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May 24, 1925 - Image 11

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-05-24

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SUNDAY, MAY 24, 1925



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that all the volumes in the WHillam sought refuge in de library from a -- --'
, 'h W hy an W h ref'he rescli W iliam L .L_ Clements Library are important raistorm and sat down lin thiehair
T e h s n W erforsctTh ila i .books. It is a; familiar fact that all inadecigwtrnoa.AlWihTeCdoRp
ibooks are rare in their early editions t steeaeldeIfta or-telW t r-o o
i Clements Library As old B Its Custodian lof o freaders bsnthey yhad. d The rfirst edipl- ,ilib rary must 'be lrotecte(Iagainst
q, hereL ayI~~T ld D ts 'uto ta i ftotenubrtre istructors n the .- ----- -
vlJ rings thousands of dollars, simly 1nivhsity who place onistpecial "ref - !Te women of the University are norance
11 y Rawtadiprii Q. Adamns tack what they will not tarry to no one would, I believe, adivocate that because people read it to piece,, and 1erence for classes of several hundredI not as well-read as the men on cur- (question
thHoln fsde Clements Library und erstand(. the pricleass literary treasures of the fe copies survive.j students a 'periodical of which the;
rlloexpaia th WiliaL.ClemntsIntstLlisirgris ibrrbrnateypstabsenrutedonepr osowhyarAIntheWiliamL. CeinrtsLibaryLibary as ut ne opyAftr se- rntcamporqestonsaccrdigetqfente
m.bayiiafwsnences of journal- campusssthe (donor of the William 1.,. rot yet equipped to andethm.is hv copy of thie first 1printed LC- e lhnrdsttot aepwdte experienes of the Daily reporter majority
~s ngish is ike".trying to te ach Clements Library announced. that le This University ani all iuivesties outhaewrittcop y hitheCom-OrtebokitintalyssFwocndtste apuCeoppra
an uinuica pesonto play the was erecting a new department of; are trying to increase the num ers of hsdsoer.IbaurehIoigssi a ji oeie
bustie cribinlohsdsoey tg'.feh okn sr a n oieie
Piano in one afternoon. Yet, whenj the l fni versity. If he was in fact su:ich people. That is why the Library pbishsel in 1 493 wihin a few "weeks l never available again to the man or (ol1mILmt. 11)1
, tin gquesrti as tbeen fairlynput, and I creating, a new (leparment of Intel- has be cetut ed to te nvesiy of IAS return to Spain. Suc anl wvo man who reity has sonm c egiti- i Men usually write for this colu n rtead.o
~i odsiia ojntWhat the ilectuial activity, it was 1perfectly in- of Micigan. Butf I thuink no one wi'll epci(aon discovery occasions 'an ate claim to it. As long as there are, as soon as they are asked anl it is! opert.
" poch- makinglig b. I el fr5c iitutos h LbayPoI)ses rr'htamnwl rfsecp i h
rLibrary is all about, anyone who evitable that, men being what they 1deny that there are thousands Iere!ephmaigbo.I'slsfrucintcosheirryrossraeehttmilwlrfsexpt a ,
really.y wats to know is entitled to a a e, tere shoiuld tie a certain amount1 who have not. yet lrepared themselves thuadfdlar.o h aeo- to protect itself aganst ther. There when he is perhaps connected with [togv
fair answer. ocrtalometItsestmesthttearradtoaytanaions when a opy conies on the are students in the Unive sity wo the question in some way mnakiig 'it
TmoteolaLirrisa-I to bie*a " real tribute to Michigan tht they have exhausted the possibilities makt Is that a book to be handed see uabe o ea a book without moiire di~creet fir him not tolpass " t
and ae fitto ive al
p a r e t l y a p i c e f p u l i c p r o p r t y t h e r e h a s i b e e n s o i t t l e o f i t . B t o f t h e ( ee(l I b a r y a o l a e f i o urt v r y c r i s t s e e r h e e u d e l n i g p s s g s np e c lo r i j u l i m a r k e tw mn.h w v e , o t e t ;
which should serve the whole of thfe since I amt assur'ed by the Michigan1 be entrusted with the rarer volumes ;are barely a dozen copies in thei cutting out passages or pictures rfuse to write because of their ig ,lnov
community in which it stands, by sup- lDaily that that feeling (hoes exist 1 j whchar to be roundinthe 1\ihliani word which' appeal to thenm. As long as-_______________________ n-~
plying their witlh such books as they kf wuldcall attention to a few well L. (Clements Library. hnt av-ad q iehuh t u h t d ns ae at lr e hs i - ~ h ll ~ ~ : ma
-need, as ffcently as" posible and known facts. In fact, I would like to say- that i mk tanidnlMcer htteary proposes to mainainisdmadtann As tdeto ,r m~'n(
finithouto sealyfenacesl0k.vt
w tot anty- regard to what happens 1 think[ no one will deny that. among have yet to fid m n wh iWra llviiamn -. Chmetsh brryis co-
