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November 21, 1925 - Image 9

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-11-21

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VOL. XXXVI. No. 53



21, 1925











Conference Cross Country






3rd 4th







_.,. ,


By Joseph Kruger, Sports Editor
FERRY FIELD, Nov. 21.-Michigan strengthened her claims to
the mythical gridiron championship of the Western Conference when the
strong Minnesota eleven went down to defeat before the Wolverine attack
here this afternoon, while a capacity crowd of 47,ooo persons again filled
the stands.
With the Big Ten title hanging in the balance, both schools mus-
tered their greatest strength for the contest, which closes the 1925 season
for both elevens.
Today's battle marks the tenth time that the famous "Minnesota Jug"'
was at stake, Michigan, having possession of the famous trophy since
1920, when the Yostmen triumphed. over the Gophers 3-0. Today's con-
test was the 16th between the two schools, Michigan having won ii of the

The Michigan team came out on the
field at 2 o'clock and indulged in a
ten minute kicking and passing drill.
The -Minnesota eleven took the field
at 2:20 o'clock for signal drill, and
then did some kicking.
Coach Yost changed the expectedE
starting line-up by inserting Walterl
Walter Webber at right half instead
of Gregory.
Captain Brown won the toss and
elected to defend the West goal, and
Minnesota elected to receive. There
were ideal weather conditions, al-
though a slight west wind was blow-
Gilbert kicked the ball over the goal
line to AImquist, who touched the ball
back. Minnesota took the ball on her
20 yard line. Murell made two yards
through the left side of the line. Alm-
quist made six yards on a right end
Time out for Hawkins, who was
shaken up on the play. Joesting made
a yard. Murrell kicked to Gilbert who
.was tackled on his own 47 yard line.
Molenda, crashed through the center
of the line for 13 yards for first down.
*Molenda made a yard on the next play.
Molenda again carried th'e ball, and
added six yards through center. Min-
nesota called time out.
Friedman lost three yards on an at-
tempted end run. Friedman's at-
tempted 46 yard place kick went wide
of its mark, giving Minnesota the ball
on her own '20 yard line. Joesting
made a yard through center, Murrell
lost a yard attempting an. end run, )
Hawkins bringing him down.
On a fake kick formation, Murrell
skirted Michigan's left end for five
.yards. Murrell punted to Gilbert, who
returned the ball two yards to the 50
yard line. Michigan was penalized
fve yards for off side, and Minnesota
given a first down on her own 30 yard
Lovette tackled Murrell on an at-

Oosterbaan .L.E........ Tuttle
Edwards ....L.T.......... Drill
Brown .......C...... McKinnon
Lovette .... R.G.........Walsh
Hawkins .... R.T......... Meili
Flora.......R.E....... Wheeler
WWebber... R.H. Almquist
Gilbert......L.H....... Murrell
Friedman .... Q.B.... Arendsee
Molenda .... F.B.......Joesting
Officials: Referee, John H.
Nichols (Oberlin) Umpire: Fred
H. Young (Illinois Wesleyan);
Field Judge: Giles E. Keithley
(Illinois); Head Linesman: Lion
Gardiner (Illinois).

The Press Box
Harold Martineau, famous Gopher
back and one of the greatest players
ever turned out at that institution,'
came across the field before the Min-
nesota team about 10 minutes before
the start of the game. The entire vis-
iting stands rose and gave him an
Molenda carried the ball four times
on a total gain of 44 yards in the first,
In 11 attempts "Bo" Molenda aver-1
aged eight yards a play for a total
of 88 yards during the first half.
Michigan attempted eight forward.
passes, completing three for a total
of 85 yards. Minnesota attempted
three passes, two incompleted, and
the third intercepted by Oosterbaan.
In the first half, Michigan gained I
six first downs while the Gophers ac-
counted for two.
Michigan's line again showed evi-I
dence of being the greatest line in
the country, keeping the Minnesota
squad from passing the middle of the
field with the ball.
The Minnesota band formed a huge
"Mich" between halves in courtesy to
Michigan. Then they turned around,
and formed a huge "Minn" before the
visiting stands.
Murrell and Almquist were again in
the backfield, and Meili at tackle for
Gilbert kicked off to Murrell, whol
returned the ball to his own 25 yard
line, being stopped by Lovette. Murrell
failed to gain, Lovette again stopping
Joesting made a yard. Ascher punt-


