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January 09, 1927 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-01-09

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IJND AY, JANUA RY 9, 192-4

Published every morning except Mondayj
during the University year by the Board in
Control of Student Publications.C
Mlem )ers of Western Conference Editorialt
The Associated Press is exclusively en-
titled to the use for republication of all newsE
dispatches credited to it or not otherwise
credited in this paper and the local news pub-E
lished therein.
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the university which employs then
teacher is a state(,mintl: iained'c instii-
tion should not alter the case. The1
views of the governor oil eononi(-al
questions in pariticu lar are more lil~elv
to be prejudice0 the ii theoy are sc},nd.
Surely a proc f':-or, sorvihf , sas he does
a center where free and new thought
ought to be encouraged to a greater
extent than in any other kiind of inl-l
stitution, lharthe rigi;t to c>;l°expre's-t
Sion as he sees fit!
In defend lag P lrofes so aC re;,or.
the Wisconsin head made it clfear that1
he would not tolerate any i!erferl ee
with academic freedomrt1)y the gover-
nor or anyone else. It was a cour-
ageous move on the part of President4
Frank, and apparently a complete'
surprise to Governor Blaine.

Tea ring along the diagonal at about
50 per, the Ann Arbor fire department
pulled up in front of the Natural Sci-
ence building with much clanging of
bells and blowing of sirens, yesterday
morning. The University fire 'whistle
blew itself hoarse.
For t here 'were flames shooting above
the roof of the building. It looked for
a while like organic cvolution would
be laid aside for a few weeks.
Anidid lae ln'ave 'firemen heitate?
"No, not t bit of it. ~Tey rushed

--I_______ SB O ~) OK
SergeiS'daii 11 rdtnti t ____________________ AT BARGAIN PRICES
* 1= -
Folwni h aeo il!o- ranother comedian of the moviesa Fiction General
now on tour in legitimlate variety w~ill t 4~ dl
iappear in Ann Arbor. ?1r. The odore BigrpyTrvlEtJ
Rberswill enyI'tc rI amIat the Majestic j= 1ive Vo/lu1mes for $.0At H lfPrice
beginning Sunday thorutgh \ednes- = i'! $.0Hl
And if the RogErs gu-al-lriat E LB R ANSF RB O B Y R
technique , ffamous error hi s years in
ithe Foilit'3 and the concrt stage te-
Rober , eternal tricks with a cigar = m
are as well known to his fans. As an t -
actor Mr. R oberts's facial expriessionis I We Are Showving MYanly
z pri betl es:tby ha ietioer Fe n Groups of Books at Greatly UVH
that profession that truckles so con- ReduceUd.Prices
-sisteutly to the brand manner, to aI AT BOTH ENDS OF THE IAUGONAL
IbeauTiiel hack in favor of dranmatic
talent, to the trite and obvious have I=-
succeed d so eminently. 1 111111111111x11111111111111I111I 1111U 111111111111111111U 111i1111111111111t19

