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March 07, 1925 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-03-07

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XIrg *Ediigau a 1 t
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disregarded. The names of conmmui-
~ants will, however, be regarded as
confidential mnon request.
THE " SitT' 3MAG" Ilk:LIES'<
(Note: The folio wing conniuznica-
tion concerns Don Coney, literary edi-
itor of The Daily, who wrote a review
of G. 1). Eaton's "Blackfurrow" forj
The Daily of Sunday, February 22. It'
is written by Saul ('arson, who con-1
tributed an article about Eaton to the
same issue.)'
To the Editor:
It is not that Ikon ('oney hay written
a profound rev-iew, nor thiat ibe has,
written a review at all that I (lip my
hand into the tar b~arr-el and c-ry for
a sack of feathers. Neither is it be-
cause Coney has shown -an obvious
jealous disposition. Not even for the
reason that either Eaton or his first
novel need any extensiv~e apologia, do
I yell for Coney's blood.
"Who is Coney, what is he ?" I
again paraphrase the reviewer of the
G. D. E.'s "Backfurrow"' in your issue
of February 22.
The review gives the answer as
fully as anyone short of imbecility
wants to know it.
Coney became literary editor of the
extinct Sunday Magazine after Eaton
was kicked off the publications for
making himself obnoxious to the local
powers. A well deserved fate, which
proved that the enthroned, like army
officers, are "gentlemen by courtesy
of Congress."
Coming at a. time when some sort of{
a standard of criticism had already
been set by Eaton, Coney's first con-
cern was with the question of attract-
ing some rays from the glow which
was about Eaton. lie chaferl undier
the knowledge that hie was considered
a compromise aiticle between the
erudite Eaton and the. mediocrity that
was the rest.I
Coney's prime move was to ask the
staff of the Sunday Magazine to re-
member that hie was "not merely fill-
ing Eaton's shoes," but tbat he had a
pair of gunboats of his 'own to wade
around in.
The staff, as far as I remember,
gave Mr. Coney the opportunity that
he asked for. But in vain. There was4
Eaton, enI coulisses, attracting all the
notice, while Donald continued to pre-
sent the inlsip~id tragi-comedy of a
lumbering oaf p~osing as a critic and I
an artist-a, poseur, with nothing b)ut
eccentric appearance to attest his

(1itor of The Michigan Daily, I believe
you have┬░ struck at the outward mani-
festationt of a deep and significant MIU SI C
Iprobtlem. Here's to you, Mr. Hoffman, N
f or treating the matter directly' andAD
with such precision. D R.A M'A
1The problem I allude to is that of-
the underinani, whose demonstration !- -
' i ~TONIGIlT: "Sinion ".diemd Peter"I
you took exception to. Ile, as we all ''~ wi' iiIlc ti ,ilsEkr
lknowv, has tin-oughtout the ages been Goodmn a t S : 1' oclock in lice Whit-
crying for freedom, for opportunity at i ney ieati'e.
least. ('otnes an age roughly defined l * * +
as (democracy, which not only chain-1 HE M JIHIGAN I'll1112ATHf 2 E' G
pions ''just folks,"' but gives them op- Professor ('a nplell bas just, an-
port :unit ies never dr-eamed of lbefor-e. n cdashstid n ii rdc
'Then wit ness t he ludicrous spectacle1 tion by the Cleveland Player-s in the
of society's lesser beings attainingj Michigan 'Theatre League course!
their long wished for ideal, and utter-! Luigi Pirendello's unique inelodi-ama,
fly inadequate to the situation; wxeak, "erteFut, hc a ).e
impotent, unable t -ak tegrade.th Fort"whhwa
toma rte ented in New York last season undlerl
The logical consequence followvs, re- the title of "The Living Mask." .The
jection ; and t hen, feeling called upon performance wil be given rlIiues(ly
to .just ify their apparent deficiency, evening, March 24, inl the Whitney
they turn upon the superior and seek tete
to discredit it. lDown with the high The attention of subscribers is also
brow! We'll have nont of it. Do- called to the fact that the tickets in
mocra(-y, the people forever! this course are not exchangeable for1
{There, Mr. Hoffman, is the situation}thpefrac Fidy feno,
in a nutshell. It applies to all phases IMatrchi 13, of "The (loosie Halngs Ifigli"
I o1' life. Your particular objectionby ews eah itiMr.lhar
struck at the academic.I Mansfield in the leading i-ole. While
Were, I to take excelption to your the Michigan Theatre League aloni.
indict ment, to any of your remarks,
~ udsyyu(0aiasa n with the Ann Arbior br1anclh of the!
