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December 15, 1925 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-12-15

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"I I'Mil I . A IVAA L IA l N x

........ ...

Published every morning except Monday
during the Universit year by the Board in
Control of Student ublications.
Members of Western Conference Editorial
The Associated Press is exclusively en-
sitled to theruse for republication of all news
dispatches credited to it or not otherwise
credited in this paper and the local news pub-
lished therein.
Entered at the postoffice at Ann Arbor,
Michigan, as second class matter. Special rate
of postage granted by Third Assistant Post-
master eneral.
Subscription by carrier, $3.50; by mail,
Offices: Ann Arbor Press Building, May-
nard Street.'
Phones: Editorial, 4925; business, 21214.
!Telephone 4926
Chairman, Editorial Board...Norman R. Chal
fry Editor............Robert S. Mansfield
tiewas Editor ........... Manning House worth
VJomen's Editor...........Helen S. Ramsay
"por-tsEditor............. Joseph Kruger
'egraph Editor....... William Walthour
,Iiand Dram. ..R..Robert B, Henderson
Night Editors
.Smith H. Cady Leonard C. Hall
Willard B. Crosby Thomas V. Koykka
Robert T, DeVore W. Calvin Patterson
Assistant City Editors
rwin Olian Frederick H. Shillito

cilitating import and export opera-
tions. Indications point to a commer-,
cial treaty soon. 4L
Secured inthe rear by a friendly ,,.
Poland, Russia is looking steadily A OTlI E R
Eastward, Moscow is crowded with B m
oriental diplomats and business men. T1, TE' R
Soviet, Japanese, and Chinese repre-
sentatives ave now participating in a No one can ever say Chimes isn't
triangular railroad conference, which a wide-awake organization. But two
was called to eliminate existing fron- months after his arrival in Ann Ar-
tier difficulties with the hope of in- bor, they run an interview with Jesse
stituting direct railroad communica- .nch Williams. And we will s that
tion between Moscow and Tokyo. Re- said interview was .the best article
which has appeared in said magazine
cent Russo-Japanese agreements are i ah eardfiseidtence.
said to give Japanese firms important in all the years of. its existence.
oil and coal rights in the northern
half of the island of Sakhalin, and We were also very relieved to learn,'
Japanese business experts have been through the events in retrospect col-
studying possibilities of developing iimn that this paper had not sold
the fisheries and lumber and mineral itself to the Opera. We must admit,
resources of the Russian Far East. however, that this wasn't among our
In China, the Soviet are pursuing a greatest fears. First of all we doubt
singularily successful policy based that Union has enough money, since
upon an active sympathy with the the Daily rates have gone up, and I

i i It



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Walter H. Mack
Louis R. Marku
Ellis Merry

Helen Morrow
Margaret Parker
Stanford N.tPhelps
Evelyn Pratt
Marie Reed
Simon Rosenbaum
Ruth Rosenthal
Wilton A. Simpson
Janet Sinclair
Courtland C. Smith
Stanley Steinkn
Clarissa Tapson
Henry Thurnau
David C. Vokes
Chandler J. Whipple
Cassam A. Wilson
Thomas C. Winter
Marguerite Zilszke

radical and nationalistic elements
which are contending for mastery in
that feverish 'area. They have al--
ready assisted the Canton regime by
sending fuel from Vladivostok, and
Russian officers are assisting in the
training of the Canton-Chinese army.
Since Russia is the only country
which has voluntarily renounced ex-
tra-territoriality and other rights.
usually claimed by foreign govern-
ments, in China, she is enjoying con-'
siderable popularity with the Chinese
nationalists. Soviet influence is di-
rected to an attempt to persuade
Japan to adopt a similar attitude to-
ward China, a movement which may
well be successful since the passage
and enforcement of the American im-
migration law, and the decision by the
British Conservatives to build a naval
base at Singapore.
To the American observer, it must
seem more than likely that, in the
very near future, Soviet Russia will

furthermore if the Daily sold itself to
the Opera last year, they certainly
took great pains to conceal that fact
in any of their reviews-How do we
know that the Daily didn't sell itself
to "Tambourine" and pulled the same
sort of camouflage-
We wonder just how many people
would read Chimes if they didn't get
free with the Daily every Sunday--
* * *
The answer may be found, of course
by looking up the record of their
circulation last yoar, which was so
stupendous that the Board in Control
just had to do something about it.
'* * *
If we had our way, we would
come to some sort of agreement
with the Tinies-News, whereby
they delivered Chimes every other
week-That would make the com-
petition, fair, at least.
* * *


