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March 08, 1925 - Image 15

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-03-08

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00 n ii-sthn sua. E xcue e" turns into a middle aged woman of
l' I~pr Ilughes' prodluct ionr will be poverty. The only thing left inl her
the tir ued picture. An unusual cast life is her son and her ambitions for
in m .inldn Cord Ngl Nrmj his future wvhich she wants to be 'so
X71Ic , r r Renee Adoree and Wa<lter, big'. B~en Lyon, the young screen
t lie1(rs were assemblledl for this pic- star who has been gaining such
t ure, which is an out and out fare rapid and dleserved popularity of late,
________ ~w it'l entertainment as its sole objiect. isse stesnwoo h eg
' Itis ne f te fstes moing1ri- iof fame as an architect is almost
The Wuerih tisoeo tefsts oin i-ruined by threatened (disgrace. "So
rA double feature program haLs tures of year, for they move from
again been securedl at the Wuertli taxi i) to c;ontntafl f lyer's, and ; B'- xil provide real entertainment
thetrefo th fisthal oftl~e eek afrom trains to air'planies, and finally 101 Lill, and those wh~o have react the
"Vanity's Price" with an all-star cast move to an army transport bound for insthey screinnoering.a pon
featuring Anna Q. Nilsson and includ- the Philippines for the fadeout. TLhe; in. heycranfviotrdy"n.~
ing Wyndham Standing, Lucille Krich- story, ffamiliar to many no doubt from band'l s Wives" featurn Sile a
sen, Stuart Holmes and Arthur Rank{- the novel or stage adaptation, conl- wlfb ieern gTestr a
in, is one of the attractions. Trhe cen \ajeNwoa scey tmdsictoo1engwitnb
story might be saidI to b~e based onI debutante, played by Norna Schearer, abr aiiarnwasre c
that old axiom "a mnan is as old as hie and h arry Mallory, a young naval teshrsl fcnieal eue
feels and a woman is as old as she oficer-Conrad Nagei-who are en- Vaesharvelf-Shoirer~asle -epute
Wage tobe mrrid. H isassignedVaeHry-hlyMso -i a.
looks," for Vanna Dni Mauo ncr whose'fggdt e arelei modern girl who0 does not believe in
place in the theatrical suni is threat- to duty in the Philippines, and, with;
enedby dvacin yersherdetrmla mnut ortwoin hic toarrngepasts, andl asserts that she will marry
cue byadvncig ear, hr dtern-atlnte o twodeinwhichbtomarrdangeI a manlfor what he is and leave what
ination to recover heer youth, her sili(c- mtes h eietIe are n he has been entirely unknown. And
Bess and ensuing complication; areI make the trip together. Fromn that Jrs after she is married she, all un-
the story. Tie actress visits tihe time on there is a continual struggle koigy nie e ubn' x
Vienna clinic of Dr. Steinach and bin t locatea minister relievedby the wnewhpasnolsc lchiref
back her former beauty very sr ic o alerherea Plia hers, to share the hroneymoon bunga-
fully. However, she is c :uglit pC torler, and the sensational entranced. e,
it ll)f 1 ~.1 *~low in the mnountains, with theri. The
again in numerous love afi fl (a i f a little; irench irl 1i 'vinfl (ul r()sruge fth weWro'lfo h
tranges her friends andl relartives, and ll I d nown while 011 duty over-seas.1
nearly causcs the dleath of her son, to ;' ne entire cast p~lay's up to thle amus- manl who has been to the alar with
The ng stuaionswhih prcee hilri-them both is quite unique ,nd makes
whom she is, devoted. T he role of gsiutos'ic preeliai- very laughable comedy. Bryant
Vanna Dui Mannzer is pliayed by Misi ously throughout thelr< ictur'e. An Wahunpastehsad;n
Nilsson with her usual attractive in- i EvsopnFBaentandeKinogrfes willibe
dividuality enhanced by stunning co';- shoxvu also. Patrons amre requested Eey rntee-ie arc
IElvey, an English director, adds much
trumes. Th1=secondl featurre of ti4 nt tedirItPrc adth to the picture ini the way of artistic
bill is "R~acing Luck" which happenms time schedule for this week's show. poorpy
f Iphtorahy