to lok.I erot otpses~so s ertdto the ideloforeerin IOn being asked by M'r. Clments to,-Tednu for irr a re not Wan
the ~~~~~fthe books wa uthe mstprecious 1osthon ftheeigte t objciouosneo hetestoksfrhhiueofmn nLibratiryoito, eare t Y oewhhiook-ohrhassi ~tl
-very ofwell, buy others to replace them. hunian race is its literature. An tesigwombjcin oayoftetenho o h en he y easto iii f att hseemsttoIrmaethetakthbys nt othnofiigisall;ti
Axybook worn out in public service enormous amount of that iterature, formialities; we imnpose. The con-!tebs o otiko iigli~flci
womn wo hve ake th yarsto Pri tht, t sored o te te tsk Ybookii to a public institution, on the, i hn
ha uflldispup~ td priting has been lost. Let us take the threei plaints come altogethr fromu another cuctetesles toa point where was one of mediating between being
eigsuch a imple process as it is Principal writers of Greek tragedy. (utrt't 1 was~ very mluchi interested they iy be entrusted with theseicar~ful and being hostabe Ioenrun htpu~i ntitutoswre:tm
today, replacementorect oughtent As
-,oaY epaemn ogtto be rela- ophtocles wrote about a hndred ito listen to the account; given by the Ivolumesa. The policy of the Library hiv ( tat is a ncorrects itateir inabilityto ,:.'sWelpecoshma eodsi~.bt "Ie
teyeayWeaetaug ht in A- pYlas--only .even are known to us>. I librrian of out t_,cnral l thr'~'Y " Mr. is~~ edigysmpe tisoeito lng reanhI'e1intend to err sc rcoshmnrcrs ebth
anghfr e ocueta n rdo hc sxhv oeattegetIaia irre n cual ,1=simeverytdaysfoen onPtat ofecainre.Ame ~ nhsi hlylytohi laMtradcb r
drmsocokecp audy hs smr ilnei e yr inarytodegedle inoraoi
whtvrwyalbaymysreordwlous.lEu ripiesastahu-boutvihopeanflrecelstsu-thnnot ibaieeo himsreuua-lhiasanberctfidbyanaolgyavie ansae fhiextrao n 1 -
edca tioaledto s, that eimayhfirly Asvny i ly s trbtdt imr lhuh M.Bso a lallowistsos ver cay reoesredfr rotepantono. Aomnistalfi as to .anjico
d e a dias a l p r ordo s 1 a d ohe e b r lte tuv i e loo ypr o a l y a d baep t t olht y o~he s h l r o r dg n ~ r a l - b o u t l m o s i l o g '. n ~~t o h s h n v e - i y
hnvestytbriyibtntdos se dnt ual lstructich of xth e irtoAe-!Iame.10 retI ti n Lwhaich esiwoul cexe pt Lbar. T ,i ofalor-e osn aot prpose to tae an hance- ___i_______are___________son________
to e thfoe oncino thl yIips aonls.efrebentinroles o s thetbooks wolderebwurefusrnintentrusting its
Ve nra irr b lhu asr nice o seaRori n lueis h +ti ucdl-t h ~ks n telto sm tose who aere otrdperlyn apoloy
mot.f it et o s.t e n en i namur i g f th ec n
whenerefo alirair ay sapears lxnra iiayb ti a-cnLbay ewsakdt eieho h imr.dcd
a letter off fithsrsortction sfromfthis A in- - - i brary a10vol
on ucampua nes, whihtdoes oa all avti fispansecttsrofutefouhmrther.canAmbaaoug r atdvRome. Bis imiar Iavewnever been abl esetoeisoate in anhr ilnatioy. Abit atoiii hsoksths,1nvei:.
ofndfith .nu"eskItwoldbeeaspertsconaeyused whereer tthee ny riicsmorteeolcytmy lot ay bltelyreplaced. Intour n riy 1I
fulfills these orrepreconce iv lltes ole- n p~vvee h hv ehursnte I etfi"aunqevlm slstotr o isspr f st rslot(di
hta imarps~tee sb >dt t oofnl t ionteurnig byteayib behchhslel"l)rryavoue ot.a poabg
be a cetin oamheondoinar dubi rmc-nathe get ibxrasie tCaliph aciior ;,are[eook.paed on any serouthought. The 'not beaiageplThereforethe ie rasou___ideals_______
cetanamun f otiit.PepeFednadofCatle r o i aai . 1enntribay urus olcyLitebroksy. Tquteihbtitko llw!oslt ooe.tordiaryeibay cisndesigne
an pbtiulrl tAeicane sehaveinthasesciof th first.digenous'wich eicotnsidewdhece tedingldi-h- l hr safjdnetl~tosro lem~~o h iuil~
to eec thconcice aIsutono thl Inameia ltrtrewihwa un oa.ee J uohneRlaseBeoribrre atgIornto ),ofthe buroseswoflbt hatri fursishd ccingly. Ousr:
by he anihet LinEnlanrrobblyth Julius " hoeerniastha stte- Lbre-yisdesg==a o sav thtnedSat, and~I rc
ahclosnloowr othi ~ nth iyo exc n12 ed gtot inaEvoltn i pe i tetosumsthtte oksa-ci-o wh-koarescholapropelandemtro-
ides of wts ainstittioshuldSpnionql urors. Butte s n-siia,-ote okadt h
be. Thniiulwoatmt oncssr og ofrbc.W-iit isitors, litfe walo , nlolytfdd e hatdns." Moeoer iie wo av attind oiie- dI fo rcxt
ihetroueraewdea intoyapasocety, dri n 11,bBearybyctan andhi-Blsevkstdeaawel.Th smewof tmaes thrat ttmetfilyaio.nlieay4ee
ev n t o g-ti fi m ne b nft gt po hssesi n ofcthe o vernenuthOiNa lt e fou in ou ther grea thlbre s.-to u desamd t at i t e mo en
to~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ciilzaonal toofenhiltoIn gan tisreoreotatthyin Oc i te itoy fbok-olet-ovrro libnvesiyahryre pali lbar i n noisesil®"
therorethereus nttesihetiieaueowitry cnmc n uhiccondtoelibera terms.At beteever een"and "tolas"awy rcd uhLbaisa' VV fdo
