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March 28, 1928 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1928-03-28

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inhimR Au [!lf i YIILRIIJNAHNANID CONGER Freshmen Prepare ;IGM LH UL I fVCTO X E IT, ,AND THETA CHI Advertisin
ON OLYMPIC TEAM orCampus et LEAD I-M RACE gA AGUIGOT90 RCIc tv1s~ile 'es)(otne fo aeSx Cniud rmPg a) INTC
BEtEIACRIN 00D RC IE EW YORtK, M[arch 27. -Lloyd Pus tournament some stiff ro peti- alpha Mu, advanced 1G pints overg WASHINGS dne. Called for and1
idmitien0.aroundI Sthne F150 foot marl n a n o he Iol n A andndlayion. ' eta Chi in this ev nt ; delivered. Call 6862. 136-137-138
ttntar # tr n f~PEezswas defeated only onlce in Big Ten tflno h otnA .adIa S'igma Alpha MNu took the water
contto.Coner of the Illinois A. C., fre - Teretet .trnthinnubes lo)1 contest from the Theta Chi "THE HEIDELBERG-Home cook-1

TWO-TONE shoe-:~ made to your
measure. From $6.50 up. Hand-made~
English style by an English shoe-
maker. Corner of South U,. and 5314
Fo'rest. No connection with ally firml
of the same name. Only one place.
Yes, we do repairing. C
Fountain Pen IRepalrling
Our skilled, _Tenmak~ers Service co.- ts
,you no more. The only logical place

a :

' t]

One 'week

Ii ~ei~ ~iteiaWilliams, a newcomer, appears) to' most runners of American Olympic
APRIL be a capable understudy to Ketz' r~d middle distance candlidat es, wFill i~e
OPENS ARL 2I~ should develop into a point winner expectedi to race at 80}0 meters and
ofretwilbegie tewith a little more experience. !1,500 mcete. events at the Amster-
of estwil begivn te jThe loss of Lovette and Schrave - ,.___

ii;-emors of the Varsity tracks squad,
follow ing the vi(tory, over Cornell in
the final o~ the in(loor season7. Coachl
Stephen "Farrell hals (decided to relax
the regulalr progra1m of daily (rills
mntil the first of next week. permit-

sand in the discus leaves t he Michl-
igan coach with the (difficult task: of
developing a new performer in thlis
event. Gabel, football star, pom5sC5os
the potentialities of a capable dis-
cus thrower. but needs much practice.

.ing he 1m1enl to work ot as they BOILERMAKER NINE TRAINS
The imajority' of the runners are in FOR SOUTHERN, OPPONENTS;
good1 condlitlon, arnd the veteran coach
feels that a slight rest after the .last (Continued from Page Six)
three weeks of strenuouis work will halfback, seem destined to grab per-
prove a beniefit. Tihis will still allow Emanent berths by virtue of their
the squi(l three weecks in which to get heavy hitting and fly chasing ability.
into cond(1itfion I'or the first outdoor Pleck, "a veteran gardlener, seems
tcompletition o' the seaison', the Ohio likely to complete the outfield trio.:
relays, wh1ich ivwill be laid April 211 Behind the bat Eickmann, reserve
at Columbuhs. from last year's nine; Ramby, a for-
The second1 outdoor engagement of iner outfielder, and Kugler, a ok-1
tHe Season, the IDrAke relays, occur more, are waging a battle for' th1e r
jilst one week later, while th1e initial honors.
dual mneet is> ;(h(dIclle(l for May 5
with hlio State tc fColumbu11s.lMil1neC-I
sota] comessIhre Al ny12, and the p a -eS Ii~
team meei(ts lIllinois1the following1x -
week a2t Urbarna.
It is (liff'iclllt to gaugre 1llic strengtht
(10or comptcition is concerned, cdue to
kt lie fatct t int the con clies h1ave hiad!T b- o p
litt le or no oplportuinity to WROSitsI" Prcipo"
the canid~ates ;'or the hammt~er, jive- Pecito"I
lin1, discu1s, a1 nd broadjum ini actPion. Have you ever noticed
Coach F'arrell is faced with qadiff- j right after a meal
cult task tisseason ill leveloping 'How tired andi lazy
men to relacrre the stti1s illthe vanr- you always feel?!
ous field e ventis vioWere 1st im telling you folks
it isn't a joke,
through gradluat ion. The places. of It will freshen you up
Captain Northruip, L~ o v e t t e,? and if you try a good smolke.!
Schravesand must be filled if the But whatever you,,do
Wolverines are to have a well-bal- these lines you must heed!,
ance tea thi seaon.There's a certain tohacco
Ti ]C i 2111 1]'r 7of course, that youneeod.
Thehamer pears to b~e the only It's packed in a tin,
one of these evenzts in which Mich- the tin's colored blue.f
iganl is certain to1 be well fortified. Not only the smoking
The veteran Ketz, sophomore star of but the chewring kind too.
the 1927 team, has been practicing Of cours3if you never
regularly andtperIob ngo are bothered this way,
appeas tobe ingood Just keep the prescrip~tion
shape. Last season Ketz was con- for some other day:
tAsk for tobacco,t
thie best that's on earth; ff
To shorten the story,
( ~just call it "Edgeworth.."
Aura, Chias . J. Butlerj
t tOwonaboro, 1Ky.
f l ~eb . , 1927.
mh(, , rctlmn lf nn-; l - -, C1.fj