. . . To make an act of tragic
violence! Give me no help in lamen-
tation; I am not barren to bring forth
complaints: all springs reduce their
currents to mine eyes, that I, being
govern'd by the watery moon, may
send forth plenteous tears to drown
them all!
Distraught, I ani torn with a mighty
passion; I could move worlds with
mine wrath; I am in a very temper of
Swords, bullets and bludgeons, there
did appear to mine eye an article in
Sunday last of Chimes (peste!), say-
ing-ah, thousand, thousand curses
will prove as bitter-black!-and say-
"When the Michigan Daily issued,
on the Friday before the Union Opera
began its run of a week, a supplement
including a full page advertisement
and three pages of news about the
Opera, everyone . . . concluded that
the Daily had sold, SOLD, SOLD itself
to the Opera as it so flagrantly did last
"Readers settled down to an orgy
of fraudulet reviews .
Then, m'Lord, as Music and Drama
editor of both Chimes (peste!) and
the Daily, also in charge for the last
two years and a half of every line

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Ingred M. Alving F. A. Norquist
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W. Carl, Bauer Julius C. Pliskov
John 11. Bobrink Robert Prentiss
W. J. Cox Wm. C. Pusch
Marin A. Daniel Franklin J. Rauner
A.Rolland Damin Joseph Ryan
ames R. Deuy Margaret Smith
Mary Flinterman Mance Solomon
Margaret . Funk Thomas Sunderland
Stan Gilbert Eugene Weinberg
T. Kenneth Haven Wmn. J. Weinman
R. Nelson Sidney Wilson
Night Editor-W. C. PATTERSON
With the signing of the Guaranty
pact after the recent Locarno confer-
ence and Germany's subsequent en-
trance into the League of Nations,
Soviet Russia has apparently aban-
doned hope of a political alliance in
Western Europe and is even now de-
voting the larger share of her diplo-

assume her place as a great Asiatic I ENL L .I
power, with her greater interests on We wish that we could have been
the Pacific rather than in Europe. It present at the recent meeting of the
must be admitted that economically, Cosmopolitan Club, at which a mem-
Russia must grow more interested in ber of the local University (Michigan)
Western countries as their exports faculty told the wide-eyed listeners
and imports expand, and it is observa- that Hawaiians think all Americans
ble that their shipments to and orders are rich, and Americans think that
from Germany and America are grow- all Hawaiians play the ukelele. The
ing measurably. same speaker went on to warn these
But politically, Russia faces the gentlemen not to become to familiar
Orient; as the Soviet grows stronger, with the English language.
and is more and more able to detach This seems like unnecessary advice.
its energies from immediate economic It is our opinion tlat of the many
concerns, there may arise from a native born students in attendance
chaotic Far East a vast, powerful jat the above mentioned institution
confederation, based upon an entirely very few are even on speaking terms
new form of government. with the language.
And practically none of them have
SO PASSES WORDLY GLORY obeyed the age-old dictum-"be fa-
The famous Scopes case is appar- miliar but by no means vulgar" (just
to show you that we are educated
ently ended, gone the way of the fea- .thomsfom Poa oius'aeech id
that comes from Polonius' speech -in
tures which flash for a day, a week, Hamlet, a modern play which is quite
or a month, and vanish into the dusty, the rage now, in New York-it is our
forgotten files of newspapers. Scopes impression that it is now being done
was given until Nov. 30 to file a bill as a comedy of manners. A few years
of errors on his trial but this has not ago it was done as a Neuro-psycho-
logical piece-all the same play that
been done, so undoubtedly he will before that was used for barnstorming
have to pay the fine of $100 for his by Hampden and others-you must
violation of the Tennessee Anti-Evolu- have heard of it).

tion law. The news item regarding
the point was scarcely noticed by


matic activity to that more promising I readers, who a few months ago I
field of operations-the Far East. eagerly read every account of thel
Sentiment in Moscow leads to the trial and the speeches of Clarence
belief that the Locarno pact gave Darrow and the late William Jennings
F1ngland a firm hold on the European Bryan.
The town of Dayton has returned
balance of power. Germany entered Thetobsuiyt h as iton.
the League despite the vigorous to the obscurity which was its own.
objections of the Soviet, who The newspaper correspondents, law-
felt so strongly upon the question yers, witnesses, and concessionaires,
.sall of the great throng which filled
that Foreign Minister Tchitcherin h9sreswieteral asn
hurried from Moscow to Berlin in ant
effort to dissuade Foreign Minister progress, have long since gone their
St'resemann of Germany from going to way. The trial has long been over,
tie now famous Locarno conference. now the last shot has sounded out of
Before Germany joined the League1 the past. The public has anost for-
possibility of close coordination of
Soviet and German foreign policies in
the Far East was entirely possible; "A special train for every student
but now the belief that "Germany has ,'returning to home and mother for the
been drawn into the orbit of British holidays" seems to be the battle-cry
diplomatic influence" has turned Rus- of the railroad agents.
sia's political gaze entirely away from
Western Eu'rope. The Soviet anti- "Ohio Thugs Use Chloroform"--
!..-thy toward England arises pri- Free Press headline. Just another in-
marily from the avowed policy of the dication that the Buckeye state is
fornrer to befriend the oppressed peo- progressive.
ples of the East from, Turkey to "Don't be acigar repair man," says
Caina, and the Soviet's open sym- on tiement. e'd rat," be
pathy with the aspirations of the tat a spumber '
Eastern revolutionary nationalist
movements has naturally tended to
alienate a nation with such extensive
colonial stakes as England. Another EDITORIAL COMMENT
thorn is the apparent reapproachment
between Russian and British Labor,
which deeply concerns the British THE INTELLIGENCE OF CON{RESs
Conservatives, although in reality the (The New York World)
Soviet government has no official con- An expert on something or other is
cern with the Russian trade unions. measuring the heads of Congress with
Reacting to what it terms a danger- a view to ascertaining how much in-
ous British ascendancy in European telligence is in them. If this is the
diplomacy, Russia has initiated a expert's notion of how to ascertain
movement to form a Soviet-Polish the intelligence of Congress, then itt
agreement, whereby Poland will con- will not be a hard matter to ascertain1
stitute a precautionary buffer between the intelligence of the expert. If lie:i
Russia and the western nations. Po- really wants to measure the intelli-
land is favorable to such an agree- gence of Congress let him go to the ;
ment, partly because she needs a mar- Congressional Record and find the ,
ket for her exnanding industrie. and ratio of sense to wind in tihn een-l

