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April 01, 1925 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-04-01

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TIF M L. rU4Tf.A A'.AN 1~I. "IL...Y

!. ! iLs lYllt..i t1 .sHiti1 iJt-31L 1



"uncle *13b" 'Wilson and W. It.
ISpeak1; efare )lii 'of

Major-General Hines Enj*oyS
Rniding Upon Favorite Mount



"lUncle Bobi"(ot the Westinghouse
radio statIion K Y WV at Chicago, other-
wise known ,as Walteor Wilson, and.
William It. Kales, of the Whitehead4
anA K~ale, Structural Steel company
of D)etroit, were the speakers at the
regular meeting of the Tuesday lunch-+
eon club at .the Chamber of Commerce
inn yestellay noon.
Mir. Wilson, who appeared at the
meeting through the courtesy o' the
Majestic theater 1,11ioneint, is
known to an aud ience01of o or(6,000,-
(100 childi en t h reughas t ti: 'caunt ry.
After ipresenig several vocal fluiii-!
hshe explained his campaign foi'
the foration Of VaOTIOus a"The Curl) is
thae Limit' ' clubs sponisored lby Chamn-
hers of Commerce and other organ-
Jyzl]tions in the difficrent cominmnj -
ties. The purpose 01 this cluib is in
tb-a nature of a general safety-fnr-,ti
mieasure, andl is sei: forth in the plldhe
which the members sign: "1 do here-
by promise the Chamber of (0111-
merce that I will live up to the fol-
lowing pledge.
"I promise that I will alwaysr-
member the 'Curb is the Limit' andi
that I will not play in the streets, an,
if at any time I cross a st reet, _t will
first stop and count from 1 to 10;
while doing that, 'I will look in bothi
directions to see that there is noth-;
ing coming that would crush out my
life, then if the way is iclear, I will
walk across, paot ruin."
'I is p~robable that the local chamn-
her will, take some action in behalf
of this project in the near future.
Mr. Kales took for his subject the
problem of city planning, esp~ecially
in the light of his experience ats tho
inepnber of the planning- commissionj
in Detroit. lie outlined the growthI
of that city, pointing out that adequateo
foresight would have eliminated many
of the difficulties of traffic congestion
resulting from faulty arrangement of
streets. lie also stressed the need
for a city planning commission of
some sort in every community of any
size, stating that if a city is to bo
]Kept an attractive place to live in, its
horizons must he watched.
Cooley Explains
L i g h t P h e n o m e n azl i . C 1 . A w e n r . [
Co'oley performied ;some experi (I)Iiet
in physical optics yesterday before t h.
weekly meeting of the physics col-
loquiumn. The experiments performed
:showed several phases of the pihenom--
ena o4, light, viewed fromn the physica i
standpoint and Professor Meyer andt
Dr. Cooley explained the theories in-
volved, and the reactions i to b)0e<:-
pected from the experiments.
Rome, March 31.-.another install-
meit of1 Italy's piapaer money', which is
c-ni the program n fordestruction, was
burned Sunday. The amount burnedI
was 320,000,004 lire. Wednesday 100,-!
000,000 lirye was destroyed.
SE~l~~S MET '101),

offenders are the smaller colleges,r TfIIIIIT n
and it is expectedI that the bigger PAN EST40LISHMENT yr AtiN ARROW t ltf)lEi)()O
eastern colleges will form a confer-
ence. TheilrWesten Con ern Cner-has UaNaIiiri
imilar tostenWestern on e- NW iiiu~n YVIIL I
helped its members to becomie cleaner _f
than other schools in the country'.-'
'Major Grifiths has exer ted a nr eat in 11,-- il~i thle incentive provided by
fluence in this direction."i Laureiwso 14~. Gould of the GJeology de-
Professor (Garver thenr indicated partmieni. a new national monument-
that there were times when the rulesj known as "Trhe 'Windows'' will be es-
against professionalism were too
strictly adhered to. Hie cited the case tablished next summer in southeast-3
of the great Indian athlete T'hrle, ern Utah. "The Windows" is the namejs
who had b~roken records a.t .the Stock- given to a small locality, thirty miles cleave Ault Arbor, (liui0)cr
holmn Olympics. It was later focund from the Colorado border,- which is of Commnere, 7 :30 a. in., I1;2.
that lie had llvdbsbl ihacovered lby great sandstone' rock for-4 in., 4 1). ,im., o :t30 Jp. 1in. reek a
sml egetam o h atei a tions which hiave been carved by ; as Sundays, leavet Ann
coast. As a result Thorpe was forc:ed windl erosion into natural bridges, Aror7 :3) ). in.,IPhoe.10',forP.
to return the prizes hie ha~d capturied, arches, andl stacks. .i 73)p i.i"ne4 o
andl letters of apology were sent to the Mr. Goeuld visitedi the place last ilfidiIU
competing nations. suntinir and found that some of the _________________________
Professor Carver pointed to Nurmi' formatioiis, although only of locals
as a exmpleof n "ones, mst fame, exceeded in beauty and size
geteal~ tlt.It has'bee -ondce o the most famous natural , e d h an d
thought that the American athlete, Elrd;so America. Hei openedl a cor- e d t e W n c
were lie in Numm's shoes, would se-a respondence with Senator Smoot ofa
to it that lie got his profit out of it. ! Utah which hars resulted in plans by
Professor Carver boosted him as one the National Park Survey to survey
who would not b)e of that sort, the section this summier and~ set it



51 adribeu for Th1e0MOOT-gan Daly


j -- 1place will be easily accessible to
Mexico City, March 31.-Thle Mex.-C touris ts as it is only eight miles from

