno h tte n hr asinii
Marie pIsb ler James Jordan o h ttadteeasinii
James OJ'4rown: Marion Kerr t3to ftetn rmnl swl
James Carpenter Tbales N. Lenington mto ftetn rmnl swl
James 1 1. Cooper Catherine MecKinven as housing insane should bie put into
Charles K. Correl W. A. MahaTfy
Barbara % ronmell Francis D. Patrick practice under the sulervision of
Mary -Dively George "M. Perret capable specialists. This new town
Bessie V. Egeland Alex K. Scherer
Ona Felker Frank Shuler . which would thus be created might
Katherine Frohne George Spater
Dougli sFller Wilbert Stephenson well be named Humanity, Michigan.
]eati& Greenberg Rth Thompson
Helen rsHebrB.Vnu Humanity should consst of a group
1. J. ---amer' Lawrence Walkley of buildings surrounded by a wall in
CarHlli.hme anbWle order to facilitate the retention of the
rrIESDAY, JANUARY 10, 1928 inmates of an unbalanced social char-
____________________________acter which would be housed therein.
NihttEWitor-J. STEWART HOOKER The central group of buildings should
consist of a prison, insane asylum,
and other buildings for afflicted per-
sons who should be isolated from nti-
WllAT IT3MEANS mate contact with the world. The town
The average student knows so little which would grow up around this in-
about th3 Union and its organization stitution would be dlue to the homes
that the new plan for reorganization, of scientists, doctors, guards, internes,
and such incidental mrhnsa
annuned unay oring man would be required in a town which
little or nothing to him. Neverthelesswolbeafcsorteteninf
the proposed simplification of the the state.
Union'. m-achinery is not nearly as In Humanity could bie tested every
complex as it seems on the surface, scientific method dealing with crime
and if Michigan men value their men's problems. A grneat many of the in-
club it will be worth their- while to mates could aid in the upkeep of the
understand the scheme before any call asylums for tie insane and others
to vote upon it is issued. kept in closer confinement. In addi-
In the present organization of the tion the lesser afflicted could work at
Union-there are two governing boards farming and the reclamation of the
-one, the board of directors, compos- waste land. The introduction of a
ed of 17 men with 7 students, and the town for humanity -- the scientific
other to~,e board of governors, with treatment of criminals, the care of the
seven -men and one students. The insane, and in general, the counter-'
board of directors has had controli acting evils of civilization--will be an
over the actual administration of the excellent starting iioint for the event-
Union affairs, while the board of gov- nal rvanpng of the entire govern-
ernors~ the smaller group, has had mental system of Michigan. This is
control over the finances of the or- true beause the people could be ed-
ganization and, over the appointment ucated to better government after sueC-I
of the general manager. cess in a field in which thcy are now
The difficulty with this. system is{ Interested and in whmih their interest
only too ,apparent. There can, be no( would increase with the publicity that1
separation of administrative and QOnan- would be given to a town of te nature
cial fmlniM~ons in any organization of Humanity, Michigan.
which hopes for efficient operation. -R.H . T.,~28.
Constantly, it is reported, the oard of
directors has been curtailed in its 4 THEl"NETICWSYSTEM
actions by doubts as to whether or1 To the Editor:
not the board of governors would per- The Novembe issue of tie Mici-
mit the expenditure of funs eces- gnu Technic contained aim editorial on
nary for a particular measure, the M~etric System which deserves
Now, however, the situation is- to be consideration by all thinking students,
remedied. Both administrative and although it was written for engeers.
financial jurisdiction are to be placed A table of American weights and
under a single board of directors,( measures contains no less than i)
'which will be the ultimate governing? differenit units which have to be Immen-
body of the Union. Committees underP orized. In actual practice most
this board of directors will perform Americans only know a few of theme.
the functions previously performed The Metric systemi which is used in
by the board of governors and the old ->;11conn tri-i s except England amd
boardf directors; but all respolsi- t Anmem-ia has a delightful simplicity

