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January 08, 1928 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1928-01-08

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S1 \DAY, JAM APT , 1928


...N.AY,.JANUARY..8,...928.T..E-M.C..GAN. DAILY

.r. i ,. . i s wwfns i tii a gr M




RS TO MPTE' "Athletics For All Women," Says Yost Women Have Not Been In Politics Lotg
Speaking About New Athletic Buildino Enough To Seek High National OfficesT

executive hoa iofNW.A.A

Final Selection Of
Cast To Begin Toi
Barbour #yun
Sarah Caswell Ange
hour gymnasium will 1
success ,or failure for
pirant young actressN
outs for the annual Jun
open there at 4 o'clo
More than 175 womenN
cast and chorus tryout
Leing arranged as follo
Women who have be
pear for choruses are
4 to G o'clock tomorr
6 o'clock on Tuesday
9 o'clock Wednesday
for the cast will be he]
o'clock on Thursday,o
6 o'clock on Friday.
All tryouts have bee
committee to arrange
on Monday, in order to
the needlss confusion
which hindered rapid w
preliminary tryouts.
Both cast and choru
be required to sing a
the commgittee in deter
tual amount of musical
will be able to work
voice will not necessa
one from participation,
factor in the arrangin
All tryouts must co
witl\ dance ,steps. The
tion, are required to, pr
sug selection, preferabl
emu play. Tryouts ai
bringt heir own accom:
An announcement is
important meeting of ly
the play, to be held a
Tuesday at 1049 Olivia
Edna Mower, chairman
Minna Miller, '27, w
the production, is well
campus for herpartici
*crous student productio
undergraduate years\ as
ticipant of both' Masqu
Designs for scenery
the making; they are
,by Ruth Merrick, '29,
of Architecture.
Two American wom
new record by being th
sex to cross the Sahara
adventiirers were Misse
zier and Ellan McMillt
ing ride by autonirbile
kar, Senegai and thet
by the T'anfzrouft .rout
These women who t
dous trip through t

I "My motto 'Athletics for All' In- Also, our building for boys here at
eludes Michigan women as well as the University of Michigan was the
Choruses And Michigan men," said Director Field- s for i) 0 e i 1l Th
hiouse, for the puripose' of all-rou!14
morrow In ing II. Yost, when interviewed on the indoor athletics, and as far as I know,
nashn i !subject of women's athletics in the the women's league building is fl,
University. The new athletic field first athletic building for women to
TO MEET house for women on Palmer field, an be termed a 'field house.'
unprecedented type of building among "An athletic plant is of no value it.
11 hall of Bar- the athletic plants of American col- it does not have first, availability.
be the scene of leges, is a concrete proof of Director and second if it is not put to use.
'host's attitude. Opportunity is something to have, but
many an as- "I hope to see the time when 'Ath- it is worth nothing unless it is avail-
when final try- letics for All' will be a reality, and able to the students. By that I mean,
nio- Grl,' Play will cease to be just a topic of con- we could build a field house i Ypsi-
)clc tomorrow. versation. But its fulfillment means lanti, but it would not do the stu-,
will appear for planning a program for 10,000 men dents of Ann Arbor any goodI at all,'
and women, an immense problem, unless their field house was availa-
s, the schedule That means buildings and equipment; ble to them. Palmer field is a great
in a sense, it demands one for indoor deal more useful with a field house
en askd to an- and one for outdoor athletics, because on it than without one. Now, out
to co:ne from the weather has to be taken into con- here at Ferry field, both the field
ow, from 4 to sideration. If snorts take the form of house and the new Sports building
rcd from 7 to competitive athletics, that creates a have facilities for those whose activi-
niglzt. Tryouts need for largr facilities, because a ties are being carried on in that
Id from 7 to 9 baseball diamond being used for an building, whether indoor or outdoor
and from 4 to inter-collegiate game requires a field activities.
that might be used for drilling a "Only to the extent that men and
n asked by the great many more men. But everyone women use their opportunities will
appointments recognized that to the students, there they get any value from them, any-
avoid much of is interest and value in some form 'of thing that they can take away with
and waiting ,competition over that of drill." them. When a student does not use
vork during the Director Yost said that there were his opportunities, he is not giving
two distinctive facts about the field himself a fair chance. Our athletic
is tryouts will house for wom-en on Palmer field, "As plant offers a wonderful opportunity.
lone, to assist far as I know, this is the first time for men and women to grow. It pro-
mining the ac- in the world that money which is a vides fine surrooundings and good
material they part of the athletic income of a leadership. Attending a university
with. A poor school has been used to develop a means growing by one's own ex-
arily eliminate I permanent athletic plant for women. I ercise. physical, moral, and mental.'

