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November 11, 1925 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-11-11

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Rai W#v

Experts In Costumes To Tea h Dtace
At Wnia~ '~nn L sin

Observes Wcck Of A .it fHouses Pledge To
Vorld Fellowship , AMUfMK l ;Buy Playing Cards
Every Y. W. C. A. in the world isT ITiCAId[, l 1tails Inie r deto the yellow

observing this weck from Nov. S to 14
as ther arualweati ofworld ttllow-
ship l, al pl ayer. Consequently the
University orga iizatiUf is hutting

]a:hlisa Cook women will give a lun-
choen at 12:30 o'clock today for thea

al -h e playing (tIrds which are to
'e :oId 1:,b the 1I, a1)ranch of the
'f rican Associa'ion of University
LTltr cdna a~r t ameetinr

Atvomews League iazaa _.r V egeclT1 g"taa11~.t.
t~turd Spec al emntiasr )onItliespirit of JuInipor league of Detroit, a group of hen
Sauda f t be commlnittcee hold recently. The
the week and spending Much time in women ilnt(erested in social service cards are expected 10 arrive here not
PLAN NOVELTIES committee discu5s ions On thoughts of work. Following the luncheon, Miss latr than Nov. 14. There has been
international relations and national; Elva Fornerook, social director of a large nmbeir of pledges already
customs. Martha Cook building, will speak on taken all of which will be filled.
Musical stunts, a Charleston dance The week is arranged so that a di"- the subject, "Differences in Girls." It has been arranged that all per-
hail, and persons dressed to repre- ferent country is given attention every On Thursday, Miss Fornerook will ad- sons having pledged, may have them;
sent unusual characters will be fea- day, and there is a special thought dress the league at Newberry house, redeemed at Bill auditorium box office
Lures at the annual Women's league for each day. The leading thought Detroit, on "Modern Social Work." between 10 o'clock and 5 o'clock Tues-
and Interchurch bazaar this year, ac- for the week is "God in Christ ant The Detroit chapter of tle Junior day and Wednesday, Nov. 17 and 18.
coring to Pauline Bridgman, '27, nsNeedand the sub-thoughts for league is interested primlrily in help- A campaign is being carried on at
chairman, of the stunts committee. each day are: Sunday "God's Perfect ing tihc physically -disabled and it di- all of the sorority houses and league
Saturday afternoon and night the Revelation in Christ", Monday, "Man's rcts thle Detroit league for the handi- houses for the pledging of decks
Charleston dance will be conduced. ~Need of God", Tuesday "Divided capped with headquarters at Newberry yjhich each house wishes. Personal
Roth men and women will be taught Chis tendom and the One Christ", house. visits re being made by members of
kildance the Charlestob wll be Wednesday "Sin and the Lordship of The trip to Ann Arbor and the talks the A. A. U. W. and samples of th'e
dressed up as colored women. .rist in t e Individual", Thursday to be given by Miss Forncrook will cards are being shown wherever pos-
Throughout the bazaar women Sin in National Life", Friday "The conclude a series of lectures arranged sible.. Samples ar, now on cxhibition
dressed in costume wil sell special- Divsions lBetween Nations and the for the new members by the training at the book stores, Mack & Co., and
ties. Dorothy Treuttuer, '28, who en- Unity of God's Kingdom", and Satur- committee of the league. at the candy booth in University hall.
tertained the visitors at the bazaar day God's Victory and Our Obedi- Martha Cook quartet made its first ILetters have been sent to each mem-
list year will be dressed as an old ence. appearance before Martha Cook wo- ber of the A. A. U. W. containing the
-fashioned woman this year and will men at dinner recently. The person- names of five persons who are not
sell potted flowers. ther women, sell- nel of the new organization is as fol- members of the association. These are
gin cut flowers, plants, and candy lows: Eunice Houghton, '26, Louise personally called on the telephone,
will be dressed in fancy costumes. 4UGoodman, '27, sopranos; Betty Sage, the project explained to them and
While meals are being served in TO nnrii '26Ed., Marion Thompson, '26, con- pledges solicited.
the tea room, which is to be conduct- rtraltos; Mary Cumings, '27Ed., coach Personal letters have, also been sent
ed by Collegiate Sorosis, features in I and accompanist. to the fraternities asking that the
music will be presented. Mary Lou A joint musicale is being planned house pledge as a whole or individ-
Miller, '26, and Minerva Miller, '27, Football atmosphere wi prevail at I to be given by the quartet and house nally.
will sing specialty songs of enter- a dancing party to which all women orchestra. The three musical sorori-
taining character. Stunts of various of the campus are invited from 4 to ties on campus will be guests of honor. PAY YOUIT SUBSCRIPTION NOW.
'kinds will be performed on the piano 5:30 o'clock Friday afternoon in Bar-
end the league orchestra will play y
during a greater part of the meals. hour gymnasium. According to EstheP
Tuttle, '27, chairman of the affair, it
is hoped that this party will serve as Raisin Bread Is He lh
To Join National a preliminary pep gathering for theRasn B ad I He ty
Rifle Team Deoatch Ohiotationsmw o athdeay.colors of Get into the habit of buying a loaf of
the two colleges, red and grey of Ohio
Two women's rifle teams of theand maize and blue of Michigan. RAISIN BREAD every Wednesday.
University have been entered in the Colorful favors which can be worn at We assure you that you will find ii: dei-
national rifle matches this year. Th'e the game will be given to those pres-
teams which will include ten women ent. Cious as well as healthy.
for each team, have not yet been chos- Entertainers from the physical edu-