are attemptingp to foist upon the stu-
d {ent body, if rummor can be believed.
As usual, a Rolls:: investigationi corn-
ittee has been a ipp(onmt ed to sear'ch
out the truth. If T'tile rumors - are
found to hae unsubstamtiated,- time S. C.
A. and others alleged to be impllicated
may be f rVgix-en, but if thmere be any
vestige of fact, we will tight the re-
strict lonms Itimte last chickenm meck.
Wt ~ * * *
k v 4) laP y ,tCOIME ,
Cont'inud iene rm h
Rolsi --- epeitoninfodo
cotie badsilenearomhatthe j
menmbers of the conmmission, in-
eluding the nmayorality┬░ represen-
tative from Chicago may have
Imet with foul play at the h.amnds
of King George or the British
rioteers. A relief expecktion will
Ileave today'if. no word is received j
(by tomorrow 'morning.

TO NIG HT: the 31inues lresent
'Steeith :leatven"s in their theater atj
8:30 oclock.
The Barris Players under the direc-
tion 'of J. F taleighm Nelson will present
James AT. farrie's comedy, "Alie-Sit-
by-the-Fire" on Wednesday evemning
in the Masonic Temple auditoriunm.
Jeanette Dale is doing Alice; Mary-
Buffington, Amy; amnd Charles Wilson,I
Colonel Robert Gray. For those who
care for the quait and wst: o-
nmances of Barrie, this is probably the
only play of phis type the seasoni of-
A review, by Kennel IiC. Patrick-.
UJnless experience is a poor teacher,
the campus will go wildi over this-
and at the sacrifice of no -standards,
false or otherwise. Any one who says
that "Seventh H-eaven" is not glorified_
and moderni hokum is falsifying; amy
one who thinks that nelodma i easy
to put over with amnateurs and~ an Anns
Arbor audienmce is ignorant. Thie Aus-
tin Strong drama has moments which
make a -'critic falter betw~een love and
duty. Furthermore it takes a reno-
vatedl barn of a theater, with a band-
box stage, and retetl costumes, and~
effects pictutres which fairly blare
with color and deth. "Seventh
fleaven" has its mnoents.
Several remarkable ammnl hard-work-
ing performances, several nmore riic -
ulous entrances amd exits, and a little
terr'ible acting leave their scars on the
audience-a. bit too susceptible except
for the few raucous spirits who refuse
to either weep or grow lumps in their
throats. These almost broke up (o11
scene but tie audience held every-
thing and the drama was saved. At
least one fable was shattered to save
the day for satire-Bud Lewis, making
his first male appearance on a campus
stage, floppied as far as tie limits of
his small part would allow. Another
veteran of tie holiday swogglimgcir-
cuit, Tom ,Dougal, creditable couspir-
ed with a strong nmanuscript to enter-
tain tie customers. Most of them do
not yet know whether his intentions
were honorarle or whether lhe was
ad-lib-Ing. I
Phyllis Loughton does oie of the
finest tiings she has ever (one in the
role of the waltz-lady, Diane. Despite
the fact that she bath to make use of
all but the unmentionable emotions,
she succeeded in catching the poig-
nancy written into the part without
weeping and wailimng. You will forget
Dulcy after the first act, and every-
timg else at tie end of the second,
where is one of tie greatest curtains
that has ever graced the Alimes
b oards. The technical amd the dra-
matic comibinied ii their timing to
create a harnmonic and thrilling effect.E
Charles Livingstone wins comnen-
dationm rather than bouquets, and testi-
monials above all else. He is unques-
tionably tie hardest working, tie umost
earnest of the lot. The destroyingI
weakness lies in his dialect, which
seems to be a conglomeration of Annaj
Christese and Bad M~annish. It would
be an interestimig experiment for him j
to 'say his lines straight, and tie fa-
ial adaptatiomi that le uses would

