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January 09, 1927 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-01-09

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NUA7RY 9, 19-27

THF .n-M ?C I-TGA r N ASST SfILY_ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _

iv "y ; v

; '!.
1 ,; s .

L b4°f ~ai.tr _L:v ki , thO~l ''7r L d ~eFI1 1I J ' 1



~DM~f ~cbeule Games ForflIf'lrMUIIT
10 [TEN rniin~wrr I~§icb1I1 Tourney
AIVL JIC tuu r.it s rf1 i"' of the regular TODbasF BS-A~
l____ ~ut{1'i, tanen w xiiibe I'
Committee's Plans include (lab I:lieOutdoorrrO x Ol spoacorin
toih .11 tigsc"ulc L. At 4 0 Otoo potenthusiasts are plan-
And Enlargenient And (fWoens rie d :~'Ain ha GOicron iP1 ning an outlet for their enthusiasm inj
Of Women's 110ld;0(vs. hltathe formation of the Outdoor (club.I
START SP.'.(, Phi Sig na Sigmal The aim of the club will be to hand
WNORK TOSAR IN l.. lt ? !:.1?: , an d Phi Gamma together these people and give them
il,; vs. Zcne1C1..'There will be no: all the opportunities for. enjoying thet
*Women's athletics at Michigan aiae 1;iitscr ofpportufl~ties for practice I winter sport season.
soon to asume new impetus (and pros- gms sthese xwere completed the Thjis etn o h lbwl
tige with the erection of the prop)osedl li 1,,' Tbeheldfdrstming e omingcuweek ln
Lel~ hose a~l he mproemet C anyone who is interested in any form
Palmer field, plans for which a"re now, Ac{,frcing to Prof. Ralph W. Aigler, o udo pr sugdt on
being contemplated by a conin; < le ofj of the Law col and chairmlan of the The exact date of the meeting will be
six faculty members. The (~oii3t5- i'OcU.tztY . rl~lijt tee, the structure wil I
turnproramtha~ hs ben uiln~i beniee o th naureof clb iuseannounced soon. W. A. A. is sponsor-
tiiegthe oganiztion nd olers ahleti
so far includes the purchase of tho than th typical field house. The com ingteoanzinadofrsthtc
1)"oert onFouteeth i rel etwen nite'~doe no inendtha itsho lihonor points for participating in the
pio )cty n oureenh sret btwen n.1t- ce nt iten tht t soulx winter sports. Fifty points will be
the present headquarters aoli tho s utll 1 <r~e for indioor games, but it will awarded to each individual who skates
field, the levelin~g off of the hill separ- !'o 'i dressing roorns, showers,. 12 times in one season, with the pro-
ating the two fields and the erection ofI lounging space and room for athleticI vision that each interval must last at
ta club house satisfying the need for (411 i;:nent. hleast one hour.
better. athletic facilities and ia g A KilgPrefessor Aig~cr on the l
available to the student women atenf it - r PoL . John Sundwa~lli1 Membership in the Outdoor club will
acre field, suitable for many binds of o ftt '' 'i~hypgiene, pubho health any cuealteu odt nomto
concerning sports conditions, the bes'
sports. ph . 't ethiaticn, Fielding1H. 'Yost
Of the budget of $250,000 approxim - lirector of intercollegiate athletics (place for skating, skiing and tobag-
ately $75,000 'will 1e used to obtain ,>'d Dr. Mailrgaret Bell, professorofhng.Icnetinwhtislu
the required landl, and $r,0 wl pT ia clcain is the elective outdoor class an-,


'Americans HaIve istaken Conceptions (only half as much work to do."
c n + /7 + a ("I do not like the motion picture
ITur ke l ecar es Gradul.at e Student son of tile Shiek'," she cotntiued. I


