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February 24, 1925 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-02-24

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T1T~SIAYFEBUI~IY 24, 1925;


w "°




All men who have received
notices to report for winter
foothall practice will report. to
thie field house t his arfternoon
!at 4 :30 o'eI och to roeeve eqip 1-




Sliced I 'id 0.lr't le FmI Emet ad aH irtworkout. j
Vo I ws'I'rlmlin g'jG rid Tryouts 3j and haveTT
leer~cF ~To Have Firs
KEEPS EVERY HUIRLER orkot Todyin"TI rnnf 10Rn r
Coach Fisher yester day hradq I hC~11 Iflj i in
first workout with hIle ha sehail Isquad;Wntor 1'fo( 1 1 il zat o(dy in 1M9T11H LPII lL115LU
sifl('O last .weeks cart. it; was ilric>- o r-th icid hous, nclsCoaches *\Vn e-n
sib~ C to acconmplish miuchl with the manrr and I31ti el ho men who I. 11
large number of pien who responold!Ireceived I°hesinvitng the(m 1 lto LA th1eII D .1
to th to(:ac'h's first-, call for candi- ,winter Gr(ill a1-0 to report. Te limit-
dates at t he -ta rt of training, andl the ed numrrber of men that-, have been ask-
reduction, t,k011 effect withi the final od to train insidie was necessarily re- ('0Coach Puts.Squai~'d Through SIMf
practice atwe, has put the squad; stricted by sprace l imitiations within Seinma~'e After' Three
into wotkdle form.,I lhe field 1itos. A generalI call will be 'IayRe ={'t
In the holidlay -practice, the hu1'-1 issuied as ,goon. as the weather pris -
let's received dmost of Fisher's atten- I rcieot-fdos PURDUE DATE NOT SET'
tionr. T'onr i Fishe, giant sophomor, TI e canzdidate s forr next yea r's team
who has not been allowed to pitch1 will workout throe timges a. week. The { Michigan's Varsity basketball squad
since ract ice startedl, dare to a sore jr= half' or each of these dtrills will s'ttc nesv rprto o h
armyese~dy hd hs frstflig a lbe levotedI to handball, to relieve the Wisconsin game at Madison Saturday
inound ol ~tk. With Allen catching niIonetonry of daily practice. A hand-f i h il ouewe oc
hime, and'uwder the constant surveil- ball toulrnamen nt will lbe held in March Iitlrpu:woeashoghaft
lane o 1 e cach hepithed10 heto deter mine the champion handballer scrimmraag yesterday afternoon.
regulars -- Alt bough lie tailed to show 1of the squad. The secondl half of eachI
touchl controllie was effective, es- ' .The entire sq'uadl appeared to be in
llywih hs as batwhih hesession will be devoted to fundament- Igood shapeyetra after its three
playwihhi at alwic h als, tackling, and liocking. After the ; day rest over the wveekend. The
veterants had (if~icult y in hitting. ha sehll teamer i nishes their work-
.Jcalonow ski and Benson both11had ot leg d addte ilprcie pp e contentedl himself with us-
lonrg workou~rtand both of last sea- out;eo the grdcniasebll prcets. gth same lineup against the scrubs
o}i acessrenwelinsiance overthe baseball____nets. - which has taken part in the last
;otesrachu rers avnedoe.he, -----few games, although Landre was given
lIn cuttinig the squnad, Coach Fisher i ITIX II at tirial at lied Cherry's post. Tihe


l ',

Lack of Ice at ('oliseuni ;!relents '
i'layiig Oft f G (opher
Poor ice again cutit o AMichigan's;
hockey schedule when last night's
; _me with Mlinnesota .as called off
due to the tact that the skating suir-
face at the Coliseum has been hari v
dlamaged by the warm weather and
rains over the weekend.
Another game is slated for t onight,
bIut it is extremely doutfulil whether
it. will be played, as the prospects last;
night were poor for the improvement
of the ice to a sufficient extent to
allow the contest. A sudden coldl
wave might repair the damage to the
ice enough to make it possible to p~lay,
but chances are slimi that the series
will _take. place.
Tfhe Varsity sextet is scheduled to(i
start its annual northern trip thiis
weekend, in the course of which the
Gophers and Wisconsin will form the
opposition for Coach Barss' aggrega-
tion. Tphe necessary cancellation oft
the series here was a had blow to thle
Wolverines, as their chances for the
IConference title in the ic'e sport rest.-
ed to a consideralble extent upoin the
outcome of the two contests. An
earlier series with Wisconsin was call-
ed off dlue to poor ice, and the onlyj
Conference games that have been
played so far this year were the t wo
in which the Badger's fell before
Minnesota's team, 5-1. andl 1-0. Ac-j
cordingly, Michigan's 1101105 for Bi1
Ten supiremacy (dependl 1upon the show-
ing; 1' the teant on the trip. The fact
that they will be played on strange
rinks will be a stifIf test for as untriedl