uaiu gaines.
lheadl Coach Lawson Robertson of
the Olympic team has formally noti-
fied the runners to train )rw these
distances. While Hahn has been. in
I favor of competing in both events,
'Cange quest ions his own ability tol
i'C.,en five successive dlays.
Only four runners have ever scored
the( double triumph in the Olympics
atl the 8f) aind 1,500 meters distances.1
E. I-f. Flack of Gsreat Britain per'-
formed the feat in 1896, Jimmy Light-
body of the Ulnitedl States in 1904,1
Mel Sheppard, anl)he American, in
1908, and A. G. B-ill of GreatlBritain,
ill 1920.

is shown by the 135 pounde'rs who!plittu nraigtermr
have four star performers.' These !gin by 10 points more.
men are Anderson, Kalonic,1evis,' The A interfraternity basketball was
andl Maebius. Ilealman a3nd Kir by won by Phi- Kappa Sigma, while
are. the two outstanding wrestle.rs LmdiCn lpaws unrn),
the 145 pound class. The 158 poutnd-_ The B3 basketball championship is to
ens; are led by Koffman and Sigenfoos.{ be played off tonight between Sigma
in the 115 poundl (ivision,. three IAlpia Mu anid Alpha Kappa Lambda. .
green share about equal honors in re- Sigma Alpha Mur participaztel in a
spect to their ability. McKinley, tie with Phi taigua Delta in the foul
Imermn, aol M~illird hve at Irowing, tournament. This event was
I e m n an Mcilad h v a >slight edge in this weight. Stanch-F may ked by close scores throughout,.
field, Larson, and Shilling have been Inashablextohfrgeenhead ofaSim
the best perormers in the 125 pound wsal ofreaedo im
Class. Alpha Mu by placing secondl in two

ing. 807 E. Washington St, Wutii o aveiyor pen'rpairea
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you save. Barney's Restaurant, 516 1' Rider's Pen Shop
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Rider's Pen Shop
[ sPhone 8950 C
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Ssonable rates. M. V. Hartsuff.
Dial 9387..,C-77-180

TAM\PA--A ban liam been placed on
golf for all m)emlbers of t he Wash -
ington ~a seba 11 club, nlow trainingl
All E xpcii ses I ncluin g round
trip SlC&aifshlil) fe for T1wo
$ 750
lDirected by lIuiiier A. 1)esl araIisĀ°
A rra igedi by Al -Travel Cluh,f
(4raiid Rapids, Michigan*

