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April 05, 1925 - Image 11

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-04-05

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Collins Faced With Difficult Problem As Lineup Keeps 1924 Form


Bambino Stirred By Qi

(An Interview By Muggsy
blowerh inself.)


The ball 'went sailing'into the azure
blue atmosphere, nestled against the
sky line, then described a sudden arc
as it hurtled through the golden sun-
shine of the romantic South, the play-
ground of Robert E. Lee, Booker T.
Washington and other figures fabled
in song n and 'story.
Babe Ruth did it. His mighty bat;
propelled the leather through the
zephyrs of the Dixie air and a mighty
roar of applause rose from the seven
small boys of color who watched
tomthe fence. It was one of th.e
Bamnbino'smighty swats and he was,
about to slide into second as the right
fielder, coining in on the dead run,
took the sphere off his shoestrings
just behind first base and caught
Ruth for a double play, once for hav-
ing had his fly caught, the other time!
for having been tagged.
Babe came ambling to the bench
just as the writer got out his Lefax for
the interview.
"Whew! he grinned. "Old Bob
certainly made a spectacular play
then. His executiotawas perfect.''
He drank noiselessly from the de-!
canter placed on the bench for the use
of ,the players, then applied Mennen's
Men's Talcum (it doesn't show) to his
swarthy features. Much refreshed,
he turned to. the writer..
"I rather suppose you wish an in-1
terview with me, do you not?" I ad-
mitted that such were my designs on!
him and he continued.
"Well, you know, you chaps are qer-.
tainly an annoyance, because you un-
derstand from my articles and fropi
hearing me talk that I hate publicity.
i It nauseates me. The roar of the
crowd! Faugh! I care for none of
that. I am essentially a modest mor-
tal, and to have my name emblazoned1
hither and thither in this buzzing uni-
verse is extremely distasteful to me,
II can assure you. However, the in-
terests of the public must be con-'
sidered." «
Here Ruth sighed and his eyes
softened as he let thenm wander acrossI