Now that the colleges of the United
States have endorsed the World court
plan-nothing further will happen. It
is doubtful that this country will en-
ter it before a few more names of
future presidents are added to the
Harding-Hughes-Coolidge plan.
* * *
"Christian will Present Christmas
Music Today" reads a Daily head-
line . That would seem more or less
A show, ("Tambourine" was its
Gave the critics a chance to de-
It got much hell, much praise
On alternate days
But the houses were filled just
the same.
Ileie is another opportunity for
those who wish to develop their men-
talities beyond that of the average
moron (student) of this University.
We will rublish the answer in the
Christmas day edition of the Daily.
Although it is a bit more difficult than
the first one, we feel sure that every-
one who wants to can solve it with
just a little practice.
Don't guess-There is only one right
-> s

appearing in either paper on the sub-
ject, may God be swift in his wrath!
I would have them know, pox on
'em, that never since such a position
was created on the Upper Staff has a
single censored criticism been pub-
lished; never, never, has a single re-
viewer been instructed before attend-
ing a performance.
MAay men's eyes scowl on him who
wrote such dastard lines, as in a
theatre the eyes of men, after a well-
graced actor leaves the stage, are idly
bent on him who enters next, thinking
his prattle to be tedious! True,
gentles, our paper, if you will, sup-
, ports such an enterprise as befits in-
telligence, with plain statement of
fact, and, God wot, untouched, as'
Church and State, by tainted fingers
from a Business Staff.
But read the criticisms last year, of
Cowles and Bicknell and Ramsay, to
see with eyes God gave you that their
harsh judgment far outweighed a
single one on the present "Opera su-
preme, magnificent and well nigh per-
fect, of all time!"
Peste, peste!
* * *
When Bernard Shaw wrote his
famous farce, "Great Catherine,"
which the Comedy Club is to present
in the Mimes theatre Tuesday and
Wednesday, January 12 and 13, he
felt constrained to admit another of
his devastatlpg apologies. "Exception'
ihas been taken," he said, "to the title
of this unseemly tomfoolery on the
ground that the Catherine it repre-
sents is not Great Catherine, but the
Catherine whose gallantries and
amours provide some of the lightest
pages of modern history. In reply, I
can only confess that Catherine's di-
plomacy and her conquests do not in-
terst me.
"But Catherine as a woman, with
plenty of character and (as we should
say) no morals, still fascinates and
amuses us as she fascinated and
amused her lovers. There were great
sentimental comedians, these Peters,
Ih liabet s, and Catherines who played
their Tsarships as eccentric character
parts, and produced scene after scene
of furious harlequinade.
"Catherine kept this vast Guignol
Theatre open for nearly half a cen-
tury, not as a Russian, but as a highly
domesticated German lady whose
household routine was not at all so
unlike that of Queen Victoria as
might be expected from the difference
in their notions of propriety in sexual
A review, by Vincent Wall.
The outstanding note in the organ
recital Sunday afternoon was the
naive simplicity of the program-
that, and the spirit of Christmas. Con-
sisting entirely of Noels and Carols
from the French, German, Spanish,
and English, the program never grew
monotonous through the sheer art-
istry of Palmer Christian's interpreta-
tion of these numbers.
To those who have attended any of
the twilight organ recitals, the de-
parture from the highly classic usual-
ly presented displayed an entirely dif-
ferent phase of his remarkable talent.
By combining a perfect technique and
registration with a seemingly spon-
I taneous intuition of the spirit of the
Nativity, he succeeded in creating at
the outset an impression that domi-
nated the entire program.
The solos of Thelma Lewis, as well
as the chorus nubr c anrried hia

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