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January 27, 1927 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-01-27

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r. S tt s !p~, ', fitly,, yd f J 1' lit 1 )// f 4 + ',
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Iuc ( 0 Vanquies Alpha Eps~i lPi!
tlgma Kappa and Pi Beta
PI Meet Def eat
Alpha Epsilon Phi was completely
defeated yesterday afternoon by Zone
6 in the basketball games which re-
sulted in a score of, 55-1 in favor of the
Ycne team. Playing was very fast and
the team work between the members
of the zone team was especially good.
Euturia Doster and Margaret Stahl
starred for their team. The lineup is
as follows:
.Alphta Epsilon Phi Zone 6
P. Hoppe F. E. Doster
N. Soloman F. M. Stahl
S. Stone C. J. Jones
N. Goodman S. C. A. Crane
M. Van Wlet G. E. Treadwell

I .. t + A f wa t 'A' .

Youthful Banlker Is YA' ~t~TO Western Student Leaders Approve Of* NOT IC
{Man acrcr-Cashier OfPOIT !S o-Educaion iAccoding T riN C uirGzs lyrddyae: 4o'clockch
Kansas Institution CselAgl al
I ° iJJ jL In teresting opinions have been givenl se me of w~omen. However, he hatl2i anghawll; A
- b~y leaders at the University of Color-;a~ded that it is a pleasant aspect of chorus 7 in parlor.
Surprising all other members of the ado on the value of coeducation. Inter- ( ollege' life to have comfpanlionship) and 1 There will be no e
'ontact with the worsen students. !castdyClsew
Kansas 1legislature, Miss Stella B. views were conducted at that istitu-'castdy lse
Haines, representative from Butler: tion lately to determine the prevailing Anpnonncedatnwssa-athebgnig ft
county, has not come with a lot of new attd f e tdns;oa~ h ed succinctly by the editor of the ter.
u."yp system of coeducation. The columnist school magazine when he said, The Speciak ntuto
law. " hae efiitey adeup i3of the school poper in answer to a, coeds we have wih us always, The
mindon everl pincl~le fo whc qestion as to the worth of* co-edIuca- system is so deeply rooted that there
I will stand, but I haven't a single tion replied, "I consider women abso- is no chance for a change, evenx if it
> ibill to introdluce." sa iV5liss H-anes.
lutely indispensible to the university.. were desired." A representative of the
Miss Ilatnes' de :aration has as- It is a fine thing for young1 people to law school volunteered, "In the law C
tounded veteran politicians, It is the form associations during the formative' school, coeducation doesn't bother us,
fis im icevoenhvibcm period of their lives; and their ideas as we have very little opportunity toI a
Smembers of the legislature that they are strengthened and dleveloped by see coeds."
En' oeamdt h itwt these associations." Perhaps the most original and wittyI
new bills, A chairman of the legisla- In reply to the query whether the' idea was contributedop by a sopomore
tive committee for the Kansas WNo-; U niversity of Colorado would be a bet-j who when que~stioned whether coed- CI
me' Fdrain fClb, ister school without women, the pres-; neation was d esirable Onswered,
~ Hanesis eekig te sate' raifia- dent of the senior class said that the "Sure, I think coeds ought to be edu-;
~ I ionof he hepard-ownr mterityschool would not be better, but that heoi ated."
an hl efaemaue believed that men would get more out
, h stefrtwoa ob lt~ of their college education ini the ab-i Subscribe for the Michigan Daily.
. f in the hou e of representatives' direc-
tory as a home-maker, for, says Miss .
I haines, "I am not a housewife, because (
I am unmarried; and IJam not a house-
9 for my housekeeping." So the clerk of
(enr IP~eJRthe house has listed her as a "home-
maker." Also, she was the first womanI
MS oelii 1.sttelected to any office in the county. _ GREEN TREE INN
Prior to her election tq the legisla--
Although 1iss Linscott, above, is. ture, Miss Haines was president of the
only 22, she is manager-cashier of the Augusta school board, and before thatLuchonT1:3ei:3
state bank at Mound Valley, Kan., She she served 15 years as a school teach- !:Lnhon 1:0T-h3eossote4oiinafe tdyn r
banking methods in New York City.!' Dinner, 5 :30-7 :00
Miss Lindscott also is talented as an One hundred and eighty thousand
artist and devotes most of her leisure Women in the United States earn their
time to oil painting. living as telephone operators. Special Parties by Arrangement.
oLWRtSILT E C M N Phone 9646 205 South State St.-
Te very new~est for the Coats are darling bunches of Violets

ehearsals for to-
iorus 3 in Sarah
5o'clock, chorus
Angell hall, and
elective dancing
will be resunmed
lie next senies-
wvill be given in