resnfrsrrs htsc o-phtc.Afwno~sltrte ICranistas timeIwt oexmineThsLbrrrs nene.orteus urs. Bu<it mwhen la hger - tageofa IU
talflltnewse prtmncen astinWilian fif~h, entuwres.tredoutd hesomyfistraue nd on any oftichosmof thepUive'prstuoe ivlzain a be rahe e e
wha alme Lbrary ;thr ist t nleto-presen andmnsrtion tof Amiral of titmionshcigcnii.TeMcia.betyfcuyornd-aohrtpefliaysrnigu.
are str rae ton re ooks bytheuse graduaert eseor graduatese oemd'lib ra ne at Engandprhaelha
e:certain aount of rtcawommentbooksgofathbdaoftestalibrrp wihhisn ratclletiosrt-pbli sliely onay thatiall theugtudTe net fpae, o h ~ rao
Therin eiss notinfsraned qaotths- repreent by the -nlew Chries of inP stittoncs tauvsitosthe cnWliathat are "schars.h" 1mm fact, t I t ~ am inpliatno e ndAeia nt itefnine
ceind iamt o ostieter opeha berdoindofCntlo(gaalism.L.ther tasu a prewilsubestr oiydltdinedbto tiks",anditehisstonlyiasper-.t'Antrcentrylbtas cutend
Thrfryonein urge tocx-isIrt~enwhin ofthe at fewyndiersthithr.is obiousrthatxwenda0snalyli-op i inith samat te great majoritye heP1-di o thic-s tdo
SinFniiesweedrvn no othmnytouadso (olasi c ftes do sar l coar.TeAi'Pc hyhaeapaed nPia
tenencncyto ritciz -ay "nsttuiontImie Pubtnlicterd OffwiceinaDbln !given .Tohe Univesy of Mihian, t - cnclusin of theirporelatoftothisandl i, i niBston, irinNw Y Or an
plirheLbay otoe h a- nahresodsig gintte is t aplyinEg topbe,puonbpe-birayysinviabe eseraieigButo semnyvoftheneL o T i
wonderdjst wt cnfrupto mtad-ir e eSathe trop, eoidcL ythatealreernc."asy.theeitat ethLary isPlacc- th iublcbhavnbeeeemotuote
idessing.whsusptthat siuin ftshodSantheyCouaenge. Pthemslveis u-for Morevebst which heldcivoletrnotvr optbei h atrof w lsti casi ares tosoand te------- . h-s_,,;,
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abusa nld oeo ett in-7reordsal archsivends oelandsfromimpora twbks.Theooe is eallyrom neeaml wltoelee nuh ibitrary hasenapreeIt i u 'i
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n gu sme ome ci i i a i n fa lt oopes euti on , o ten and to i n a gans t I ish reciviliz atn th eic o e- O ok.c e n e s o of thatc lr re t ieg one ofnthe r aity h h a som e ai . p roli t lb ry e ist akes of oth er s iand t
onsmtin anl antl hredaantc otnciabdadin ilk I upholstd hlevvett"waassporietateiseesuresY are avail-
strouseytheews otheronpr hteoew r mstieli aigpae s~heropeatreo A s A oly ."-as,-,~ -- - -- -
resonlfo e p rise thytconclude th e Bt i s ;unnec A e ssary lto er e C sm s tie I een:t
work i us~les and nprofiable.- aunpes so arhifilLibrOerofihe mose-________for__the__use___UT'__s_____________________________________
thly e ea mint s wh do lnot eeimoutant sowrured raumteal fo rpieo t rauead on ayo ieswso h nvriyo enrahd'ese
whyCema tshihl yeducat e nin sho ld ies tiato is tain o rye o otc
oft allirldaythininasolaboratoryio. of bicicaeri- teandcutheorother-ansocialre sciencessrinare u.the
siogyoandicougntmrsoudpicvorg an- --collectionsao italhvebredalth statisticsbok pps he!gadae o rdats utn in tly rnc nwhichhaehd , ,_ n
keep.aout o riialcmeThere o heBdaPs lbarweref no (olgeteoletonlo ulc sliey osa ha lete"suenslac Lbaie orcntres heeA
Therbe i oloigist.rIngefact tti- itsn doese hrse f nttton nothy 1lew ta re "coas. n fc, m 3-wee"oeinA eiauni h in
ineriemsiomilar, as beeeIsovial sistisketinte nte rtesreWl onedsroeiedthnkn__ssol___-tenhretir.Btasclue nj1
sue psit itteifenanecrson does Theeforethe clsfewthartesus ti biu htwena'okscloiin htth ra.mjrt iriado aemd hi a n"
Theefanore p , bingrLbayi saIaprin eis bynd clclton. al huado olr so h tdnsaent coas h reiatxypv perd nPf
plin shuLikearytotoswh Ican- toegovernmentotheOricein thuwoldgvnt h nvriyo ihgni ocuino hi eaint hi epa nBsoi e ok ;
ot uthase t possncinthwr( ano testoodsee i oaainsti'te isnota layhig t be.-vvh-1.
wasn ben ms wade prncimFe tt ropte eie htpa eee ste eligta h rr spallyitby";Intel -ierublic ae b g mnlentrusted ru
moey od aveubgce arh im ves f rbuilding..; w ic t e colct r o. er os it b eOnnhemt er ofa al tb .{ .___-.. ..1_
Thesin.mostpec thtsiignfat tooe tct ofs hveurenspealma. 09
lectualprcees wok hch t e utiud f r r o u S t
wh tietattokobega.Futhereany rdstiodandhaeyscheiotrs u
historiani elknowsothatilpracticallyiseveryesstepsntothcareefser itsheuurniturecordshe.im ai
ideah which has set the hupanrracen-
borw ain cilizatione fhasteenbitImportatnt, isoretaefireowicdestroy-apareeTrllhainsbSeatCover...p
mes te laoppos i y ,themulictu ew ic e the War-t dme. epre i ntacie intce I ncletn nmotntmk h atrqiecer ton ihgn n t oo n
bn s ot h c r t i i e d h a d p e r s e c u t e d w h a - r n
New York state archivesueveavehundred
- who arey a work on rsaomtin rnl antb hre gintcletn ia ad adml os e oi ta i raue r.a

