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January 27, 1927 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-01-27

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....., .,... .r
y ve .-vmar. w.e a nw r.w w.a+

G.ul~4 nominations and elections to the
council to women~ is dleemned to ex-
-treme, let the president of the league

Published every morning except Monday
during the Uiniversity rear by the Board in
C.ontrol of S>tll in11PuOiIdici Ins.
',tlCrs o V~of Werst-en, ;iui
The Associated Press is exclusively en-
titled to the use for repub'lication of all news
dlispatChes :c eited to it or not otherwise.
cvedited in thi, paper and the !ocal news pb
i. e~r I th erein.

be given a seat, at any rate, and when
an activity or problem which con-
cerns both men and women students
is undertaken, give her a seat and
plenlty of work to do on the committee
in charge of such affairs!
W~hat was the Senate's first direct,
stand in the Mexican oil and land law,
dispute was taken in the Robinson
resolution favoring arbitration whichj
was unanimously passed on Tuesday.'

Now that the Chamber of Com-
merce is campaigning for more mem-
bers, what is the University going to+
do to keep up its three-fourths of the
"Where Commerce and Education!
Meet" combination?
Is this Big Ten athletic conferencej
in Chicago going to take up the sub-

TO I(RIrIT: The School of 1Musie, re- Strep
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o'clock. .:-
j ONWHT~'1': 1Play Prodltion and 1)i- .TA J('
reCtiol) 1Pre~elts "Seven Ji's to Bald-.'I I~t I I ~
pate" by G(eorge ('oha inhtUUniversity
11111 aditoium at S:10o'e~vk.At Both Ends of the Dia"gonal
s*ss "

Entered at the postoffice at Ann Arbor,j
Michigan, as second class matter. Special ratej
of postage granted by Third Assistant Post-I
master Gcneral.
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Paul Kern

Althouagh a few senators opposed the
resolution, the vote expressed the
general sentiments of the Senate, and
in a large measure, the judgment of
the country at large.
The cause of arbitration, which has
recently received some severe blows,
has again emerged victorious in the
settlement of international disputes.
And it has not been without consider-
able diculty that such a decision was

i Uk .of " Th ? JLhrU~ tt. P L WAV in te

Stadium ?"
aI "I'm in favor of this zoning
fla," aidthe Student from the
Suburbs, just when he had frozen
the other ear, after he had coy-
Iered two miles of the journey in.
Evidently there are enough peoc




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Nigaht Editor-JAMES T. HERALD

reached by the Senate. Many had, curious to see just why "The L
misgivings as to the advisability ofI Warning" is as bad as the column
passing the arbitration resolution on our right painted it, to demand
the ground that it might weaken the couple more performances.
diplomatic position of the country in3
the controversy, while others felt that. While we don't know anyth
Mexico had been guilty of enough in- about the tendencies of art in Rus
discretions to merit a severance of re- we did enjoy this thriller, and ar+
lations or the withdrawal of recogni- ashamed to admit it.
tion of the Calles government. Yet **
on the whole, the senators felt that We'd just as soon see it again
arbitration was the modern and just will have to do our duty by thesec
means of settling international trout ter rides, if it kills us. One ti]
bles.I about 'that play, you never ki
The sooner that Americans will where the next scream is con
learn that they invest in foreign from.
countries, especially those in which* * #
the government is not of the strongest, ( WHILE ROJE BURNED
at their own risk and do not expect A policeman stood by smoking
the United States to extend its jurls- cigar while a house went up in fla:
diction or protection permanently on Wells street yesterday noon.
wherever they go, the fewer disutes ;the boy scouts rushed around ca:
twill this nation be in. Of course, in ing out furniture and carrying in 1h
the Mexican dispute there is the ques-
tion of whether the right of the Mex- When we got there in our little
ican government to confiscate prop- plane everything was going fine,
erty without compensation is subject eluhding the house. It was the
to arbitration or not. The administra- blaze the present fire department
tion has been proceeding on the as-! developed in many a year.
sumption that it is not, but that the***
amount of compensation for expro- "6FIRE, HIAY, FIRE !"
priated property alone is subject to ..-- /
arbitration. /
And yet it is doubtful if the Amer- COLOXI1
!ean property owners stand to lose by
arbitration. There are only two other
courses open in the dispute to the ad-
ministration. One is tesvrneo
'diplomatic relations with the result- .