Life Saving to all women whio are
planning to enter the regular Life
Saving cas at 8 o'clock tonight at
the Union Pool. Mr. lRoehrns will in-
struct the class and demonstrations
will be given. All women who are
planning to enter the class -at :any time
this year should attend this meeting.
Wireless sets are being installed on.
isolated Welsh farms to atracet women
tworkers who find life thecre monoto'-

G. Greenburg


C. Nicoli
score of 41-12

Martha Cook, with a

were able to defeat Pi Beta Phi in the
basketball game played yesterday.
Mary Allshouse '27, was, without a
doubt the star of this game, and was
responsible for 34 of the points made
by her team. Her shooting was accur-
ate and her work especially fast. The

iare BARGAIN DAYS in the I

lineup for this game1
P1 Beta Phil
HJ. Searight F.
D.TI. Dart F.
M. White C.
J.-Nixon S. C.
E. Verdier G.
Keller G.
The Helen Newbur

is as follows:
H. Beaumont
M. Allshouse
Q. Berkowitz
F. Powers
S. Sturos
H. Wolter
try-Sigma Kappa

Come in and tape advantage
of our Reduced Prices.


basketball game ended with a score of
25-12. The team work displayed by
the dormitory team was especially no-
ticeable and resulted in many baskets
for them. The lack of fouls in this
game was also noticed .The lineup for
this game is as follows:
Helen Newberry Sigma Kappa~
E. Miller F. E. Morton
K. Abbott F. Aitler
M. Bush C. Zahm
M. Hartwig S. C. Martin
M. Robinson G. Walker
R. Lambert G. Stone
Choruses Progress;
Make-Up Committee
Begins To Practice
Work on rehearsals of the choruses
/in the Junior "Girls' play is progress-
ing rapidly. They have now started on
routine dancing, after . few weeks of
strenuous limbering up exercises and
according to Phyllis Loughton results
are very satisfactory.
The make up committee of which
SHelen Wooton is chairman, has startedl
work. A new plan of make up is being
worked out this year. For the first
few weeks members of the committee
will --practice making up each other.
Later each member will be assigned a
group of women to practice on and
will 'Make un the same group at the
time of the performance. In this way
perfection in snake "up will be assured.
The late Mrs. Sarah Martin Grove
Grady, English milionairess, left the
bulk of her great fortune to the pro-
tection of dumb animals. Mrs. Grady
stated in her will that since the death
of her husband she had found animal~
to be better and less selfish friends
than human' beiings. The document dhe-
nounced fishing as a cruelty when
practiced as a sport and condenmned
the hunting for fun of all wild things-
game-birds, deer, rabbits and the like.
Cambridge proctors may demand in-
troductlou to women appearing with a.
student on the campus after dark.
Indian~a university will discontinue
using 1vomen cheer leaders at foot-
ball games.

i }

that make Spring seem here in truth. And there are others
for Capes, Coats, Formals and Coiffures.
Rhinestone and Jet is supreme and when they are combined
in a wide bracelet or a large brooch, what could be lovelier?
Every Co-ed who is anticipating the pleasures of a J-Hop
House Party must see these dainty new negligees.
IM the Arcade"




"ThlmfLtle Jojriw.) ° - ,Mtro.
G o d v ) . T - v - a i o T h e a tre , N ew Y o rk

. . .