trer Afield
of thle- details surroumnding the
. This excuse is the one most
:tly liven. It seems that the
y of the mu never read "any
md if they d, thluy forgetal-
nineately what they have
bwv also offer t he excuse that
not wan their names in the
that they have no uea thought
quest ion ando so do not want
a pioir an sweir, or o'se they
not want. to write0- and do not
ty reason. In this last case,
sually thue fact that tie girl
noting about the questiomi and
fined to. admit it
HinesC the men axe afflicted
irm'e streak of modesty and o
t to write, but a few moments
ding to theim will rout thi-
n and they vvill take their pen
I amd -go into depi thought up-
subject. If a man does not
to will usually tell the reason,
will go on and discuss the
n anyway. Of course, there
sue muen Who 1;ve to) profess
te, but they are relatively few
ilarison to the women.
fio ca-se, the reporter apprach-
nbo'eletu-ah sort of person, one
at iiued on Page Twelve)
a~vewAA a !evw1 q r 9 . i
er yo-F srpiv y
so . IIIIi4,
'd fu'9Fl.4--
b, 44-I
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= -~44~4'4F.', 'M-
3d ~i94aSawr. .~* A. A
,,1I4,etW.M4~Wt~.~ r~44S'W~ 4V444*l~ A'sIA
socket Set
0 Openings
re Tir Cover
-- a,.,..a~noaflr 2a44*