, '---~
atingF,x but fronm that of setting, it is " Do You Keep Dates with Yourself?"#
''~" l'~''~'V stll laYut oweer, onta~wallwrog. o oe oer oes into the w'ill lbe the subject of the Y. W . assci-
S , ofTuz 1 _, ,c.,.(;i I1,('y,, o <1 he .-. :O ~tu Li-pr vedesert. Venturing into it is likte you ation (laymeetinrg which will take
\ioh~dei, auht r f Cucali'~o tO 10 ill i public, people have" people going to the North Pco le ...y1)lace at 4 o'clock tomorrow ini New-
?,nlyofcus the desert is d ,;rry hall undler the leadershiap of Mrs.
" re ceand hof counre nmdcAasr ovey
hl ian < tci the Turkish arm-y anad a t;gn i. of conduct to seek a masqu "o.Evntenmai rb aefr-Dorothy Wuip. Programs, for the f l-
graduate stuldent. in the I nc c>.sitv thae z sii ic to a'w their prayersandd; ed to remain at the very edge of th1e; lowing two weeks have been prepared
nortto seestr. . a Sands." as follows: Howard McClusky of the
fr fthis smse.Before Shez no make public (jemzonstration off y
Mann Ar-or Miss Mouhziddlen enydea!vnr-; their devotion." American impressions, however, are; School of E~ducation, will discuss "Do
ed o crret sme f he als imres Haeis, ooareothr ~~fnot the only ones that are wrong Miss; You Make Snp Judgments?" oi Jan.
simus lecuhiar to Americans. ouhzidden confessed, for she expect(,(' 17, and Prof. Robert Angell will talk
" ipao mpesos I will ex-1 to 'find Americans resembling the'on "Where Do You Get Your Attitude?"
"Tuc is becoming' more and more plain0 this word harem before you ask characters in the wild west movies. Jan. 24.
w esternJized 2' she volunlteered, "her me a bout it ." said Miss Mouhidden, "It
cities are lik e western cizties, her cloth-- is !1lD 11 lEotiad1a1i1place111 where a man l 10E tl i!Ekee3 fs1i1hist3
es like western clothes5, everywthere wives-but is a court, just like the~uL
the wtestern is supplantting th r'"Dort of Loui 'XIV of France. tej
em vi atsar h at cns have greatly misused the Amrd, .
developing. 'Turkish people have e 'r nd it is impossible to consider the u d yE en n u c
eoemvi as h anegigv mzicninterpretation since'turkey /S nd yEv nng L neR
bcoemvie fansthet s"a e sisr
enterainig thm tht atan Crn 11 110 ,~er a staunzch upholder of-' /
dlate entertained Amrica us." paolyga zy. =late Koran allots two wives w"2 .
One of Miss Mouhidden's most start l- to eachz believer, prvdn"i asteB tyS o
ing~~~ saeetwacncrigte cX (Onse~zt of his first wife to marry!=~
,stance of dance orchestras in her na - again. 'his custom is dwindling or 2 --
tive land. "'The Girl Friend' wailed !possibly the consent is lacking.YoFunanR mBe til
I ytesxpoe fTi1s iz rAmerican wtomzan may wonder wby a_ = onan'omBalf
ehestras makles any foxtrot a thriller Turkish wife wvouldl give her consent = -
have penetrated only so far, howeeve=, ;ant vwoman, "Why should I be foail = -P


be utilized for grading, surfacingand '.lt boug-h r') deinite drft of heuwhcur ni ~ isEtrFgge for 'Turks are still faithful to the r -e X02;g1 to my husband be married to
4raiing'. The remaining $f 2r,.,0 'oposed field house has been drawlwic meets Satparday mornings. lgion of the past and Mlmmedansu a seco-d woman? So that I will have
Woodward at slot ~IGHU1 JAINUARYSALE
- iegiining iTis to $.30
- ' MONDAY e ie Tt fAINEES
- = January 10 P1,AYitO0USE ( of()(
_ ( 2~re '= z/ 11ors a igh for I1) Moth,.7
New' York Shoiit ek i I.cai jrja
at to
AID R39.75
bFollowing is a list of a:tiles which will be offered Ala12.5t 5.5Vle
2Tuesday at the special price of $5. Many of the articles - . One $10.75 Gou
TE D mentioned are worth two and 'three times this price. C~ One $6.75 Group
Jy JOIN\ HY3MEI (Author of "Gast Is Wesit") andI,1tl ('hE. )TVI"
The Stry f aBlidw-odand aim bler,-
Whooii Disguisedac nDacnIBesthe Audienc r
_Jersey, Frocks Blouses - e~
SS'meaters 'Scarfs - - Roaring and Shouting with Laughter
SSkirts l Kimonaas _.- MAIN AT LIBERTY
SSport jackets Lingerie
'Shop of Personal Service" oxn
GET $3.50 silk an
_No Charges - No ApprovalsG= garment ....
- $3.50 wool u
___________________ ______Nr~l

