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May 12, 1925 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-05-12

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TUESDAY, MAY 12, 19 25

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TUESDAY, MAY 12, 1925
Night Editor-TI-OS. P. HENRY, JR..
There are those who argue that be-I
cause a law is frequently broken it
should be repealed, or at least made
ineffective. Such has been held toI
apply to the much maligned and
mnuch disobeyed Eighteenth Amend-
nitent, ind[ to other unpopular aneas-
ures whiich have been thought to
limit the rights of the individual.
On this basis our immigration laws
may be deemed unsuccessful, and
t therefore the subject for a reversal
of policy. If we are to believe the re-
port of newspaper investigators thou-
sands of; aliens are being "bootlegged"I
into the United States every year in
diret defiance of existing legal reg-
ulations. It is reported that inl
Euaropean cities there are agents who
sayr to prospective "Americans"
",Don't let the American immigra-.
tion. law worry you. I can get you in
for 1500, and once you're there you
are perfectly safe. You can get a
lab and earn that much in three
Scandalous as this is both from the
standlpoint of this nation and from
the inisguidIed foreigners it would
hardly he considered sufficient
grounds ol which to repeal the immni-
gration lain. The immediate reaction
of those who are interested in the
future Welfare of the Ameican stock
v. ould be to insist on more compre-

murderer. In spite of the admitted Your editorial writer evidently feelIs--
cleverness of Mr. D~arrow as a crim- that rich American collectors should
inal lawyer, the very foundations of not "squan(Ier" their fortunes on N 1m u s i c
America's system of justice are being books or 'pictures which are "cen- AN1U
seriously threatened when it is pos- tures old." I' wonder whether hie re- ~~A
sible for one man continually to alizes that Giovanni dIi Medici was l RM
thwart the right. nothing more than a fifteenth century,
It is no wonder that a nan who has ilierpont Morgan? I wonder whether--
been so successful in out witting jus- he appreciates the fact that Cosimo di TIOiOI'IPS !I111,K A1W-C0
tice is unwilling to quit. doing so as :Ic dici was only a sixteenth century When on-, takes at week-end
long as there is any money in sight;l Richard Croker, the boss of Tammany, glance over things of the tlheatre'C in
but the amazing thing is that he is not; hall? Evidently he does not know'
barred from the courts and fronm legal thiat the treasures which hundreds of city the size of (Chiec go, one canl bar
practice. But then, it always has thousands of Americans travel to ly hope to head one's remarks bett.
been saidl that, money could buy any-' Europe. every year to see are simply than "Hlere andlT'here," or soneithii ti g i h ntd S ae, v n t h ol ci n a eb h ey p o sv g e
successful evasion of the law. Ise who today he derides as "mai- To digest and sinmplify, I ant goii
acs. to set down that-
-.HEY KNOW Nt--1 Were it not for the mania: of co~l-Carwoi lyn n'Ii
Ameria isYou Are'' in the t wo-a-flay just no,
Ameicaissynonymous with gold, letting, I wonder whether there would, told me that shre will stay in Vauid
according to several F14rench news- be any art or culture in the world. yuvile for some w~eelhs to conoe, beir
paper's which expressed the belief, It, is an open question, b)ut : noind booked through mid-suntuer alread
following Ambassador Hioughton's; not like to argue the affirn, Live. '1o Gene M\arkey,, who has w ritten Vb
speech in London, that it. would take the rich collector the world owes an first play in "Righit You Are," said I
more than a second *World warto stop( incalc.ulable debt, and nowhere is that once mistook mte for an a('tor. Al,
NewYok bnkrs ndothr ommr-more evident than in the great unive r- the way he says, ... one of th;
cial interests in the United States itie of the United States. The thine ilk!" 11-or that I amt going to uncovi
from making the best plossible bair-j which raises certain of our univer., I thec scandal thatd he wat('hes It
gains they can. They objected not j sies to places of real distinction inI sketch evetry inight fromt the wings'.
only to the attemptedl intimidation nix I the world of reality is the great gifts IrTeddly Hudson, who is "Betty"
the adldress but also to the lack of'llmade by these very men whom your j "Be Yourself," was quite confidenti
any praise for France, whom they dle-. editorial writer apparently sneers at.I on all subjects; and drank water i
-' ,
Clare to be worthy of some credit for meichigan itself is known all over the i the most amiable (deceit.
keeping peace it Europe (luring the world in a way that dozens of other Leslie HIoward, who is starring wit
past few years. middle western universities are not Katherine Cornell'in "'t'he Gen I ia
The Echo (Ie Paris observedl: known. What is it that makes Mich-, at the Selwyn, gave his opinion lbN
"As o te fnancal nence, igan standi out in the world, above Michael Arlen's book, "P~iracy" is of
''A s stoath cefancialoufrends e, these others who are also well sup- of the best. things that heas bet
lays ago it was employedl against.stpeloacrai hwfrEnis a.

