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April 10, 1925 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-04-10

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'I RIDAY", APRIL 10, 1925!


1~'1DA, ARIL1 _,192

Joe Bush's Understudy Is Sisler's New Ace

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k-;- A;,


Former Editors Of Daily DE'INIAINI E
Attain Success In Word MAIGDASCOE
1I 'i,)a igon ' ic I Ia iv st aff, a sur- lot, tMini. CGeorge 0. 1Brophy, Jr..,I
Vvy c onlpiledI 1e('enl'), by '1'h1c aily '221. in char ge '2O-'2:1., now locatedI at Scor'es of studIents learn daily how
Sil ~' ~ Jj)Oi' lx i a (I~ ~hiAnn Arbor has an exclusive territory fountain pens are made by visiting
in selIling life insurance to corpora- the shop of JT. G. Ryder on State
tu u ' 5I]te )1C5\~ill tions for their employees. Brewvster street and witnessing the various
On c(~ sideri011- the rCc ord., Uifxle byr P Campibell, '22, in (c]arge 121-'22,1 stages through which the materials
men who havec beciln managing edi tors has recently been appointed managing must go for the completion of a foun-
or buiuicss m nag~ers of the Nlielhigan editor of the Louisana Press at Baton tain 'pen.
[1~il w ii inth pat en eas, Rouge, La. Air. Campbell was formn- Mr. Ryder, who has designed models
1):dly%" thi th pat tn yars iterly employed by the Christian Science for several of the leading pen macnn-
wvas fond( in alzno.,'t eveiry case that ;Monitor and1 also the General Electric facturers of the country, explains dur-
h~le men are not only leaders in prio- company. ing the course- of the diemonstration
fe"sioa1seorvice inl their commiunrities, The mianaging editor of The Daily,'exactly what kinds of materials are'
lIut also promiinenit inl social circles. '22-'23,' Marion B. Stahl, '25L, hasr used and how they are treated to give
11, Beach C.arpenter, '14, managing copee'i ous nteUi the best results.
I coiter of Thle Daily (luring the school vesty Lw scolHewrl . l shows howv the body of the pen
year I1914-1l915. is at present cemploy- Dnhe 2,i hrelato 2-2,i aefo ul nhpdrb
l ed as> a c orpora I ion lawyer with the is no'a'ls aae orteCnbre cylinder by subjecting tt i
A merican Ite rlitning company in' oral Motosch iilPaly ocate l4,it Ion- dull and smooth cutting machine, and
i Nvw forkCity.ceeolecl Donahue is now engaged inI then giving it the final 'luster by his
AMr. Carpenter is am lcliller of miaiiy cilatvieatongowOi.polishing machine. 1-e nmodels the!
('bibs onol is ssoc ia lix prominent, dlue, ITe iletrHradnx ert caps and inserts end-plugs and then'
in p;:r11, to the respoiisib~le piosition jqeilz nEgih goes over it to make it tap~er. exactly.
Fwbieb he holds. Ai'teri graduating firomi cilzei ls. With the aid of a mricrometer lie cain
the (Col legee1' Lit eratunre. Science, and I h ciiisan hraot f, odetect errors of more than three onre-
i ori' business managers 0of.rthe
bhe Airt: at the l'riiversiity of1Wlichigan a i ly follow3 s: C. :Philip i"Inery, '18, thousandths of an inch.
in '14 1, v i i(wntc r aU teiided the hiio's ,er 1- ,is inowvcnz- Thc appartus used for making .each
M iclii i a i I :lw8h col the, followingIpoe yteDvi opn fCia of the five parts of the pien is simple
year and then coliipl et ed his lawx Illi h capacityo'asitn and compact and can lie worked by
I corse iat1('o"iinbia. W. Sliem r l;d ceii(ral i\1rchidis manager, i ii' ione nian. Last year 10,00 parts were
l Yieldl. '1 . Busti es;>ein i r 0o' The 01(1 Mtarkinson. '21_M~, manager'11, innole for the Ryder pen on the sanie
1,aily inz the rear* 1014-15115 is ir,o", i l('('fg edcine at Butte, Mont, typ~e of machinery now in use at the
aictively cengaged inl busifes: at Grani iol Te business manager' in '119-220, 1'aul State street shop.
tpidls, 1l i(;liga i. .1+).(mole ttcJr., '2011, is now prac-
''e survey shows that 1rano'is I+. icing hawxvat Grand 1iapidls, Michi.
1\11 ine, I(J mnaw ikediorof ;FilipinoDs Read
Al~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~L enny IGImagigetir01 grandl A. Gaines, J, TI'1E, in charge
the aily in 1 91 5- 19 iio w is see- c0t' bmsness of The Da.~ i 9l 2-'21 __ 1