estion "What Is Man" Match June 12 Should Be Seasof (adirner
the ball park into the blue mists be- One of the greatest fights of the ney is nOl lose Uo I mii j i pwr
yond. Suddenly he started. year should r ult when Tommy Gib- and drive, and his attack wil b
"Do you know," he said musingly, bons of St. Paul and Gene Tunney" to a severe test when he brings it
"yon mist strikes me as being particu- Amciericn light heavyweight champion into play against as worthy a'nan as
larly a lopos to our piresent discus- meet at the Polo Grounds June 12 Gibbons.
sion. Let us take as a hypothesisth- for a 15 round bout. According to past contests, the two
suppoition that that panorama be- Tunney's somewhat empty title will ien are very nearly equal. Gibbons
fore us is life, with all its little vils- not he at stake as the men will battle defeated Georges Carpentier, the once-
situdes, its petty pleasures andIirk- at catchweights, whicli will bring great Frenchman, decisively although
some sorrows. You observe, of course them into the ring at any weight that he was unable to stop him. Tunney
that the mist covers that which lies they happen to strike after their train- put the handsome one out after a fast
beyond. Well, verily, such is life. ing p eriods are completed. Gibbons fight in which, the French boxer took
What do we, poor pusillanimous clay, will nrobably outweigh the ex-soldier, something of a beating. However,
know of what lies beyond the mist but the difference in poundage be- this does not give Tunney an edge of,
that covers the future. Aye, what do tween the two men will not be great any importance. Carpentier had a
we know?" enough to detra't from the contest, temperamental nature along with his
Here the Sultan of Swat fell into The battle will bring together two fne lighting equipment, and the trim-
silence-a sort of reverie.. His hear- men 10ho are not Ony among the ring he took from Gibbons probably
ily-lidded eyes were half-closed. He best in their division in the world, was a severe shock to his confidence
was dreaming, thinking, wondering but who present more or less con- as well as his temperament. When
with all the power of his massive in- trasts in the matter of style. Gibbons h-a met Tunney, he probably entered
tellect. Then the silence was again is the ring artist of the day, probably the ring with less assurance than in
broken as his solemn voice boomed being the most scientific tighter in his former fights, with the result that
forth like the bell in the tower of the the world. In addition, his punch he was easier meat for the American.
little old red brick church in that rates among the classic wallops of Whether this was the actual case or
sleepy southern hamlet. the existing crop of heavies. He is not, Tunney's more decisive victory
"I wonder---I wonder what the fu- fast as lightning and his defense is over Carpentier does not tell much
ture .holds for me, for you, for all of r-markable. with regard to the outcome of the
us. Man--what is man? The eternal Tunney, not quite as rugged as Gibbons fight.
question!" HIere his voice becamel Gibbons, is more flashy. On his good Both men have been outpointed by
suddenly charged with the emotion nights he is equal to the best of them. Ijarry Greb, the Pittsburgh windmill
that was stirring him. He has science and also is strong on who is world's middleweight chan
"Aye, what is man? Which of us the, defense, but is not as good as pion, but this also tells little. Gre.
can answer tlhat question? Nay, Gibbons in either of these requisites. although far from .a great flghti', do-
'tis not for us, poor souls, to know. H e is agg-kessive and forces the fight- feats many men who are rT ! a!h-ad
It is for that Someone who lies be. ing at all times. It will be interest-I of him in the ability, due to hi.:wierd
yond this sordid reality to answer. ing to note the reaction when Gibbons style. Gibbon's most impressive work
Egad, could ie but know. How our meets a man who carries the fight to: this year was his six-round kockout
lives would be shaped differently! him. Dempsey, of course, did so, but of Kid N-;folk, the colored .ar. In
Renad Boccaccio's "Decameron" and Tom was able to keep his feet this t Tom, showed dl kinds of
observe the deep, intensive idea un- thwrughout the 15 round scrap. Tun~ pun' i well as his cumomary sci-
derlying it.. There was a man who -- e .d craft.
had some inkling of what it meant. 'undestand that I cannot afford to Gibbons will go into the ring wit'
Ah, would that I, incapable being, mis.; the inspiration derived from at- an edge in the matter of experienc
were blessed with' some such degree tonmp ing to unfathomn its mystery." but he is nothing like a hs b> i
of intellectual power. But, nay, 'tis scmething akin to a tear appeared Well over 30, he seems to have ja hit
not all of us who are so blessed." in ecrner mA his eye. his best stride and his work is bett r
Evidently considering the interview than ever before, due to his clean liv-
closed, the mighty man drew from his A small boy ;'ne up to the bench. ing and regular habit. Tunney is con-
side pocket a copy of Elinor Glyns "1Mr. Ruth," he said, "Manager Hug- siderably younger, and newer to the
"Three Weeks" and fell to pondering gns' compliments, sir, and would you game although he has seen enough
over its well-thumbed pages. I asked care to take your turn at bat, sir? action to give him an idea of what
him about it. Tossing the eager lad a shilling, the it is all about. All things con. idered,
"I wouldn't be without it," Ire said great personage arose. the two boxers should put s one,
as he gazed fondly at the little volume. I "The roar of the crowd," he mutter- of the better bouts of the y h,
"It contains so much that I do not ed musingly. "Bien, c'est La vie!" match being an absolute "r ?rI.'"'.




p j~


C F. fdGE "(31501-tC4 'F.


By Norman E. Brow n
If Eddie Collins, baby manager of
the big leagues, does anything with
his White Sox children this season
it will be through the medium of in-
jecting morale, harmony and the "ol'j
pepper", as the ball players say, into
his men and not through the injection
of any new material.

Davenport, Steengrafe, Ted Blanken-
ship, Gorham Leverette, Ted Lyons
and two rookies, Ken Ash, and Fore-

.he'll always keel) his noodle up.
And he is going to get heads-up
baseball out of the Sox crew.