°r a lEi~ l t4 - i911~~tllai11lIII ~ ilII I IIW kII1lIt

rv aa. wvwmsan 've/ aos'vev' : PVYr r'as'9we6a'srYiY'-paY++lV4RW+ W 'M


' I
~El~IA'1 iR'SUJJ

Our sincere
our stocks pro
opportunity "fc
your wardrob4
are some of
models in loy
for ny occail

rAV~frw~v' +~lv + vsr I I pja
attempt to clear
ovides an unusual
)Y you to replenish
e for the coming
season. Included
the very newest
:ely materials and



r;'tr /T M ' %7 f

I-...TME OUM1,+ :QF



r -, Sf fl- - rw:,Y, (.
i rr rr fir.. .

. . .rcoe .r r., , .r~v, .orrr,. .r.,s. .o.. ~~,r.,erg. ,. .: ..r .. . . -. r. . , . .. ,.




! Look at T h-se Wonderful
in Underwear
rd wool union suits
..ni ..n..suits.
olunion suits
col union suits

]bargain s

- hi
t'c'd, graceful action
C _5-Kodazk makes the movie.
Movies the JEasy% Eastman Way
On the ice in Winter, acj apl afiflg down South-no
matter where, everyr se ason youl.1 want movies. Cine-
Kodak makes them and Kodascope repeats the story
at home.
' Here are the itAigi~gts on this Eastman outfit:
Cinc-Kod'i1I3mae movies; is hand-hold, spring motor
operated-;, gh onl 5 pounds loaded; w/ith an f.6.5 lens at
X70; with the faster f.1. lc ls :o0. Two finders with each
camera for s Ihting at wasliclit or eye leiel.
Kodlascope C projects mn.,-s; lectricalty operated, plugged
to any house outlet.'. rice _'{; o. o Screen io. A com--
plete outfit for i4o.

r r
Spring Frocks
Make Their Bow
Spring Frocks ake t1 eir debt-Charning crea-
tions taking thcir inspiration from the daintiest sea-
son of the year-.--frocks displaying the inimitable
touch of Paris in their extreme loveliness. Com-
pose-the new effect approved y Panis arnd New
York-appears frequently when two or three colors
and" two fabrics combine to give a frock its chic.
The two piece mcde still occupies a prominent place
and many trim little Jackets arc findeing their way
Into Spring wvardrobes. Jersey comes forth agtain
in nteresting new weaves and patterns. Woolens

j I
Ai yI

In'# A

$4.9 all weo
gyarment ..
$3.00 all woc

$;1.75 cotton union A
garnieat :. ...
$ 2.00 woolpants


wool rest


e ach.

cotton pants

IE r ~ each.
each .

wool pant
union suite



Children's union suits, $1.00
V Alues............
Children's vests and pants, 50c
v'alues .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . .. .. .
Children's all wool union suits
discount ..............."..... .
Children's all wool vests and pants
$1.09 value ............"..... .

A Fine Line Corsets and
Pink and White-25 %
50c brassieres at



each ........................
$1.09 brassieres in pink and white


._. i
t .>


Munsing, union suits, best on
earth, $3.50 value, a
to sell, Per Jganent .1

$2.50 men's
garment .....

cotton union

Men's $2.00
Garment ...

cotton union

such as frisca and crepella sake added pocpuLarity
from new weaves. Priced $15 Lit.
(SE CON-' _ILOC %)

Sale on Men's Silk's Hose, Special B.V.D. and Men's Wool Hose. Sale on
Outing Flannel, Blankets, Dress Goods, Etc.


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