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March 13, 1925 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-03-13

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FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 1925


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FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 1925
Night Editor-GEORGE W. DAVIS

state through the years. of its exist-
once aidcd both bly criginal thought T LM
and by the contributions 5of older M U I
European systems. frAND
The plan of optional I at tcndance 'II)1
whichi has ltM'ii adop~ted roer'nt at~ 1E1)DI( EI DR A M A j
Olivet college, all ough srnalcewha t of°i WLAi1 RO
a new departure in Arnierican highaer,
educational circle;., is -,n old thing ;:1.Pyososntw nonci- TIS A FI'E N00N: Mrs. Richard
with the Germans, ws Dean Whlitnelry r lHryor does not, we announceain- high"
dicat e any particular admiration of 1I1ielU w$(ShIigsHg
pointed out in an imt. ei <<e\ on tehiio u at thecotar, eby Lewis; Beaellat 2:1I")Wcloci in the
queston. Vl ie it1 ** ~11 Is President of the Oratorical Asso-,Wilc tete
Germany, there i, no pr'oof as yet t hat Ctii.I
it will work out well in thee United : rThe reason we dedicated it to him I LAY Picol)lUi'I'IQ N 1PLAYS
St1 !freahnainmuvhaei s because lie carne in and began to A review, by Robert Henderson.
own educational system just as it nt any sjutaswiwrssatig
detemin it owngovrnmnt.anno usjus aswe wre taring before an audience that assembles!
Teeis one change whtielh ouldI xilt.** * unswervingly from bargain-sal~e re-
eseem an absolute necessity to priepare'(j flexes -four programs for the price
Ore University for the inst :tia Iion of Trick iDepartnlent of one-before an audience that reach-
such a plan and that is the elfina ' Go into the house of a guy that is es a climax of Humor as the hero awk -

i'llho mam

Something new added each day



to our bargain tables.

One Week Only.

[ .A












tion of all cheating in) exam i intions. 1'' i i t'""" alua~11 ~t!L1.
In view of the Tprscnt state( of affairs, best rug anti say that you can juggle
at least in the literary college, the ef- six eggs if he will bring theme to you.
fectiveness of optional att endanceit'Ile will be0 afraid to bring them to
would be entirely d('stroyedi if st udents yvon because you might drop them and
could spend the semester %n p]hilder- lhe would bo out six eggs and his rug
lugabot ad the coe I() he x-would he spoiled. When he says
mgaw"byou aay tell IomettI couldx-
aminations with a. (carefllyV piared it ask Biloula if a't do I htIcudd
method of passing without the re- i s il f1cntd t
quisite amount; of linowledge or un- T our friend will feel cheap but he
derstanding,. won't bring out the eggs and you wvil
Contrary to the exxpcted rr :,ult -- he thought a pretty good little trick-
a higher grade of scholar hip by 1ter b al * * *esnt
few whoattend colleges and uni-er-'
few~+aittf aral)PseSII$front i t1IC B3 lomaniai
sities with ara mipie-The planl
seems likely to allow merely asrecater A young fellow whose last name
freedom to those who care noth ing for was Lincoln
their classes. It m)ay be that Olivet Contracted a habit of drincoin.
is ready for optional attendance. Even ilIea( sta1,t off with a mug
that is doubtful. At any rate it P1 cci.- And work up to a jug-
tain that Michigan is not. That !mil Until, first thing he knew he was
lenium will 1)e achieved only ,v ili the i blincoln, sincoin, stincoln, cross out
passing of years and of a genxeration1 all but one.)
of students whose a mi is a dilploma.
and not an education. Iersonal to Ivan Astikoff : We are
___________unable to publish your masterly Him-
FROSPEROU S AIJi0G'-ANCE crick, for official reasons, but we have
Germany is seeking special dispX)(- I tshown it to our Group, and they en-
sations as a condit ion of her cut rane-a }Toyed it very much.
into the 'League of Nations. Anmong *
other things she must b)e assured be- I Inasmuch as everyone, we are sure,
forehand of ia place on the League read tihe personal to Mr. Astikoff, we
council, she must not be lIe itd upo might just as well go on and air our
for any military duties under Article views; on the word Group. We abhor
XVI of the covenanlt, andl she must it.
never be asked to :allow passage Yo find it so much nowadays, too.
through her territory of troops acting The sociologists use it all the time,
for the League. At least that is what and it grates on the sensitive ear, but
a message from Dr. Stresemann says. after all they do use it in a sort of
It is doubtful if the Republic would! technical sense, and it isn't as bad as
keep up such a front if things came to! the nearly ubiquitous use of the word
a showdown, by amateurs. The proprietress of the,
Naturally the League council has Carmagilole yesterday told us, for in-
refused-courteouisly lbnt firmly. It:, stanice, that tile Bunbury tea room
has assumed rightly thattheti position was being taken up by the "Oakley
I ~ ~ ~ ~ ih nn F-mi r-- -- .Tncr