Senior Caps
and Gowns
For All Classes.
Van BoeInc.
State Street

spring weight
crusher hat






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i WA ;N 'UEli
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like post-gradtuateo or business
woman as roomer. I41l1':E. Washi-
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expects to remain in Ann Arb or
permanently. Please give educa-
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Official Out fitters for the Past .TenaYears


class bowling byv a margin of over
200 pinlsJby (downiing the fjunior lits
in the roil-Off. 'The winners amassedI
a total of 2578 to their opponents'
237G. Ciron wall was high man~ for .
thae freshmen it Ii a game average of
207. ''
Neukom and lVtarting 'won the all-,
campus lo2.1lIes from a field of 16
entries. MCeeting Parker and Cobb inI
the ;finals, xNeukom comnpiled- a high
individual totlQ of G50 for his team.'
for all makes of
TlYPE IY.i t'U
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a .A I

SmnokingT "" z'q.i

-South U

71l N. Umiversity Ave:

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wVhite)-muse c&t1I-lardy Models
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a bout

some good
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spring shoes



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~44toa1BONDS toFIT thieINVESTOR $1
TF -Or_ -

a/l gtat.



1) _ _ _ _

U.f~l/VJG a UC4, I&tut t "IJ13 JUM -
then fit yoursef frr that career
YO0U wouldn't join the first mraternity that gave you af
bid unless you liked it. It should be the same with the
business you enter--don't dirift into it, just because it
"turned up." first, know whether you are interested in a
certain line of work, then fit yourself for it by proper selec-
tion of courses, and by reading and observation. Having
made your selection, do not let chance propositions deter you.
Apply this test of fitness to the bond business, if you are
considering it. Because it requires a high degree of training
and ability, the compensation and opportunities for the man
adapted to it are unusually good. It may be just the field
for you.
Assuming that you have madte a studied decision to enter
the bond business, the best start you can make is to choose
a conservative, reliable bond house that will provide a sub-
stantial background for your own efforts. Ally yourself
with a firm that will take pains to train you for effective
work. In the Halsey, Stuart & Co. training schools, each
new man is given three months' intensive, pratcticail training,
with pay, before being assigned to active dutty.
Most of' the questions you arry ha've in mind about thse bond
business are ans'wered in our booklet, "1The Bond Business
as an Occupation for College Men." Ash for pamphlet MD-3'A

r, I It'


T'O college graduates-men who prefer the finer things in life, and
Iwho have the ambition to become recognized leaders in their
communities-the S. S. Kresge Company offers -a future that
abounds in opportunity. With 450 stores in operation, and a
volume of business running well toward $150,000,000 yearly, our
program of-expansion is now well under way. We are opening
new stores throughout the nation as rapidly as we can train men
to manage them.
For these future managers we want college graduates with trained
minds and well rounded personalities. These men will be taught
every phase of our business. They will start at the bottom and
be trained in each department-every detail of store management
will be given to them. At every step their progress will be en-
couraged. They will be expected to work hard, and when this
intensive training is completed, they will become store managers,
and possibly higher executives-dignified positions paying from
$3,000 to $15,000 a year and more.
If you are willing' to work hard and show your mettle, you can
find your future in a Kresge job. Write to our Personnel Depart-
ment today and a graduate of your own college who has already
found success with us will be sent to see you.

"When I finished college it took
m~e two,,,years. to pick the right
Company. When this decision was
reached, I forgot my degree, my
diploma, my major' study, and
started in at the bottom with the
S. S . Kresge Co., a business totally
foreign to my training. If I was
right in concluding that the Com-
pany was everything and the kind
of business not so important, I
was headed the right way.'
"The re-adjustment period was
pretty hard and it took a lot of
sticking, but during this period I
found out something else. It is
not education that makes a busi.-
ness success, but how to apply
"what you know. For that reason
a college man has the advantage
over his less fortunate brother.
"My exiierience in this Company
can -be duplicated by any other
college graduate. Every Kresge ex-
ecutive started in at they bottom,
and was advanced as fast as the
different _phases of'the busi-
ness were learned. Results alone
determine how successful one
will be. There is always plenty
of room at the top for the most
ambitious, and due to constant
expansion, this condition will hold
true for a great many years to
come, certainly during this



MT. Pickering is now an







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