R(Ober Drowni
Captain of the 1925 Varsity football
team, who acted as a mainstay in the
Michigan line today, when he played
his final game at Ferry Field. C

Flora resumed play. Almquist made 1
seven yards when he cut inside of his
own right end. He was hurt on the
play, but resumed play. Wheeler
dropped Almquist's short pass. Mur-
rell punted to Friedman, who returned!
the ball 10 yards to his own 44 yard
Walsh of Minnesota was laid out
on the play, but remained in the game.
Friedman's pass to Oosterbaan was
incomplete. Michigan was penalized
five yards for off side. Gilbert made
six yards off left tackle. Oosterbaan
dropped Friedman's pass. Gilbert
punted over the Minnesota goal, the'
Gophers obtaining possession of the
ball on theirr own 20 yard line.
Captain Ascher replaced Arendsee in
the Minnesota backfield. , Joesting
made three yards. Baer broke
through and tackled Almquist for a
six yard loss. Joesting made a yard.
Murrell was about to punt when tho
quarter ended. Score: Michigan 7,
Minnesota 0.
Murrell punted to Friedman who was
tackled on his own 35 yard line as
he took the ball from the ground.
Molenda made two yards through cen-
ter. Molenda added four yards on the
next play. Cooper replaced McKin-
non at center for Minnesota. Gilbertl
punted to Almquist, who was tackled
by Flora on Minnesota's 37 yard line.
Edwards broke through and threw
Almquist for a one yard loss.
Webber threw Murrell for a three

Scores of other football games re-
celived by radio courteously loaned by
Eberbach and Sons, 200 E. Liberty St.
Harvard 0, Yale 0 (half).
Ohio 2, Illinois 14 (half).
Chicago 7, Wisconsin 6 (half).
Purdue 0, Indiana 0 (first quarter).
Fordham 0, Georgetown 0 (first
Lafayette 7, Lehigh 0 (first quarter).
who returned the ball five yards to
his own 15 yard line. Murrell fumbled
and recovered on his own five yard
Baer was knocked out on the last
play. Gabel substituted for him.
Ascher, punting from behind his own
goal line, kicked poorly to his own 16 t
yard line. Webber failed to gain.
Friedman gained a yard. Webber
made eight yards from a' fake place
kick formation. Webber made a first
down as the quarter ended. Score:
Michigan 21, Minnesota 0.
Michigan has the ball on Minnesota's
six yard line with four downs to go.
Edwards failed to gain on a "tackle-
around" play. Drill was hurt on the
play, and was replaced by Maeder.
Babcock went in for Edwards.
Webber failed to gain. Stamman
wentwent in for Webber. Stamman
made a yard. Oosterbaan dropped
Friedman's pass over the goal line,
giving the ball to Minnesota on her
own 20 yard line.
Almquist failed to gain, trying Oos-
terbaan's end. Murrell's pass to Tut-
tle was incomplete. Lovette tackled
Murrell for no gain. Murrell punted
to Friedman, who was tackled as he
caught the ball on Minnesota's 45
yard line.
Friedman's pass to Gregory was in-
complete. Herrnstein substituted for
Gregory. , Gilbert made a pretty catch
of Friedman's pass bringing the ball
to Minnesota's 23 yard line.
Gilbert was hurt on the play. Stam-
man kicked the ball out of bounds.
Seplaw substituted for Ascher. Stam-
man made three yards through cen-
ter. Stamman failed to gain in a crosp
Herrnstein made eight yards on a
fake place kick formation running
around right end. The ball is Minne-
sota's on her own 14 yard line.
Joesting made a yard. O'Brien sub-1
stituted for Almquist. O'Brien's pass
to Tuttle was incomplete. Murrell
punted out of bounds on his own 48
yard line.
Oosterbaan made a pretty catch of
Fripdman's 30 yard pass placing the
ball on Minnesota's 15 yard line.
Stamman carried the ball out of
Gilbert failed to gain. Stamman
failed to gain. A wide lateral pass
went over Herrnstein's head, and Mm-
nesota picked up the ball and brought
it to Michigan's 42 yard line. The
closest Minnesota has gotten to Mich-
igan's goal line.
A Minnesota pass was blocked, Lov-
ette threw Peplaw for a 12 yard loss
when he attempted a pass. Murrell
kicked out of bounds on Michigan's
eight yard line. Gilbert 'punted to
Peplaw who was tackled on the 50