Deceived By Ad
Demand Damages
Innsbruck, April 9--Because there
was no snow in the mountains, as set
forth in an advertisemeant, a group of
E~nglishmen has entered1 suit against a
travel bureau, asking for (lamages,
railroadl fares and hotel expenses.
The English tourists were in Inns-
bruck, seeking winter sports, but the
weather was so mild that nowher'e
could they find snow or ice They read
an advertisement of a certain resort
saying the snow was, or soon would
be, deep, andl the skating good. So
they travelled thither, only to find on
arrival that the reported snow was a,
myth, and the lakes all open. A g-
grieveol and out(of Jpocket, suit asz,
begun against the travel bureau re-
sponsible for the misleading' an-




. .t..





OF G'e

. r






By Normani E. Brown' for the opening series that Sisler
It has come to be the custom of miay lead 'a different ace.
big league managers to so jockeyl Sister made no bones of the fact
their pitching staffs that they can that Milton Gaston, young hurler,
lead their aces against the oppositionf1 must be included in the deal to make i
in the first game oif tte several seriesI it take. Gaston was known to be a
played during the campaign.1 premising hurler. There was a ques-
Sometimes these aces are trumped tion, in Uew Yor'k, as to how nearly
but the aforesaid managers figure that ready hie was. Now Sisler believes'
a game in the hand is worth two in he is "ripe~
the bush. So they tr'ot out their best And the man who has played the
pitcher. most important part in preparing'
More particularly is this true where hrim to take the "ace" is. none other
the New York Yanks are t ie visiting than Bush.
opposition. The New Yorko team has' bullet Joe had takeni Gaston In
never been a popular one and be-:I hand when they were Yan'ks. liad}
cause of that and the fact that they( taught Gaston among other things,
were champs for some campaigns the how to throw the "fork" ball. Ilug-
desire to tur'n them back in the first gins;, however, had his hands full
fray has heen doubled. juggling his veteran pitchers and(1 :
When the winters biggest deal in gave Gaston little attention.
the American League wa.s put through When Bush, Gaston, and Young, JToe,
last winter Urban Shioclker, star of, Gb rd, the fourth hurler who figured
the ;ft. Louis mound staff for several, in the deal, reported for spring train-
seasons, traded uilaces wit h :oe Bush, I ing, Bush told Sisler lie bliever Gas-
wizard---at times- oif the YIank Staff.j ton was ready for regular dluty. SisI
Everyone concedeed that Shocker }crli,'ade Bush anmember of the
was the "ace" nieeded to li1lp1) lug- icowching staff handling the boxmii!
gins. Everyone felt that Bush would and told JIoe to devote all the time',
find .new life with the Browns, and! he needed to Gaston. Sisler himself _
become an "ace" with Sisler's crew. gave Milton much help.1
Fans vsaie immediately a nifty As a result Gaston seems ready toIl
pitching duel betrwee-n the two iiien as!' tah- his regula'r turn in the box-and
one of the first t hriils of tbh et . ci- deli ver the goods.
ings of the two teams, this camplaign. C aston's chief asset is speedl. Per-
But righit now it', a gooid 1)01 that.hbaps that is wvhat drew Bush, once
when the Yankees blow into St. 1,0ui owner of oine of the fastest deliveries

'in baseball, to the young maln. (41 o'o
has the build which makes foir':speed(
1-e stands six feet tall. lie has ain
easy motion which suggests thatlie
will cariry that speed for somie years
if he (doesn't strain his arma.
Next to speed he has a pretty cuirve,
and then the fork ball. This is a
wierd. Frank Merriwell shoot, that!
breaks differently than a curve. It;
gets its name from the way it is
held in delivering. The ball is gripped
between the first andl secondl finders.
And lie has plenty of confidence i
himself--mnore than lie had as a Yail-
kee. With New York lie seemed lost
in a maze of pitchiers. With the
Browns he finods himself recogn izedl,
even called by name by the older
Imembers of the team.
An interesting inc'ident, in coin 11eci ion
with Gaston's career holds anmoiralI
for young players. Sisher's first;
glimpse of the hurler was obtained
one day last suimner when the Yanks
roamed into St. Louis, fighting odes-
perately to hold their championship.
The Browns waded into them with
ab~andlon. Seeking to) stop the slaugh--
tei' Hiuggins calle0( on Ga st on for r,--
lief duty. The Browns treatedl him;
roughly but Sisler xwas impressed
with the youngster's courage and
coolness. Ile reniembered Cast on
when first mention was made of the;
Yanks trying to obtain Shockcer.
Now watch Mr. Gaston's smoke.