'ilis;few ehioo ofMaj. Con].
shows im~ out for al canter at1
idinlgis l~his f3Xof . ;liclpot.
Carver .eplore~sla
"'Cots i !:';t ior athletes ist-eft1
more10tcl!, even though athletics
getting eleanei ,'' declared Prof. a1.
Carver, of t be mat hemiatics sdep
"Wnt inl all int,' view yestcrday."
worst o1 urofessioria lis hIIas,, 1
etimina i ed, lilt inst eadl there is
greater (efort, to ad vert isto in orler
attractlpossible material."
Various methods, are now be(
used, P: of' ssor Cair er plointed out.

y n ican government wvill lavc a. surlus the main highway.
~ of75,00,00 nsosnex Augst ith Mr. Gould described the wonder's
:,:"ysi. : . ;. which to. inaugurate a nation al bank otTeWndw"i1n lutae
isue:s.sExelio, utingP' lecture at a meeting of the Geological
n :' y.*. 4 t*' d~ (ent Calles. )and (ieographic,al .Iournal clubs last
r p y ,r~, ( { 1 {" night in room G-437 N\atural ;Scienc
1.-ENiOR S IMEE/T rT'OI)A Y 1bulig
Jo .Hns he fsafo h wiThat our dining rooms are
F'rtMes V. nhsfvoieii~talways crowded at meal times.
1= ~Good, well-cooked food, pleasant_
surroundings -and a hot orchestra -c
s A d ertisingcan always attract a crowd, looking
T SeueAhee for the best...
tang c ited lthe isof interscholastic li IiWT.1eary1 TtI - L
are {.',e -ol nis cots, ,a tletic nianual, xvhu 1 V A RS11A L d (,J1JDJ1E
('. are pubalished andl Placed in the Val-[
art.- ions high schools to act as propigt!6l -luiChurch1
The dha, and big enterpises, such-.as c oach-
- n ing schools, the first o hc v>; 11i9198181U 1I11p81881?111&1111811 of1h[1l w811__________________________________________
aKandby Illinois, as attefliTs~ to au

} -: i : t, ..
. 'S
t ,,f ., :s E s
f z r ,
S 2 v
7 f
X.;;fi". 3

Just as the hairbrush
left it!

now keep their hair smooth,
lustrous, always in place


tract athlctic material.
".The Eas, is not as cleana "stHeI
West, and is consequently suffering-'
Professor Carver c:ontinlued. "The real
After the Showv
A new place to go- I
the Lincoln H-otel Res-
taurant. You'll like our E
new restaurant, the de-
licious salads and tasty i
sandwiches that we
serve. And on Sun-
day night you'll like
our special chicken and

the, Best

/- {

Today, as never before, college
men have smooth, well-kept hair.
A few years ago the, hair was a
nuisance to almost everyone, for
it was usually the least attractive
part of the appearance - always
unkempt and unsightly an hour
after being combed.
There was no way, then, to keep
it from being so. Old-fashioned
pomades only matted it and made
it greasy. Water evaporated quickly
and left it drier and more unruly
than ever.
Today everyone can-have
smooth, neatly combed hair
Now Stacomb -- a delicate, invis-
ible cream for keeping the hair in
place - has changed all that.
It is responsible for the amazingly
improved appearance of men's hair.
And it has made possible for every
woman, however "difficult" her
hair, the new smooth effect so much
in vogue.

seldom find even one case of un-
kempt hair.
People who know that the hair
can ruin the whole appearance--
people who are careful about the
way they lookp have given Sta-
comb an important place on their
chiffonier or dressing table.
No matter how dry and straggly,
your hair may be - no matter how
uncontrollable after .being. washed
--- Stacom~b will keep it- always
in place, smooth, lustrous, natural.
A touch of it in the morning when
you comb your hair - and all day
.long, your hair will be just as you
want it, 'for Stacomb will keep it
smoothly in place until you go to
bed at night.
You can get Stacomb in conven-
ient jars and tubes, at all drug and
department stores. Non-staining
and non-greasy. Use it tomorrow
morning,- and look your best all

Ikacs why mot"f them choose
Kemingi n Port able

Somebody wants to know if Finchley
will show official Ku Klux Klan

° - - - ------.-----.._.--.----__ -.._

We Make the Best
iii townl
Crippen's Drug Stores
217 South Hain 211i ortlli )lain
723 IN orthl11University
"A Store in Every Shopping IThstrldt"

special chicken and
chop suey dinners.
Try us at. any timne-
24-hours service.
Lincoln Hotel
and Restaurant
East Huron

Six paints off superiority:
Durability and Keliability
Compactness and Portability
Four-Row' Standard Keyboard
Ease of Operation
Beautiful Work-Always
Universal Service

In clubs and trautivnziues, at te
theatre or the game, today you canr
IutancardLab oratoriesInc., Dept.
3 4 y ~113 W.lBth st ;,New York City
Y s'rA H lease stand me,-fie 'of charge,a
13- generous sample tube of Stacomib. a
Ofer" Addressi.i .......................


Price, complete with case, 60. Easy payment
terms if desired.
Come in and see tile Remington Portable-the
recognized leader-in sales and popularity.


Re ad the Want Aids


. _-

Qh'mdtbj (flub


, y s



3'o young men
in search of opportunities


d TF



T HE Insurance Company of North
America has a number of openings in its
organization that offer opportunities for in-
teresting and remunerative careers.
As the Oldest American Fire and Marine
Insurance Company, the Insurance Company
of North America has enjoyed 132 years of
closest contact with American commercial
and industrial activities and development..
Its organization and scope of influence are



#a r

Tickets for this and Friday night performances




li 11'


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