Rolbertson and Faber are named
first for the simple reason that much
depends on the showing of these men.
The veteran Faber, who suffered
from a split bone in his pitching

1 -_., .... .._. ._. .....,m..._,.. . ._., . ._.... .,... .e ...... - _ g. ...,.. .., . .r

For, as the Sox wind up their train- arm last season, says he is set for
ing at their Shreveport, La., camp, abig year. Robertson, who was worth
theme is every indication the team will ,little to the club last season after a.
line up about as it did last year-even brilliant campaign, says he is back
to the always uncertain shortstop ; in his early form. If these two birds
position.get going good they'll .not only help
This being the case one can get a itthe morale of the club but the stand-
better slant on what Collins has done ing also.
with the team by watching them under Ray Schalk intends to catch 100
championship play than in sizing or more games this season. His in-
them up in workout sessions and I tentions are good. If he finds that the
am delaying my opinions on the sue- winter hasn't slowed him down too
cess of Collins until that time. much lie will be a big help to Collins.
Once more Harvey McClellan seems! If h6 falters "Buck" Crouse will have
to have the shortstopping job for the to fight it out with George Bischoff,
old reason -that the club bosses have Texas League backstop, for the berth.
dug up none who is better at that This despite the fact that Bischoff is a
position. Ike Davis, American Asso- newcomer and Crouse has been in
ciation infield star, will step into that j training a couple of years to fill Ray's
berth eventually, however. That's shoes.
one good bet. Butler, Wichita, Kan., Now, there isn't much here to rave
star, is the third candidate for the job. about in the way of a ball club. But
Sheeley, Collins and Kamm complete Collins has reason to believe that he
the infield as before. The one other can whip this material into a better
youngster with the team who seems ball team than the one that represent-
to threaten any of' the regulars is ed the Chicagoans last season.
Johnny Clancy, first baseman obtain- For the reason.
ed from the New Orleans club.. .
The team was a disorganized one
Bobby Barrett, general utility man, from the start last season. 1or a
has gone over to the ranks of the out- time no one knew who was managing1
fielders. He may get a chance to the team. Then the Soviet idea of a
show if Harry Hooper, veteran gard- triumvirate was tried, with Ed. Walsh,
ner, is asked to devote most of his Johnny Evers' and Collins trying to

For This Week's E
Chapter Meeting
A Suggestion-
Spring vacatiton is a good time
to have those odds and ends
about the house taken care of.
For example, why not send all
your winter bedding here to
bl launderedl? It would mean
that when you return you
could put all the extra blank-
ets and comforters away until
next fall - and then they
would 'e fresh and comfort-
able, reA"l t'p he used.
Another thing, too--the cur-
tains in your house Probably







f 7
r E




imme to coaching duties and Maurice
Archdeacon fails to recover from a,
bruised foot. As it looks, now, how-I
ever, Mostil, Falk and Elsh will do
tihe gardening.
The pitching staff is composed of
Faber, Robertson, Cvengros, Mangum,

get something started. That idea
fizz'led. Eyers was made manager. By
that time the players didn't care
whether tsIe season lasted two days or
'two years.
The only man who kept his head up
was Collins.

_.r:.a r

need laundering.



cation is a good time for that,
too. Send them here, for our
equipment is adapted to handle

During the month of


April you can buy a
Hoover electric vac-
uum cleaner for only
X3.25 down. Balance
in 10 easy payments
The. Detroit Edison
nmrtar T

cu{tains most efficiently.
process is very simple.


curtain is measured when it

comes in, washed, -dried


air, and then stretched to its
normal size. No hooks or pias
are used in this' process, no
tears or rips the result.
Surely this suggestion is one
to take advantage of.

Time to Prepare for Spring Vacation
Are your clothes ready for your trip home next
week? Take inventory, and see exactly what
you want laundered, then phone us and our
driver will call. We furnish two-day service
if necessary.




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