a s,

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,I-indenburg'S c4ndidancy. It is
easy to see where it is today. We
are satisfied to observe once again
that the New York market orients;
itself simply toward the best1
methods of employing its capital."
The very heart of the matter was
p~resented in the following statements
which appeared in The Information:
"We are quite certain that when
the American bankers find it to
their- interest and profit to deal
with Europe, and to (duml) their
excess of production of gold, it
will not be the directors of the
White House who will stop them.
Moreover, if economic circum-
stances in Europe do not appear
favorable to them, it will never be'
diplomatic homilies that will make
them act in the holy cause ofj
1The Frenchmen may have struck a
vital point when they charge the
United States bankers and commercial
interests with holding aloof fr-om the
'eals displayed by those who are ad-
vocating world peace, for the future.
That they have been overcome by the;
sense of their own righteousness whenj
they seek the commendation of the
United States for the part thfe French
government has played during the
years since the war, is just as true.I

Michigan pre-emineuzce is due to the
gifts of her collector-benefactors? le
would make somne interesting (dis-
coveries if he would take the trouble
to find out..
I do not know who bought the
ILaphael which stirred your editorial
comments, but I should like to know
fon what authority the statement is
madle that "It is doubtful if this citi-
zen of the United States had any but
a muonetary appreciation of the
painting." It happens to be my busi-
ness to know something professionally
about. collections and collectors. There
are unquestionably those who buy
books by the yard,,and statuary by the
ton, and paintings by the square
yard. But I should hardly feel like
going into print withI the remark that
presumably all collectors are of thtat
type. In fact, I should be inclinedl to
say that a very small percentage of
them are. Of course that is the per-
centage which gets into the news-
papers, lbut you would be surprised
how much news escapes the news-
papers. The fact is, I believe.. that
most genuinte collect ors are very mod-
est folk, who when they pay a large
sum for' an object of art would very
much rather not tell what -they paid
for- it, In fact it is a common joke
among collectors that they have to
.J',t X l11 Cho i tracnU ai n~i n IILU ir hii ~tc1r