two yards through the line. Murrell
made 12 yards going through right1
tackle, but Minnesota was penalized
five yards on the play for being inf
motion before the ball was snapped.
Murrell attempted a right end run, and
was thrown for a three yard loss.
Murrell punted to Gilbert, who ran i
the ball back 33 yards to Minnesota's
23 yard line. Molenda made seven
yards through the center of the line.
Molenda added two more yards. Fried-I
man lost a yard on a left end run. l
Friedman's attempted 27 yard place
kick went wide of its mark. Minne-
sota took the ball on her own 20 yard
line. Joesting made a yard through.
center. Murrell added another yard.
Murrell was tackled for no gain. Mur-
rell punted to Gilbert, who was
tackled on his own 40 yard line as he
caught the ball. Friedman made three!
yards at left end.
Molenda made a yard, but Minne-
sota was penalized five yards for off'
side play. On a fake "tackle-around"
play, Tommie Edwards made 10 yards
and first down, placing the ball on
Minnesota's 43 yard line. Friedman's
pass to Molenda was incomplete.
Wheeler threw Friedman for a five
yard loss. Oosterbaan caught Fried-
man's pass and was tackled on Minne-
sota's 23 yard line. The catch was
beautiful. Molenda made five yards,
despite the fact that he lost his foot-
Molenda fumbled and recovered on
the next play. Gilbert cut inside of
his own right end for 20 yards, bring-
Ifig the ba1 to the one yard line. No-
l lenda cra ied through for his second
touchdowl1n. Friedman kicked thel
goal. Score: Michigan 14, illinuesota 0.

"Bo" Molenda,
Who crossed the goal line twice in,
the first half.
returned the ball to his own 26 yard
line. Baer and Lovette broke through

ed to Gilbert, who returned the ball and tackled Almquist fr xa one yard
11 yards to the Minnesota 49 yard' loss. Joesting made two yards.
line. Molenda broke through the left Flora tackled Murrell for no gain.
side of the line for 25 yards. Molenda Ascher punted to Friedman who re-
made a yard. Gregory added four turned the ball five yards to his own
more yards through the line. 40 yard line. Time out for Minnesota.
On a fake place kick formation, Mo- Friedman's pass to Gregory was in-
lenda crashed his way for five yards complete. Molenda failed to gain, and
and a first down, bringing the ball was hurt on the play, but stayed iny
to Minnesota's 14 yard line. On an the game. Gilbert punted to Minne-
"end-around" play Flora gained two sota's 30 yard line. Flora threw Mur-
yards. Molenda added two yards. Mo- rell for a seven yard loss.
lenda made two more. Mulvey sub- On a criss cross play Murrell made
stituted for Cooper at center. . a yard. Almuist failed to gain. Web-
Friedman, on a fake place kick for- 1 her substituted for Molenda. Ascher
mation, passed the ball to Oosterbaan,I punted to Friedman who was tackled
who made a pretty shoestring catch 1 on his own 44 yard line as he caught
as lie fell over the goal line for Michi- the ball.
gai's third touchdown. Friedman Gregory made six yards, trying the
kicked the goal. Score: Michigan 21, Gopher left end. Gilbert added two
Minnesota 0. 1 more through center. Webber made
Gilbert kicked off to Almquist who a yard. Gilbert punted to Almquist,


tempted end run, for no gain. Joest-
ing made five yards through the line.
Almquist made four yards around his
own right end. Joesting made it first
down on his own 41 yard line. Mur-
rell failed to gain on a cross cut.
Edwards stopped Almquist for a
two yard gain. Murrell lost three
yards on an attempted end run. X~ur-
rell punted to Michigan's 43 yard line,
Brown downing the ball. Friedman
lost a yard. Oosterbaan missed Fried-
man's pass, but the pass was called
complete because Minnesota interfered
with Oosterbaan. It was Michigan's
ball on Minnesota's 40 yard line.
Friedman lost five yards on an end
run. On the next play he passed to
Gilbert who caught the ball on Minne-
sota's 24 yard line.
Time out for Minnesota. On a fake


yard loss on an attempted right end
run. Flora stopped Ascher for a one
yard loss. Murrell punted to Fried-
man, who was tackled on his own
36 yard line. Minnesota was penalized
15 yards for roughing. Molenda
smashed his way for three yards
through center. Michigan was pen-

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