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May 24, 1925 - Image 12

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-05-24

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.SUNDAY, MAY 24, 1925

An An(

The value of t
colleges and uni
history and pie
serves to remind
continuity and di
recalls the honor
lish universityn
Gown is utilitaria
the differences a
and degrees of wx
In 1893 therea
sity Magazine" a
and Gown in An
was responsible
the Intercollegi
1895 at Albany, N
utes passed by t
tacitly accepted;
tem of scholarly
Distinctions in;
quite simple: ba
doctor's beingt
types. The most
lor's, has longp
master's gownl
sleeve square at
well below the kn
the elbow, the do
like a judge's-
velvet facing, an
sleeves. Gowns
system, hoods a
construction. Ca
following colors
partment of lear
Arts and Letters
Theology and Di
Laws ..........
Philosophy .....
Fine Arts......
Science .........
Music ..........
Pharmacy .....
Foretry." .. .. .
Veterinary' "cien
Literary Science
Pedagogy . :.
Commerce and
The colors no
and are impress
historical signifl
arts and lettersc
fur of the Oxfor
hoods; the red
the traditionalc
signifying, arden
purple for la4c
purple of the~-
green of modi i
surgeon's nio
supposed, from
herbs. Philvsop
the color of "tru
gold yellow of s
wealth of scient
was taken fromt
scuibed for th,
music; olive, alJ
medicine, was s
while russet ac
taken from the
esters" who wo
their brown Oct
The task ofs
: li61il I1 1ItI l III

