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April 03, 1926 - Image 11

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The Michigan Daily, 1926-04-03

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fI 1, 1926


(Continued from Page Nine)
"For infractions of the honor code
to be punished by a court of a man's
peers with the support of his fellows,
is as it should be. The student honor
committee with us has primary juris-
diction and does not wait for a case of
dishonesty to be proven by the in-
structor. Infractions of the honor
code are punished perhaps more dras-
tically by the committee than they
were formerly by the faculty, and
witneses instead of being unwilling
tell-tales have become willing friends
of the court.
"Whether an honor code will work
as well in a non-professional college
or school of the university is yet to
be discovered; but there is no doubt
of its success in our college and there
is no desire to return to the old sys-
tem. George W. Patterson."
Prof. A. Ii. Lovell of the electrical
engineering dep rtment, as chairman
of the faculty discipline committee,
expressed high regard for the student
honor committee and its work:
"The distinct success of the Honor
System covering the conduct of en-
gineering students in their written
exercises and examinations, is due to
the high ideals and fine leadership of
the upperclassmen who form the back-
bone of the student honor committee
and to the hearty support of the Fac-
ulty who believe in the system. The
student committeemen have to give
unsparingly of their time and en-
thusiasm to explain the system to the
incoming freshmen, to convert them
to its ideals, to reawaken interest in
its operation from time to time as
men advance in their courses, and to
sit in judgment on their fellows in
caes of violation of the adopted prin-
ciples. There has been a steady im-
provement in the operation of the
system during the past five years be-
cause more care has been taken to
explain things to the upperclassmen
and because of the growth of a better
morale in the college.
"As chairman of the discipline com-
mittee, I am unfortunately compelled
to hear in detail all the short comings
of the Honor System which are offi-
cially reported. The year 1925 has
been a most happy one from the view-
point of the.discipline committee in
that no freshman violation of the
honor code was reported It does
seem that at last we have replaced
the high scool atmosphere with the
grown-up manhood of the profes-
sional student earnest in his work.
Further, there have been only two
cases of discipline under the Honor
System during the last school year.
In one of these cases two sophomores
took their blue books home and con-
suted their texts while they answered
the examination questions, then turn-
ed their books in at the end of the
examination period. In the other
case. three junior students collaborat-
ed by discussing questions in the hall-
way outside of the examination room.
The student honor committee heard
the testimony in these cases, the men
promptly admitted their guilt, and the
student committee's recommendation
of suspensions for two years in the
first case and for three semesters in
the second case was adoptedand im-
posed by the discipline committee.
The manly way in which the offenders
"came clean" and the proper spirit
with which they took their punish-
ment did something to offset the dis-
appointment we felt because of the
violation of the code. With only these
cases from A college of 1,350 men tak-
ing numerous tests and examinations
we feel that we are in a strong,
healthy state.
"A pamphlet is now in course of
preparation by the student committee
setting forth the history of the Honor
System.in the college and explaining
its ideals and working. methods.
With the aid of this printed guide
and by better methods of repeating!
contracts with the advancing classes
we feel confident that the system can

make a still greater advance and
further increase its possibilities for
development of manhood,..
A. H. -Lovell."
Classifying the honor system as
"the mst sacred thing we have,"
Prof. H. C. Anderson, head of the me-
chanical engineering department,
stated that "it is working exceptional-
ly well. Although it is not 100 per
cent efficient, itis so close to the per-