ref ary--t reatsurer i'of The Brot bert on
company fly01Detr~o it. .John1S. 1 'eoiO id,
ICiL . business ma noter o)1 The D aily
the 50 ine0 yep..' is now engaged in the
pric oe of I a xx at Cows 1(1a. New
York. J1ohniC,(t. II. a rl;c, '17, ma nag-
ing editor of' The Daily in 1916-17, is
ai pro's;il I a member of thle executive
;;h s31T1of lie National if e Insurance'
comoipany xxit hei imedq ters at Evans-r
tal;i, III. T1hue btvsinmesv s manager of
I1,1(It;--17, ('larene TI. IFishleigh, '1711.,
is now a prIoduiicti on engineer w ith
otlice5t i t Iiilanid Parkc, iiehiga n7.
:i \itie other1 I ('iuaiaging editors'
of' 'ili e Daily duniig thlie pas.t years
f'oi low: Robt)iT '. \Io'Domial1(, '18. in
(c; eo'at; Daly '17-' 18, is a newspaper
w' cc m in Det'oit . Cla roeceRoeser,'
19f. in chlarge '2- 9 now living at.
-' no xx, M ic'h, haisi'ecenitlIy given up
Ilir is trwr ml(r'tin Itie coal business 101
fol o,x' a hI OVfy career. AMr. RoeSers
lx':; hajd extenm ivee oxperience inl news-
ipa ;er work since hiis gradluation-
\xx s'w' i e x'li eh en gag-'ed in the coal
bi' i ?es.hiss ('Mildr'ediMiles, '19, who
xx -: niaiiarjng editor of The D~aily
p; rI of1 the fiirst semiesteor of the school
r"ca i';, '8' was married some time
ago to) Yincellt. lorden. '19.
H-Larry Al. (.'arey, '2(0, in Chairge of'
Daily '19-.'20), is noxw actively engaged
n puicoity 'xxork tfor the ('it y of Du-
\huch intereost ha s hbeen arousedl in
Pa lest inec(ommuer'cial circles by the
r'ecent annuinicemen't that Jerusalemn's
firist cig:arette factory hadl been coin-I

how ridvertisilig editor of the LibertyI
Magazine with. heaodquarters at Clii- j'1'i iiio1e1l r edn
c.ago, Ill. jiiihle ilnopeoplemaareineang
V'ernon F. I-lilIlery, '23, manager, mr esaes aaie n
'21 -'22, is now attendling the Univer- i ther periodicals every year, accord-
ing to reports of the Bureau of Posts.
sity oif Michigan Law school. After
servng s buines mnage ofTheFigures compiled by that bureau show
Dering filer as becmaae resofete that the weight of second class mail
of thle Stuolent Counucil. Albert J. ;mteudrwihnwppr n
Parker, 23, in charge '22-'23, is also' magazines are classified, and the post-
attending the MfiChigan Law school. age paid during 1924, more than
Laudenceed-H. Favrot, '24, manager dloubled the amounts for 1918.
'23-'24, is now emp~loyedl in statitsical
wokby a New York engineering R~)Tl LSIIDAS
fi rm.
Cabinet Prospect f
z w I >K

Repairing and
Painting' During
the Spring
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Boydell's Paint will quickly re-
new the dingy, scarred 'furni-
ture, woodlwork and walls which
housecleaning always throws
into such strong relief.
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Furniture, Polish
6Oc Pint Bottle

- a }

News Fr

ploeted'oand lhad begun umanufactui'ing
---__ - -- -- - IOhio ---Work on a new vacuum toube1 goods. not. only for bomne consumption
! in which copy and pr'oof sheets for' bit1fo' export as wxell. Sampiles of
( I1Ithe Ohio State "Lant ern" will travel thie'flrst ci arete «ere sent to
O t e Colleges I~ to and from the composing aiil dcli- British government officials in London
tonl ioom xvs sartd tday ~.isthrough Sir herbert L. Samuel. British
an sse tht fxy ollge ew'paorshigh commissioner of Palestine, and
can boast of, ad i is expectedtoIoNau Sokolow, also of' London,!
- -[and__ who has been onenof the flyililOplovers1'


Charles D. Hlhles, high in Repubhi-
poi litics in New York, probiably
will be the next :man na med to the
zx1ioit is saidl in Washinigton. .He
l ; mnitionedl for both secretary of
wvar andl Ilstinaster-general.