cient Custon; Caps, Gowns, And Hoods
Student Life At Lausanne a
Of Colleges And Their Symbolic Meanings thaigdi
he Cap and Gown to man's love of color has resulted in a tem or relationship in the hoods. Th
iversities lies in its system of official arrangements for N1ach has an arbitrary and independ- young, having acquired its name as distinct parts, one section being en-
cturesqueness, which about two hundred and fifty colleges. ent code scarcely known outside its recently as 1890. It was in 1838, tirely serious, while the other has
the wearers of the A study in heraldry resulted in the Ibounds. When worn in America the however, that the separation into the no pretensons of seriousness The
gnity of learning. It choice of th^ following colored hoods :hoods are rarely understood beyond three faculties was adopted, Geology, first is devoted to the reading of ac
red roll of the Eng- (A few of the famous) the fact that the red cloth of the doe- Law, and Academic-Scientific, with a paper whose subject varies accordhigt
men. The Cap and Amherst . Purple with white chevron tor's indicates the possession of a total of seventeen professorships. In to their tastes or to the departm-nt 1
an in that it subdues Brown......................Brown doctorate from some British univer- 1869 a new faculty was instiuted by to which they belong. By these gath-c
rising from fashion Bryn Mawr .......................... sity. They are, however, quite decor- separating the Scientific f*bm the erings each member is able to broad- t
ealth. Maize with white chevron ative. Academic department, while a recent en his education outside the boin-a
appeared in "Univer- Colombia.......... ...........-.German universities do not pre- law, May 15, 1916, creates the follow- daries of his specific studies. A dis-t
n article on the Cap ..Light blue with white chevron scribe the use of hoods as degrees ing division: the Protestant Divinity cussion follows the paper.t
merica. This article Cornell-............... ........-are not conferred in public. When School, a Faculty of Law, The School It is better to lower the curtain on
for the calling of Carnelian with 2 while chevrons the intercollegiate system is used it of Social and Political Science, the second act of this meetin and be
ate Commission of Dartmouth...................Green has become the custom to use caps, Institute of Scientific Police, The content with listening. One's ears
New York. The stat- George Washington University...-..gowns and hoods of the appropriate School of Medicine, the Academic De- are quite sufficient to see what hap-r
his group have been. ......... Blue with buff chevron) degrees, The German universities are partm'ent, and The Scientific School pens. The second act begins as fol-t
as the uniform sys- Georgetown ..........---......represented as follows: which includes a department of Math- lows: a song, a great deal of noise
costume. .Gray with ble chevronPurple ematics and Physical Natural Sci- animal imitations, roars, etc, a sing,.
gowns and hoods are Hlarvard ................... Crimson University of Freiburg .. Dark green ences, an Engineering school and atanonsot me ero
chelor's, master's and Hamilton........................... University of Gottinger:......Yellow School of Chemistry. The Acaiemic somectiny onof tese merts
the three respective.. ..........Blue with buff chevron iversity of Halle...........White Department institutes every c.oimer to one of his comrades. Lots of noise,
common, the bache- Holy Cross ... .. .. .. .. .. .. . .Purple U Iniversity of H eidelburg .. .. ...Red special courses for foreign.u The a song, more recitations, midnight,
pointed sleeves;-the Johns Hopkins.....................- University of Munich .... Light blue length of the study for obtaining ti silence immediately ensues. A voicer
has a long closed .....Black with gold chevron University of Leipsiz ................degee varies between four and six- is heard intoning and the chant is1
the end and coming Lehigh........................... ..............Green above white hal f years. The number of. profes- itaken up by all the other voices with-E
nee, the arm slit near . Brown with white chevron University of Jena .................. sorships at the University is now one-lout a hitch and the midnight mass is
octor's gown is much Manhattan ........................-.Green above gold hundred and thirty- begun, sung in complete drakness
having open sleeves, White with green chevron IJniversity of Wurszburg............. Except from a financial standpoint After this rite, the meeting goes o
d three bars on the New York.University........Violet, ..., ,.... Blue above white the students of the University of Lau - better than ever until the very earlyt
follow the English Princeton......................... University of Tubingen ..............sanne are completely independent of hours of the morning. These gath-
are of an American ......Orange with black chevron .. .......Red above black it. That is, they are free to go to erings are the best cure for sensi-I
ap tassels are of the Rutgers ............. . ...... Scarlet University of Bonn ................. .classes if they so desire and to appear tiveness, vanity, timidity, and forI
according to the de- Spracutse ...................Orange...............White above black i at the examinations if that is their breaking of bad tempers in general,
ning: St. Francis Xavier ...... ............University of Strasburg... ........pleasure. In like manner thev are This is certainly the best advantage1
s .............White .....Maroon with blue chevron . .. .Black above red with white entirely independent among them- of the societies of these Lausanne;
vinity ....... Scarlet St. Stephens ...............Cardinal chevron selves, having nly the common bond tudIents-to prepare the future doctor
. .............Purple Tufts . . . . Br own w ith li chevroI University of Breslau................of the Alma Mater. There are stu- or engineer easily to sustain the little!
...............Blue Tulane . ... Olive with blue chevron.........Black above white with red dent societies, however, which aim at idiosyncrasies of others and to be-I
..............Brown Union......................Garnet chevron affording entertainment and help in I come congenial.
.... Gold Yellow University of California..............Royal Normal College, Munich ...... .their studies. Of these clubs or or- iDuring the winter term four of the
..''.......''....Green .. . .Gold silks ith blue chevron I'uinthwieremforfte
.................................Blue and white panels ganizations there are twelve that are national societies each gives a lit-
.............. . Pink University of Chicago ........r.....The hoods of all the German univer- exclusively national, while the others eary evening. The show begins with
...............Live University of Michigan......sities are laid upon a tr-chevron of cater to foreigners. The active mem- a prologue, which was formerly at
. . . .. . . . . . . . Russet University of Pen n sylvania......... black, white and red. berships in these, numbers on an kind of satiric poem recited beforai
GrRed with blue chevron The Intercollegiate Bureau and its average, about one-hundred and the curtain by the best orator of the
ne ...........Wray .........Dark bl officers have been called the "apostles eighty. About fifty ter cent of the society. Today it has become indeed
..i.g.h.t.... . .lue Wesen..................... of the intercollegiate code." In their" student lody belongs to them and the a take-off in one act on college life.
ht Blue eyanpotory at Albany some 500 Cap others are called "Camels" by the They vie with each other in ridiculing
Accountancy .. Drab.....Cardinal with black chevrondeoiryaAlnysm 50Cp
t only please the eye Williams..............Royal Purple and Gown volumes of "collegiana" students portant beurs couleurs. It the professors and all the other local,
"ive, but they have a Mt. HoIyoke............Light blue have been received. H-undreds of col- is impossible to account for the pres- national, and foreign characters, who
cance.bThewhiteforM Of course collegecolorsare better lege publications are sent there a- ence of this quaint "animal" in the have the honor to be famous at Lau-
ances The white or nOf course college bolon's than out- nually. There are letters on file of university vocabulary. sanne. Then there ensues a play or
comes from the white known within their bounds menou-sun.plyo
d and Cambridge B.A. side; but at centennials and other men 'listinguished in all fields of ac- Each society is distinguished from two of a classical strain or particu-
for theology follows great convocations visiting delegates tivity whho have been honored by the others and the rest of humanity lar high-brow tone. Formerly all the
color of the church, from American and foreign universi- academic degrees. The Bureau of by a ribbon of a particular color
t love and zeal. The ties, if present, serve to advertise Academic Costume was founded in from which the name of student por-
comes from the royal their respective institutions. In the 1887 and was chartered in 1902 by the taut couleurs is derived. In addition,
kings' courts. The British universities there is no sys- regents of the University of the state the members observe different ('us- In A ddition
of New York. Its work has centered toms, for' exanple at midday they as-
ue is from the army
rm nd ermier my isabout academic regalia and the cere- semble in the center of the city to
the color of medicinal European Tours monals connected with professional talk for a good quarter of an hou Sr,
hy is known by blue, ForCollegeMenand Women life. Every week, generally Friday night, to a Wonderful Stock,
uth and wisdom"; the SUMMER 1925
cience represents the Wonderful Service
ific discoveries. Pink 64 Days
the pink brocade pre- $395 and up
Le Oxford doctors of
lied with the green of College credit up to 8 hours Ernst Brothers
elected by pharmacy; if desired should
ccording to one was For full particulars address
"jolly old English for-on ELECTRIC SHOP
re it as they quaffed NEW YORK UNIVERSITYad
TusDivision S m ftesee Phone 7776
obErae. te co e o East 4Znd Street New York onmo th s e
you can record while 104 N. Fourth Ave.
'16E ll¢I~lI11HlI1111111111111Nllilill6 II~l 111111lherlllilealltllltllellU
here at the University