rn Ilf~W 11

As ,he first of a series of speeches
to be delivered before the Women's
lEducational club concerning the sub-
ject of ex1ra-curricular activities for
high school teachers, Prof. Gail E.
Densmore of the Speech department
will give a short talk to the meeting
of the club, next Monday afternoon at
4 oclock. Professor Densmore has
announced his subject as "The .Value
of Good Speech to the Secondary
School Teacher. 1
jThe club will meet for the first time
in th e rooms of the Faculty Womens
Club on 226 South Ingalls street, back
of Hill Auditorium. This is also the
location of the local branch of the
Merrill-Palmer school for children of
pre-school age. Mrs. Hellen Sham-
baugh, faculty spisor of the club,
asks that all the members and vis-
itors will please notice the change of
meeting place.
According to Mrs. Shambaugh, the
inexperienced teacher who is just
graduated from college or university
usually goes into the small school
where she must help coach the de-.
bate team, direct plays, coach basket-
ball, or take some part in a field out-
side of her teaching duties. In arder
that the 'members of this club, most

"I do not believe that a woman I gained a lead over American women
would be a good choice for the presi- in politics by securing the vote lirsi,
. Cuncannon does not 1,elie vo t i o t
dency at the present time," said Paul Cannoh doe n belie that ty
have the future in politics that w>. -
-M. Cuncannon of the political sfence men have here. In the first plae,
department yesterday, "for the rea- England is a man's country and wvo-
son that there are no women in the men don't have the influence that
higher offices of the country. For the they do here. "The American woman
same reason, it would not be wise to is much more adaptable," said C(un-
have a woman as vice-president. cannon. "I have seen Anw.erican wo-
Since there are no women in the Unit- men well along in years adapt thom-
ed S'tates Senate, over which she selves to new and difficult situation)
would have to preside, the men would in a way that was remarkable, and
not wish to have a woman in that the American girl is equal to any-
position. I do not believe a woman thing!" The most prominent woman
would have the popular support even in English politics is Lady Astor and
if she were nominated. Though it may she is a Langhorne from Virginia.
be hard to realize it in a university Cuncannon does not believe that
community such as Ann Arbor whr the women's vote has revolutdonized
feminine sympathy is very strong, things the way it was expected to,
there are few women who would sup- but it has had, of course, great in-
port a feminine candidate, and the fluence in certain spheres and will
men are not yet ready to put a wo- have a broader influence in the
man in such an office for the reasons future.
thati I have already mentioned."
It is not Cuncannons' opinion that UNDERGRADUA TES
women are not capable of filling theA
office of president or vice-president, GIVE AUDITORIUM
but that they have been in politics too---
short a time to attepmt it. Very few Women of the Michigan undergrad-
'women are in important political po- uate group were the first to rally to
isiticns now. There is not even a wo- the need of $50,000 in order to in-
I man governor at the present time, sure the l tting of t1he contract for
and there are only three or four wo
men in the lower house of Congress. the auditoriun wing of the new Wo-
These last have gained their posi- men's league.buildi ng at the time that

' 1

but will be a
g of choruses.
ome prepared
cast, in addi-
'esent a speak-
y from a mod-
.rc advised to
panists, if pos-
made of an
ric writers for
t 4 o'clock on
, the home of
n of music.
ho will direct
f-known on the
pation in. nu-
ons during her
an active par-
es and Comedy
are already in
being drawn
of the School
en have set a
e first of their
a desert. These
es Susan Fra-
an. Their dar-
began at Da-
trip was made
ook the hazar-
the "Land of


