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December 04, 1926 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1926-12-04

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Published every morning except Mondayj
duringthe University year by the Board iv
Control of Student Publications.
Members of Western Conference Editorial
The Associated P6s is exclusively en-
titled to the s for republication of all news
dispatches crodited to it or not otherwise
credited in this paper and the local news pub-
lished therein.
Entered at the postoffice at Ann Arbor,
Michigan, as second class mutter. Special rate
of postage granted by Third Assistant Post-}
master General.
Subscription by carrier, $3.7s; by mail,f
/ Offices:eAnn Arbor Press Building, May-{
hard Street.

should be adopted. The English
unions are very similar to those in
America except that more stress -s
placed upon debating. There is cer-
tainly no reason why a national and
international program of cooperation
could not be worked out. Similar in-
terests would assure coordination.
With more and more students visit-'
ing other universities in our own
country and great numbers traveling,
across the Atlantic, the friendly hos-
pitality of university unions and the
use of their facilities would be wel-
comed by the great majority of uni-
versity people. The time is at hand.

One "Problem of the Modern Col-
lege" that should have been made the
subject of one of those Student Fed-
eration discussion groups is tear gas.
s * *

D R.
i the thi id program
Conecri sec' in l-ll
8 o'clock.

G R§4HA 7IS -
Hayes, tenor, For
of the Extra
auditor m at Christm as Gifts
1 s
yer, Mr. Shuter
the Whitney IAt Both Oilds of The DXikgcr1.pl
the Whitney
the first dress ________________________________________________________________g i ligg

Phones: Editorial, 4925; business 21214. A mere extension of privileges by
each union to others in our own coun-
EDITORIAL STAFF try and to those abroad would.serve
Telephone 4925 to inaugurate the system until fur-
"-"~ ther plans could be evolved. The
SMITHICADY; JR. unions would perform a greater serv-
ice to those who pay for their exist-
Editor................. W. Calvin Patterson ence by adopting a national and inter-
City Editor ....... ........ .Irwin A. Olian
C Frederick Shillito national cooperative membership pol-
News Editors...........Philip C. Brooks icy. Nothing would be lost, muchl
Women's iEditor...............Marion Kubik
Sports Editor............Wilton.A. Simpson gained.
Telegraph Edior--M..........Morris Zwerdling
Music and Drana........Vincent C. Wall, Jr.
Charles Pchyrner Ellis Merry Acodn
Carlton ('hanpe ' Stanford N. Phelps According to the politicians, Pj es-
Jo Chamberlin Coitrtland C. Smith
ames Herald C t Csam A. Wilson ident Coolidge has made a most seri-
Assistant City Editors ous mistake, "spilled the beans," so
Carl Burger Henry Thurnau to speak, and jeopardized his party.
Joseph Brunswi.k The awful blunder he has committed
Warikn Anderson Paul Kern has been the appointment of a mar-
Alex Bochnowski Miles Kimball shal for North Dakota whom nobody
Jean Camphell Milton Kirshijaum
Clarence Edelsn Richard Kurvink. knows or cares about except the two
Chester E. Clark G. '1 iomas Mchean
Earl W. 17e La VergneKenneth Patrick Senators from that state whom he
William Emery Morris Quinndidn't consult.
Alfred Lee Foster James Sheehandi'tcnu.
RobertF.i: Finch ielson J. Smith, Jr. Nye and Frazier, insurgent Repub-
John Friend Sylvia Stone
Robert Gessner William Thurnau lican Senators from North Dakota,
ane Grberer Hre VikVedder "boiled with indignation" when they
Harvey J. Gunderson Marian Welles. ! heard of the appointment. The un-
Stewart hooker Thaddeus Wasielewski
Morton B. Icove Sherwood Winslow warranted stir they have raised about
it would lead one to believe that theyI
BUSINESS STAFF have forgotten their duty is primarily
Telephone 21214 that of deciding the national and in-
ternational policies of the country.
Advertising...........,...William C. PuschiAt
Advertising...............Thomas Sunderland the last meeting of the Student
Advertisiig..........George It. Annable, Jr. i Council it was decided to make a stu-
Circulation...............T. Kenneth Haven M
Publication..............John H. Bobrink j dent survey of the methods of ticket
Accounts...............Francis A. Norrquist distribution at football games at this
George Aln Jr. sar d Utley and other institutions. The name
Melvin It. Baer . J. Van Tuy" "investigation" on the Michigan
1). M. Brown J. 1. Wood
M. If. Cain Esther Booze campus seems to carry a purport of
Florence Cooper II ilda Binzer
Daniel Finley Ipurethy Carpenter accusation; and nothing could be far-
D. I. Handley arion A. Daniel ther fromthe truth in this case.
A. M. Hinkley Beatrice Greenberg
E. L. Hulse Sen a M. Janson i The problem of ticket distribution
S. Kerbawy Marion Kerr -
R. A. Meyer Marion L. Reading is an immense one here which will in-
Harvey Rosenblum Itarrilet C. Smith
Wlia F. Sencer ancet tm crease with the added capacity of the
harvey Talcott Florence Widmaier new stadium. Mr. Tillotson himself,