~sium, and zone athletic managers will mn's club will meet at 7:30 o'clock
# meet at 4:15 o'clock today in Barbour tenight at the home of Mrs. George
N T C Sgymnasium.-Brown at 1057 Lincoln Ave.
There will be a meeting of the lead- Samples of the articles to be given
ershrip commission group at 4 o'clock for the bazaar are to be brought to
today at Newberry hall. An interest- Barbour gymnasium by the presi-
There will be initiation of new ing discussion will be conducted on dents of 'inch house tomorrow be-
members into Theta Sigma at 8 o'clock "Worthy Use of Leisure Time," and tween 3 and 6 o'clock.
tonight in the library of Martha Cook the process of formulating a budget,,
building. system will be explained. The Y. W. C. A. cabinet will meet
Women who intend to take fencing at 4:15 o'cloch tomorrow in Newberry
Today is the last day the $3.50 rate this season are requested to sign up hall. There will be a discussion of
for Michigan Daily subscriptions can at once on the poster on the bulletin the purpose of the Y. W. C. A. and
be paid. Beginning tomorrow the board in Barbour gymnasium. 'this its meaning in the life of the individ-
charge will be $4.00. must be done at once if a place is to ual.
be reserved in the class.
House athletic managers will meet - .Delta Zeta announces the pledging
at 4 o'clock today in Barbour gymna- Music section of the Faculty wo- of Elaine M. Herbert, '27.

Janie Lincoln's
for the
v Flair and Scalp
Skin and Nails
Nickels Arcade Pht one 9616


301 East Liberty Street


Call 3031 for

Shades, Draperies and Accessories


24 of the 37 Great Events
13 Yet to be Annonnced


en, but will be picked from among cation department will present cos
the best shots in the rifle classes. The tumed clog dances as well as other
scores for the matches will be shot stunts. Music for social dancing wil
from Dec. 27 to Jan. 23. be furnished by the Women's leagu
According to Lucille Walsh, '27, rifle orchestra. In keeping with the foot-
manager, Michigan should have a good ball spirit of the afternoon hot dogs
chance in the matches, in considera- and coffee will be served as refresh-
tion of the fact that last year the merits.
University defeated the team which
held the national championship. TOKYO.-The University of Chi
Several matches have been arranged cago's baseball team ended its tour of
with other colleges and universities, the Orient today with a 10 to 4 defeat
although all of the challenges which! at the hands of the Waseda univer-
were sent out have not as yet been sity team. The Chicago team wil
heard from. leave for home Wednesday.



516 East Liberty

Phon6 5501






Furnish Your
Fruit Punch
For Your Parties.

l r
Marcelle Waving Is an Art'
Permanent XWaving a Science
Determine the Superior Art of the _
Lueck Beauty Shoppe
330 Maynard St.
Opposite Nickels Arcade
Sparkling and Fluttering
Evening Modes
CownS of GeorgIce. Chiffon and

1 --- - ---- .



y t
Full Fashioned Silk Stockings
The Beautiful
The ServiCeable
The Inevitable
Jewels that are decidedly new are
the quaint necklaces and bracelets
of antique gold with medallions
reminiscent of olden days.

-.' 1'(
T4 _
\ \

Crefle, 1it,021V1 ,apt d1 Iil'l e
r! l0 ait n i $v ?)£1
(s colinlIlo)
Billiai ull ai iis, d75c 1d.
(Main Floor)
silver hid Pu lmps, iX10.00
Silver Rri'uuuide lips, :8I
(Main I t'loor)
(Ilitllring Slic e Buc(kles
(Main Fleer)
("tidol] Rose
inl. T:veliig Shaes
(Main IFio(r)