of pysic an cheistr toay wuldyears later. Tie fact is that the tale 0.
have been burned at the stake in theyIo etrcino precious book an
ideagsToaouecnissI - H Maks ItPossbleoor ondF idayand atur ay
middle ges. Tday ou econo ist recordsesgoesosonbandoron.
tplay in public with ideas for whichj Certainly this is enough to make
it hundred years ago they would have clear that as long as Human heiigs toroot Feeds for Fords . . .... $.5o Stc' Ug sparkr Plus
c (ae wat heyare wenee a iro to Keep Your tHome
been transported to a penal colony., areug whatidsthey aregh ..$we5 needoe Ca pro-ist
Every new department of human fession whose sole duty it is to preC mfrabePlhouhtime-Windsheldoxtli ght -4 Trn ChmcWhist
istence against the itter prejundices Ibuxildinxgs ini which that can be dione. { q -th Luggage Cariers..................... 98c T71ri,. Pumps....
rof the multitude, but the world mnakes They are to) be preserved for the :con- the{'inter M nh
its res because thinking mn oletntscolran h i awas el GMC Cut-Outs for Foris...........$.5 Auto Jacks.....
xsteadily on heedless of those who at- coule iii libraries suichi as ours. Buit f Ietopp;ng Outfits for Fords Complete Tool Boxes, $.0V
progessI Iwith Fack Curtains ...............55 ~.

300-4 for $n0
le .............$5.95 -
S8gc -

4 '


Treat the Folks to
one of our
steak dinners.

And the TR~OJAN hias made

it possjb1c for

you to keep your appearance neat 'and clean
chltrin, the months you have been in school.
WXe thank you for the patronage you have
extended us tlroulout the year, and wve
hope that- if you are attending sumnmer school

Replacement Lights for Back Curtains,
.... 1wo Lights 49c, Three Lights 5c
Foot Feeds for Fords :Installed in Ten
Knock-Out poli~tsa, boo Foot Range
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F endcrs'- fr Fords, Complete Set ..:.4.4
Auto ;sponges at.............25 and 50c
Mitten Auto Dusters..................69c
Spoke Irsc........................69c

eal ires Re al1Prices

Nve may sense you in the

capacity we Ihave

-' ervcd you before.
- T h e r o a n Ln r

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