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December 11, 1925 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-12-11

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_________ ITi \ il

t at a...rt kl

Priomjinjent Boston att orney T1o. Be
Here Next 7Thursdaiy is School Of
Rleligiont Speaker.
Arthur IDehon Hill, prininenit lTh
ton lawyer, will speak on, "Criminal
Law and the Lawyer" at 4 :15 o'clock,
Thursday, Dec. 17. in Natural Science
auditorium. The lecture to 1)e given
by the easterner will be the filth of
the series arranged by the Michigan3
School of Religion, inl connection with
Prof. Kirsopp Lake's semninar ini the
moral issues of modlern life.-
The speaker has p~racticed law inl I
Boston since 1894 and is now senior
member of the law firmi of 11il1 Bar-
low, and Homans. Mr. 11111 was di,-1
trict attorney of the county of Suf-I
folk in 1908-9, and for a considerable1
period was a member of the faculty of
the Harvard Law school, a ptositioii
from which he resignied ini 1916. With
the entrance of the Unlited States intol
the war, he associated l himself ,vith
the Judge Advocate's (lepartmneii, later
becoming a lieutenant-colonel andj
serving in France tor several months
near the end ot the war.
Mr. Hill is a inember of t he Ameri-I
can. Criminology society,. and the
American Bar association. By virtue l
of his extended experience in both thel
theoretical and practical phiases of
criminal law, Mr. Bill is said to be
eminently fit to treat mnodernlawI xvin
the light of its moral and social iml-

Conrad Believes
Author L istict
From Journalis


Internal TWar.

Rages As Congress Reopens

''fhat thli a tlor and t l a2'.,rlpaper
nani havxe 1littlie in cornnmon ; that t h(
ill of I 'ecii; ' i'(bm A t iuply anl
ilu4iiilli the craft of tho other; that
5o fall from ttee ('iit(eice Of :ia a a l~l
1)ridg"e, Ithere(is a blarii( r between til
two lprofessiolls. si ll lun tlble only Ihv
a re-del cnrn in a ion to pr oject one's
self ito)a (dilferenit reatlt o1 eiidezlvor
--thlese v, eve the ei 011010exp)ounlded in
,lour it lisin and Litt l at ure", fifth of l
I the ess< Vs on no tharshi"iin t he newow
= )00l, Thte A U ii msM iind,.' by La.w-
1(ec11(0I. ('on va of the rhel ori de-
pa rt ment.
I wct itt to insist up(ri a colhilete'
(lis;:in ci ion be't'vc"!a Jou'rial ilsm a it
lit erat u'("', Ithie c a ioi' otf " In per"'
writes'. '"1 want to 0 (Md the ceoillusion
hiat i-uIls poor lito('ature. journalisuni
hat call-; goodIjoua'il aisi . lit ertaturye.{
i o7rncl at o ('il nev'vbecome litera-
ruI0 bry ])gir:; well -1;trim en).....
:tor (can 1it eratulre, by being poor, be-
Covl oti 0 ii alisln. It becoies merely
1poor lii.ci at tre:'"
C'onrad secs no esp(ecial Conniectiont
bet wee-n newsaapel' experience and lit-
era rv t ra iing. The natures of the;
journalist andi the artist are different.
'The report er's dIuty is to see the world i
as it is andt to use words which will.I
rep~rodulce actual conditions; the lit-
erary mlan, on the other hand, must
create a world, and must posses;; a
vocabulary which will further, and
srj fe-guard the illusions hie creates.
Only by foreswearing for the time be-
ing, at least, his chosen field and itsI
laws can ant author becomne a goodl