mnon will be "[low Shall We Think of tology department will speak. The1
Jesus ?" Student classes will Ibe con-; evenig ILnten service will be held at
ducted at noon under the direction of 7 :30 o'clock. The sermon for the
Professor Watermian and Mr. Chap- evening is "Jesus Observes in Sil- t
man. The st udent friendship hiour lence." Wednesday evening at 7:30P
will bo followed by the dlevotionalI o'clock a Lenten service will be cony-A
meeting ledl by Floyd Stayner. The ducted in German. The topic will be
topic for this meeting will b~e "Faith "flail, King of the Jews."
andl Service."
- riitIy _Eiiglisli Lutheran
1;et hllie ni E xangei ical('lhurclh D'in Concealed'' has been chosen as
Thie IPast or's topic for the morning; the topic for the morning sermon.
wor ship will be "Divine lilt: res- ;,he (discussion subject for the studentV
sion.'' The voting people's discussion' forum will be "Al1 Problems of~
l hin' will be held at G:30 o'clock America are Religious Problems. Is
when there will lie (discussion of: This. True?" Reverend L. F. Gundl-
"\Vhit is Simn?" erman will conduct the meeting. The
j___ subject for the Wednesday evening
Meziorial (Chu1rch 0f Christ 'Lenten service will be "Barrabbas."
Bible school will .meet at .9:30
o'clock this morning. Tihe topic for:, lo uhrnCuc
icanmDreamn" Stern class atPnoonr- Reverend E. C. Stellhorn will (de-
ico I.)ean, S~licntclsss t oo liver the morning sermon on "What
will be conducted by Professor A. L., Does the Fourth Commandment Re-
Trout. Christian Enideavor wall fol-
lowthelunheo ad yungpeole' ,quire of Parents?", The forum meet-
lowr Tlucheso ail youngkIatotle 'ing will be in charge of Reverend
hour. The Pawo stor willthesp ea t ieGundermnan, and the discussion topic
evenig w rhp n te'ujc is "All Proublemns of America Are Re -
"Jds(not E-7.cariot). ligious. Is This True?" At the 7:301
F'irst ilihud Q 1 (' in'(i o'clock service a Lenten sermion will
" ?'ille~ney fla" illbeIie_ be given. The subject will be "The
"V.midmnss 5. I ll' VII k~ ~x False Friend.''
erend1 Stalker' s subject I his morning.
Five student Bibale (cla~s.ss meet a4 TeCogeaina lue
noon in Wesley h 1ll. The leadeirs The sermion iat tile morning worship
are Dr. Stalker. MNr. G.I. . astei manl, :will be on "WVhat Is Meant by 'TheI
Miss Moore,, Mr. (7arltan Cui 'ri" Mr.I Gospel'?" All those who are interest-(-
D)onabti Timernian. The nmecting of ed in the North Side Church service
the *W'teleyan gulildltwill, be held at Jare requested to mleet at 2 :30 o'clock.
Wesley hall. Norman Johnson wil There will be a meeting of the High
ire the, leader oz the joint meeting; School federation at 4 o'clock, when
aliti the (ljSc ,l sioil subject wili be William C. Wang, president of the
"Planter' Saint s." Open house will be Chinese Students' club will speak on
held iinediately after the guild "The Old School System in China."
tweeting. Refreshments will be serv- "Has Co-education Been a Success'?"
ed. Thel( evening sermion wiil be up]onli will be (discuissed at the fireside chat
the tonic "'The Jer ico I-lead.''; following the student suppler. A
Thomas Meighan film "A Prince
Va tp~i's 1,uli'ain A('Iaui'(IThere Was'' will be shown at the
T'he subject of the Hmkglish sermlon ' motionl picture service.
at 11:s>0 oclock will b c ''Rema..rkable
Faith."''PTle student lill) will nieet; First 'hiri-la iScience ('Iui'cli
at the parsonage at :31) O'c'lock when The I1 topic which has been chosen
Mr. IV. It. iiiiettiiei, of the pialeon-! for the morning sermion is ''Man."