Housewarming WillE
3e Wednesday Nighlt
A good time is in store for all those
who come to the W. A. A. housowarm-
ing Wednesday night, and each mem-
ber and eligible member is urged to
come and bring a friend, not only to
show it to them but to see the new
field house herself. T'he cards which
were enclosed in the letters sent ito
W. A. A. members are guest cards,
and members must bring their mem-
lership cards as well. Those who
have not m-embership cards may ob-
tain them Wednesday night by pay-
ing their dues of $1.
Reservations for the supper must
be made by Monday noon, by call-
ing Dorothy Lyons, dial 9517. It is
also necessory that they inform her
that they are bringing a guest. The
price of the supper is 65 cents, a',l
veservations must be made in advance
as only a limited number of orders
will be made.
The state bank of Moscowy will give
a collection of ancient coins to the
Soviet Museums. They consist of 54
Macedonian coins with images of
Alexander, and Phillip, 16 Roman
coins, two from Carthage, double gold

According to Alma Johnston, indus-
trial secretary of the Y.W.C.A. of Kan-
sas City, industry has three evil ef-
fects on women, namely: monotony
of the job, speed,-the creed in indus-
try, and a feeling of inferiority. "The
Y.W.C.A. is trying to offset these
f three evils," says Miss Johnston. "In
this way the worker has an oppor-
tunity for relaxation and self-expres-
Miss Johnston has discovered that
workers do not have as good a chance
in the middle west as in the eastern
cities. In the middle west foreign
women change their names so that
they can get jobs, because they do not
have the avenues of help that they
have in the east.
Students interested in getting down
to the facts of industrial work might
profitably spend six weeks in the 'sum-
mer working as a part of the indus-
trial experiment. Such an experi-
ment is held in Chicago every sum-
mer for college women, in which they
find work in some industrial situa-
tion for six weeks, supporting them-
selves from the wages received. Miss
Johnston believe's that the experiment
is of inestimable value to the women
who carry it out.
S t o p
Statistics show that women prison-

of whom will be required to do some i tions because they are widows of con-
kind of like work as soon as they leave gressi'en. Women cannot expect to
school, may learn more about the var- reach the top at once, but must work
ious fields, the club officials have up from the beginning.
planned this series of talks on out- "Women already exert an enorm-
side activities. Professor Dhsmore" I1o"s influence on politics," declarll
talk will be especially for those girls Cuncannon. "Many of our most prom-
who haVe had little experience in the inent statesmen ar~e influenced by
field of speech and debating. their wives, and it is in this indirect
manner that women can be molt po
SCHEDUL, WILL BE werful in politics for the present. For
POSTED SOON FOR instance, Mrs. Nicholas Longworth.
daughter of Theodore Roosevelt, has
INTRAMURAL PLAY inherited her father's brilliant mind,
-iand she has helped and influenced her
Intra-mural basketball will open its husband tremendously. Then the
touinament this week, beginning the President's wife, as -niistress of th:,
winter season of intra-mural activ- White House, works in another sphere
ities. Betsy Barbour sorority and of influence, for much depends on
Kappa Delta sorority tied for the her social ability, aside from the po-
chamlpionship cup in the last game of litical influence that she may have
the hockey season, which was play- Very few mistresses of the White
ed in November. House have been college graduate.s,
Twenty-three teams, sorority, dormi- though in the future I believe that
tory, and independent groups, have more of them will be. It seems un-
signed up to enter the basketball usual that neither of Wilson's wives
tourney. Since Thanksgiving, the was a college graduate, though both
gymnasium has been availbe at sched- were extremely intelligent women.
uled hours for the various team-3 to The second Mrs. Wilson had more in-
Ipractice. A league is composed of fluence perhaps than the first. Mrs.
I four teams, the winners in which will Coolidge is a college graduate, and
take part in tournament A, the losers if Herbert Hoover is our next mresi-.
to enter tournament B. dent, the next White House mistress
If-there are any groups desirous of will also be one. Whether or not Mrs.
entering the tournament who have not Hoover, who is a better organizer anid
yet signed the list on the bulletin leader than Mrs. Coolidge, would
board in the gymnasium, their ath- he any more popular than the latter
letic managers should do so at once,'s
because the tournament schedule will r is ha Coiies
earlyr tewek1 popularity is due sonmewhat to the
be completed early in the week. fact that she is known as a 'nan's
New Mexico is the only state in the Though English women apparently
Unicn which is without street car

