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December 03, 1925 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-12-03

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XmeMrtneutin Plen 1 1 LL.I 1YPll. 1 LE\.1!-Al I LAlL H

r y., .,.. ..a.. x u a . . .+u
. - _ __

rPublished every morning except Monday
du;ring the (University year by the Board in
Cointrol of Student publications.
Mtew b(,,s of Western Conference Editorial
IThe Associated Press is exclusively en-
1jtled to the use for republication of all news
dispatches credited to it or not otherwise
^reditedi in this paper and the local news pub-
)ished therein.
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;,3 i diu. ,,,........Joseph Kruger
Telegnraph Editor........William Walthour
M os c and D~rama...Robert B: Henderson
Night Editors
SmstH I. Cady Lecnard C. Hall
Wilrd B. Crosby Thomas V. Koykka
Robert T. DeVore W. Calvin Patterson
Assistant City Editors
Irwin Olian Frederick H. Shillito

dustry under federal supervision as
a public utility.
After years of indifferene ndlac i (1,w"T ~
of organization, the universe'v student o r('yy "PrrQNV(
is beginning to make -his voice Ileard 1
in the deliberation on the p)olitical Little boys and girls, we have a lit-
moves of the United States. The local t1;,surprise in store for you! We havej
'World court conference, which will comm issioned one of the outstandingI
lead to the national meeting' of und~er- nimists on this campus to dlraw a
graduates at Princeton on I)ec. 19, s1al but accurate p~ortrait of -Miss
has been a great success in foumng :=vuie Snorp in two colors (black and
adefinite stand, supported by the col- whlite) which we will have the honor l
lege students of Michigan, on the to pr'esenitwith a forthcoming issue,
World court and the League of Na-; absolutely free of charge to readers.I
tions. It has been an auspicious be- This picture will he just the right size
ginning; the same system should ibe to stick in your mirror, or paste in the.
used often in the future.{ back of your watch, or even p~aste on
The university campus s the one0 a postcard to send as a Christmas
place most fitted for the carrying on' greeting. Come to think of it, it will
of intelligent discussion of national mnake an excellent Christmas gift for
political questions. The list of men you to send to your loved ones at
who have spoken on the sulhject of home.
the World court in the last few days Unfortunately, dlue to many incon-
is an indication of the vast amount of sequential details which, nevertheless,
knowledge and intelligent Opinion thatj are effective in delaying this artistic
is available. Ex-Govcrnor Sweet of, and political triumph, we cannot
Colorado; Professor Slosson of the! promise the exact date' of the great
history department; Professor Reeves event, but as soon as it is at all pos-
of the political science department; sib~le to set a dlate we wNillI do so, and
Frederick M. Snyder, commissioner with much gusto.
of a scheol of international relations; 4 * *
graduate students representing for- 1 tI t
eign countries - such men know Beoielwflws4lt rWic
whereof they speak, and lifter hearig.
their opinions, students should be able
to reach definite conclusions. ierohl p i)Ii sptor fie lLT>>tha
Such conferences give the Universi- 5odpuicyfrteshw
ty an opportunity to achieve a posi- '11o d Ilint it is 11ere than otI
tion in the eyes of the country that I1Illi~ Just reaid this°
will go far to counter-act the un- :I 1f I. IhaI"VII
favorable impression created by the,1loyer and Shuter
present super-abundance of greatI Gentlemen:
athletes and the seeming correspond-1 J:anm secretary of the - -- County
ing lack of constructive education. fli'axr and I want to pull1 something out,
The movement deserves the interest of fthe ordinary and have been think-
of the campus; Michigan men and ig about staging your rainl)ouine
women should be qualified to vote in- production here on our fair gr'oundls.
telligently in the campus ballot now Ive couldl not put it on in the winter,
being conducted.; but if possible I could stage it on the
When the delegat es of t he leading fair grounds in midl summer. We haveI
universities of the United States meet a. seati ng capacity of about 2000 in
at Princeton this month, they will be four (Grand stand and cocild acconto-
making history. If the students frontj(date seats for 2000 onl the t rack inl
all sections bring to the conmion front of the grandlstand.
meeting place the information on the N ow if you boys wvouldl consider it
subject that those from Michigani will( we can packs the grounds and pall aI
be able to bring, th~e final verdjict will big open air p~erformance afteritoonl
be deserving of all the consideration and evening. WeO could insure against
that it can he given before Congress rain or if we thought advisable I can$
decides on the stand that this nation. get a Cdxt4O top andl set it in front
that of the future American, shall of the grand'.tand and be in shape f'orj
take upon THE question of the (ay-1 anyiing that might happaen. We
the World .court. ( would Da've ~to fgr o cnrybtw
. onIfney utw