C. V

4g 'ic i S° _n.crs°L omrAseel:kdefeatedl Gilbreath of Wisconsin
vdho has been tooted as the best man
° r ,-*i ' "ii in fthe Conference. If the Wolverine
a Ti t n'de s(apitain can come through with a 1:501
for' the 1;50 yard backstroke, Michigan
should coutnt either a first or second
Wi 8 to.] se' ~'1 lln ' 1tII (c: iciM ~rtt, CI a (mnthnd been or- in Iihis event. Halisted who has placed
't01iiu ari f a1xai t lK i a . th1d to Derr in all the meets so far
1 Ala ~c a tii. ~. . u' ~Imi meoatIely ean their ret urn to tAnn t his sea-sont, should manage to get
iiiiev. A i fbi, thle ta n~u en began themr train- paitts.
llt( "<t ; Ot ?lir, t ~t . ;)i~tl} ig torth le isconsin mieet, iandlagain ICow has been swimming the 40
ctdy i'1 l' t3 tjfl; :. i h ereQ'{ aw\ar'dedt with ant t predict - yarid anrd free style in 19 seconds or
Slt at _ 11,11 II'''2 2i ' lPl ,AclorV ti(iynli: lipositig of Wisconsin,! bet ter and should either defeat or
lo:- of S ~':.2 nAXx ilt otnly arAUteiigan2der'ated one of the strong-"lplace se'ond1 to 1- erseberger of 'Wis-
'-' irono':nf -V S iI e'slItits in the C onference, andllthe IconsizA and Matiovitz of Northwest-
;i~i V , w-ta.. w~g Il c x k iiani~a teami should not offer! (Continued on Page Eight)
;itie Hl'ne' i '._' natl( i tsxPagea any great opposi tion t his week-end.
dill ~ ~ ~ o (,e(I(1'V i 0' tied 1 id .\ori'tUwestern, which though 'nepre-, New vYork City, Feb. 23.-Tommy
,TX)(i ,onf~ n s.('aelI~ 't': esiied by weak dttesinl mo-st athletic (I ibbons andi Harry Wills, the two out-
of, f e s. - t w t~rjt i iee tonfest s, always has boasted a. strong standling contenders for the worldl's
s;o?.t 4,3' a a 1 tIt t' nii a 1elails andl sw itn ming squnad, is all that at pre-!' heavyweighit championship, have
fthi<e cx ~tz<1(1115;>c ( . 'ia .ii tli- s ent staunds between Michigan and a agreed to meet at the Milk Fund char-
it c !ite t ,i. Conference championshtip. In the Con- ity bouts here next summer. Gib-
Cl'c ~e 1~i'piasree C,(ontch ference fracas points will be awardhed bons agreed to terms some time ago
anti ~ ./' o .. n I'i ev eelop -'for the first five mnen in every event, and Wills, thtrough his manager Pad-
the ii'ne tt <(htamlioishi I so upon fl Michigan's ab~ility to cot) the dy Mlullins accepted today. The bout
a~~~t ten h ;J .':iiai txx v -lIoanildc~ second, t hird' foitrth and] fifth places is sclheduled for 15 'rounds and the
r~cleff" t SW f points of their will rest her chances (if winning the winner wvill lie matched with Jack
01' i 'tei-i'd 1 endill- meet. Dempsey later in the summer, prosvid-
lee. !'1:1 .";ii m l or at. Captain Kerr has been continually edl ihat the elitantpion will agree to
ice l$''afl8X Il uk otig hai'd iproving in the backst~rohe, and lehst 3 fight once more before he retires,

3j)-aciice;, Jihfiill" tl iune (If]awn:('f-
,I 'e c1 i-S5ItFI.. a:11 t,' 1 i non t o u
(Til 'e t' 'c-'ilnc ' ' i :eT te C im-ago I
('i.:e xP11 12srVice(s o1
?n.( t I '! til t I~. 1 x'iil1 t(o
lttitr' tN 0 5 W ~$ 1;::':, ' ith0 ' anle