the contract for the main wing was
let. The sum was all that was need-
ed in order to let the r'ontracts out
at the time, and when called upon,
the women of the undergraduate

group responded and sigmed a new
pledge for the amount. Negotiations
are now being made in Chicago.
-Blind because of an explosion,
when he was experimenting in the
high school chemical laboratory, Jo-
seph Hines of Cleveland, neverthe-
less wants to make his letter at Ober-
lin where he matriculated this year.
Hines says he plans to go out for
track, having been successful at that
in high school.
George G. Booth of Birningiami,
Michigan, has given more than $11,-
500,000 to establish a cents: of sec-
ondary learning in Bloon-teld lHills,
near Detroit.
The new Whirpets will be cut in
price to place them in competition
with Ford and Chevrolet.
for all makes of
Rapid turnover, fresh stock insures
hest quality al a moderate price.
17 Nickels Arcade. Phone 6815.

Thirst" were both art students. Miss pieces with prints of heads of Czar- ers cost the government 10 times as lines at the present. Those which
Frazier is the daughter of Kenneth ina Sophia, Czars Ivan and Peter. much as do men prisoners. were in Las Vegas and Albuquerque,
Frazier, an' artist of Garrison, N. y.. ' !-New Mexico were abandoned recently
aand the great granddaughter of Ham- 1Evidence of witchcraft is still noted Fewer women changed rooms at thus throwing several women, who
ilton Chase who was governor of New in the Philippines in the case of the the end of the quarter at Ohio State have operated them since the war,,
York. Miss Mcilan is the (laughter beating to death of Cecilia 3abado. University than ever before. out of positions.
of Gilbert McMillan, formerly of d e- This took place near Manila and was5
troit and now of Riverside-on-thie-probably partially caused by the fact PENMAKERS
Hudson. ,that the victim was inflicted with tu-
The peasants of Valladolid, Spain, ecloVery soon you will require
make quite an income from the ker- Of 130 students receiving degrees at
nels of pino cones which are regard- the autumn convocation at Ohio State a Rbow p en
ed as a luxury in coal:h:.g an d ca - university, only one, a twoman, grad-
baking in that coulitry. nated with honors.
The pen that won't balk or run dry in the middle of
'*1111111101111! 1111 l1 111111111Il llll11111111111111111 11!111t 1111111111111111111I an Exam .
Heioom Handmade Chinese Rus Superior writing qualities.
-ilo wdeC i seR gs Large ink capacity.
NEW SI1P-MENT ROOM SIZES The pen that will not wear out or get out of
Gifts-unique and unusual order easily.
Guaranteed and serviced by the makers. No delays.
Handmade' ared Personally Selected'
Beautiful gifts found in China, Japan, Persia, Egypt, d' e n Shop
Palestine, India, Turkey, Greece, Austria, France
and Italy-A most unique collection SERVICE '
At Wholesale Prices _. -__
No Jobbers profits, n )retailers profits. - I
_ ~~It 1011b1 worth !o or -10le to colle to
TH E MER ICK STUDIOS = Woodward,at Elot N 1 'I T S
- 928 Church St., Ann Arbor - " ,nt Il -
11111111111111111111 01 111111111 [if III III III ni ll 111111111111 11111 I 111111111111., 'ilur. and Sat,
A_._)1)cP L A V 110 UTS } , 7,
.......................................... .
The home of go d Designed to make you laugh and it does'
Waffles, Wheat cakes, Country sausages.
Fruits, Jams I
Broiled Chicken, Steaks, Chops, Roasts, Vegetarian Dinners. I



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