Will Rogers is America's greatest arounid like inadmnen, trying~ to find the
humorist, his own publicity agent ad- j WfKato the building'. What -'we steed,
mits, and so does a large portion of nsteadl of well-(narked exits, is easily-
the audience, that heard him here Fri.- found entrances for that building.
day night. "My appearance is neat,***
lut not gaudy," lhe slaid, "and my face Finally some 13. and G. boy found the
is what you would call practical, not door, and they followed. In the open
pretty." All of these things form his couirtyai-d they came on the fire. Some
own viewpoint of imnself, forestry student had been experiment-
Some may say that the simnple abil-; ing, trying to creosote some logs. And
ity to entertain an audience of thou- alnrost managed to creosote the build-
sands for three hours is no sign of ing.
greatness. And others mnay say that *
the humor is a slapstick of words--- I CONSERV ATION"
a barrage of "wise-cracks." How Just when we were so proud of Pro-
tiresome, they may say, to listen to fessor Young being made Conserva-
an uneducated funny-man ridicule tire tion director of ?Michigan, here his
governments, the institutions, aohd the own boys in the Forestry department
peoples of the 'world. start burning up buildings-and new
But when one says that Rogers is ones at that.
only a capable entertainer a-nd a***
humorist one tells only a half truth. Yvhat .v,ill we do when they get this
It is granted that his things are given! Forestry school here? They'll burn us
in a funny 'way, but it is to be remem- out of all our best buildings. It would
bered that one cannot judge the im-i be all right if they would do their ex-
port by the carriage. There Ilies be- perimenting in the Economics build-
hind all of the things that he says ' ing, or Mason hall.
the essence of American life and the* *
life of the world, burlesqued just n, (,,wr t S 01,I OF BEID
enough so that an audience enjoys thej But the worst feature of the whole
portrayal of its fads, foibles and fan- thring was that we weren't even out o;
cies. All of his remarks 'onl politicsj bed (it was 11:15) when the Univer-
and current news hawse the stran~ge! sity fir~e whistle blew. The whistlc
faculty of getting to the heart of a beving our news "beat" for the Daily
thing and extracting therefrom, at a ' we felt we ought to get there as fat
single stroke, the one peculiar phase ,as possible. We sure did.
that stands the event forth in all its***
iprtance or its ridliculousness. 1 1)['A I FIRE, DEPARTMENT : -
And it is for this that he stands. Please Don't Matke Paths On Tli
Half satirist and half humorist, the Campilus.
Importance of the satire so far out-!**
weighs the importance of the humor 'Thte fire department member~s aiF
that when one speaks of him as the ' '0w ex-ofhiclo students in the Fores~i
world's greatest humorist one tells school.
half a tale. And yet one cannot clas-***
sify him. It must suffice to say that "SATE THlE UNION!"
he is one of the most clear-thinking PEAR~ TIM, (not the lost daug)-
men in America today and that lie has Cougratulations on your public spiri
~the ability to tell people what asses' in takinfg over the Women's Leagur
they are and make them think that it IBuil =ng Fund. Anybody 'who cat
is a joke instead of the grim truth. ,;et 1_ .14 out of the studonts aroun(
________________ here for one chance in tein thousam
Ii IPORfTIONMET.I for fifty-yard seats they know the,



In his nmessage to the legislature,
Governor Green recommended that the
control of all educational institutions
of the state now vested in the Board
Regents, the agricultural board, and
various other bodies be consolidated
into one central commission elected
by the people.
This suggestion, very interesting to
everyone concerned with education

i '

In blocking reapportionment of
the membership of the Hlouse of Rep-
resentatives, maniy Congressmen are
violating the constitution which thecyC
have sworn to uphold. This "supremes

within the state, is soundly grounded law of the land" defuritely requires
upo th deiretosecre reaerthat reapportionment "shall be made"1
economy and coordination in admin- according to the respective popula-tion
istration. Developed so that the ac- of the states after every census. S n~'e
tivities of the various institutions will 1920 following the last census, Con-
not be hampered by too remote con- gross has failed to do this lespite the
trol, the plan promises to increase fact that eight states should have
the purchasing power of money spent from one to three more repre entar-
on education. tives and that all states should havej
In perfecting the details, it is prob- either one or two less repre sentatives.
able that a study of the plan in other Under these conditions, there is nro!l
'states would be valuable. With so acceptable excuse for failing to Doss
much at stake, everything should be the McLeod reap~portionment; bill
considered which would give the state which has been introduced by a rep-r
the best available version of the idea. resentativo of this state. Until such
In the legislative processes neces-1 a me'asure is enao-,ed, inillions or' citi-
sary for the creation of the board, the tens un gr'owlg; industrial centers
representatives of the people of the such as Detroit are being giosal, dis-
state will, of course, be given an op-I enfranchised, 'while other states are
portunity to express their opinion being given more than their propor-I
upon the proposal. With a favorable' tion of representatives. Such neg-lect
decision by them, the University not only d~est roys true representation!
should be very willing to come under in Congress but also in the election of,
the jurisdiction of the new board. the President h: the electoral college. .