I. ,i







Just O.e)oeSrie
We will wrap your purchases so they may
be posted to any address in the world.

A t'Q lew,, by Lydia K~ahn and Rob-
t 'Ien tree artists conic together
end forget their individuality in the
ideal of a trio unity, there is mear-
velous reward. The El~shuc( Trio was
all that it has been called and more,
wit hout doubt, among the finest chain-
her music. organizations in America.
t oday.
The R-rahni's Trio in B mnajor was
rendiered in a manner worthy of that
master -pr ecise phrasing, clear-cuta
notation, and yet withal a thoroughly
romantic: interpretation. Indeed how
could an interpretation he anything
but romantic with tihe full, succulent'
v.ilbrancy of a 'elho as its basic
qua lity?
Through the gloom and mtelanucholy
passion of the B1yron1ic Brahlms there1
came tl c; exotic sunshine of RichlardE
pitamiss. This sonata for tihe instru-
ment; of many colors was admnirably
liayed withi every nuance of tonality
andI feelig equisitely shtaded.
Tither(, was, in fact, only a sligle
!lpoint laceking. Arello C jorni,' the
pianist, a fine artist., seeetd obsessed
Avith an idea that the piano was noth-
ing nioi'e than an accotupalling in-
strument, and unfortunately it was
really as vital a part of the ensemble
as the 'c'ello) and violin.
A1S to the final number any adjective
is safe.
I1lebrando 1'i, et ti's TFrio it A ma-
jor, following Sitrauss' so very teu-
tonic knit ur, was modlern, superla-
tively. as we t hink, of noise, pleasant
an11(1 asnt 1!1T0QIt iCI(I0IThe 1llflfina'


ffothi End's of the 'Diagonal Walk



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Clarissa Tapson
Henry Thurnau
David C. Vokes
Chandler 3. Whipple
Cassam A. -Wilson
Thomas C. Winter
Marguerite Zilszke





Telephone 21214 ;
A l~; ~msr~g........ ... ....J. Finn
tii.............. D. Olmsted, Jr.
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~............. Win. L. Mullin
......... N.L. Newman
&conts.................... Paul W. Arnold
;, <r<r M. Alving F. A. Nordquist
_>ore 11. Annable, Jr. Loleta G. Parker
\. Carl Baucr Julius C. Pliskow
1-1u . Bobrink Robert Prentiss
;s. ,j. Cox Win. C. Pusch
t ri)n A. Daniel Franklin J. Rauner
Jmes R. DePuy Joseph Ryan
Idargaret L. Funk Margaret Smith
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J. E. Little Wmn. J. Weinmn
Frank E. Mosher

MAN 'MeN jl
All- ns Skill anud Quality
bn Our Shlop.
Sate ta Dollar or More at thie
G17 I'ackarJ Street. Phone 7115.
(Wh'lere D . It. Stops at State St.)

Savings Department
Trust Department
Oldest National Bank in Michigan

movemtent, I Believe, was too full of
alarumis and~ excursi.ons, too nuch ofF
an ta c10 aIboat notl'in g, 1)u11the second
Maid tbhird sect ions were . cry genuine
and moving.
The whole composition, if you wvill,
sma;cked of a lyric tenor ever so
sligtlyineblriated. It wasitsIa ly in
travaiJl, ptoetic in spift of it sell and
shot thron gh with the irrit at inig, ril-
h ant l ('ttiof ii of a. modern iego. Whirl- I
irig in its final oeent with ant ex-I
plosive intensity, however, it was
pac(ked witi a iterT'OUs(energy, as
potent and suggestive as country sta-
tion pirimitives.
Cecilia I allsen, the t'a mouls Rus -I
sian violinist whlo is to a ppear atheIii;
scondt number of the Extra Concert
Series initIhill auditorium, M~onda y,j
Ple-enmber 7, at S o'clock. Miss Ilan-1
se n' pr~tog'rain will include the follow-
ilug numlbers:



._ _


Anonymous communications will he
disregarded. The names of communi-
cants wil,; however, be regarded as
confidential upon requcest.