I soul sa yu d anmas a in ?Americant Association of University!
Justice by thus terming the studentsWoeispsntgMi.Mnfel
( - Woand is poesetlnes rcompansildi'
make nend..nml tles n is 3ntiescopn ne no pretenses, Mr. Hoffman. The1 its auspices, the engagement is en-
peole. you discussed do. Numbers ofI tirely unrelated to Ps~ regular sb
~~~si]-them, reading your letter, have secret- ciinsee.
lyecondemnned and despised you. You This announcement is espiecialy
defend an attitude they cannot gi-asp). csa- u otelredmn o
andl their natural reaction is resent- tickets, even (luring ldie fn-st (day of I
mnent. Will they come out and pub- . sale, for "The (Goose lIImgs hi gh."
licly take issue with you? Oh, no! In view of the unutsuial inte(rest .thisI
'Whey lacek the spine to (d0 that, and atsto scetig h oa on
only dare lbrowbeat their professor, mnittee is (doubly a nxiouas to avoid any
secure in mass formation. Perhaps a, misunderstandhing on the pv.rt of it:.
few get the significance of your re- members.
marks-and some innocuous replies***
may receive the editor's 0. K.-but the FORAN 1(IA
vast majority read, wax furious, and Arveb rn \nmn
then forget 'all about it. Returning,1
l after a brief spasm, to theli- lesser Mr.iI Pm m-T- . ,..-weekly~ Organ.;,,,-I














a ..


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-Night Editor-HJAROL.D A. MOORE


speed of life, they will continue to
amuse themselves with campus activi-
ties, jazz, the movies, bootlegging,
and being an Al sheik or flapper.
To me the late President Burton,
with all due respect to his memory as
abig man, and many limited radicalsj
who were forever yapping at his heels,
weire and are up against the samej
problem. Burton by his activities
sought to bring edlucation to every-
one's loor, to p~opularize it. But, my
(lear Mr. Hloffmian, as you well know,

jcitai 1 i ttrsominis;l i so (disinmcti ve
and unique that the relatively small
audiences are ,not regrettable, but I,
slightly ridiculous. These concerts
contribute simply andl definitely a por-
tion of that sentiment we call cult ure ,
restful andl quiet, white and beautiful.
The program 'lpresented yesterdlay
a fternoon opened witli the Mich Fan-
tasia and I+ Fgue in C mninor, whxich
hardly becomes inmpressive on the or-
gan, especially on thle one in Hll
audfitoriunm with its stubborn resist,-
ance to technical cadnzas.'y1'- andiwas


The Latest in


Those who are used to the moist
atmosphere of a state political gather-
ing no doubt, found inspiration and
comfort in the rantings of two Demo-
cratic p~oliticians at the pre-conven-
tion banquet of opponents of Repub-
licanismn, Thursday night. At any
rate there was considerable applause.j
To the uninitiated, however, the re-
mar-ks of Senator Royal S. Copeland
and Alva M. Cummins were little
short of disgusting. There was no dis-
play of intelligent or constructive
reasoning which would impress any-
one with more than a grade school
It appears certain that Senator
Copeland-Mr. Cumnmins can be dis-
regarded as a man of smaller cali- {
bre-- absorbed little of the atmosphereI
of learning during his short residence1
in Atnn Arbor, and what he did was
quickly submerged by the foul air of
New York's dubious political melee.
His ready recourse to vulgarity, his
careless and unfounded statements
concerning reputable men, his wild
dleclai rations about the impossibility
of refor-ming the Senate and the im-
practicability of the League of Nations
stampedl hime ouickly as the worst type
of demnagogue which today saps the
life of p~arty government in this coun-
The gi-eat regret must be that such
a Democrat, has attained to one of the
fewx positions of political importance
r a lote to thme party by the. people of
the nation. If he is typical of the
"big"~men in that party, the Republi-
cans seem doomed to many years of
success and prosperity.
