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January 11, 1927 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-01-11

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y _ . UIUf :v rWins In kPROMINENT NURSE]QaiisNcu
~Th3 LIIULM ~ i't L~age GmeIS A. N. A. LEADERFrClbcdrhi
FhI~ ~fl I~t IM ~i~U -~-- Ir vuii vb1 .

k s ELU U U , L ,-4 1.. Betsy Bar'bour «? 4' ""
,. : t 0,1CV ofte Betsy Bar-# :.:::}. I,';. I t
I:Oi ~ I a;2ta ai: !,rIl gamewhich "Q!
Urgiic 1 uaro " ~yafternoon in "
' S~I '4 $ 2 'awi. 'his game was; be tI
Bellarice J 1i s ,.. a l> >baketbal tour-;1 ing
- -- ,>h illcontim~e through- oftt
31K, SI UD' TTA I ~S ~ t~aio fth indoor sea- ; **:.r;;:::">.h
t7 1w sxoe s'o3wer than it other- gray
Few students realize the social 4 :' wei haeben'oevr hee ..., p
vantages 0 uh uopaiI )8W3 010v. t ,. c ' :tit ?: ..irten'
of suc a L1"Ot ,li1 t~1'i ".. J good l 1vt shooting i i :.*"<::.. ' «ee
that plannedl by the OP(,,itoad (1.Lu This
ivei'Sity of Micsh1 in mxa~~ iTrti° '25. Playing forward .I:bI
oC;te t ;:ua zG?.r team was with- ::x : : ?: ?b
iu~ h urn.'O 11 010 ti out1wst Ir of thze game. 'With r.vh
eiieintei (1tC.1 Xinui cuayshe was able to *x:.': fl.. . . .. r, "L:: posi'
ialy 1 only hav e t bev1)rj,_, ., 14Tbaskets fromI the floor and .~,~e
oe ig astudent jU p unde 1 cntdfr 31 points made by her ? *";::;:":.::::.A
au'1ce. :.4'{" 'lj of v o tisgme is as .r r.
:diaBeatrice Xohnson, (advisr (if s~y pros
,. osn,\ho took fth3.tour last -jdwl .u- ~ ~ (~~ el~ ea u
'c' n7il copn hewmns:. ~ ....M I-owardt
group in 1927 acetta te "~ 1'~n....I.....Iute c
cnatweeoeothmot au eL.( ..........C.......1. Currie t Mrs
phases of the trip, and one wh.ich ,te r 2 .. ownsn §
avera1ge European nsight- seer" antI~ ~anD yn o
....... ... ... .. D Ly ns inte3
obanP ~ a~o.....(.. ,.... . Reading If
LIast summer," Miss Johnson ne- Ab nO is 'on Pi forfeitedc to Zone.................... obta,
lated, "it was great fun to visit for- ~'~ te ansshdldt lyI~ r1PesPoo91
eign colleges andl eat and 1)e enteirtain- .;] s+: cple later. The exact date
edl in the very halls where the students w ill be an-nou1ncedl. Jnt ~e
themselves liver An oppor~ztunzity was ----.. __- R(_ -_____
also thereby given to Inake real friend-_ For the first time in the history of
ships and observe and discuss pr)b- ! It is now owned b~y an American wid- the American Nurses' association a
.leins which we usually found closikl,- western woman has been chosen as
reembled our own. (I neCU'll"'I' >: to the students director. She is Janet Geister of El-
i aso met and were entertained x~ h ii oteUiest fLy gin, Il1. She took charge of her newL
ii9 )otaut jpersonages rang-ing i' 4 Ih''toyrsloznte pis os a. 1. Her headquarters will beYo
upir ity professors to nmembers of10[i (S P'mema~lbers of the un- in New York City.
palAet. Leade Irs of .educatio)} n t1 t, ] WO no relegated for Miss Geister has been prominentIam
the various count~ies visited are 5f) doxa-wings ' u r misbehavior. The in investigations of a national scope vr
eager to meet our. official : , it val eecvre ihdaig Id conducted by the Society for the Pre- baby
groups because they feel that . ei _.\i igs and,221e and there stoodl vention of Infant Mortality and otlher bt
tional understandling anid <kl)$)lyo heun'f Americans who had organizations. She is also the author Bt
c<an best grow and thrive in theiiio ~)2~ l There, too, Wvas view- (of various books on nursing. She it
an hars of A1mer'ic a's youzth.InC1 " ena~g xamination ante- a sister to Edna Geister, authoress A e
many addresses of VO1( OoflO > U oo,;er sudents aw rait their calls ; and recreational director. e
land, Germanyr, and France, t1",- cusoalexm W hose w ho pass these _____________________________
was epresed iterntiona ~ ~a~' et unoethe room and write on ___
wsepesdthat hewnltelarnd.hu nt n ai." Announcement has been made of the
dent friendships would help in y"-' ?' z£lbtno nvan
vetn as" NO one who fails is allowed this privil.. engegement of Emmalou Rca, '27, of I
ventng wrsAnn Arbor to Harold Pine, '27A. of
Miss Johnson went on to tell of L i 50 Detroit. Miss Rea is a member of Del-
more outstanding experiences of t' °A- to Zeta while Pine is a member of Del-f
eight week:s ojourn. Te1 c iciudeTTENDE-D S
a tea on the terrace of Parkia e, i Y EL EN TE R pha Rho Chi. - l
with Lady Astor, the on ly wo'axL___________Y___
member of Parliament- and an A.:e. - ---
ican by birth-as hos;tess.a n T nt (By Associated Press) Mr.,.\~ ae i on
land, too, they were give , azt,<<' j CLONDON, Jan. 10.-Dame Ellen Ter-(M .Caei gin
punting on the river at Oxfor(, the i -, oef(S the English stage, ven- abroad again this coming sum-I
pun~t being poled by a we'ber o«the tued ro her close retirement of the mer, and' will be glad to meet
crew. This event was enliv ened i+;y. t las tfe monits to take a seat in the (any oung women interested in a
an American attcmpt at t he_ poling,!Rya bxat flelIlaymarket theater.
which led to her being fished out o)f h sat. with her face and snow white personally conducted, educational
thie trvv nshrly fterward. La ,;t'ir azme: t bidden by a wide black !tour. FIRST CLASS. If you I
No tours n nln wudfilt a .Se is7< years old.; prefer to travel in Europe inde- E ;
visit Stratford-on-Avoni, of 1Sha ,::- ' ethr'o
Rperian rcknown; buit the mrica IjLay { ',y, formerly a London mil- pendently, hepy plan
yo tdents were particularly for-tuntei liner, finds rabbit farming profitable. itinerary. Phone 3597.
dining at Hall's Croft, the be-autiful -- _________________________ h
old homeo of Shakespeare's dagtr' sciefrTe -Michigan Dally. - -_ - -