4 - YUt
To see a wonderful line of popular
priced Frocks that move quickly be-
cause of their smart style appeal? 4
i Then Visit the
. Petite Frocke Shoppe
"Out of the wzayv,
but less to pay."
308 Maynard St. Near the "Mai"
' ~$10.75-R $12.50 - $14.95
"cDoes your sister go to Smith, sir ?
{ Cunard ema ~"No, sr"" Where, si'? "casa1%
Colleg Specals t

.; , : .. M ile s o f
11aid2§; ::5Z~ Love nd
.~ ~ Laughter!
:~.::, i:ROMANCE
gig three thousand
\ ~-;4 .....miles across ihe ('ontinient,
L ~onie iarms surlprising
: ,f \I\ " things about the humanm
reeain -gy r..,. ..it atic uny-th t. ('flfllC
;""..:\ ) , - to one girl on such a jour.
.-' - ney forum the basis of tis5
r ~f" >:..IVastly etrtaintt ing fm
r ..."c {loge anid lea ig ter.
. j I II _________________
ROBE PRT . cJ / L Oduction


Tlelegrap~h: "it imust be admit-f
ted that 'A Little .Tourney' is
generously entertaining arid re-
freshingly simple in its appeal.
The delicacy with which the
5ituations are handled, the direc-
torial technique of Robert Leon-
ard, and especially the work of
:Harry Carey are masterful. WNil-
h amn Haines, the hero, takes the
"' remaining honoers. A nice look-
ing young mau with an infec-
t tious smile, he is pro-eminently
suitedl to play the part of a flirt.
'A Littlo Journey' is wvell worth
an eveniing' s time and a fat ad-
mission ;price."
News: "It ought to entertain
98 per cent. of' the Capitol pat-
chief reason. 'herc is no ques-
rons. Wiiliam i aies is ti:,
g tion of HJaines' ability anal pop-
ularity in this type ofcar-
t('ni:'atioa. lie is adored by the
women andh envied by the pale
tin-id souls; in 11is audili es .
'A Little Jr ~urniey,' taken from
Rachiel Vrt~cths' a ge playis
a cde=°1 y-Hand? rd piret ure. ILarry
Careyi xeleti h, oe
the teb h w'"i ih
--but 1.le11.2 s( eer ~
shouJ 1 1b-, ' ftaote
( iot her s. U>r.Z a'~i '
S ol,(, 'bIV ircinash
vf i aum hi(la'ir.; is own
interesti.Ig sell'.MIs . W;indtsor
played her, pert c soAbly, andl
1-THarry Ctkrey, oi- (,). our old
favorites, got, all h', wealth buat
Diorn: of the ll oein 'tIE flm
w Th(-,-, -re imuany humorouis en-
tert aininc zzlicdrnts--for Hlaines
K causes themr withth the lcer of
anl eyelash. As we saidi before,
'A Little Journey' is worth a
long trip to the Capitol this
rribn. : "A genial prodluction
known as 'A Little jourmney' is
to be seen at the CaIpitol. This
picture jo ,s along mferrily. Miss
Windsor is charmin~g as Julie
and Mr. Carey begets sympathy
for the charitable and self-sac-
rificing Mr. Smith."
Journal: " 'A Little Journey,'
at' the Capitol this wveek, is a
pleasant bit of film fare, well
acted by Claire Windsor."
AmerkranI: "There is an amus-
ing movie dialogue being enact-
ed at the Canitol by Claire Wind-
sor and 'William I'Iaines."

This Ad. with l~c
illI Admit You
with Matt Mfoore

VbTn"TTI2 T' J s "

vt't 1gi,,
li, ' 4P
yy i
. !;

SWhere do you want to-. go.
" To the Italian Hill Towns or Lakes?
«s 'Down the Rhine? To Switzer; a3td?
p To Scandinavia? To Hoilla.
;. Motoring in England and Scotland?
+ Moderate in cost. Operated by :t
, compny of established reput'aion

Round Trip

f_ YJ-,dJJ xhas discover-ed that a fellow
CA'passenger is traveling with an
adorable female relative (word of six
letters). Amenities are now being
opened, and soon their conversation
will be sparkling like the dancing sun
rays on the deep Atla~ntic. Tha~t's

' of '
1' r

Added Screen Bill
Sennett Comedy
"Trap Door. Spider"
A Novelty





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