The violent, spectacular, giand-I;
stand' type of inaugural speech de-
livered to the Senate by Vice Presi-I
dent Dawvcs may have been undignified 1
but it must he adlmitted it was effec-
tive. Asi: news dispatches termed i
all that august body (lid was to ad-k
iinirici'r a "xlap on the wrist" as his 1
Punshmntfor outraging their time-
couldacl-oe.I fcwhtesee13 they have (done without abso-
1ut:;v Oi(megamding the instantaneousa
appova r the speech on t he part ofit
tte A irf ;, 'ublic. 5
The w C.' caa t e )ewA dcimade it lplainl t
tabedid not intend to take anyd
pa- nthe fliscussion of the body un-e
less snlih a.course should lbe necess-i- (I
A by a. tie vote. He made good his ii
pro.03se by refusing to comment on i-
the enae'slight censure of his ac- lit
I ions. Cont rary to custom, he swore I t
in the entir-e group of new Senators 1

Two ear pas. nd imeyou may take a horse to water, but followed with thle famuiliar Aim' in I),
Ton yers ac sh.wAnd tim earngyou cannot make him drink. And why
Cny hscaneo soig asra n nmeo at omelodic xithi its soft. uminom' qualityr.
the nneofarwin, muc
of toriginality, ieo h esi pce hnte I .Tepoia -oe ihtesn
ntbecauuse I a1:m', iions of lIsrwecs hente orous, contialt o AveMari, ex(ehpt ion-{
"It s le I don't want it, especially when the fin-
Eton Etthat I will pollpecn. nhim in nd1m(len frunn auieriy1 allyin terp~reted(-- -a Largo, at least, al-
his novel," Coney mused over his mu ust lie con sidered?wasoudefctvonhiisr-
frhoiggadpa."For tt I ment-,and the. Allegro of Widor's
forthcominggrand play.Consider the radical, who wvould j it y oy itwsasilu
matter, I don't knmow what Eaton is lianigththeyrulesyf thewgasma skillfue C
talking about. in Backfurmrow, anymore jhis scor is ow(1hanmpioning theun-chorice fr adclimxsiandwitghiitsys
than I would. know waaay ats sr v r nl n' n dit hgitys lest
uigar medum.dernamiste "ained enis1kow a fitting impression, varied and imntemr
migt b tringto ay n hs pm-tc-what, lie does. Why champion a fel-
ua.mdu.i estimng.I
low who doesn't know what he wants,
"But, to be original! To show that and(uthroe os't carCs * * *~
I do not follow time herd(; that I arhrmrmnoen tm. rrt '1AlGAlF
ntipesd vih aonsgmisIthat. radicals amre a most useful social1iaRC HET
whtih eed' witC.'aHobbs mid ius adjunct, if fomr nothing more than I Year!, ago themre was a tim~id, very
Scot acnowedgd. T (lmnostiateI ipointing out antd flayinig evils thataeon, a mitageyae~wmdgr
Scot acnowedgd. T deonsrat lbound to: appear. Granted they 1)05- Iickedl by Richard Mansfield to play
that, unlike other..- whto are lbam- s.ess finesse.!'- They~ wouldn't evolt Roxamme in the first production in the
boozled with the Eatonesque, I alone at hecnmoilaei teIdd' country of Rostand's "C'yrano (e0 Her-
remain unconvinced. I will write a Bt hr h esrvsoe aia gerac." The girl wvas pat hetically
review, a left-handedltreviPw, in whichI makes his great error is in becomimng frightened and every rehema sal. iivam'm-
my right hand wvill scrawl interlinear; hitter', al nedw'a oreto ta n
sure sign of weakness; in as- alry nde wta tom'r-entoftwas" n
pris, hleth thr .:~clwilcae-ismiming it was all "intended so," quite hysterical p oet oms ~exa ter-
fully conceal all wvith putty. It doesn't' e'okn h ac hthmnn-rified, vividly tortured at the thbought I
matter if my review is even slopily tiieawy ilot.Fnly nic of app~earing as Mansfield's lading
written, ungramumatical in' spots, and inig time undermnan to active revolt, lie lady; she knew site would be a certain
show tha I hve filedto rad ten "failure....