wardly "suggests" an enilirace with
his heroine, before an audience that
heats the auditorium with its own ex-
pansive bumpkin enthusiasm is laid
Sudermann and Mrs. Hlavelock-Ellis.
But that is only the beginning: the
auditorium itself is a plitiful pci-ver-
sion of beaver-board architecture, un-
safe and insecure, higher than it is
wide, woefully unventillated and
frontespieced by a makeshift curtain
of brown patchwork. >
Again that is scarcely the beginn-
ing: the. stage with its eye-tearing,
obvious c riide-ti -raw i ohtinz vthat



houses the p~lays: its Victorian slope
that eliminates the use of flats andi
makes necessary the wrinkled con-
stant green curtains. But the argu-
ment goes still further: the pointit s
that no attempt will ever' be mtade to~
gloss over .such unfortunate errors--
Iblack curtains. say, or grey, or even
a clever use of the eternal green. Mira-
cles of illusion can easily be created
1with' tdraped curtains, if the director
has a sense of scenic skill, if the di-
rector has a sense of scenic skill....
Then the priod uctions them selves;
properties are missing, Pierrot ap-
pears in golf knickers, Cupid str-ugglesI
with Mr. MVullison's riding boots, cur-I
tains are invariably ill-timed, lines
are frankly forgotten, anti cues are
picked uip only after careful consid-
eration. The diction becomes alter-
na tely amazing aind ridiculous, the
six foot poet grows lyric through his
nose, while the good Frau rises to dis-
traction through a plethora of middle-
western r's. With the exception
--fortunately there miust always be,
exccptions----of the lrincess and tiele
mother in "The Far-Away Princess"
every respective actor usedl the for-
mulated gestur-es of an elementary
public-speaking class, and the subtle
interplay bet ween characters that
gives an actionl unity and power was
necessarily lacking andl lacking.
The tendency, in other wor-ds, which
as each semester passe:; is b~ecoming
more and more traditional, is a(cool
indifference towardi such blunders. In
a Play Production program anything
will (10: the accurate, careful (detail
that after all are the touchstone to
every finished performance are frank-
ly- ruled off thze books. Somehow the{
d (irectors can not jsense the vital im-
portance-in amateur acting, espec-'
ially-.of every atmospheric virtue to
support the players. Lighting an(I am-
tistic setting seemi sup~erficial to them,
unnecessary: and every final plroduc-
tion fearfully illustrates their theory.
Occasionally there will be a skill-
ful individual performance, jangling
to IHeaven wvith tile surrounding en-
semble, but a consistently rounded!
performance is flatly unheard of.
Perhaps this is the wrong attitude;
perhaps the work of the Play Pro-
duction classes should only be con-1
sidered as stumbling, experimental
recitations, where, as in all university
courses, finish anid confidence are not
to b)e expected. In such a case-and
of course, such is the case-the pro-
grams do not deserve a comparative'
Y * a

.... ..
.. .