roles, both feminine and masculine,
were taken by students and today itI
must be "regretted" that they gener-
ally call upon pretty girls to take the
feminine parts. After the literary
evening there naturally follows ai
dance. The show is sometimes given
again in a small city.
Each society often goes for an out-
ng and particularly at Christmas the
miembers hunt the forest around the
city for a pine. The finding of the
tree is the occasion for a solemn cere-
mony in which the oldest of the so-
ciety cuts down the tree. Their en-
trance into Lausanne is conducted in
an extremely democratic fashion in
the parts of the peasants. Going
through the town is an ancient cus-
tom. The six national societies form
an association called the "Tunis,"

finds numerous recreations, of course
the theater, and above all, music.
There are many musical recitals, and
many another recreation could be
add~edb, which it woul~ be superfluous
to describe.
It is useless to speak any further
on the subject of professors, students,
and of the university life in Switzer-
land. One could try to describe the
atmosphere of the University, but it
is an intangible something which is
impossible to define and whch can
only be gained by actually studying
at one of the universities.
(Copyright 1924 by C. S. Halght Jr.)
The Credo Afield- '
(Continued from Page Eleven)

whose chairmanship is conferred by .
rotation to each member during the with whom one ordinarily associates
term. a Phi Beta Kappa key and asked her
Although sports have no place infto write an opinion on the question.
o She consented and wrote, one -that
the societies, "portant couleurs", they would have done credit to a professor.
are of great importance in the life of Upon handing it back the reporter
the Lausanne student. The sport cen not icedI that she hadl failed to,,put
ter is formed by La Section Sportive down her, name and class.iHe taked
Univeritaire. Its grounds, situated her for them and all he got.ke-
near a lake, are some of the most tur wash ahor-tien }iook.
beautiful in Switzerland. The sport yst cru was a horror-stricken f k
events of local character are two in Why, she could not think of silh a
number: Le Championnat Interne de thing, no it was out of the question
l'Univeritaire, which is played on the her answer. Instead of that itwas
grounds of the S. S. U. at Vidy, and her aser.thnshead o wnhsoa
the contests in football between th suggsted that she put down somo
other name, one as if it were, her
students. The Chzamprionnat in turn!"o d(pue.Totiheare
is merely an athletic event and %!o epum otisseare
is erey a atletc eenta md aand chose June Cameron, because. she
fairly large number of players join it, always thought it so romantic. s
so that they can select the team ys
which is to defend the colors of Lai- In another instance the rep6rter
sanne at the contests of the Swiss In- Iasked a woman student to writend
ter-University Championships. she just blushed. No amouni of
The rivalry of the college ma ni- a'rumernt on the reporter's part could
fests itself in the hotly-conteste l induce her to write. She chdined
games. Naturally Switzerland can- that she was awfully busy, but would
not rival the United States, England, writo the next time he was, in the
or France, because they are not so Library. A few days later hf"saw
well trained. One cannot attribute her again and one more approached
this inferiority in sports to a, definie her. She blushed again and said tha
reason, but the economic crisis which e te fat tat she g ust did no
Switzerland has undergone is a hiu-
drance to the development of sports. want her name in print. She'was
The cross-coun t ry run takes place in afrairi that the girls at her house
Thecros-cunty un ake plce IIwouldl have too much fun at her~ ex-
February or March on about a four o She would not think of. writ-
and a half-mile track. All the sports -,s
of the Olympic games are represented mig at all, just because she had such
at the collegiate contests. The pres- an overdose of modesty.
ence of English and Americans has
inspired further the development of, r rrnONTZE DAILY ADVP TI:RS
sports. Besides athletics, the student
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