"Front Page Stuff" is the title of the ON Tie ,RISING+
Union Opera and it has beon providing
With a sighi and a prra
front page stuff for the Daily for the Iomitea sis Lud a
past two weeks. committed his Lulu to
, * , theater last night fort
Vrehearsal; and on Mo:
VISITING STUDENTS !precisely 8:15 o'clock
We are glad to have -you in town, will rise on "Front Pap
delegates to the Student Federation. most recent brain-chil
But -we warn you not to act dlike col- lavish Mimes.
lege students on the streets, for the
police here use tear gas.
*I* *

nday night at
the curtain
ge Stuff"- the
d of the ever

You will notice a few old buildings
on the campus, but they are here just
for use in the courses studying an-
cient Greek architecture. And you
really must see our new football sta-
dium. There's nothing like it this
side of Venice.
** *

Fresh, Sweet Florida Oranges, $3
per bob of three hundred, large size.
Sound fruit and satisfaction guaran-
teed or money back. We pay express
charges. A box of these makes an
appreciated Christmas, gift. Remit
with order.
Ganesville, Florida.
Style - Quality - Service
Save a Dollar or More at O(ir Factory
Hats Cleaned and Reblocked
Fine Work Only
Properly Cleaned -- No Odor
No Gloss - No Burned Sweats
Factory at Store
617 Packard St. Phone 741I
(Where D. U. R. Stops at State)

By Clippy
The Shy, Unidemonstrative
Scottish Terrier



My observations were necessarily
limited by the lack of. co-operation
shown by professors. I was booted
out of more classrooms than students
ever were gassed away from theaters.
I noticed that some big hound hasl
been doing a lot of digging at variousr
points around the campus. And also
that some farmers had raised quite a;
crop of leaves.
* * *
About those barns located on the!
campus. In the first place I think it
was mighty poor planning when they
built them right in among the regular
buildings. Especially that one they
put right up against Angell hall, even!
connecting them with a passage.
I saw a lot of boys in high topped
boots and carrying long sticks which!
they set up in the ground, but I don't
believe they shot one squirrel.
One afternoon I went down and
took a fine swim in the new stadiui-.
* * *
It. was lots of fug, but I found that
Bill and Mert don't serve as good food
as we get here at home, and so when I
saw in ROLLS that the President was
looking for me, I decided to go right

The iLeading Lady
iho can (lance and sing and is good
looking-the holy trilogy of virtues ii
musical comedy; and who in addition
does the first and only Edith Baker
piano specialty ever to be presented
in a Union opera.



together with the members of the
Board in Control of Athletics, hasj
asked for student suggestions and

.leN2 o $1/pt 7/o (ena3i/7 CkM hq/sS for Co e X w

plication of dishonesty in the present
4system; only dissatisfaction 'witht a
thing that is so large as to be beyond
FRENCH POLiCIES the scope of any one man. There may
Foreign Minister Briand has again be, somewhere, something wrong with
put himself directly before the world the present system; but that is not the
as a progressive, peace-seeking dip- purpose of the new committee. The
lomat. Speaking in the Chamber of group appointed by the Student Coun-
Deputies, he definedapolicies, con- cil will accept student suggestions,
ducive to general accord and good and recommendations from plans of
will, which will be taken by France to- other schools which seem to havef
ward Germany, Italy, and China, solved the problem. It is entirely a
Several months ago, the basis for constructive measure; students with
a better Franco-German understand- criticisms to offer should be glad of
ing was laid in a meeting between M. the opportunity-and should make use
Briand and Herr Stresemann at of it.
Thoiry. By his rer ant statement, that
"unless we establish a good under- The New Mexican land and oil laws
standing with Germany there can be do not go Ito effect until Jan. 1, 1927.
no durable peace in Europe," Briand Yet 'the Mexican secretary of foreign
carried this new concept back to his affairs has already pronounced them
countrymen. successful.
Also by its foreign minister's ad- _
dress, France promulgated a Chinese CAMPUS OPiNION
policy similar to that of England and Ano.ymousO NION l
Anonymous communications will be
the United States. It will only protect -'disregarded. The names of communi-
g cants wil_, however, he regarded as
its nationals and its interests, witti1 confidential upon request.
no desire to be involved in military1
operations. INCOMPATIBLE
Considering Italy, Briand declared To The Editor:
it regretable "to see Italian ill humor President Little's answer to the
turPresident Little'sFanswer"toathe
trn always against France." Warn- charge that decreased interest would1
ing was given against future tres- ' result from his scheme for the eleva-
passes on French consulates, and the tion of Western Conference football-'
eneral tonl of his message was i seems to reflect a curious attitude to-
cooler and iore dignified than thatJ ward the game of fodtball. He would
concerning Germany. Nevertheless, have it that all interest which is
he expressed a keen desire for the focused on stars is necessarily evil,!
friendship of Italy. that the team itself should be the re-
aniexanesspiay be ritardwhich i cipient of all the glory attendant on
anxanexinsion of the spirit which its victories. In other words, he
friancexiitendiatsatheThry con-'would have us give a team credit only
as an organic unit, of which no single
dition in the attitude which France is
part was superior to another.- ItI
taking toward . international affairs. slI-
t I sounds suspiciously like trade union-
Moreover, presentation of definite .. .
ism, or suggests the biologist with;
policies ought to clear the diplomatic) eleven white mice-or maybe Scottish
atmosphere which has been rather terriers.
cloudy recently, particularly between For me football carries a thrill-
France and Italy. an emotional experience bound up in
hero worship for Michigan's team
EXCHANGE MEMBERSHIPS singly as well as individually. The
At the annual conference of the As- eleven men in the field are the best
sociation of College and 'University men Michigan has; there aren't five
Unions now meeting at Cornell uni- or six men in Columbus who shouldI