alities for Club L.easlersil" will'
the topic of discis 'elan at 11s'i0:
which will bheild tonlis i ase
thw Club1)I1. ( :1 ie,, s1'11) 10 at a7,..
ock at the ci;ty Y. W. (". 1A. M
nret G. lHaisl-sy will load the p-
mi which 11 in he olpillien 1C S ,
ve very valuablie to all women in1-
,stetl in becoming; ch1b lead rs.
scourse is one of'fer-ed vs'
the Y. W. C. A. <, ter tihe coe
:'h a certi fica to is a warded v> 11 is,
able to the oxv-1-wr in a 'tm jg1
,ion on play grounfls or nslaA
of similar groups.
.conding to MrsI-,Harriet R oe
the city Y. TN. C. A. there, is at

Evers one is cordially invited to at-1
tood the Athena-Portia debate, whichl
Nviil be, hold at 7:30 o'clock tonight inI
meAthena, rooms which are located
on i ho fourth floor of Angell hall. The
subjiect of degate is: "Resolved, thatj
Irifs houise .views with alarm the en-
ice of women into the learned pro-
fessions and statescraft." Athena will
defend on the affirmative side, whilej
Portia will take the negative view.
The judges for the debate have not as
yet been selected, but one of them
will he a faculty member, and the oth-
er two will be members of Delta Sig-
:ma Rho.
On the Portia team are: Miriam
Mit chel, '28, who has taken Ruth Lam-
berg's place, Laura Soule, '28, and
;Aunna Laura Baird, '27Ed. On the
Athena team are: Pauline Zoller, '28

sent a group of ( ri bo 1'' A vI auinie Jones, '28, a
a leader. The girls are -from 12 ('off~nan, '28.
14 years of' age anmd will nleed a ______________
lpoi'ary leader for about one month. ; %lF r ~ I.AIr~
Moses is very aUflz115to filue i VIA h FtINAIL VII
i iye"ity x70Th)il wiu a 1w 'ELECTIONS 1ThA
crested in acting his aai
arnation abeau. ti ...- Ins'sbeI