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There "is a certain glamor and fas- ; of ermnany (d0es novt densanti any con-
cination about the stage that holds cessions on the plart of an organiza-
forever any who become intimately tion like the League. Those who enter
associated wt t Especially is this into this fellowship must be ready to
trute of those who have attained to take the position assigned to theia
that rea:lm known as stardom. Even{ and assume thme aeconipanyioag re-
though they may for awhile be cut off sponsibilities.
from I this premiang pseo Ther-e is in the Germta n at itprdmnudgphs fe a
their- acitvity, the real figures of thej certain arrogance which can come
theater always retain the hope that; only from prosperity.It is almiost
some day, somehow, they may return ; analagous to the self-center spirit: of
to their chosen profession. many Americans whose warcry is:
It is this spirit, coupled with the "The League of Nations is all right
enterprise of Miss Jessie Bonstelle of but ." When the assumption bly
Detroit,' the local chapter of the the United States of an acivo u-le and
American Association of University! a full responsibility is proposed they
Women and the Michigan Theater are prone, to remark th1at. we, the
league, that is responsible for the ap- greatest nation in the world, need
pearance this afternoon at the Whit- bow our knee to nio one, that our sov-
ney of the distinguished actress, Mrs. reignty will be endangered if we be-
Robert Mansfid, with a compahy come an active member, andl~ that if
from the Bonstelle playhouse, Do- the League wants our part icipation let
troit, playing "The Goose Hangs them make special concessions
Nigh." The career of this remark-!.---
able woman is a veritable epitome of 11 GOOD OLD I) lI~AtE''
this feeling. Years ago she was!' The United States ism still a young
known in the theatrical world as the nation in comparison with the ancient
leading lady of a Shakespearian actor countries of. Egypt, (china, and even
who later became her husband. A longI those of Europe. Because of tis there

From an issue of the Ann Arbor
>Times News of recent date:
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l readers. The ads themselves not only
I are arranged, but are written and set
up in accordance with the basic prin=

t X

ciple s of advertising.
Uniform in appearance and con-
vcnient in form those pages, The
imes130 News blieves, offer a happy re-!
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_. .. __,er.._._,