Patronize Daily Advertisers.

i e_ !'

* * * I
'Hey, Hay'
Let me suggest that you actively Photo by Dey
mupeort President Little's idea for 'he Leading Ma11
"ApportPesiFentALitte'shideafogh Who turns the interest of Jack
"Athletics For All" with the slight;' Houghton of "Tickled to Death," from
modification that the second varsity be the admirable captain of "Tambourine"
a co-ed varsity. This plan, if success- to Jimmy Bryant--the den s ex mach-
ful, would so' increase the desirability ta of the shos.
of 30-yard line seats that your quota i
for the fund would soon be filled.
Bastin de Belfry.
* * *
Dear Timothy:
And yet they come! Now Campus
Opins that after a game our students
turn into a mob.... What a poor,
weak mob they are, why we learn in
history that a mob, and a smaller one
that the which we use to attend shows
for the proper fee, (so a distinguished
history prof. tells us, fought and won
the Revolution. And our students
with more money, food, clothing and
brains than that possessed by that
other mol are turned back by a hand-
ful of police.... Why they are not even
worthy of the name "mob.".... And
the police is commended for dispers-
ing (disperse ye rebels) the mob..__
Just suppose the British had had the
police on their side and had used Photo by Rentschler
tear bombs.. well, we still would drop The Featured Baritone
our aitches.... Who will sing the 'Adorable Girl"
Jeb, and "Ily Lady of the Snows," the
* * * most popular hits: and who is Dos-



sessed f the virtuoso voice that will
recall the bravura of Dennis King.

CHAPTER 3 (Vol. 1)
But queens and princesses don'tj
mean anything today, so it didn't stop
our hero, J. Paul University, from
finding out about this Browstark
place. He went into a newspaper
office, where they know everything,
and found out that it was a little

0 r

versity, Ithaca, New York, one of the I be in place of five or six out there on kingdom not so far distant, whose
questions to be taken up will be the the field. The men that I see out there king, Prexivo III, a kind and intel-
advisability of admitting the' six are the best-not just half of the best. ligent ruler, had his every effort to
British university unions to membev- Under this new plan I can see only improve conditions of the country
ship in the organization. The fact half of Michigan's football strength blocked by evil influences from'
would be insignificant were it not that at any one time. I'm going to have neighboring countries.
the British university unions have a just half as much interest as I have And Princess Collegia Spirita hadI
system whereby a member of one had in years past. What attracts you been trying hard to improve conditions
automatically becomes a member of most?-one prize taking Northern Spy but she was too weak to do much.
the otdhers. AlvionsIiv their nol~ievo' r anonnla o~~-f 1n rAr 1 cA 1CCi ,,, 9 ? "AhV " 1'.l'.. ,.lh a- 'D l. "T'li 4. m

The laboratories and
shops of industry are the
sources of many of the
enduring attainments of
our times. In the Gen-
eral Electric organiza-
tion is an army of '/5,000
persons, co-operating to
make electricity do more
and better work for
A series of G-E adver-
tisements showing what

Four millions of the best man-power of Furope
perished in the Napoleonic conquests. Milit ry con-
quest is non-creative, while industry is alwac
In the last ten years one American manufacturer-
the General Electric Company-has created machines
having a man-power forty times as great as that of
all th8 lives lost in the Napoleonic wars.
In the years to come, when the college men and women
of today are at the helm of industry and of the home,

1 '


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