dispsed i'two catcher s, leaving the
fol lowvin g ca udi dial es from whtich the
varsit'y back~sto~p will lbe selected: Al-I
len, Brown, ;. NI. 1Ba:ker, Baker, D~e-
("ra ff, and D~avxis. Thie coa cit(did not
(fsl)ose of any hiurlerts, because he
needs those wvho d1( not actunally pitch'I
to woirk out in battingl piracti;e. The
following pitchet's aire still on th-e
teami: Benson, Jablonows-ki, Walters,
P'ishei', Thorne, 11 illinger, Whell, Johtn-
son, 1hildbt'igct Shunsky, Mace, Wal-
ker, and ltuetz.
Besides last ses'si(i' regulars in
the outfield and infield whlich are,,
Captit (aillntan, Wilson, (Giles, Ihag-
gert y, Colemtan, St eger, and Bachman,
the following c'andidates for those po-
sitionls have been retainedI: Borg, SalIa-
zinski, ianisiord, Malert, Price, Ap-
pold, R. .J. Wilson, Terma.n, Ryhroltu,
R ennet', and F4riedman.
White, a promtisintg first sacket' front
thle freshman sqluad, has been puntun-
der fatcult y ban. " ahitel''Wilson,
rogitwirlhst baseman, was itt uniform
agsain ye'sterda y, a lter a ten (lay lay
off withI a bad knee. Alt htotigh limp-
lag badly, lie totok part in the fullpr c ce s si n
St. Loutis, Mo., Feb. 2:3.-St. Louis
Anrieri carn Leagure pen nant st oclk
climbedl today, when Mantager CGeor'ge
Ffarlod i lner declared lhe haid lull y
tecovei'edhfrom thle impairmnent; of hisi
vision. PTe fir st hasemni (xpedI s a
grood seasoin for hinself' hothi in the('
field and at bat. Th'1e team it self, due
to the st reng}thIening 01'f1tle cluib rost -
er this winter shouldl finish well up
in the first divisiont of its leaigue.
- ni
c Makers and Dealers =
- 2161L )7ihtf' t
- T le h ne 2964-M ttf . tt ll ,, i6tltlt tttlf i


Ullp-lbasket shooting was off as a result
of the let up in practice Friday antd
i Saturday but by the entd of the session
it was almost up to normtal.
Volley I . , and ('oach Lambert of Purdue in re-
VOI1LIIYI gardl to the rescheduling (if thte Put'-
Vole all, a. new sport among the: due-M~ichiig'an game, originally set fot'
Int ro-mural activities will be inatilr-1 last Friday.itight, caime to nautght
ated this week. Nearly fifty fratern-1 when the two mentor's met at the
itties have enttered and these teamsi Illinois-Wisconsin game at U)rlana,
have been divided into leagues simil-! Satitiday. Lamubert hadl only one date
at', to basket-ball. To win, the fra-; to offer, March 1(1, and that was niot
tet'nity will htave to win two out of! acceptable to. the Wolverines whose
the Pro I fteen-poiint gauges. I last gamte is scheduled March 7, with
rl u,,5(hiy e(venting, Feb. 24, at. 8:151 Ch;icagto. It is expected that Mlichi-'
at Wat eriwan 'gytitasiuttii, the follow-1 gate- will push the mattet' inasmuch
lug frat ernities will play: 'Beta Phi, as thte other game played witht Purdue
D~elta vs. Acae~ia ; Delta C'lii vs.Phii Cli;i; took pla1ce at Lafayett.e andl restulted
at 9 :00t, Sigma, Alphha Mu vs. Nit Signma in a onte pointt win for' the Boiler-
Nut; Phi K~appa Alphta vs. Phi Kappha'; maker's. If the t wo teamis('an get. to-
at. 9: 45, 1Delta Sigma Pi vs. Alpha RhoI gether latter in the 4season Michigan
Clhi; Sig'ma :Phi vs. Theta Clhi. j will have a g~ood chance to) take a
victory on her htomte floor.
Freshmlitantgr'outp ha sketbal1lgaines
will he playedl on Wednesday evenings Don't delay-Pay your Subscription
(Continued on Page Eight) today.
Ferry Field Lunch
Wnhere State Mecis Pacleard
Our r'eputation rests on the care and service cacti individual
patron of ours receives. This success is deserved for wie give
quality food, quantity, clean surroundings, and good service-
all the requisites needed to make a customer satisfied.

jS r ('I 1' S i ill i(' i i. ' l i . i"

yrav ru a.° ... . ' , a ra,'>:'."

: _

Wet 'w 1 i't=swill


i o itet1lhen to-
L'.Itp '-Ittwill hot
it' Ilfliti lllCo-
'a~c ,a.t.'ft" l

+A'I sizsxixstoc
JorMen C . Since 1&4&


.. .
_" !



Q uantily


XWell tailored shirts of excellent English Broadclotl, imm~racu-
late white, with collar attached, Whitney and Arrow 1,'ands,
just the kind College Men prefer, priced $?.7 and $3.50.
(Main Floor)I

-- o - ;

---------- -


arm " ' ,1,


iti t 1


Spring Styles


The Chicago Temple,
Chicago, Illinois
Drawn by Hugh Ferriss
a Picture"


I It's gratifying to note the generous response our
1 announcement of a special service h-as brought. And
it's even more gratifying to note the universal approval
of the styles and patterns and fabrics as displayed by
our special representatwie from Fashion Par"k. If
you'ye ever found it difficult to get a suit to fit you
perfectly-if you're a man whio likes your clothes to
act the par-t you ply'i you want the best at prices
you can well afford to pay--drop in at the Allenel
Hotel, room 1, 9 a;' m. to 8 p. m.
Today adTomorrow

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Have You
Greeting Car'ds for
all Occasions


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