retirement has now been broken by is being manifest eth evemywhuere by * * * THROIII.,- THE MlI, IAIL:
her emxinently successful appearance various hovers of the "g-ood old days"I From the report of Manager James I "Under the auspices of the local'
at iss ,,Bonstelle's theater. TIhe stage a sentiment in favor of preserving I lelsden of the Arcade rTheater on the Matinee Musicale the Michigan Fed-
hast rclaiined one of its lost lights. wvhat few traditions siwx has.{ picture "3o 1Big," to his chief, as con- oration of Music Clubs will hold their
Of even greater significance locally, It is just suclh a motive flatt promplt- Tied to the public in an advertisement! annual convent ion in Ann Arbor
however-, is the fact that Miss Bon- ed Congress in its last session to in Tuesday's Daily: March 16 to 19, Monday, Tuesday,
sitelle is; bringing her company to authorize the restoration of the old "The action moves with lightning Wednesday and rTiursohay of nextI
augmecnt Ann Arbor's too limited the- frigate Constituitioni of thme War of rapidity and the picture, e stays close week.
atric.al seasron. The performance this 1812. Secr'etary of the Navy Wilbur,( to the story. Will say that any of the "usa eeigatet o'clock
afternoon brings with it the hope that wvho is in charge of (lhe work, reported boys playing this picture on the cir- in the recital hall (If the University
,some arrangem!.ent can be cozisuniniat, the other day that he had r'eceived tIme cut should feel hionored to present School of Music artists representing
ed by which a regular Ann Arbor sea- first private contribution 01' once dollar1 to their audiences such an achieve- various clubs1) in the state will present
son can b~e assured. There is little from an old Civil war veteran of Bos- merent of entertainment in this day of a program including the Adrian Can-
quest5ionl that it would be supported. ton. , public demand." zonet Chorus in a performance of a
Much has been accomplished by the Secretary Wilburs suggestion that * Song Cycle of the Seasons with lyrics
agencies responsible in making pox- the amount requireud be, apportionedl Same facts, as they would be me-*!by Harriet Gray and music by James
sible Mrs. Mansfield's appearance I among the forty-eighit states is, a 'gotod ported by R. B. Henderson, of the d~e- Spencel-. Solos by Beth H-amilton,
here. It remains only to make perma- one. The whole nation should he in- ptart mnt contiguous: violinist, of Battle ('reek, Mrs. Hlenry
venoutthe relation thus established. terested in pr-eser'ving suhlla momr- The action imoves very very Overly, soprano, of Kalamazoo, Mrs.
___________________orial tradition of her early straggles.i fast-- very very very very fast. Lucille Jolly, pianist, Flint, Mrs. Earl
AN DEA__NAUOT_ _-~°-~- ----- The tempo, the tem po is excellent. Chase, contralto, IDetroit, and M rs.
FclanIdA N UT "RELIABLE CAP" I Thie picture stays close-oh so Charles Wismnetr, pianist, Grand Rap -
Fulyadgroup~s of students ap- . As the (lays go by with Calvin Cool - !olot-e-- to the story story. Any ids, will complete the (conclert. T(r red lhe
iimpIortancie of the driveconow being da he headnoft, m I'mt o dly trt{ n ueanag'm- should be glad of the recital will be comnplimentary and
ca rried on for the benefit of foreign government no ny I Ito fitoly ro(oted ('line to hookc Mrs. Mansfield in j open to the public.
studcnts. T[heyaefsfilnthr old Republicans but also manny of biis this p~icture--becaus~e it is. at its "Ann.Arbor citizens and University
quota,. This is only the natural re- oiia poetthe h7enucrats, best, pure theatre. Pure theatre. Istudlents ar-c also invited to hear an ut fognztoadtesne-o r ople oaii hti i n nqemsclpori ob ie
resonibiit whchaccompanies it. spectacular, businesslilke Way thie re arks nyesteratemoN er.'Wednesday evening again at eight!
repniiiywihPresident is carrying out one ofth rmakyeedy afrno wre o'clock and again in the recital hall
therel piitbehndth wol jsanest programs ever pti over- by any (vigoroims oand provoking. (That is the. of the University ;school of Music.
project is; to he fulfilled, however, in- oc~at fteWieIare
dividuals on the cainpus must assume ocuatftieWte108. first sentence in The Daily editorial , Mrs. Guty Bevier Williams of D~etroit,
ther ortiee o te ppotuityofer A recent antnouncemnt fromn Wash- that woud have been written about itI soprano, w~ill present Americ~anpleu.-
their por ion of tenopportuitytoffer ingtu ht &jt endcs to appoint if' any of the editorial boardl had gone iods through three groups of songs,'
dfo'pouoigadticlwotyDemocrats ;as well was;Republicans,-) to t >the lctutre.) acohpanied by achange (If costume'
oeause. A "Student Frienship" fund - the I \Velhanyway, as one Soviet worker for eachproand remarks relativ'
in the bNit sense is one that repre o- untedry i u, ddgei evmogidence of lilt>
gents every element of the University Ecountry icls u adeSiens-c o is to rittltrdnWhathave You been'to the io nc.iMscl and hstoCricl bpak-
community. That this ideal, as well leo-eddes ica eealdintaylrlnrI
as he inacia qutamaybe eahz- prloit onotiy Rpubicas lav Pardnem-: MeI bin workin on de a chiarming gr-oup of Chopin numbers,
asdth eachcstlmduntaholdacnsie r ei- been appiointed, thtis attitulde oft'te' railroad All de livelong day, too. i and the trio consisting of Sanmuel P.
Inte-President is an inidicationi that hie he- Certainly aiu tired. paitm Lockwood, violinist. Ora Lartha rd,
atrcarefully.I lieves that the Federal Jud~iciaruy*** violincehlist, and Mauid Okkelberg,
-should 1)0 kept cut imely free from p)o1i- On mty honor- I have neither given I init will impart_ to the programJ

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