fect mark that we would not give it said Prof. E. M. Bragg of the marine campus. The code must be lived up j ofice this fall. It is gratifying to note
# up for the proctor system. engineering department. He attrib- to by the whole student body, and the that the seniors have come out defi-
"Ever since it has been established, uted its success in part to the class spirit of determination to do this nitely for the Honor System, and it is
the faculty has never changed a deci- spirit which is engendered by the first must be evident before any action is to be hoped that they will have the!
sion of the student honor committee year assemblies and to the effort to taken. Once the system has been laid real backing of the other classes. We
and very seldom have cases even been instruct the new students in the ideals down and a few violations punished believe, in the words of the article
referred back to the committee for re- of the Honor System. by immediate and drastic action, quoted above, that "at present, the
consideration. The system is growing "I think it works better than any! backed by public opinion, it is cer- honest man and the hard worker who!
in the esteem of the students every proctor system," was the comment tain to grow into a tradition. deserves a good grade is often pre-
jyear." given by Prof. J. C. Brier of the ( "The engineering college has suc- vented from winning it by the rise of
In regard to the adoption of the chemical engineering department, who ceeded in putting the Honor System class averages produced by the
system by other colleges and schools! is head mentor for the class of '28E. into real effectiveness at all exam- cheater-a situation which puts a
of the University, Professor Anderson "The students are conscientious inations and bluebooks. There is, be. premium on laziness and dishonesty."
explained that there was no reason I abcut enforcing the system them- yond a doubt, a strong student senti-
why the Honor System should noti selves," explained Professor Brier, ment in favor of enforcement, and a Jan. 12, 1921.-Beginning with small!
work if initiated in the proper man- and there is little cheating which is willingness to bring to punishment classes and carrying provisions for
ner. Since an Honor System con- not reported." the man who refuses to abide by the choice of supervised or unwatched
trolled by the faculty is practically ._ _ rules. Just whether the same results examinations, the Honor System is to
bound to fail, he added, the movement . might be achieved in the loosely or- be given a fair trial in the literary
must be initiated by the students. ganized, larger, and less heterogene- j college. If it succeeds, one of the
Great care should be ta en, he ad- ? ous literary college is a difficult ques- greatest forward movements yet taken1
vised, in the selection of the members F R 0 M T H E tion, which so far has usually been in the University will stand accom-'
of the honor committee. Students of answered in the negative. But con- plished. If it fails, there will be
strong, fearless nature must be se- DAI L Y FILES sidering the great need of such a sys- plenty of alibis: the lit school is too
cured if the system is to work. "For- tem, it seems at least that the problem large and too loosely organized; the
tunately," he concluded, "the en- should be investigated more thorough- Honor System has seldom succeeded
gineering college has been very suc- 1 The following material, reprinted ly than on mere grounds of theory. in large universities; and a host of
cessful in obtaining the proper type from the 1920-1921 file of The Daily, If the entire campus were given a others.
of students as members of its com- will give some small picture of the chance to vote on the matter, and The principal point to be made is
mittee." first attempt to introduce an Honor should decide against installing the that the Honor System's success or
The following opinions were ex- System for examinations into the Uni- system, that of course would settle fall depends entirely upon the re-
pressed on the success of the Honor f versity. it; on the other hand, if the majority action of the same student body
System in the engineering college by * * * should vote in its favor, with the dis- I which, in class meeting assembled,
faculty members who have acted as Dec. 2, 1920.-The senior fits have tinct understanding that the voteI voted unanimously for its adoption.
head mentors of freshman classes: Dec 2, 1920-Th sen yi he yes' meant to assume the responsi- This very significant act-that the
voted to draw up a plan by which the
"I am a strong believer in the Honor System may be put in effect in bility of upholding the code, the sys-I initiative came from the students and1
Honor System," declared Prof. CO- Ihenr college. We reprint below some tem would at once be placed on a Inot from the faculty-is a highly
W SWisler of the civil engineering de- firm foundation." promising sign. The senior class,
partment, who is head mentor of the D y the statements. expressed in a Tihe Daily followed these state- which was the first to vote for the
present freshman engineering class, aly e al oay ents by a call to the newly elected new regime of honor in examinations,
prsntfehmnegierigcasIapply equally today.i class officers to revolve on .iuch a is to be the first to put it in effect;
"and would certainly regret a change "In bringing up the question of ex-
to the proctor system. tending the Honor System to all col- referendum vote as their first act of (Continued on Page Twelve)
"The idea of beating the teacher, leges of the University, it should be
which is possessed by students where! understood, first of all, that success
the Honor System is not in existence, depends entirely upon the spirit of
is a fallacy in which the students the student body. There is no way to
under the system do not believe. enforce from without, for the back-
"In our freshman assemblies, we bone of the honor idea is, as express-
aim to instill into the freshmen a feel- ed by the president of the University nO
ing of responsibility as well as a of Virginia academic class: 'The in-
right conception of his purpose here. dividual responsibility of each student,
When a new student sees those things who, if he does not report breaches of
he will realize the fallacy of cheat- the code, is himself considered as
ing." guilty as the crook.'
In regard to the extension of the "With this in mind the building up
Honor System to other schools, Pro- of such a system at Michigan assumes,
fessor Wisler stated that "the Honor of course, a far more difficult aspect
System, in teaching students the value (than the mere passing of an ordinance °
of honesty, is certainly well worth a by council or Regents. It is obvious
trial in any school." that before any such step is taken-
"From my observation, the Honor there must be practical unanimity of
System has worked satisfactorily," opinion in its favor over the entire

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