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por, rporter' or a reportyQr a good author. fradi ue ih
"TtIIUIhe lines of direction in the dle-Logot(lt)
1fi hft trin ons h ai presents new gavel to 'Nichola
n:vrme aanlfan a a election as speaker of house in-
r t itoc both, it is simply that he p)o)- jsrensIeinrvl
I1Ii A P K IARI L U A T H110sase' tile pow er of changing _him self___ ___ __ ___ ___ ___ ___ __are___in_ __revolt_ __
LL..II( !!L~tUJ ovr itnl oe.kind of lperson1to.a--
"A prophet is nnhor-noi ed in hins own- ITIIPfAI- -I~ Crusade Started
country" So runs an old sayingadiI n an u g sLITT[LL[ IIHIULU flUUINgan t tlee
this statement seems to) be true, Es-nr TIrfliriut
pecially when one considlers how, the! Force Cairo To 11~Ih ~~II~l
inventors of thermonmet ers have been U T U [IIIL IIIIILU (()LAtaIIJUS, Deci. 10. A national
treated by their native lands. New ep o esvuo a de iagainst thre signiingm of athletes.
-The,. Fahrenheit thermometer was l - hi gh School melt Fav1or Raiisintg of tot dramnatic roles in nittion pictures
invented in 1720 by a German, b)ut to-,i Cairo, famous Egyptian city, is go- Iutii''isity Entrance e liqurentents ,was begin heire recently at thme insti-
day no Fahrenheit thermometers are! jii to) hiave ,il automatic telephone aa- 't ion of IR. F. Woodhull,. llover, N. J..
used in Germany. Reaumnur, a :French- lsr ste'n. At the lpresent time it is Appr'eciation of the action t aken b ly prosiulo nI of the motion picture o)wn-i
rnan' ivened n 330 he ~heiiiieacessary for operators to) know six the Michigan high school l(inila s asoirir fAircwe
ter which bears his name.bu tolay; languages in order to properly serve aoi ato ttloi eetme uI->oti t ion backedl by hilnwas adopted
there is hardly one of his instruments u1 slsorles T s ,. gpinb i hi ell)iso heasca
within the boundaries of France. Adtli an . , ec, reiyiadWhen they offered to co-operate with ~in
Chrstnwh, ivete te ChtgrdeAraluic. A Biritish officer calling a fel- 1 the Uiniversity in raising the i'c~ nire- ,tlr. W oodhull said the fight wouild
thermometer in 1743, was a Swedle, lowv officer will ask for the number 1 mieiits fo)r college entrance, w as ex-! he carried thbroughout: the country. ,
but Sweden now uses, not thetther- in Italian, switch- to) Arabic when he itrselb rsoen 'a:1eCo Tm eolto1 cnano eon
mlometer invented by one of its sons, is connected to the switchboard of hisi Little in a lette to) the seceotary iiiomndlion to Will 11. Hays. pre-sident'
but the -French Reaumnur 11 iimrlen t (01le fine's (lelartinenti. adldress his that organization Wedniesday. of I he mnot ion pic-turye produc-ers and~
colleague's secretary in French andI"W'e' are now- at workl hereon p1 1re- oh ist rihuto rs of Amierica. incr., that
th(en employ his own t ongute in talking liniinary hplanls wbh-ch I 1ho)e st50ol1 will 'bot0 he andh his organization co-
to +shi-thryotacr.izeinthe lont o ea tewith us inl this enodeavor tot
l 'Ill(,macine yste wil reove he omnhiitteo' to co-operate with that of purge the motion p~icture' industry of1r
iii iivr flhfor famliliariwith somayj your organization," said I'resid(it_ such coniditionis, which are wholly
U8ir1 I P r9inia 'languages, lbut the wires willstllLittle. "We are also planning to) in- !detrimental to prodlucers and distribu-'cryteollt- pehofa yn vetenmbsofoucnzj1-1. jr,!tsswllstohehaerw-t
tionialities._ to attend a meeting at Ann Arbor , erg.""
Lake Placid, in the heart of the Adl _______________1sooni after the first of the yearr i
irondacks, with homes andl hotels order that we may all 1)e able to) ,it; 3 LANSING.-Reports fromt several;
along its shores, now has a complete f down together randI discuss piolicies ; upper p~eninsuia counties andl some
system of submarine telephonecono- I OWA HE-09ATEIIS WAILLIanol nethoods," lieaddeod. s os fte lowrpeislata
sec____________s___of___the_____lower_____ peninsulae thatmn cuoinon

I ( iitati (IPlains' Call For Building Of
New Uniit Early Next Summer
Tent, ,tive plans have been, dirawn
zip 'for a $204100 addoition to the local
p~ost office,: cons:truction of which will
probably start early in the summer, it
wvas announo-ed by postal officials.
The io'w unit will be usedl for the
p~arcel p~ost division, to relieve thel
congestion of the main workroom andl
Pro-ide greater spaOce for the car-
The plans call for an ext ension on
the southeast. sidle of the main build-;
ing_ The north wall of the addition
will be bilt of br'ick veneer, which'
will permit its being torn down later'
for the addition of another unit. Fur-
ther plans also are being made for a
=new. C..D. room.E
EAST LANSING.-The board bill of
Michigan State college students who I

f ns ra ri


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~'Peket 's
101) 801111 +MAlND

niunication, The submarine t;
installation was resorteod to) b
o (f the' rocky and inaccessible
which would not permlit the
of poles for wires. About
pounds of cable were laid i
waters of the lake and thev
homes are connected to the

typeC of
sh ores,


itfl l S n c e t h a ti io' w o l~v e s a re h a r a s s in g a n d k illin g ( de e r -c f at h e ci so l g o ari ie sbav e r a g e' 7
OOEthree American to ms have' maode tho'(,l the tonservation commission to in-1 ~ i t~ . ~ ny
b-og Jf~o.ao thrgm nmlhv ei 'beee RooM0 1i olrmr

DIAL 21414

settinly }lg;
50,000! IOWA CI /TY, l ec.yl0.-
in the 1IBaird o, coach of the t.Tniversil
vrions; debating team. has receiveC
main from the Institute of Int

Prof. F. C.
ty of Iowa
!d a notice

cable, running up the center of the ! education that the Iowa debate team!
lake, with underground cables. j has beeni selected to) take the trip to
Europ~e in 1927 as tile American rep-
CHICAGO. -- Severe earth tremors; reseutative. Each year the Institute
were recorded at X3:21 A. MV. today by sends one American team to Europe to)
the United States weathe'r bureau dete uropeau teams. This custom
seismograph at the University of Chi- was lbeguni so 'eral years ago when
ca go. Bates college Sent men to debate Cam-




trip with all exp~enses midl. ictease its corps of state trappers.
LANSING,.-Claimns that collegeeife;I LANSING.- --The five-day marriage;-
teaches only habits of ease anol lazyI law whiio-h bo-ine effective last Au -l' GveGitsTh t ro
thinking. shouldl be dismissed '1asuuigut, is slowing up marriages in Mich- G v itsT a rv
just and vicious criticisms, Dr. John Iiginm accomrding to) reports from several
L. Seaton, presiodent of Albio~n col-; coumnties. u I
l lge told the Michigan State college j L v WyEWP lant
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111 A



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