James Spot tswvood, the reitmari~ahile
comedian wvho opened ill''he ady
SNext Door,'' Sunday n ight , amount111 ed
to its that: he (expectedl the play to be
a Chiten go success as it, was suchi an
outstanding flop in New York. fit
York, by the way, they galled it '"Close
Harmony'";and New York failures in-
variably make (Chticago hits.
Fired Tczere, who is t he (Capt ain ini
"Stepping Stoms." c(onfidedl thant thirh
engagement. at the IllIinuois would
never have closed atter this las' week
had they anticipated(1such1 crowds as
the final per'formances .)rought.
Lydia Scott anad Primrose (Caryll
(whose father wrote the mulsic ifor'the
show), saidl the samel( thing!
Opinlions upon which nearly eve'y-
one seemIls agreedI are that the two-
I best musical pieces in Anmerica are
I Rose Mar i'' anrd 'The St udent
Prince In HeIidlelberg."' It hothi, it is
said, the Clic agom cast. excels 5t he New1
York company.
"Spooks,'' v' iih had its Chicagor
premiem'e a jfew weeks ago, is a first,-
rate rea uge of comned y and mtyst ery"
a--an appa renit, hit. A noth1er1 opeinig
du(Ie short ly---of whic(hI was fortutna~ite~
enough to seer(1o1e of (lie tIdress re-
hen rsa ls--- is '"Cheer'io''with i Aa rjorie
a Rmubeau. Its stoi'y tells of a Russian
gir'l who adppt s I-st ili Quarter man-
mners and lmiorals ...and all ftint.
''The Gareen lint"' and M ilgrimi's
Progress'' ar-cclaissed a mong tHebest
things of t heirm kind, while (xrace
IGeorge, who hut~s .ju't o pened in ''Shej
H ad To Know,'' has obviously found'
"'hem' best. comedy in yearis,"' as the
advert isements tostify. Inidientally,R
she is not too p roadu to adiit "in
-I . ('. 11I.
Additional t ryout s for memberishi p
in Comtedy ('lubi will be held t his
afternoon fr'om thtree to four o'clock
in thle audit oriumt of Newberiry hall.
At four o'clock thirteen of those who
tried out: yesterday hlave' been asked to
appear for fum'ther comnsideration. All
members of the organization are, ex-
pected to he liI'esent.

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Shower Gifts
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When they insist; that America Is nlcnelteblsm'mhirwv.
not sin~cer~e imn hem- th'eats to wvit hhloldiancoelthblsfrmhirwv.
I know some exceedingly wealthy col-
credit in the case of atnother- Europiean hco' h oeie elolgdt
strggl thy nownot wht Ijey say. secrete their extravagance as if they
Nor will they have any definite indli-
cation that the Unrited States is sill- were really dlepriv'ing thte children of
cere, not only in the White House lint cohsi atsyn!hircletm
also in Wall Str'eet, unmt il she hast nstimict. No, No, Mr. Editom', reailly,
recoglizeI ai~i bcome an a tivhle presumption is quite the reverse,
member of the League of Nations an1 t Ihat if all American collector pays a
the World Court._ hundred thousand for a picture, lie"'
knows very well what lie is doing.
Very truly yours,
A Paris newspaper is advocating Randolph G. Adamis.
time organization of anit drmy of ama-_________
zons due to the alamnmg increase, of I1~tE AKN
deaths over' births. IFrienchtmothters MOE ARlI(
will then be singing, "I didn't raise j To the Editor:
my blle daningdaugterto b a, Mr. R. I. Blake has issued a friend-
myaldetr." igdagte o ealy warning to his fellow-students, to
_______bewam'e of the annual anti-student
Pola Negri declares shte is "po sitive drive, conducted by chief-of-police
no blackmailer has approachled her inO'Brien and his worthly colleague,
the past few months," 1W(ll, we've 1 Judge Thomas.
heard of women with good neiori('s. jTime other night my mnachinme refusedl
to propel herself fom'ward when she
On the has is of recenii I maen vcr: ; ; stru'tck the pittedo streets of Ann Ar-
it is planned to maket laiixa hor. Pushing Lizzie to the roadside,,
"greatest naval base." Wlio ,said the I lt1 hem' to roost well out of the mad
mecent battle wasn't an ''aggression?,,' whirl (If traffic. On leaving howevemr,
Iforgot to let the lower lights keep


