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February 18, 1925 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-02-18

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Dorothy McFarlen, '25, was appoint-
ed vice-president of the Women's
League at the League meeting held
Monday in Barbour gymnasium. She
will assume the duties formerly held
by Margaret Dixon, '25, who is act-
ing as president of the League during
the illness of Charlotte Blagdon, '25.
The condition of Miss Blagdon is re-
ported to be unchanged. Dr. Margar-
et Bell stated yesterday that although.
Miss Blagdon was making every ef- j
fort to recover, her condition remains
the same.

Local Four Year Old Artist's VIRMONT RIFL TEAM
Work Hangs In Detroit Exhibit

Outlaws vs. Alpha Chi Omega; 5 o H Presidents from 12 to 14, making no exceptions,
clock, Sigma. Kappa vs. Delta Gain-l o sI was accepted b~y the Board of Direc-
ins. and McClinton vs. Delta Delta To Receive Charts tors of the Women's Ieague. The
i ~limitation of 15 points during a semnes-
Junior play cast rehearsals will b Charts, revised by the point system ter was removed. It will now be pos-
held in Sarah Caswell Angellhall as committee, will e mailed to the presi blefor each woman to check up
olow awelfofAnget T tdents of all the houses this weei. iblf
t h1-,,o ti~~ iti ~ di~ t~ tht T ,

Although they did not know that the1
sketch "Water" was the work of a
four year old child, judges at the"
Michigan Artists exh'ibit at the De-
troit Institute of Arts chose this pic-
ure by Nancy P. Johnson, aged four;,
to hang in the exhibition. The sketchI
was sent in with the contributions of
older artists and judged as the work
of an adult on its own merit.
Little Nancy is the daughter of Mary{
Lee Johnson, who is assistant in-!
structor of Free hand drawing. Her
father is Oakley C. Johnson, an in-
structor in the rhetoric department


Do Students Buy
Clothes For Next
Winter At Sales?

"Girls are much too fussy and fond
t!of new styles to buy clothes now for,
use next winter," said the buyer at
FORDNCE INSTITIUIEMack's department store when ques
tioned on whether or not college wo-
Tickets are now on sale in Barbour men are prone to economize. "Of
gymnasium for the folk dance insti- course a few girls, trying to save, do
tute for men and women which will I buy some things now at reduced prices
be held for five days, beginning Feb. for next winter, but the girls who de-
24. The price is $2.50 for the course pend on "Dad" for their new coats
of 10 lessons, of one hour each: 50 and frockswill wait for the ultra
cents will be chared for single admis- modes of the coming fall."
sions. The course will be conducted But Mr. Fredman at Jacobson's be-
by Miss Elizabeth Burchenal, of New lieves that university women do buy
York City, who is the organizer and late in the season. "We seldom have
chairman of the American Folk Dance any stock to hold over," Mr. Fredman
society, and the author of several said. "We sell winter things at a
books of folk dances as well as the reduction and the girls buy them, es-
originator of a number of lectures and pecially do they buy fur trimmed coats
demonstrations on that subject. at this time of year, wear them awhile,
"Miss Burchenal can get doors to then save them for the coming fall.
dance; she fairly burns with person- Styles change in minor detail, but not
ality," according to Miss B. LouIse noticeably from season to season, and
Patterson, of the department of physi- often prospective styles for the com-
cal education, who attended a similar ing year are tried out on the late win-
institute conducted by Miss Burchenal! ter models. Occasionally we even
at the University of California last even buy cheaper garments for the
April. Miss Patterson reports that purpose of selling them reduced in
the institute proved highly success- late winter."
ful there, doubling its registration At Hutzel's the buyer called my at-
after the opening day and having an tention to a rack of smart brown satin
enrollment of approximately 300. dresses in response to my query. "We
The material given will be suitable do not want to hold these dresses over
for the use of directors of summer until next year," she said, "but they
camps, prospective teachers who may will sell easily because the girls will
be called upon to direct social activi- always buy good looking inexpensive
ties, and any social workers who are gowns like these even though the sea-
interested in directing !recreagtional son is advanced."
groups. Mr. Zwerdling at Zwerdling's Fur
No previous experience is required Shop told me that he sells a number
for this course and no regulation cos- of fur coats late in winter, but most
tume. Street clothes may be worn. of them to towns-women. "College
_girls like the latest styles," he said,
ADa"they wait until they get home and
Leagme Announces "Dad" pays the check for the latestl
style racoon."
Plans For Pariv In regard to women's winter foot-
wear, reports from local shoe stores
The Dutch Tree party, the next in show that this year's sale of galoshes
the series of Women's League parties is greater than it was last year. That
will be held Friday afternoon, Feb. the clumsy galosh is still popular
27, in Barbour gymnasium. Esther among Michigan women is evidenced'
Tuttle, '27, is in charge of the party by the fact that the Walk-Over Boot
and plans are now under way for an Shop, Wahr's and Kinney's all show
unusual program. Catherine Kelder, an increased percentage of sales. In
'27, is chairman of the refreshment spite of its awkward qualities, the
committee, and Alice Allen, '25, of the galosh, it seems, still holds its own.
decorations. and it probably will continue to do so
until some inventive genius produces
Toronto, Canada, has more than an article of footwear that will be
8;000 women employed in the needle more graceful and yet just as warm
trades at an average weekly wage of i and snow-proof as the galosh, shoe
$14.80. men believe.