I almost suipply time rest of time illtusion
Iwithout time annoying .flashbacks to
former performances and character,
14ucette Moulinm, a mewcomer to the
local sit-by-the-footlights, gives a
powerful amnd convincing portrayal of
time absinthme-soaked sister. Shme should
he seen agaimn. Robert Wetzel has onme
of thme most disguiisinig make-ups lie
has exhibited sinice "Time Man. Of Des-
tiny," and leaves little to be desiredtimu
his acting. Eloise was splendid and for
attraction ran a close second to Bola
Mamnss as time lanmp-ighter. Roy Cur-
tis andi Samuel Bonnell, as in tihe past,
E give fimnely of what they are required,
and stand above discussion. Pity isI
tio stromng and time temptation to plaimnt
lumriid pnmk andI green plictutres about
the atumts, uncmles, and piolicemem i
must succumb for once. But every
onme will not be so kind. Finally
"Seventh Heaven" boasts a parade oifI
I proud piavememnt-pounders that ought.
to make time late Opera chorues bite
its nlails in envy. Bettr- see this.
A programm of It-alianm music will lie
fpresentedl Wednesday eveninig in Lane
Eimall by miemmbers of the Circolt
Italianmo. H~obert Graham, baritone,
ammd Elizabeth Ramedon, sopranmo, wuill
be soloists, t ogethmer withI several olin';'
mmembers of time Circolo.

j TO 11 MIINGLE 11111cOclmoN
Picked teams from the building amnd
groundtls, deprmn will encounter
Univemsity students in time anmnual 'in-
t ~emfraternity basketball conmpetition.,
according to the amnnotumcememit in
Sunday's Daily.
In the list of scheduled engage-
ments the teams were listed as merely
as B and G vs. B and G. Members of
Time Daily sport staff believe the
scheduling loft egagenments for time
two teams is to be a test of the new
footbaill schiedule for next fall. Cheer-
leadiers will-also lie given a lprehiimi
a try opportunity to develop yells ap--
lica bile toi two teanms befomre next fall.
It was a calm afternoon in The
Da:ily. office. Every (one was 'busily
vorking, happily intent tpon gettimig
out a goodist for t otmorrow..
Sudldenliy tmer'e was a commotioni ati
the entrance. Time noise increased.
Tlypewt'iter's ceasedtitheir c.licking anti
evemryone tummned to face time door.
Inm strode aim ominimoums figure. For a
second all wer'e lost iii astomishmuent.!
'Thonthme smiles tum'ned to frownms, and
the report ers began to file from time
rcomm. A lisgustedl studemnt gave a cry
(f mrecogmnitioi---" Its Iob :Hendersonm."
And so the (lay was utterly ruimned.
* * *


bility will be with the larger body. A.-nal units have a decinmal basis- it I PPL1ICATIONS RECECIVED
Previously there have been seven (_consequzently can be quickly mastered, evea applicationis for the editor-
~tu dents on the board of directors and "Thec avpqrage high school student today ship of Toaisted Rolls have been re-
one, on time board of governors, a totail r cognizes the imncise value of such ceived and am-c hereby acknowledged.
o'. eight out of the 24 members of thea system as tihe metric system froum***
two bodies. Under the new plan the ithne standpoint of both convenience Applications, will not be finally
board of directors w ill contain a total- andy standardization when compared . passed upon for several dlays,, so that
studeat <representation of eight out of 1to lime old chmmsy English system ofi all interested may have a chance to
17, glv egMthe students more actualI units. Yet, in spite of all its recog - get in their contributions.
power- t4an they have- ever enjoyed mnized and ackiowledged conveniences, t Benjamin Bolt.
before. The financial conmmmitttee, i we find time entire engoimeerinmg pmoes -_____________________
rnevertheless, wvhich will ha<ve in its Sion in America and Englanid still stamidard retards p~rogress. In every
hands the appointment of the general clinging doggedly to a clumsy anti- line of activity where a system of

T T T 0 X7" T; 1l T

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