+ E~ l ihior--THOMAS V. KOYKKA

i ,

could(1 get by \ itt that; you couldt
bring all that stutff from Attn Arbor.
We would b~ili the county like a cir-
cus and nothing Could Stop us from.
having the biggos . crowdl you e'verE
played to. If such a proposition as
this wonuld appeal1 to you boys let, me
Ihear front you anid I will try to ,gee
you about Jant. i4tlt.
Th !e t, year.s ago 1staged a p Iagen2t
A.ritch45 in the east and it went overI


Aft present there seems little hope To the Editor:
Of effectively breaking the deadlock President Little is no longer new to
w;h ic h has existed between anthracite Michigan.; We have already learned,
coal miners and. operators sinc, ept, in the short time that heha been
1, but already reports are current thatl here, that he is a mlan of great andl
interference by a governmental broad understanding, of mnagnificent
. -ety will conme if the strike con- ideals, and of dauntless courage. It
tie nd threatens to become a is only natural, thten, that the Mlieh-
amena ce to public interests.1 igan students should be disgusted
P roposals made by Gov. Gifford1 with child-like editorials of certain
lieeof Pennsylvania, for a iaew newspapers in the last few days.
conference between the warring fac- It seems that the whole tihing start-
tions, after having been accepted by ed when an eminent biologist spoke
~1 ui nsrs, have been rejected by the{ before an organization which interests>
operators. The attitude of the min-l itself chiefly in the social and moral
e'in agreeing to return to work,I questions of thte present (lay. The
pnd3ing negotiations, has drawn much subject that this speaker toucited
favorable comment from the public upon, birth control, was one int 'which
4.t 1,iirge. Their avowed intenion, like- this organizations was vitally inter_-
wise, of asking for no wage increase ested, and hence was not in timeles
i uhan increase will force the pub- 1 out of place. The discussion of time
lie to pay a higher price for coal has question, moreover, vas so masterful
been characterized by Governor pin-I and convincing that necwspapers
chot as a "new high-water mark" in t throughout the state (deemted it worthy
American labor wage negotiations; of space as the expression of an ad-
and it has warmed the public heart vanced idea by a man wh'io bad
to more than lukewarm sympathy, thought carefully upon tihe subject.j
On the other hand, refusal by the Now here is the terrible part of thte
~operators has cast a share of public whole thing: this man, besides beiig
(condemnnation on them. It is for ar- a biologist, has the ability to run oet
biration that the operators have longj of the country's leading universities,
called; for them to refuse such a pro- and is engaged for this purpose b-
posal now can only be calculated to the state of Michigan. A university
'weaken their position in the eyes of president, it seemus, should never have
the coal-consuming public, any ideas on any other subject, and
co_-ernor Pinchot has indicated that should never, under any circumunstant-
hep may feel called upon to "reach for ces, state those idheas in public.
a bigger stick" unless the operators Perhaps the contention of thte np-
and miners reach some agreement- state newspapers is that a leader in
and that shortly: Just what form that thought has no right to explain his
threatened "big stick" will assume, views; p~erhaps a man with tihe ability
Phas not divulged, though it is indi- to think a great question through,
cated he may call upon the Pennsyl- I and then to ably presentt his side
'vania legislature to begin a searching of it, is not thte kind of executive
inquiry into the anthracite mining in- for a university. Be that. as it may;
dustry. It is in such an inquiry that' ltho thing that impresses me mostc
tite governor has a powerful weapon forcibly in time insipidI denuniaition'-
iittwhich to deal with the operators , of our President, is thle fact that a<
:oping of their books to pub- man who draws his salary from time
lie inspe,:ction is a prospect far from state dare not offend even a small
dl ightiful co them.{ portion of the taxpayers it ny-1 wvay,
Aniothie- threat has come from the no matter what the virtue of h!is pro-
senior ?United States senator frontI posal be.
':n. AWilliam E. Borah, who has let Following this line of reasoning, i
it be known that he may move to; is plain to see that President L '!itl
make tho Ce mining industry an object ofI wouldl not (dare attend a churcb, be-
federal inquiry, urging at the sanme j cause "the weight of his poesit ion as a
": tat it be declared a publicj university president would command
utility and therefore subject to fed- attention all out of propor'tionm to the
eral control as are the railroads, value" of his cburcb. iHe would not
It is unlikely that either a state or dare to patronize a barber shop, b~e-
r fderal inquiry will be resorted to- cause the proprietors, of all other