rounded by admirers at the exhibit,
all eager to praise her little daughter's
,work. Mrs. Johnson states that Nancy
is independent about her work and
will take no suggestions from her.1
I "If she wants leaves blue she makes
I them blue," says her mother. Mrs.
Johnson, herself a painter of several
accepted pictures, regrets that the
judges did not hang Nancy's "Night"
which she considers superior to
Critics and artists alike concede
the sketch "Water" to be a marvel of
impressionistic art. Several older ar-
tists who were present at the exhibi-
ton have praised the skill displayed
" by so young and talented a child.
Clyde E. Burroughs, curator of the
>Arts Institute, classifies "Water" as al-
most post-impressionistic.'
"How did she do it?" exclaims onej
gray-haired , maturer artist. The
critics at the -Arts exhibit were un-
animous in acclaiming little Nancy's
work, and predicting great things for
the future of her art.
Critics agree that "Water" is al-
most perfection in balance and color-
ing, "The sketch is perfectly balanced
from every angle," says one artist,
"You could turn it upside down or
sideways and it would still be balanc-
ed. What will be the limit to her
achievment at the age of 40?" An-
other critic stated that Nancy John-
son was the 'Jeanne d'Arc' of the mod-
ern world of art, introducing a new.
era of impr'essionism.
"Night" and "Storm," other sketches
of the youthful artist may be seen at.
the new Bunbury tea room, which has
just recently opened at Darling and
Malleaux, 221 State street. A feature
of the new tea room is the gayly col-1
ored pieces of cardboard patchworli
which constitute covers for the small
square menu cards.
The Bunbury tea room will also {
have Nancy's sketch "Water" on dis-
play as soon as it is received from
the exhibit at Detroit.
The demand for competent polo
coaches has become one of the most
interesting indications of the grow-
ing popularity of the game.
Pre-inventory sale on
entire stock

Vermont defeated Michigan by at
score of 483-476 in the first intercol-
legiate match of the women's rifle
team this season for which scores'
were mailed Saturday and return{
scores received yesterday. The Ver-
mont total consisted of three scores
of 97 and two of 96.
The Michigan team entered the
competition after only one week of
practice, since they were unable to ob-
tain rifles earlier.
During this coming week the scores!

tlfUWfs 0. Lo*y, $s flak UI HUL 11 UL
4 o'clock, second half, of act 11 at 7
o'clock; tomorrow, act I at 7 o'clock;
Friday, act II at 7 o'clock..
Chorus rehearsals will be held today
as follows: A and 4 at 4 o'clock, 3 and
6 at 5 o'clock, 2 at 7:15, and F at 8.
The executive board of the W. A. A.
will meet at 5 o'clock today, in Bar--
bour gymnasium.
All women working on the Life
Membership drive who have not re-
ported should (10 s0 between 2 and 41
o'clock today at Barbour gymnas-

will be shot for competition with the
Lniversities of Syracuse, George
Washington, Cincinnati, and Missouri.
Senior women should have their
measurements taken and place their
orders for caps and gowns at once.
jMeasurements are b~eing taken
now on he second floor of Mack's.
All measurements must be taken by
Feb. 21.

slashed pockets.