shos tat hae file torea th is laorri; ied 'by the inarticulate rage
book with the intelligence of an ass _ftebat huh h ruptI - -----
thr'ee lengths removed front his fleas. .o-i,'Iti uet tp ehv
"Only to be original! Ali,,I here's ther mc ev1enuhathrtyi oe'
feat!"thmrown," hie cannot stem time tide, hisI
Or, am I giving(oney credit; for I
very wife, sisters, and even mother .>.">"., rr
possessing .too imed ita tivye a. soaul 7
Possbly antovemestiuati -f-alling victims to time rapine hie has
But cano'hel cograulainghiu.boh on other's. Shortly after an- -'' '
Het hascacnthieedfameatlng trim. threnemy of' the republic" mounts'
He h s a h e e a e a o g w t i originality, What if that famime has he uhow ,sT oltomaieWh tth nis f
:+,, fi~. ininnfin lnn .' h...~ ., 1, ioasTlto a Watte


109 WV. Liberty St.

u ,




Dutton 's farum? Silmlose lie (doe:'ap-
pear as an hiet erodon shieddling ex-
crescence in thIe tingles of EaltOn's
Fanme; originalit y;blahm,blarne;,
and boloney. Reatd 'eiii anld weep,
With bows, scrap~ings Hof. the knee,
and chaste kisses on time brow,
Saul CArson. !

I to be (done ?" Leave things as they!I
! are, I believe. Keep on "Evoluting,"
bu11t wieldl the big stick as you so uin-
flinchingly dhid, not once b~ut many
timues. For one thing, Mr. Hoffman,
comne forth again and tell us which
class this was. Chastise the offenders
'publicly, for they do not learn by
suasion. They havemn't the wit to act
oni suggestion. And fumrthermore, let
tus of thme mimnority, for minomrity we
I assuredly are, stand together and b~e I

To te Sdy ditr: fTe ich-like men. Letms mepresent a POWmR-
In imeSunay ditiom ofTheMic~H~l, uimom-tysho a strong front.
iganDaiy tereaineamed n te SI ' ight for what we know best, and on!
dent Opinion colunma l(etter 'fr~omm ~r.--Michigan Alumnus.
Isaac Hoffman, in which he comndlemnu-
ed a char;; for its m-mmenessa sli) wima
professor'. Mr. I loffman said lhe was E Perhaps the required setting for the
a newcomer at the u~niversit y anf Clements lib~rary might be provided
asked if this is repr-esemntative of the by tearing down a few of the en-
true Michigan spirit, '1To this I shomld gineerimig shops and laboratories
say no---it: appl ies in a btroadeIr semise' whichm surround it.,
to any university which opens its
door's widIe and ak~es admitt ance I rTe new rice-president evidently
easy. Thme sor't of hooliganismi which! endorses his colleague's program of
drew Mr. Hoffman's ire rwas i-aumpant economy. Think of the minutes he
in nmy day at Michigan, still is, amnd, saved when swearing in the Senate.
in all likelihood, will comntinue so, as
it will in all simnilarsly large imnstitu- Most of thmose students who declared
Lions. As quantity enters, quality (d0- that sleep was of no aid to grades
par't. This aixiom holds t rue inI probably had little experience from,



Margaret Aniglin
But time theatre is <a stranige gaumbile
in luck and gassinmg fa~shions, anmd the
off-clmance this t ine turnmed to the
self-conscious girli--Alamgaret Anglin,
of cour-se, to isnake he'time sensat ion
of the seasomi. After that., she rose all
the way fmronm "Lady Wid ei)mC,-ee's
Fani" and "A Womman of No Iumport-
anice'' to "'The Great:. Divide"' and fimn-C
ally to the single commpetent expmonemnt
of Greek tmagedy inL the 'ounitry.
As she is now ageing b~eyondh thirty
sime has conceived only onme error, her
only sin in a camreer of brilliamnt arnt-
istic achievenment: she has allowed
herself to grow fat, not actually bil-


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