won't get, ought to 1)e able to get'
something for that co-ed tea room
they want put up.
* * *
The U. Hall Spokesman sent a clip-
ping from the Daily classifieds 'which
read as follows: "LOST--One black
leather note book and a copy of Gul-
liver's Travels in Literary Building. ."
"Guess CGulliver has been going
some lately, to lapse into the verna-
cular," says the spokesman.
"'['le home- of 1 ure milk," otherwise
knowrn as the Ann Arbor Dairy, ad-
vert ises i))aple mnousse. How can ia
place be pure that. admits having
mice grouind the establishment? May-
be Timn could tell you, Timothy.
1 .i-: r I',C{,AMFi{(ON T~j11
t s s
jOnce again the B. and G. boys ex-
pressed a desire in the Bulletin that
they be Introduced to some work.
Well, another nice easy job would be
for you to set the library clocks.
They're more than ten minutes fast.
!Maybe the idea is to give everyone
lots of time to get to class after be-
coming discouraged about ever get-
ting the book.
'Not T'.(o Mentionl rTear ('id
D)eai' Tim,
yBAAtweeon the onion sales and the
women's league building, ever'ybody
e n the campus has something to cry
EnjAYEsS r.
A good cry like that ought to be!
worth a dollar or so for t~e League
Fund. How about it, EnjAYEsS jr?
After bearing Will Rogers' descrip-

The Facult y concert wllh h was to y
have been presented ths afternoont
ini Hill auditoriumn at 4 :15 o'clok has
been inde11initey uostpoured. q
Post miors are usually painful
amnd bo ing, ard although sacharine
conmnents are usually the order, they
have little of siicerity. This year,,
however, the success of "Front Page
Stuff," the twenty-frst annual Unioni;
opera preseniited rin thirteenl cities by
Nimes was ex--eptioel ; and the re-
v ie ws were sulhici:it y cuausiastic to;
mer-it the folowing lpetiiolr-
lnid;iiajho1s 'ev--'"Firont Page
Stuff" whieb a an seen at the 1Murat
Sa turdNay night was tI hesct nmusical
jcomedy Ithat the Tun ve sty of 4ichi-
ganr has ever' brought lhre.
Cla hiago'7°ihiaae-- crS atile students
from the -University oft Michigan
tur-ned thiirt ; tets intoolius o colr, ,
rythm in'jiniciy anrld dcing at the
Auditorium at evening with there i-
suit more than sat istfctrv to the H
lar-ge audience that turned out to
near and applaudl "i'i'ont P age St uff.'' HA'T
iTIe YWa hing'on E ; eniuy' Star--
IProbably tihe best college, show this \e ae closi
city has Qver sceen. Reduced Prices
Th'ie Detiolt Free lPre,-"Front
l I Spring Stock.
IPage Stuff",' the 21Ist annual msical1
play by the Mlimes of the University quality and rig]
of Michigan Union, presented atfr- Bringy- or 1
cliestra hal Friday evening has Cleanued and 131
nothing to fear through comparison I
withi the best of its lpre~ecssois Itactory work.
Ihas speed, iyth, coor, a nd it has no1) butrned swet
I bee ntrust cii to (col2poent hands.
Indeed, it is rather more fortunate ,Factory~
in the latter respect than the aver-age , 617 Packar st
lip into college dramatics, disclosing1
several first rate performers and al
jheroino in the person of Williamn E. 11 ______
Lewis; who wvas nothing short of caipti-
fvoting--x'n (G. Shaw
TIheC(int'iinafii Timues Star-As a
student pr'odluction "Fmnt Page Strff" LE!
d eserves only tire highest raise for
all of its varied departments. It is t
the best of its kind.D O
T hey _New "fok 'ie-TcMimes
of the University of Michigan present- [ A
ed hei 21anual musicl conedy,
"Fon PgeStuiff,'' before'c-alamge ari
apprteeiamt iso atidi n cc At IheM o - i -
poht an (opera house last ntighit.I
TIhe production, one of the most pre-
tentious seeni here in college dra-N
matics this season, bought some
dancing novelties to Broatdway with
a good deal of fun.
The i'himhdephaa Thcor- iarni
the evident lack of limit or,''nrc
Page Stuff" is probably time gratst --
college show to be presentedoiis
season. The singing and idaaiehg arc
combined with elaborate coltames to
make an exceptional anatenr product'
'rie Celeland i ve: ---orgetting!
for the time being the bass voices that Ar
wnent with negligees, and remindimng1
ourselves only of the musc and dan- I 7
in ,it is a pity that E arl C arro ll, Flo Yg i l n e o h r a ' t a
a few pages from the tricks of these C
young producen's. As is usual in these J
Icases the lyrics, music aid tiacig
far' outshone whiat is given Cleveland
audiences a top prices and labelled '
"The original New pork cast." laets
j Grand(I Rapids Iess-Tnrnefui music, onds (f
extraordinary steps, and clever act- 3fy.Ge
inig, Interspersed with light comedy
combined to niake "Front Page Stuff'
a success at the Regent tiea- Beau'y
ter Christmas night. Is C-su:
has been privileged to hear tie lic'i-s ,, at
Igari Union opera for many years, but ~ (lOe-elt
it is doubtful if the audience Jtat1
jammed the Auditorium to the point of is
necessitating extra seats under the