me Mr. McIntyre is returning Ruth St.
jDenis and Ted Shawn to the Whitney
( theater tomorrow night. Last Thurs-
d cay night the Denishawns gave their I
e r altz fantasia "Straussiana" and their
n ;recently acquired Eastern dances.l
- Tomorrow night they have promised
1 ' he Spanish number and an entirely'
new program--perhaps the ballet!
- without music and Mi:cs St. P3enis'l
)ple 4valtzes with their luian dances as!I
Lat "Iddd vertissin~ens.
n to Te company is now playing to
t 'one night stands through the corn
belt, and with the assistance o their
veterans, Doris Hlumphreys, Anne
Douglas, Charles Wiedman, Georg e
saSteares. . are playing to good
rel' us ness. Miss Plum Aireys is now
a solo dancer in several numbers now
that Miss St. Denis Is confining her-
-,self to interpretations,. Charles W'4ied-
but Inan1 is also bE in ggivenl Some 5Soio
cu-work. Considering the star~s who had
hin1g their lbe jining in the corempany--
.ow Florence O'Denlish wn and Louise
nhug gooks, both of whom have gone to


4 l Pen315 State Street






% Ap _,
1 z

mnusical comedy and tLe ies,1OCas
well as other mdi ct p~ odnucr of
t heir schiools-these names wvill mrob--
ably comic to mean sonmething In theml-
A review, by 'Smniit E. ('ady, .ir.
"Green Fruit" is still ral_ er pren
If it had been allowed to re ;t in the 1
discard until a few capable actors anti
actresses could have been collectedl to
assist M~itzi, the songs improved in
tunefulness, and the so-called humor
polished up a ibit, it ight have ripcen-
0(1 into a hit. Blit there is little to
praise in the present production ex-
cept the work of the star, herself,I
who is an old favorite of devotees of'
eye and ea, entertainment and who is,
as spontaneous and charmin ; as ever;
and the sixteen ladies of the chorus,
jwho are well above average.
1This show is just as hard up) for
men as the Union Cpoi a is for girls.!
(The loading man, his father, Lordl
Steeple, whose marriage is the centerl
of the plot, and Sir Bertram H-awley, l
the three who are sutppose'd to uipholdi
the masetiline roles, brief though they
may be, fail dismally to entertain the!
customers in the fashion of Lynn Over-
man, Hal Skelly, James Bartraii, 13cr-f
nrard Granville, Charles Winninger, or
any of the others who are watch:_;,
their names twinkle in the bright,
lights. Their 6hief handicap is that
none of them can really sing, but that
is not all-far from it!.
:Howvever, the unfortunate trio has'
one good excuse--the play. It, was,
we are told, translated from the
French, and it must have lost consid-
erably in the translation. The plot,'

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11 1 wx 1 11 1 !

r ,i ''miaV ~a2aU

_____________________ _______ant revolution and overthrow of the
REPRSENTTIO Calles government. Another is in-
withRAeSicri arme
While the Student council is enter- ;ferventwin withdmeran war edi
tamning ideas on the movement to tfoe s hiheould hemeawr.sulabt
abolish the trial system of college tration has-neither-of-these resultan


councils which would eventually sup-
plant the general council, the experi-
mont having obviously failed, it might
do well' for that body to give new
2 thought to a long expressed desire of
University women students. To extend
a seat on the council to a representa-
tive of the latter would not only
serve to appease the feminine ele-
ment on the campus, but it would at
the s ame time justify the organiza-
tion's name-Student council -and
Might even prove practicable!
For years women students have de-
manded some representation among
the few selected students who, theo-
retically, at least, are invested with
the very limited power of self-govern-
ment at Michigan. The demand is
not so unreasonable when given full
consideration, although the council
generally maintains that there is no
wvork for women students in that or-
ganization, that the council is hardly
concerned, if at all, with women's
activities here. On the other hand,
the women students maintain that
they are entitled to a part in the su-
pervision of class elections, student
convocations, such events as Cali
Night ,and even problems such as tbat
of ticket distribution at home football
Of course, such a radical step .1%
extending representation oni the coun-.
cil to women should be maneu!ve_ ..;
with the greatest care. They a'-
susceptible to the "give an inch, tl
a mile" aphorism as well as any ui
greuzp of 'Mimam-~.
V A plan, which should answer t}'
ident of the W'omen's league, an or-
rganization corresponding to the Mich-
igan Union for the men, an ox-officio
to the seats held by the president of'
the Union, the managing editor ofI
The Daily, and the representative of


(lisacivantages and offers the most
sensible solution of the oil and land
law controversy. Now that the two
countries have expressed a willing--
ness to arbitrate, the next thing is to
determine the time, place, and the
exact problems to be settled.
Anonymous~ communications will be
disregarded. The names of comnmuni-
v. et- il1I however, be regarded as
confidential upon request.

Exclusive photograph of yesterday's
fire, shoeing' also the akrpian- ill
which we chase fires.
We have always been a fire bug, 1
and in our childhood days wore wont!c
to run after a fire engine everytime
we saw one. We don't anymore. W\e
Anywvay, -ve have founid that the
best and funlniest shtoei towniu s a
fire. We are all for miaking the fire
department is sue advance ilformlat ion
everytime they get a fire call. TIhe
papers could prnit all extra while the
enigines wxere getting out of the, barni.