EVENT NO. 1-Beautiful block
plaid part wool blankets for
double beds, size 66x80, with
sateen abound edges. We cele-
brate by selling pairs
EVENT NO. 2-Fifteen patterns
that are the newest of the new
arrivals. All colors and 54
inches wide. Were up D
to $4.00 yard.......... .1,U
EVENT NO. 3-Envelope Chem-
ises and Gowns hand made of
soft and fine materials all hem-
stitched and embroidered. The
bodice top style, attractive and
practical. Celebration
EVENT NO. 4-Purses, in many
styles, envelope and pouch, silk
and leather lined, some hand
tooled and colored. These values
will actually surprise you. Buy
one and put your anni- 2.98
versary savings into it..$29
EVENT NO. ii-Lucky day Ap-
rons - something new - a fine
idea to make for a Christmas
gift. By just "pick up and put
down' methods you can work
several of these for Christmas.
Good quality
linen ..................1100u
EVENT NO. 6-Pequot Sheets
63x90 at a price you might ex-
pect to pay for a very ordinary
sheet. We will celebrate for a
while at this price but they can't
last long. We hope you $
get yours, each.........u$1
EVENT NO. 7-Luxurious fur
trimmed coats in the winter
mode of flares and wrappy lines.
Needlepoint, Lustrosa, Penpoint
with fox, beaver and $88.Q00
squirrel, 14 to 46..... 0
EVENT NO. S-These nets of
ivory and biege shades and these
curtains hemmed and fringed
are real values. 500 pairs offer
variety of Pattern Less 20/
an d P rices ............. .4S
EVENT NO. 9-Silk and, wool
bright enough to please the ever
increasing taste for brightness
in dress accessories. Tie yours
in a bow below the chin Q V fa1

EVENT NO. 10-The boudoir is
just the place to let yourself
put on the color that you like.
Choose copen, blue, rose, orchid,
taupe, or even a
cerise ................$39
EVENT NO. 11-To make many
different things, genuine Japa-
nese Pongee is used, but if lin-
gerie, draperies "and dresses
don't appeal, make a man's
shirt for a Christmas gift. An-
niversary price,
per yard............. 69
EVENT NO. 12-All sold out.
We thought we had bou2-ht
enough handkerchiefs to satisfy
everyone but our two hundred
dozen were gone the first day
and so it is with other events-
stocks fast disappearing. Get
yours now.
EVENT NO. 13-A real blanket
with a bunny on it in blue and
white, edges all bound, soft,
fluffy, strong aid wash- FREE
able size, 10x14 inches..
EVENT NO. 11 - Corticelli,
Wayne m it, and Holeproof
pure silk stockings, black or
brown regular goods that every-
body is used to at $3.00 a flg
pair, but now a pair t.. . 8
EVENT NO. 15 - "Eureka Vac-
uum Cleaners," a completely
new machine with $8.50 worth
of attachments added, making a
cash worth of $58 regular price.
Will sell this anniversary for
$44.50 with $4.50 down M,50
and for cash at.....E
EVENT NO. 16-Envelope chem-
ises of crepe de chine, beautiful-
ly lace trimmed and embroid-
ered. Choice now of yellow,
green, orchid and flesh. Values
worthy of a Goodyear $29
birthday party ........
EVENT NO. 17-Heavy Double
Silk Gloves, wrist length and
two button style in colors white,
black and brown. Gloves that
were marked two dollars before
we decided to OQn

EVENT NO. 18- Cloth Frocks
and glistening satin ones, not
content to be the fashionable
black, brighten winter dullness
with greens, wine reds, blues
and golden browns. Metallic
embroidery, vestees and ap-
pliques of kid feature all styles.
Valus up to fll
Vau su o$49.50 .............. $ 5 0
EVENT NO. 19-Unusual variety
of pretty styles of the one or
two piece mode. New shades
and new effects to strengthen
the popularity of this Q
new favorite of fashion U
EVEINT NO. 29--These are gen-
uine Betsy Ross bed spreads in
rose, blue, natural and gold. All
108 inches long.
Silk: Twin Bed $8.95;
Rouble .................$9.45
rn*ce*rized:I rivi" $,35;
Double .................$Z.95
EVENT NO. 21-Plaids of laven-
der, blue, gold and tan, make
these very good quality blankets,
size 64x76, an attractive pur-
chase if they were'to be sold at
a regular price. But the DOn
anniversary selling is at U
EVENT NO. 22. From our re-
cently increased stock of rugs,
select a-
9x12 Congoleum .......... $I%.)
9x103 Conr/olem n........$13.95
9x12 Wool Fibre.........$14.95
9x10% Wool Fibre.......$12.95
(Third Floor)
EVENT NO. 23-Lamps with
rich, yet not elaborate gold stip-
pled polychrome bases. Metal
bases of cast and wrought iron,
all complete with silk or parch-
ment shades of odd shapes and
all desirable colors. Many with
beaded shades. An
outstanding value.. 95
(Third Floor)
EVENT NO. 24-Silk hosiery
with Van Dyke heels, black only,
in a complete range of sizes,
and qulaity, sheerness and style,
that Goodyear's assure you is
$2.50 value, selling for 6 a


Flower in
Ila to1r Colrs
I vn iti ; )(i l r
(0ain Floor)
Yomr evening gown and accessories will le brillan , fluttering
and in keeping with the season's youthful mode, if you select
then here. Our distinctive evening apparel takes its inspiration
from the evening modes that are popular for college form als.


Il #



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