-- Yours truly,
1 i xxxxx
L According to latest {reports the
I Opera will post pone the Eastern tour
until sometime in the. next year in
order that they may take ad vantage of
thmis great offer, and rehearse between
now and then.
S "THE GENTLEMAJ' N who equipped
himself with my overcoat, gloves, hat,
E;and mtuffler Saturday night may call
at 943 Louisana and get my shtoes, as
I will not be going out any more this
w xinter'."--Want ad in The University
Daily Kansan.
1The editor of this paper is contin-
uially sneakintg up on us from the
bot.tomn of the page. P lease don't
think that we arec gettintg lazy. 'We
just c'an't: keep that bird from swiping
some of our' space.
Well, the AIR-;Vn.iian selections
will be out very shortly now. They
-till seem to be coming in with every
Imail, so for the sake of those who al-
ways htand it their thesis on the day
of time final exam -we shall wait an-
other (lay.


P1racludiunt alnd Allegro..Puignani
(Arranged by Kreisler)

(T'wo and three-button)
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ceellia ilulinlseli

What this (lepart tnent wants; to
know most, in this world, is v: lit
has become of these IDean's meet-
ings every 'Wednesday morning.
!have, they justf quit because of
lack of sometethiug to talk about
(don't laugh) or have thley just
!ibeconme more secretive.
Better read t his early this mlorning, I
thme (tam'goyle is oit sale -W say tha
for that na'.)e s c'ssake, If your
n Ide lthat, after ROLSit Would sent !
well1 comparison are odorous. (copy-
ri l ala prop, 1776)j But suit your-
mcmi,Vw'hotrt the state university inay l
have been so fortunate, as to employ,
dares nmot say that mental defect ivesj
shouldt not have childiren, for t he lnen-.
taxl def'ct ives w.ill r~ise uzp in. arms and 1
tell hinlt Iha t they help pa~y his salar'y,

('encctto in ID iinor. . .Tsehaikowsky
1Y03'tiimne............ Liii Boulanger
D.c.................. Cyril Scott
Lotus L~ztnd ...................
...... yr'il Scott-Fritz Kreisler
Spinulied.............. Popper-Auer I
re m' iew, by (I hi ricre Ta tison.I
Arthtur lIIoi'mmiow, editor of the
'l'hicater M~agazinte, has beent calling
''hiose Nla-Je'' a "rara Avis'" for so
long thlit, ea<lmnostexpiected to see
the whole cast tripping ai)0ut cot
twings whein we entered the Scmhubert-
Detroit Stillday evening. The rest of
hTlr. Ilorubi ow's little refrain is to the
effect th at hereis an intb eligenlt, love -
l y a nd en joys I, the musica comnedy,
,ad Mr. Iloindilow is righit. Ii; is all
of these a dijeetfivyes as wvell anil more.
Th e s tor'y has b)orro wed, the Old
miovie st aad -by of the NorthtwestI
i4lt>u utfed Police, w-nthttheir atnicmdanit
lxi 2higion'od~. FRose-A a ne is a French-
('05 i 11gi'l'l, and(1Genevieve, xvwbose



Corner' ashirngto and .VI i~f
Servijoe and Satisfaction Will Be Yours

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