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ITo The Editor:( which concerns the efforts of ,itzi,
Never before in this column has Anyway, You Can't Claim Clippy Spent who is 20, (in the play!) to act 12,
i ltore appeared a recognized approvalI A Million In Buying votes in order that her mother mhay be only
_of any. criticism appearing in the Dear Timothy Hay:--I am in pos- 29g, and thus marry the rich Lord, is
"Music and Drama" column. However, session of full evidence that the bal- fair, but the humhorous by-produicts
lafter the article concerning Vincent lot for naming the new stadium was' are awful. TI'here is a fat; ian front
lWall's review of "The Last Warning" flagrantly stuffed. I demand a re- the movies who pulls sonmc of the most
Iwhich was printed Sunday, it cer- count. ancient gags ever resurrected, and
tainly would seem that some recog- Crashing Thunder most of the merry quips of the hero
nition should b made of the general* * # left the audience (dozing peacefully.
opinion of the campus which agreed Serious charges such as those de- And Mitzi, 'through it all, was spozi-
wholly with that criticism of the maind consideration. We refuse to taneous as ever and actually got some
play,.akuii eseorlwe.I hr applatuse. I''ithout her it would have
As a regular patron of all prodluc- aylwsuen htwlkvlnert een tragic.
tions given in the Mnes theater, it hl aeornc rmtenoe "Green Fruit" has yet to play in
was with the keenest disappointment free? (It isn't worth much, even to New York. Let us pray it ripens iue-
that I witnessed Comedy Club's recent uf).e*w*en,
f play. From a dramatic standpoint*'1*
"TheLas Waring wasproablythe MR. FIXIT is building a passenger Teermisbtoercr o
1poorest selection ever made by a cam- ThrIean utoercr o
playrs rgaizaionandthe I elevator for Angell hall. When they
re- rvs organizathen and thd-re-'Able's Irish Rose" to achieve, and
JV o Vllow~.l1$s tlhe performnance ado,- buldn in all probability it xil make it. T[he
ed a freight hoist, feeling that only
(it W xnr'essedl the critic's di s-. ;lay, of course, holds the long run
Pl~lV~iiof tat slectonfreight would be expected to climb to record for New York, as well as al-
Mreover, 531)00 1the cast was teati tee.Snc he helav ot every stand of over two weeks
li-t. to eviw mde enton f tataccepted professors for baggage, but in the middle west. However, it has
i '" ~le vjw 11ts~enh caio ofthi-students still have to walk up three
fact, particularl1 conhnhelding: several' yet to break the ,vorid's record the
of the characters, and with several lgts eor f225pei formances whic
critciss o oters hic miht el'Chun Chin Chow" established in Lon-
criticisms foloheswhhfomigh el AFTER YELLING about arbitration L:on But all Miss N;ichols needs is
haebenfolwd.Terfre'h of European trou~bles for years, Uncle tinme; "Axbie's . . . . " will make
article printed Sunday, can certainly,
notbe onideed ai, snceths sm-- 1Sam has finally .decided to practice it!I it some time in July!
viw.a ed ymn himself in Mexico. in other fields Miss 'Nichols seems
? is only likely, in a case such as this, iaiis su esu-btntqie
there were many who were pleased., We Could Dedicate It To The Lawyers 'Hlowdy Kifng"> called it a season in
since the mystery melodrama has an Dear Tint-Congratuilationts to Clip- New York last week and is nowr on
almost universal appeal. But at least' py, but why not christen the stadium the road with Mlinor Wiatson, Ana:.c
the review which directed its objec- 'Lawyers Arclh"'? Think what an ex- ? 'orest arid Frank Otto still in the c(,,,t
tion to the purely dramatic standpoint citing battlefield it will provide 0on Detroit is having the first week of
should be considered as a well-voiced' Swing-Oaut Day! It really seentcissh~owt twhii evntally aShubert
expression of the opinion of many. In queer that no one has hitherto sensed =eri.I wl vnullIriei
fact, my greatest quarrel with the the real significance of the beautiful Chicago which seems to have an in-
*"Music and Drama" column Is be- white redwood circle, so symbolic of lnto t cet~lasta e
~ ' ~ - *h 1UV~tI Vitf 1tno't~r~f .~~ ;York has rejectedl; It may finzish out



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the -Board in Control of Athletics. She:
'would be given a regular vote, but
automatically elected to the council
through the choice as the Women's
league executive.
Furthermore, let the council's con-f
'ttution be so amended as to permit
a women student, or two, a seat, as


C-1 mr Tr T- I -1r'n'rI C

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