ands Ithiner

NO0T IC ES J Outdoor club will hold it: nmeet-
ing tomorrow afternoon azt , o'clock:
! !~in the parlors of D irbour gymnasiumn.
Members of the University Girls'; Anyone who is inter <sted in any fo crmt
Glee club will meet at 12 o'clock to-; of outdoor sports is urged to join.morwaRetcl'stuitohvMssuhFgeofhepycIe
the 'Ensian picture taken. ucation department will give a short
talk to the womeiatte'ningabout
There will be a meeting of the W., A. the aims and purposes of this club1i.
A. board at 6 o'clock tonight at the !
Lantern shop. 4 Basketball practice today is as fol-
lows, juniors and seniors at 4 o'clock,
There will be a meeting of the cabi- ,sophomnores and freshmen at 5 o'c'lock.
net of the Y. W. C. A. at 4 o'clock to-i-
day at Newberry hall. Members of the Faculty Womep's
club will have a charade party iat 3
Final selection of choruses of the o'clock Thursday in the Michigan Un-
Junior Girls' play will be held at 41 ion. Judges have been appointed to
o'clock tomorrow in Sarah CaswvellI award a prize to the group presenting-
Angell hall. Everyone is requested to! the best charade. Members are aslk-
appear promptly at this hour. ed to be on time. T'oa will be served
at 4:30 o'clock.
An opportunity is offered to all bas-
ketball teams desiring extra lpractice Egt-'~ il o h ~i-~s(
periods by the opening of abuj of Kentucky are candidhates for tihe
gymnasium every Saturday from 9 to ; women's rifle team, a new record for
11 o clo k fo ba ketb ll ract ce. girls seeking honors in m arksm anship. ,
All members of Pegasus and Crop
and Saddle are to meet at IDey's studio A change in the law in Japan is be-
at 12:15 o'clock tomorrow to have ing considered whereby women may be
their Michiganensian pictures taken. admitted to the bar.

aied by callin- Mrs. Moses at,
(By Associated Press)
DNDO , .Jan. 1O.---t'he Duchess of
-k has. ta~ken lip phot ogr'aphy, and
le the in truct ion of a lrfesVoi01i1
era m nan, has ii, 11C louIt son o 3
y presentable phott-graphsofl he-.
ydaughter, thle tiy P cess ElIza-a
high-collared sleevless, black vel-'
jurmper is featured amion; Eng- I
winter styles.

Final selection of Junior Girls' play
choruses xwill be held at 4 o'clock to- 'li U 1E1t111111~1t111t11flt01@tlltlllllilllll161!III~!
morr~ow in Sarah Caswell Angell hall.,
All women who received cards after=W
their second tryouts must appear l :Sells
promptly at this hour. This is not aj C a k rotbu ialslcto fths - - L s
whio will make up the choruses and I-
assignment t definite groups. -'
!Rehearsals for the production will
begin Thursday of this week. An-1 HES IO
T Enouncement of rehearsals will appear. MWA C
in e V ny issue of The Daily. Any- j
oane xvho was called gack for second t
tryouts and was unable to. attend, will = EDw. A. CLARK 1 121 S. UNIVERSITY
be( given an appointment for tryout
by calling Betty Mitt.
Patronize Daily Ad ertisers.
+ 111i i li11111111111111111111111111111111111 I 11 t111 11II i11111II I I 1111! IIIII illlll iiI I9.
a V___________________________


lyI- ~ I sll'::t1 aN verx
I O 1 z :? 11 7' . t etif
Vi'ig'dllae. lyIewe-
aradlsinlP'Aih1 m .

i yap'
s T
. s
j ., .' 4
^, 1
> p
"*Y T
A 5
<w yy
" ' jl
,sY )

'O f course you can go to
14 splendid student tours un-
der the expert management of
an old established agentcy. 44
to 64 (lays of unequalled inter- i
est in Scotland, England, Hol-
Swvitzeriand and Italy. June to
S, ptemiber-$485 up. I"
p f4.
225 Fifth Ave., N. Y. I}
Mlrs. Robt. C. Angell 1
2005 D~ay Phone 8782
1 ~~. A A }

ard atr Soa
/ a e This week you an buy
Teni Cakes for 45c
Eberbach &SansCO
200-202 EAST L1BJRTY ST.


, .

-__ _ __ _ _ _ __ __-__ _ _ _




12.1 SOul Iithin!;. r; e Yct


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b _1it~-.t


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