~McGill -;-Si oent; anmes carved orn acute ang'le a part of a cube's base,1
the desks or walls-(of the 'irs Build- h le brought out that the angle was
fresh 6nes, an or. er of' the Deani'sl nowv beyond question a right angle,
fresh' ones, an order, of the Deansj whereas it had prIeviously been ac-!
Office states5. Signatures of famiouts cepteol by experience to be less than
and infamous McGill alumnzi are (one0l a iright angle.-
of the great historio'al features of the i
Arts Building. I Arizona -Many Freshmen- co-eds
- - i pent a miserable day regretting thou'
Oklahoma:--Powder fputt's will go ! sins when the girls of the Sophomoref
into discard and niar s(: will fade I class forced them to wash the steps
away when the girlrat hittes of' (ka-i of the different buildings and to wear
homa university begin traininsg foi' the onions around their necks. This was'
track meet sponsor'ed by the physicalj the penalty imposed for breaking var-
education department, which will bW oustaiin'f h nvriy
held the second week in May. -_ staiin o h nvriy
Kansas-That for several years pastiWsosi-okonteU ir
there has been no constructive pro- 1iyo icni xoiin hc
grai eocuringlaw nfocemnt orwill open here April 16, is progressing
freshmen is contoendedl by the Stu - rapidly. Trho entire student body is
dent Council of Kan sas university,.hwn nuuua neeti .
The council is oconidtErnn taking I comizng .project, and in all probabilityf
chage f feshpot i orfc tht i lthe affair will be one of the most sue-1j
may check uip on those first year mzen inssauthorit.id codigt hs]
who do not wear them. Iinatoiy More than 50,000 visitors from all
,Toihns Hpkin - Jlmus opais's$,-fIthe state and middle west
Toslns lopiir-.Ilszs lokizs'$f,-are expected to view the 80 exhibit
000J,000O Page Sobhool of' International' which will depict the various phases
Relations is e'xpec'ted to start work of the university's 'curriculuma. Ali-
~Inext fahl. 'hhe school aiums to alieve nouncements of a considerable reduc-
three things: first,- it will develop a tion of railroad fares to this city dur-
science of intemrnational relations; I ig the three days of the exposition
secondly, it will ascertain the f'acts, are expected within a few days.
so far as they can lie founnd, on any
partIicular' problem; and, thirdly, it - -
will prooduce a- continually growing Pennsylvania State - Cross-word
body of men trained in that science puzzles have at last reached the class-
and available for service in the fields rooms of the Pennsylvania State Col-
of education, government, and busi- liege. Some 'eighty odd freshmen bot-
ness.i any students found this to be true
when they entered class on Friday,
ii~i,, i sef-sttig rt tap ~zsthe thirteenth of March, and were pre-
been presentedl toi the niuseumn of the ' senteod with a large cross-word puzzle,
University of Kansas. The tral auto-l Practically all the words used in the
matically resets itself after' a rat has ; uzzhe were technical botany terms,
-- -1_11+------+ .1---------, , andI a first hand knowledge of the

saeagreat (teal of wasted time It -------------------
'to cmeate a national home for Jews.F
f getting out the plaper. Nearly half of the tobacco usedl in the
j Jeruisa Leni miadle 'iga rettes is home
California-Since the ga rter be- E g'onx'n, the remainder coming from
came a social outcast and fashion de- 'I'ii rkey. ~ ii~it' itwl
creed that socks should lie worn,1 .asits; fruit Eoutplin has cshoxvna an wen-
I tn oforsthe health 1servicetat t1)oe i coiithsi, increase within the last fewk
mnhaccording to recent governiz
Uhniversity of California reports that merit repoirt s. The wine is being made
records show an enormous increasel chiefly ftromi vine's brought fromi
in the number otf coldls treated. The prance about 20 years ago, but last F
j medical staff agrees that the practice 'spint; mny hundreds of acres were1
of allowing' the chill morning aOir to - planted to jnexv vineyards which will
circulate freely around exposed ankles soon be prodlucing The chief ex1a0m's I
is one of the principal causes, and of Palestine, which is abiout the size tedseadfrgresi h e-o h tt fVrot r rne
son. They are therefore including in andi grapiefruit, wines, melons, apri-
all prescriptions an item that can bet-F cots, port and almonds. T~he receipts
ter be secured at a haberdashery than from exports last year are estimated
a drug store. ( at about 6,000,000.




at the

Monday, April 20
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Hardware CO.

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. .




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