A smart,

,ner acL V es ac c uo Lgo e new
The recommendation madie by the Ju-
diciary Council and the Point System 1cha-rt and know whether she is ex-
Committee that the number of points ceeding the 14 points permitted for ac-
a woman might carry be changed tivities on campus.

SINGLE breasted
coat of diagonal
moor. Raglan shoulders.

serviceable coat in the newest
colorings. $45.

Archery and hockey awards must be
called for by the end of this week,
at the W. A. A. desk in Barbour
All material for the examination
which is to be given for the women
who have completed the Y. W. C. A.
club leaders course will be.found in
the reading room of the Y. W. C. A.
at Newberry hall. The examination
will be given any time on Friday or
Saturday morning.


Sigima iDelta Phi will meet at 4:15
o'clock Friday at the Sigma Kappa Phi Lambda Thet
house.-o'clock Wednesday
- library. There wil
Elective classes in beginning swim- ness meeting follo
ming will be held at 4 o'clock Mon- meeting.
lays and Wednesdays and 4 o'clock,
Tuesdays and Thursdays, in Barbour Madrid, Feb. 16.-
gym nasiim. Anyone interested should ciety of Madrid ha
report today or tomorrow. tion denying thatt
An organized hike for which athletic
honor points will be given will start
at 4 o'clock Friday, from Barbour
gymnasium. Further infgrmation is
posted on the W. A. A.. bulletin board
in Barbour gymnasuim.
Interhouse basketball games will be
played today as follows: 4 o'clock,
Wood-Caughey vs. Chi Omega, and

.awill meet at 7:30
in Martha Cook
1 be a short busi
wed by a . social
-The American so-
s passed a 'resolu-
there is unrest in



Pictures Plaques
Mottoes Prints
Leather Goods
Desk Sets Incense
Incense Burners
Ask abrut Card Spci'al
2 Nickels Arcade

L, not one hour too soon to
slart one's spring' sewig if
one 'wauld finish b~efore the epi-
d(mie of spring fever.
Consulting Costumer
222 Nickels Arcade
Phone 3059-W

-' ' A'. - ' . z " te r},; ' . 1 =a i U5
5" sLq4; r.t.l
' ai
T' Ii C't "
M ' ¢r Jt V.






S . r
mkfbamsrezs r afer
t M u!orhter'iybus h
y eMiwewrl seael aat
And.it'seinSorSpringOening -
thatgFshonnlowe dvulgbes
- +pteir tovelieir tns.ds h
r r
F hm acntig ned r
3 fS
. e pig sye.Alfmn

You Can't Keep you
Head on Your Work


If Your'Pen 'Demands
Your Attention
Y OU cannot compose your thoughts-can-
not note the points of a lecture, if you are
writing with a pen that loses step as you go
along. That pen is a mental drag,
The sooner you replace it with than never
failing, never ailing Parker Duofold, the
quicker you will hit your stride in college
work and social correspondence.
Duofold not only gives the mind full play
and the hand full swing-its fit and balanced
symmetry and jewel-smooth point
inspire and stimulate. They tend
to develop a hand of speed and
And we guarantee the point,
if not mistreated, for 25 years'
WEAR. So Duofold at $5 and
$7 is the most economical pen
-less costly than short-lived
pens priced lower.
Any good pen counter will
sell you Parker Duofold-flash-
ing plain black; or black-tipped
lacquer-red, a color that makes
it handsome to own and hard
to lose.
Manufacture rs also of Pa rker Duofold Pencils
to match the pen, $3.50
Factory and General Offices

. ,

Spring 's Smartest Proeks
Are Found in the $25 Frock Shoppe
The Spring Frocks are so buoyant of demeanor and so charming in manner
that college women don them eagerly! Their vivid hues and youthful ways
make them unusually fitting for class and campus wear and they appear in
so iany delightful guises, portrayed at their best' in the $25 Frock Shoppe.

. . . .. ..

Debonair Flannels
Fashionable Kashas
Sleek Bengalines
Soft Canton Crepes
Clever Print Silks

x Press - Button 2xPress the But-
Fillereappedin- ton, release and
side the barrel- count 10, while
out of harm's Duofold drinks
way. its bigfill of ink.

3inner Sleeve of
Duo-Neeve Oap
forms Ink-Tight
seal with nozzle.
so pert- can't

4 Rich Gold
Girdle re-
$1 extra--
now free.

I i'IV


I m /1-1 m 1 11

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