balcony has ever seen a better' produre- '
With vrious mmsections adinterests


:ng out all HATS at
5to make ready forI
Every hat is fine in
;t up-to-date.
hat in and have it'
ocked. We do satin-
No odor, no gloss,



IUDE 5E IVI i: , A '.+E ;, I ;' %'"


a A

for your Them-es and Theses.
Puts more minutes in the day
and insures better marks.

A$10 payment secures


Phione 7415j



or _,
mington Portable

and thene some!
After all is said and done-it is really
the music which makes or spoils the
dance. How many times have you heard
someone returning from a private party
say : "It was too crowded to dance well
-but they certainly had wonde ful
We have always realized that, and
we know that a large part of Granger's
popularity with the students is, due to
Jack Scott's "'Wolverine" band. Their
music is liked because they play what
the students want-and they are always
only too glad to have those dancing ask
for some particular number.
For pep, rhythm, and harmony we
believe that Jack Scott's ten Wolverines
are a hard combination to beat-drop in
some time and see if you don't agree.
A (0"Y
Dancing Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.



A fearless and highly commendable# According to a poilicy announceed r'e-
stand was taken by President Glenn cently, Italy favors a policy of non-
Frank of the University of Wisconsini intervention iii China anrd has so nF~di-
seea asaowe esanhyfe ra ~iaz.Iay tdefended the academic freedom ex- would pose as the great champion of
ercised by Prof. Ford H. MacGregor of human hiberily in this crisis, anld seek
that institution after that freedom had the cverlasing f ir~dcip of tire
been threatened by severe criticism Chinlese ul;atio~',he-;ts.
on the part of the state's chief exe- A brief' examnination1, howeven', ds-
cutive. Following the publication of1 closcs the utter hypo{ r isy ai:(l the in-
a tax catechism by Professor Mac- sincerity of Italy's position. For in-
Gregor, which- apparently, opposed Itne heei o rcdmiddpi
certain certain policies of the state ad- I icy of no xintorveut;oi proposed by
ministration, Gov. J. J. Blaine took that rnation when it. has somethingi to
offense. gaLiI e Mderaa-rrimr
The governor implied that Profes- Ther'e was notiig bh: roainded aibout
its treatlmenit of (:reece or 7Tuir-ke,, or
sor -MacGregor could take one of two-
courses, according to President Frank, Austria. There is no0 policy of nona-
either the retraction of the statement i inter Cez iou a i 'rntiiheud-
in his cathechism, or resignation il ter°mrsgitin1 de111d srcreL ser'vr';c which Italy
from the university. Whereupon, manandi;rne i lt~ 'cn
President Frank, in no uncertainI exposal.
terms, asserted the right of complete Whenthere' is nothing to gain but
academic freedom, declaring that it thre protection of lives and property,I
will always be accorded to members Italy would munch prefer to let the
of the faculty and "vigorously defend- other nations do the 'work. If some-
ed rgarlessof he ressretheone would ?propose a partition, Italy

- ¢ 4,
" P,
. c
r z
S .: s* s r c'?
are _ ,.
n, f. !, yr
4 ,....t...a.... ....


, .

ly Cu Dl).
tSelected Qual.
ills oifLively
y, Fire andi
Whose Value
'jnin4sl uat Our
-tye Prices, -
Iget fRnd
E -Iti Kra




Quality is built into a product at the time it is made. No amount
of salesmanship, no highly glossed veneer or paint, no alluring ' ow
jrice can give to a product that intatngible property we call Quality
unless it. is put there by the nmanufacturer or builder. The buyer of
Quality products knows that Quality means economy. Ile compute
cost in terms of service rendered and satisfaction received, not in
price paid. In planning the purchase of an A-A-Home, set your
expectations HIGH. You will not be disappointed in the finishmed
product. Try one and be convinced.

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