Juan de las Vinas
(C'ontinued from Page Thir'teen)
took part in last year's .Junior Girls'
Play as wvell as in presentations of
Miasques and Munmmers. Douglas
Whittemore and Marshall Levy both
took important p~arts in last year's
Spanish play, "Dona Clarines"; Mr..
WVhittemore played the part of the
I0octor and Mr. Levy that of the Miser.
Loth deserve praise for their excellent
work. John Jay, having taken special

- "---- i 1

A Becoming Bob
Contributes much to one's personal charm.
You Will be well pleased with the
service given by our expert barbers.
Arcade lirber Shop
6 Nickels A rcade

interest in c(iivii5 dra t! ics apd d'-
bating, should not (disappoint anybomdy,
in thes interlpret alien of his character.
The rest of the east have lity of
talent and assure us of satisfaction in
their respective roles.
The play is tinder the (direction of
Mr. E. A. Mercado of the Spanish do.-
partment, but a gireat deal of the credt-
it for the training of the cast should
go to Prof. Herbert A. Kenyon, of the
Romance Language dlepartment of the
Engineering College,

. 'I
1i ,

to be Mvont' fins rst starring pro-
dcuction. This is said to bie a clever Thme Areade
._omedy, showing M~onty as a you~ing 'Fie scr'eeii version of "So Big";, one
Italian who, in fallingr in love with Of t the best selleirs of the year, read
a retauantkeeer'sdauhte, ~- I hi pact ically everyone, will. appear
curs thle enmity of the head of a I at the Arcade theatre today for a five
dreaded band of gangsters. The Cetlay ruin. Colleen Moore, the star of
may be left to the inmagination. a? to~ pic'ture, is surrounded by a cast
The WbIlfor the lat ter'part of theIt'ieicy might aeybe termed a1



-.ee i, rezdd y4<. ' t ncuds alae eeyin St Adenhsapscp-l huc
Tom Mix who is, ably -supported'(Iby It he role of a :Dutch farm Hand, Phyl- The morning prayer and sermon
Tony the horse, anti Duke, the clo ). lie I "laver and Rosemary Theby, Ford will be held at 11 o'clock preceded,
'tom Mix and Tponyl'efluioish, thi,'i' terling, John Bowers, and Ben Lyon. by Holy Communion at 3 o'clock and
usual place iii the lime li, ?t to) The story take Colleen Moore out ofj Church school and student Bible
"Teeth",as the lof; is cr;Iled!.ie not IIIls erstwvhile .tfapper characteriza- classes at 9:30 o'clock. The Rev-
only is called upon to save the,, lives I tioiis which wvon her fame in ''Flaming erend Frederick C. Lauderburn, 'Trin-I
of Tom and the girl in the ease sev- Yout1h" and "The Perfect Flapper" ity Church, Pittsburgh, will deliver
oral times, but also has most of the ,ae id gives her a role which entails the sermon. At 5:30 o'clock the
work of combatting the villain, and( ' mueh greater dr'amatic power. it young people's supper will be served
takes the final fade out, happily, all!I shows her as the refined little school; in the old Chapel.- Rev. Lauderburnl
to himself. Some of Cie scnes a teacher who becomes the wife of a txwill speak at the student service, and
taken within -the region of a forest poor truck farmer near Chicago. Iti again at the evening ser.vice when his,,
lire where permlission to take pictures .t sutrprisinig part for the young' subject will be "Peter."
was obtained only on conitioji that t--' and nothing could be more re-
the men in the company aidl the For- in o efm om the giddy flapper of yore First Baptist Church
est Rangers thr'ee days in fighting the as, w ith the passing 0 years, she The subject for the morninug ser-
fires. I -

Tihose who have beeni regrettinig tilei
absence in Ann Arbor of' a real vaude-
villeIhousde shouldI le more than
pleased with the peiformnance at the
Majestic theatre this week. "Plan-
tation Days'which -is made up of
five Keith acts in addition to the
revue proper wil be presented. The
production is a color'ed revue with a
company of 25 people, which origin-
ally played as a full, legitimate roadl
show, lint is revisedI at piresent. to a
performance of one, hour. N umerous ;

ervlc" wavin zlcm

For the First Bluebooks of the Semester
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Bluebook Store

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specialty acts are lput on biy the black,
face Keith players who have appear-dF
throughout the country undler th e
headings-Farrell rand ('hadwick, The a
Five Crackerjacks, Scott, Allen and
Lee, The Three P'eppe;rr Shakers, lone
and Jones, and whose clever' stunts,;
and amusing lines have insured the y
an enthusiastic recepiti on always. Tbhe
Octoroon Chorus is said to be onie c0t
the best drilledl (horuses on tour, and'
their dancing is at least equalled b
the. quality of their voices. Tlii
Alone should give a very eintertaining
evening, but the screen program is to
Have somec of those corn
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