7 -\

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r -
ClteYfn i W ~cic
-~~ ~ 'rsud P'-9.iiiu'
Sl FOR "YOUNG diit Li
w ; (
_ -e'.rth atwfe
w -
F -w
w M
j ~difre ofndthfabnd'o, We
the hi; hnt 3tu avityouconicth
IP, °rccr elife d beecon-
on abwl prces.e mn
I- -
.s vSr n 5t avyucm
Ir?,see ur lne ad hecon
t ired -our aw oerhed w
enabes s tosel at uchrep

o fur1111g. VIwI an aariinesthe r agon i
dhould be the attitude of our citizens CAMPUS OPINION- of tengtrahddwfre i
A nunymnis orrnniu ri'ationis will be l taions (heel) and~ passed on to other,
cen any meas'ure which has had suli- dsc~rei i ae fCtliU~
answlhwvr er adc s (J011 1it iiat'kingto become part of tihe!~ tt il o r errs~e s~ ieiOdr
law. cn ci~Iiwnrue hie mext day found mie waiting in
police court, while time dexterous p~ro-
V OJ" lIE( E ()W{ ()[ hIOH : A (e; 5 of separating time wheat from the
MU~)IES O 1To) the Editor: chaff (stuidents fromm coedls anmd resi-
Abouit a year ago, omne of thle most IAll editor'iah which alpp'ared ini dents of Ann Arbor) was carried on.
sensational rininal eases ina the his- jyoutr I nimem' I hiM aoi')'mig eat it led One' abused resident was released with
ory' of t lie ,American c'our'ts was in 1 "ONE ItA PhI EL''cafl, (2for omelit zl n a pology. Two coeds were released
progress itn(Chica go. With thme aid of on thle othemr sl(he of' the oiy. lfiii'Wit hitime prob~able, kimnoly .advice
Clarence D arrow and time milliomns of ;lportra it in quest ion, acormd ing to ''"Keelp a red comrd susp~ended fromm your §
dollar'sbacking him in his fight to save I your wi-item' was onie of Ciiiiaito oh windshiiel, so this embarrassing sit-r
thle yothful miurderers lives, Richardj Medici. I wondmoer whether youi'(Id- nation w~'il not arise again."'
ILoeb in4"RI1)ert Leopold escaped tile! itorial writer troubledl to iliqi'e who I My tur'n was next, ah--mneat at last; .
gal'iotvs, P'ublic opimnion at time timeI Guiliano dii Medhici was? If lie hlad, lie even the turnkey shuffled his feet. In
was divided as to whethmer time boysj would have discovered that Italy of; a few mimnutes 1 was ushmeredl before Hat~gar, Emily Stokes; an American;
or Darrow should be hung, the Renaissance was filled with new- Judge TIhomnas to pay for Lizzie's a singer.
Shcirtly after lie had recuperated richm bankers and profiteers, whto paidl roost over nighlt. Whmen payment was + "*
from this trying case, time eminent Iwhmat Youmr writer would prohably call piresented, I wxas roundly rebuked for r'fI~hlE J1I~tTL I9 I: EA'T H {'{}NTEI''
c'rimminal lawyer made what was said' "fabulous sumns ' for hooks, p~icture's5 not. having chamnge to the penny. !Thme Alblin Coihege H-istouric Pl1ayxemrs
to be his . ast appearance in 'behlaf ,and various objects of art. They out- Local ordinances do not differl frotm of Albiomi, M\ichigamn, presente'd Eugene
oft a murderer in the case of George bid the (collector's of the Constammti- those of other comnlunities. On the O'Neil's "~Ile" in the fourth p~rogrami
WV. Mumding, who went to the home, nople market, just: as tile modern whmole, they are fair amid they act as it of the annual Little 'theatre Tournla-
oIf a young woman and shot her toi American outbide his pioverty-str-ickenm means of guaranteeing safety to time meat for tihe Belasc o Cup, Friday eve-
(eath. It was reported at the time European comupetit or'. 1Doilbtless there f ridling pubillic. Bitt the present inpar- n ring at WYallack's thteatr'e, New 5tor'k
t hat this was murderer number 103 were peop~le inl Italy (If his day who tiii eniforcememnt of these ordinances ciy
wvhiomn Darrow he'lpe o tn nA ,r 1n4i. fhfazlt . a rlimif-.. thi" il .-.,-,1

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